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from multiprocessing import Pool, cpu_count
from itertools import islice, count
def is_special(n, d):
tofind = str(d) * d
return tofind in str(d * n ** d)
def superd(d, N=10000):
if d != int(d) or not 2 <= d <= 9:
raise ValueError("argument must be integer from 2 to 9 inclusive")
with Pool(cpu_count() - 2) as workers:
for offset in count(0, N):
worker_fn_args = zip(range(offset, offset + N), [d] * N)
is_superd_batch = workers.starmap(is_special, worker_fn_args)
yield from [n+offset for n in range(N) if is_superd_batch[n]]
if __name__ == '__main__':
for d in range(2, 10):
print(f"{d}:", ', '.join(str(n) for n in islice(superd(d), 10)))
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