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Running an Ember.js Workshop

Running an Ember.js Workshop

  • have visualizations for describing how nested and sibling UI elements map to URLs
  • provide prework to attendess
  • provide a premade starter application to attendees
    • check in node_modules
    • check in bower_components
  • describe how to start a new app with ember-cli (you could even do it in front of them), but have their starting point be the result of a new app; this saves time that would otherwise be spent waiting for X people installing dozens of modules
  • your hands-on activities should:
    • be as realistic as possible
    • clearly described with obvious desired outcomes
    • be reimplemented in front of attendees after activity is over, explaining along the way
    • have clear jump-to points, like git tags or branches, to allow anyone to jump to the appropriate starting point
    • be timed
  • if using a third party API, make sure you won't hit rate limits
  • remember to include breaks in the schedule

The overall flow of the workshop works best, in our experience, like so:

  • present: static prototyping with the router and static templates
  • activity: build new templates (maybe by extracting bits from an existing template) and hook them up to new routes
  • activity: do it again
  • present: route model hook calls to make the templates dynamic
  • activity: make other part(s) of the app dynamic
  • activity: do it again
  • present: introduce controllers and computeted properties
  • activity: add a computeted property or two
  • present: introduce actions
  • activity: add an action
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