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Falconerd / arena.c
Last active February 14, 2024 10:31
Some game code stuff
#include "common.h"
uintptr_t align_forward(uintptr_t ptr, size_t alignment) {
uintptr_t p, a, modulo;
if (!is_power_of_two(alignment)) {
return 0;
p = ptr;
a = (uintptr_t)alignment;
Falconerd / isq_ui.h
Created June 30, 2023 07:19
IMGUI with Flexbox layout
// Usage:
// ISQ_UI_RENDER_RECT(buffer, count)
// must be defined by the user.
// buffer: pointer to an array of rects
// count: number of rects in the array
// rect:
// vec4 min, max;
// vec4 color;
Falconerd / init.lua
Last active April 29, 2023 03:27
Simple nvim setup Odin+C
let mapleader = ' '
use "BurntSushi/ripgrep"
use "danilamihailov/beacon.nvim"
use "folke/todo-comments.nvim"
use "folke/trouble.nvim"
use "goolord/alpha-nvim"
Falconerd / machine.js
Created April 28, 2021 04:53
Generated by XState Viz:
id: 'Dog API',
initial: 'idle',
context: {
dog: null
states: {
idle: {
on: {
FETCH: 'loading'
/* dict.h */
#pragma once
#include <stdlib.h>
struct dict {
int *hashed_keys;
void *values;
int count;

Lost Knowledge - Programming mastery will save lives


As the layers of abstraction get piled onto our software solutions, we have lost

<sentence> ::= <subj> <obj> <verb> <part>
<sub> ::= <noun>
<noun> ::= dog | cat | man | woman | robot | pen
<obj> ::= <noun>
<verb> ::= kick | whack | dance | own
<part> ::= now | earlier | later
<subj> <obj> <verb> <part>
man pen own now == "A man owns a pen"
dog cat dance earlier == "A dog was dacing with a cat"
Hero Primary Secondary
Ana Hitscan (Flicking) Projectile (Sleepdart and Grenade)
Ashe Hitscan (Flicking) Projectile (Dynamite)
Baptiste Hitscan (Flicking) Projectile (Healing)
Bastion Hitscan (Tracking)
Brigitte Hybrid
D.Va Hitscan (Tracking) Projectile (Rockets)
Doomfist Projectile

I'm just gonna list a bunch of features that I think we should incorporate into this game and we can to through them in-depth at a later time. Most of these ideas are ripped from other games so I will list them under game headings.

There will be a lot of crossover, so it's not THAT important which game it came from. For example: Throwable objects comes form Owlboy and Zelda but I have it listed under Zelda for the sake of brevity

Zelda BotW

  • Climb Anything
  • Set Fire to anything Flamable
  • Shops with physical items in-game
  • Pick up and throw objects
Falconerd / stuff.js
Created October 29, 2016 06:14
webpack 2, react, redux
$ npm i -S react redux react-redux react-dom webpack@2* webpack-dev-server@2*
$ npm i -D babel-core babel-loader babel-preset-es2015 babel-preset-react
// webpack.config.js
module.exports = {
context: __dirname + '/src',
entry: {
app: './index.js'