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DubThink / base.cfg
Last active Sep 30, 2020
DubThink's medic and base cfgs for TF2 Fall 2020
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// base config by DubThink
// parts assembled from a variety of places
// I use valve autoheal (in advanced options)
bind mouse2 +attack2
bind mouse3 +attack3
bind r +reload
bind q +lastinv
// p is my killbind. Nice and hard to hit accidentally
DubThink /
Created Oct 11, 2018
A python script for taking screenshots in hlmv to make thumbnails from. Replaces solutions with tfmv, which is broken
import winreg as wr
import os
Sets settings in hlmv using the registry to automate taking uniform screenshots for item thumbnails.
Tested with python 3.2 and 3.5
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This script should be pretty safe, but it is modifying the registry, so be careful.