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Go to the f'ing gym now
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Formatting over webhooks

Here's a little gist to help you mention people, mention channels, mention roles, use code blocks, use spoilers, emoji's, custom emoji's and custom animated emoji's

These are all examples

Mentioning a user

Get the discord user's ID. Then, you can ping a user like so:

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Last active May 31, 2022 08:36
Goodbye Discord.

Goodbye Discord

What happend?

I am slowly getting off discord. Directing attention to my life.


Several issues like my discord bot, that is now down because of API changes by discord. They do not listen to what users prefer. They say A and do B. They say "we love to see new growing creations coming to discord". But 8/10 times they reject your application. I've seen a lot of declined projects around me. I don't like discord anymore. And for some time I knew I was better off without discord. I am open for re-considerations, really. I am quite a discord veteran. Not as much as the people from 2015 are. The years have contributed to my experienced, for which I am very grateful, and satisfied with. But discord strayed-away from what people really liked. I see so many users complaining. And they're all in my opinion so true and right.

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Last active August 9, 2022 23:17
Ban removal for user "Cephalon Cy#6184" ID 492019506562990080


Here's the thing, So I loaded up my project, bumped against some issue and the solutions were hard to find. I was wondering why Message.mentions returned an empty list. So I went to scroll through my discord servers list and to my surprise I was not able to find a server called Disnake. Still surprised and all disappointed, I went to to try and rejoin. It turns out I was banned, leaving me clueless why I deserved that.

Because, believe it or not, I am truly clueless. And I'm not necessarily angry/mad/ or whatever emotion that let's us do the things we later on regret. All it is, is just disappointment.

Are you familiar with how you train dogs? So, to teach a dog to not do something, you have to let the dog have some context in order to learn from it, agreed? We humans like context just as much as these little furry friends do.