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Huawei Nexus 6P Angler fastboot commands
List grabbed from running `strings` on the bootloader; it's probably incomplete.
Most of these commands are untested, and all of them sound like they can seriously break your phone. Be careful.
Tested: (all on a bootloader unlocked device)
fastboot oem uart enable: changes "Console" on the bootloader screen to say "ttyHSL0,115200,n8";
probably enables serial messages; haven't checked since I don't know where the Nexus 6P's uart is
fastboot oem ramdump enable: changes "Download mode" on the bootloader screen to say "ENABLED" instead of "DISABLED".
Probably for dumping memory using QCT's Memory Debug App in download mode - I don't know how to activate Download Mode though, since the usual key sequence (Vol Up and Vol Down) didn't work
fastboot oem ramdump disable: changes "Download mode" back to "DISABLED"
fastboot oem get-imei1: prints the IMEI
fastboot oem get-meid: prints the MEID
fastboot oem get-sn: prints the serial number
fastboot oem get-bsn: doesn't work; prints "remote: get bsn fail"
Full list:
flashing unlock
oem unlock-go
oem frp-unlock
oem frp-erase
oem enable reduced-version
flashing lock
oem device-info
flashing get_unlock_ability
oem enable-charger-screen
oem disable-charger-screen
oem enable-bp-tools
oem disable-bp-tools
oem enable-hw-factory
oem disable-hw-factory
oem select-display-panel
oem off-mode-charge enable
oem off-mode-charge disable
oem ramdump enable
oem ramdump disable
oem uart enable
oem uart disable
oem hwdog certify begin
oem hwdog certify close
oem get-imei1
oem get-meid
oem get-sn
oem get-bsn
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