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Last active Mar 15, 2019
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A quick and dirty example on how to use the ALRobotPosture API on a NAO or Pepper robot
from naoqi import ALBroker
from naoqi import ALProxy
# start a local broker that connects to the NAO
robot_ip = "your-ip-here"
myBroker = ALBroker("myBroker", "", 0, robot_ip, 9559)
# get a handle to the module
posture_proxy = ALProxy("ALRobotPosture")
tts_proxy = ALProxy("ALTextToSpeech")
announcement = "I am in posture {posture}. It is part of {posture_family}."
# list current postures
postures = posture_proxy.getPostureList()
# round-trip through all available postures
for posture in postures:
posture_proxy.goToPosture(posture, 1.0)
posture_family = posture_proxy.getPostureFamily()
# not needed, just for demonstration
posture_name = posture_proxy.getPosture()
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