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Last active April 2, 2023 12:24
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"activateFurniture": true, /* Prevent the camera from breaking by blocking the activation of furniture while mounted. */
"actorValuePercentage": true, /* Calculate the percentage of an actor value using both permanent and temporary modifiers. */
"enchantmentCost": true, /* Save the charge and value of player created enchantments. */
"harvestedFlags": true, /* Save whether the ingredients from flora and trees have respawned after being harvested. */
"hitEffectRaceCondition": true, /* Eliminate a race condition that prevents hit effects from being applied if an actors mesh is loaded after their magic effects are updated. */
"impactEffectCrash": true, /* Prevent a crash that occurs when you load a save game in which an impact effect has been placed that uses a now uninstalled texture set. */
"isCurrentSpell": true, /* Fixes the IsCurrentSpell condition and console command. */
"killCamera": true, /* Prevent firing the Apply Combat Hit Spell perk entry point when the kill camera simulates the trajectory of an arrow. */
"leftHandPowerAttacks": true, /* Calculate the stamina required to perform a left hand power attack using the weapon in your left hand. */
"magicEffectFlags": true, /* Flags are respected when scaling the duration and magnitude of a magic effect with its effectiveness. */
"modifyArmorWeightPerkEntryPoint": true, /* Modify the weight of only worn armor with the Mod Armor Weight perk entry point. */
"powerCooldowns": true, /* Save the cooldowns of all powers. */
"projectileFadeDuration": true, /* Projectiles are destroyed even if they have not been updated before they fade. */
"quickShot": true, /* Account for the Quick Shot perk when calculating the power of an arrow fired by the player. */
"quickShotPlaybackSpeed": 2.0, /* The playback speed of the nocking animation when you have the Quick Shot perk. */
"terrainDecals": true, /* Apply decals to terrain in cells that have been partially unloaded. */
"trainingMenu": true, /* Display the correct cost of a lesson in the training menu when the relevant skill is buffed or debuffed. */
"weaponCharge": true /* Magic effects can always fully recharge equipped enchanted weapons. */
"commandedActors": true, /* ModdingMyWay - Reanimated corpses and summoned creatures use the same difficulty multipliers as the player. */
"teammates": true /* ModdingMyWay - Followers use the same difficulty multipliers as the player. */
"applyMultipleSpells": true, /* ModdingMyWay - Apply any number of spells at once using perk entry points. */
"castSpells": true /* Spells applied by perk entry points are cast by the source on the target. */
"black": true, /* ModdingMyWay - Trap only black souls in black soul gems. */
"underfilled": true /* ModdingMyWay - Trap only souls of the appropriate size in soul gems. */
"accumulatingMagnitude": true, /* ModdingMyWay - The maximum magnitude of accumulating magnitude magic effects scales with effectiveness instead of the rate of accumulation. */
"alreadyCaughtPickpocketing": true, /* ModdingMyWay - Pickpocket an actor even if they have already caught you. */
"attachHitEffectArt": true, /* ModdingMyWay - Always attach hit effect art to actors. */
"cloakHitEffects": true, /* ModdingMyWay - Each of a spells magic effects can apply hit effects even if it was cast by a cloak magic effect. */
"equipBestAmmunition": true, /* ModdingMyWay - Automatically equip your best playable arrows or bolts when you equip a bow or crossbow. */
"improveMultipleEnchantmentEffects": true, /* ModdingMyWay - Your skill in enchanting improves each of an enchantments effects. */
"leveledCharacters": true, /* ModdingMyWay - Very hard leveled characters can be the same level as hard leveled characters. */
"lockpickingExperience": true, /* Earn experience each time you pick a lock. */
"pausedGameHitEffects": true, /* Apply any number of hit effects to the player while the game is paused. */
"poisonResistance": true, /* ModdingMyWay - Poisons are not always resisted by poison resistance. */
"powerAttackStamina": true, /* ModdingMyWay - Power attacks and bashes can only be performed with the required stamina. */
"reflectDamage": true, /* Reflect any amount of damage. */
"scrollExperience": false, /* Earn experience when using scrolls. */
"staffExperience": false, /* Earn experience when using staves. */
"staffExperienceIgnoreEnchantmentCost": false, /* Ignore enchantment cost when earning experience using staves. */
"steepSlopes": true /* ModdingMyWay - Move slower on slopes than on flat surfaces. Requires the Movement Speed fix in Bug Fixes SSE. */
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