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LGBTQLexicon Scope

Product Name

LGBT Lexicon


LGBT Lexicon will be the first interactive digital dictionary solely for terms related to queer people. Instead of a long list of words that have to be scrolled through, the user will be able to type it in and find the definition quickly and also discover other terms that might work better depending on the situation.

Key Users

LGBTQ Lexicon is made for professionals, educators and those wanting to be educated.


  • Shortcuts at the top (LGBT) made for those familiar with the terms. These will always be located in the same spot and once clicked on the definition for L, G, B, T will be loaded as well as related terms to these words.
  • Autofill the search field when terms are typed in (qu = queer, fem = femme, feminine, etc.)
  • After search -> definition and unrelated terms populate underneath creating room to scroll
  • Within definition box have a tweet option
  • When you scroll over "About" or "Contact" I'd like there to be a hover box that contains the info necessary.


Excel document of at least 50 words following the pattern below: Imgur

Data-related work

Tabled ideas

  • Scale of how offensive a word is, populates at the same time as the definition/related terms.
  • The scale would be from green to red (green being not offensive and red being highly offensive)
  • Imgur

##Updated Wires: ###Part 1 of Website Imgur

###Part 2 of Website Imgur

##Possible Logo Imgur

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