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# Enova
- Leads a Ranger squad or Mini-Squad (4 person team within a Dedicated team.
- Interacting with PM & stakeholders, understanding business problems and requirements and articulating solutions.
- Understands the audience and packages the messaging accordingly.
- Leads development of presentations and complex documents to stakeholders.
- Aware of organizational issues that may affect the tone or content of communication.
- Builds and coordinates the development of high quality deliverables.
- Establishes project standards and applies best practices.
- Ensures tasks are QA/PM ready and of high quality.
- Collaborates with engineers to recommend and guide implementation of solutions SE wide
- Identifies areas of improvement in processes, procedures, and features SE wide
- Breaks down large projects into iteration sized deliverables, milestones, and smaller tasks.
- Architects and recommends direction at a Core level and understands the impact at an SE level.
# Urban Airship
- Well-versed in multiple key product components; able to define and contribute to systems in multiple areas of the product; up to date on evolving standards, platform features, and critical vendor and community-provided technologies
- Defines, documents, and evolves best practices for development in their team's area of focus; shepherds and aids in development of new projects across the organization; provides training and mentoring for multiple team members; constantly working to broaden the technical capabilities of their team
- Helps to identify key gaps in product offerings and functionality that will drive significant revenue and customer excitement; good communicator; pragmatically plans minimum viable infrastructure for product launch; can take lead on non-trivial projects to address those needs
- Goes above and beyond basic requirements to support their own team and others; tackles hard debugging, incident response, and reverse-engineering tasks; willing to take on the grungy work needed to get things done; regularly interviews candidates in a variety of engineering roles
# Intent Media
- A Staff Engineer provides considerable high­level technical guidance across the squad. They can usually anticipate and plan for technical problems. They are highly knowledgeable in major parts of our technology stack and are the technical owner of significant components of our code base. They have a sustained track record of creating improvements in business­critical systems around stability, performance, and scalability.
- A Staff Engineer is still acting in a very hands­on role, and as such, they are a prolific contributor to both core projects at Intent Media as well as side and experimental work. When presented with a complex problem, process or existing system they are able to reduce the complexity in order to get more done with less work. They provide guidance, direction and help colleagues build and produce better outcomes.
- A Staff Engineer has strong abilities to influence without requiring reporting authority. They are influential beyond their individual group. They are capable of driving groups of disparate interests to decisions, and clearly communicating and seeing those decisions through to impact.
- A Staff Engineer is capable of setting short to medium term strategic direction for part of a technology stack, identifying areas of critical need based on future growth and developing roadmaps to attack those problems.
# Rent the Runway
- Scales themselves by delegating effectively; ensures tasks are completed as specified without micromanaging Focused on and responsible for the team's productivity and collective impact "Makes independent decisions for the team; is actively learning how to handle difficult management situations
- Contributes to the career development of others
- When the tech lead is acting as the reporting manager to others, the tech lead is expected to meet regularly with their direct reports, provide frequent feedback on their work, help the individuals set goals and work with the engineering lead or director to ensure employee growth and retention goals
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