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Created March 13, 2017 08:56
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I'm just gonna list a bunch of features that I think we should incorporate into this game and we can to through them in-depth at a later time. Most of these ideas are ripped from other games so I will list them under game headings.

There will be a lot of crossover, so it's not THAT important which game it came from. For example: Throwable objects comes form Owlboy and Zelda but I have it listed under Zelda for the sake of brevity

Zelda BotW

  • Climb Anything
  • Set Fire to anything Flamable
  • Shops with physical items in-game
  • Pick up and throw objects
  • Smashable objects
  • Chop down trees
  • Set fire to monsters
  • Elemental weakness
  • Paraglider (More like Archeage would be good imo)
  • High points that reveal points of interest nearby (Like Assassin's Creed)
  • You can throw any weapon
  • Lots of random stuff!

Check out this video for the random stuff that you can do in the new zelda if you don't know:

For Honor

  • Melee combat system WITHOUT the indicators
  • Moveset would be based on equipped weapons

Dark Souls

  • Lore scattered around without the player needing exposition
  • You can kill anyone, even main quest NPCs
  • Let's make the "main quest" completable without worrying about killing the wrong person
  • Ranged Weapons

Path of Exile

  • Passive skill tree
  • Unique items
  • Some way to slot and augment skills

Final Fantasy VII

  • Cyberpunk main city with other places not adhering to this "one theme rule"

Instead of going full Cyberpunk or full Dieselpunk or full Fantasy or whatever, I propose this: The setting IS Cyberpunk, you start in a massive high-tech low-life city. However, the world outside can be a mixture of anything we want.

For instance: what if we had a Mad Max desert like continent where Dieselpunk was the norm? What if we had a twilight forest with elves and mages and shit who shunned technology? Maybe your implants would be hindered or not work there (Tokyo Ghost?)


What can I say? The colour schemes of that comic are just awesome, and if we pull it off could give a surreal but not off-putting feel.


I'm thinking the main character could be some bounty hunter. You work for whoever pays, and the player can essentially do whatever they want.

We could hint to some kind of over-arching story but not force the player to complete it.

We could set up "dungeons" all around the world... Could even experiment with some randomly generated content or something.

I would like the art-style to be slightly cartoony so that we can get away with lower poly models so long as the animations are nice!

Ranged Combat Balance

I think we can make ranged combat balance by giving monsters "sweet spots" which you have to hit in order to do any significant ranged damage.

Here are some other ideas for balancing it:

  • Ranged combat is a supplement, not a primary (does less damage)
  • Arrows are rarer
  • Enemies have gap-closers
  • Some enemies are resistant to ranged weapons
  • ???

Balancing this thing for even single player is going to be a nightmare, so I suggest we don't even worry about multiplayer until we have sorted that out.


Not sure about this one. Zelda BotW actually has lots of loot drops and the trade-off is that weapons break extremely quickly.

Personally, I prefer the feeling of getting a piece of gear which stays with you and serves you well. I get attached to my gear.

In BotW you actually get the weapons of enemies you defeat. I think we could also do this, but then we'd run into the same issue of having TONS of weapons.

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