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Comics to Investigate

Comics to Investigate

This is a list of comics that I want to look into. In general, I like super heroes, cyberpunk, fantasy, and sci-fi. As a focus, I prefer to gather many comics in the same universe rather than many comics about the same character across inconsistent universes.

Specifically, I'm not a huge fan of X-Men, Super Man, anything about "teens", or horror/zombies. I'll still consider recommendations for them, though.

Please leave any recommendations in the comments below!

Reading DRM-free Comics

All comics will be legally purchased. However, when DRM files are involved, workarounds will be used.


ComiCat android comic reader works pretty well. It can pull comics from DropBox if you put them in "Apps/ComiCat".


Some comics will be sold as DRM-free, but most won't. Use this chrome extension to extract comics from the webviewer. comixology-backup.


Webcomics with Digital Downloads


MCU Tie-ins

Ideally, these would be videos so that they could be watched as part of an overall MCU playlist.

Marvel Civil War

Marvel Secret Wars (May 2015)


Guardians of the Galaxy

Official Reading Order (source)

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