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This is the oldest program I can find that once worked which I wrote. This was probably written in either 2003 or 2004 in DarkBasic Professional. I would have been 13 at the time.
rem this is a generic media player
rem this prog was made by jordan earls
print "type 1 to choose where media is"
print "type 2 to pause music"
print "type 3 to resume music"
print "type 4 to reload music"
print "type 5 to change volume"
print "type 6 to change speed"
input st
if st=1 then goto w
if st=2 then goto p
if st=3 then goto r
if st=4 then goto a
if st=5 then goto c
if st=6 then goto f
goto start
delete music 1
if music exist(1) then goto d
print "this only plays mp3 and midi files"
print "make sure to include file endings (C:\file.mp3)"
print "you can also use a website address (ftp://dom/music.mp3)and ("
print "type the path of the music here"
input path$
goto starty
load music path$,1
play music 1
loop music 1
goto starty
print "please select 4 to reload music instead"
goto starty
if music paused(1) then goto n
pause music (1)
goto starty
print "music is already paused"
goto starty
if music playing (1) then goto e
resume music (1)
goto starty
print "music is already playing"
goto starty
if music exist (1) then goto cf
print "play some music first"
goto starty
print "type 1-200 for volume"
input vol
set music volume 1,vol
goto starty
if music exist (1) then goto fr
print "play some music first"
goto starty
print "set the speed 1-200"
input speed
set music speed 1,speed
goto starty
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I remember a time when I had just started programming, and goto was my favorite command!

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You laugh but this is actually what the Windows Media Player internals look like.

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I'm fear to see my first C codes when I was 15...

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