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Why you should use DocuSign over SkySlope's DigiSign for digitally signing documents

Why you should use DocuSign over SkySlope's DigiSign for digitally signing documents

After signing digital documents over the last 2 years using both, I have to say I really hate DigiSign and really love DocuSign, for the following reasons:


  1. PDFs: I can't (meaning: I refuse to) sign a document without at least skimming it and understanding it. I need to mark it up as I go. I use Foxit Reader in Linux Ubuntu (it is a cross-platform program thankfully, and runs in Windows, Mac, and Linux) to digitally highlight, underline, and take notes inside PDFs. This means I need a PDF of the exact document I'm about to sign, in the exact same page order, before signing. Here's the differences between DocuSign and DigiSign:
    1. DocuSign: I click the "Download PDF" button at the top of the page, download and take notes on the PDF, then go back online and sign. I don't have to bother anyone at all to ask for a PDF copy.
    2. SkySlope's DigiSign: no option whatsoever to download a PDF until after I sign. This means I have to email the person requesting signature, ask for a PDF (which takes their valuable time), wait a few hours to a few days depending on whether or not it's a weekend and whether or not we catch each other at the right times, then I can read and mark up the PDF they send me, then go back online and sign. It's very inconvenient for both them and I in comparison to DocuSign.
    3. Sometimes mistakes are caught in this process BEFORE I sign, so yes, this multi-step process of reviewing the exact PDF in question before I digitally sign isn't just important to me, it's critical to me. It's a make-or-break kind of deal for me when it comes to digitally signing documents.
  2. Zoom/readability:
    1. DocuSign has the font in a good size on my computer. I can easily see 3/4 of a page on a single screen. If I don't like the zoom, however, I just click the Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons to change the zoom level. Easy. Using my browser's zoom also works to change the size.
    2. SkySlope's DigiSign: has HUGE font on my screen. I can only see about 1/3 of a page at a time because it's so zoomed in. There are no zoom buttons so there's nothing I can do about it. This makes it nearly impossible to review large documents quickly. To make matters worse, my browser zoom does not change the page size on DigiSign, as they've dynamically scaled it to counter my browser's zoom (this is crazy), so that no matter what zoom level I use in my browser, the image stays the same physical size on my screen.
    3. Update: if you resize the browser window to make it skinnier left to right, the font will resize. This is a weird way to zoom in and out, though seems reasonable for choosing a default zoom level when first opening the document. Please add zoom buttons DigiSign!
    1. Docusign: As expected, you can enter, sign a few parts, and exit, withOUT completing it 100% of the way or submitting it. Upon re-entering the document later, all your progress is saved. You can then finish signing what you haven't reviewed yet, and submit the completed document. This is the expected behavior of any modern software tool: that it allows you to save your progress as you go. (Can you imagine writing a book in a text editor that only saves once you've written all 200 pages of your book, for instance!? If you don't finish the book in one sitting it just deletes your progress so you have to start over!?).
    2. SkySlope's Digisign: DOES NOT SAVE PROGRESS!!! I'M INFURIATED RIGHT NOW! I JUST SPENT 2 hrs yesterday meticulously going through 183 pages of documents. I signed all but 1 page, because signing that 1 page would have been a blatant lie, since it was an untrue statement. I got it resolved within a day, so that that page became true to sign it, and then went back in to sign that 1 single page. To my surprise and tremendous dismay, NONE OF MY PROGRESS WAS SAVED! I have to resign EVERYTHING. This is infurating. I have seen sneaky things get added between signings before, so I will not sign without re-reviewing, and I am NOT looking forward to re-reviewing 182 pages again to re-sign what I already signed! DigiSign, you are terrible. SkySlope, please fix your piece of garbage product. At this point, I think paper might be better. Once I sign paper, it remains signed, even if I leave 1 page unsigned for a day after signing the first 182 pages.


For those 3 reasons above, with #1 & 3 being the biggest reasons, I recommend DocuSign over DigiSign any day.

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