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Last active October 9, 2023 21:53
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Distant Ref Load Crash = true ;Fixes loading crash caused by missing 3D on distant references.
Queued Ref Crash = true ;Fixes crash caused by faulty ref loading.
Map Marker Placement Fix = true ;Allows placing map markers near fast travel destinations when fast travel is disabled
Restore 'Can't Be Taken Book' Flag = true ;Enables 'Can't be taken' book flag functionality.
Projectile Range Fix = true ;Adjusts range of projectile fired while moving for consistent lifetime.
CombatToNormal Dialogue Fix = true ;Fixes bug where NPCs were using LostToNormal dialogue in place of CombatToNormal.
Cast Added Spells on Load = true ;Recasts added spell effects on actors.
Cast No-Death-Dispel Spells on Load = true ;Recasts no-death-dispel spell effects on dead actors.
IsFurnitureAnimType Fix = true ;Patches IsFurnitureAnimType condition/console function to work on furniture references
Light Attach Crash = true ;Fixes crash caused by lights attaching on unloaded characters
No Conjuration Spell Absorb = true ;Adds NoAbsorb flag to all conjuration spells missing this flag
EffectShader Z-Buffer Fix = true ;Fixes effect shader z-buffer rendering so particles can show through objects
ToggleCollision Fix = true ;Patches ToggleCollision to toggle object collision if selected in console
Skinned Decal Delete = true ;Immediately delete skinned decals when they're marked for removal (ie. removing bloody armor)
Jumping Bonus Fix = true ;Jump height is multiplied by 1% per point of JumpingBonus actor value
Toggle Global AI Fix = true ;TAI console command/Debug.ToggleAI() now toggles all loaded NPC AI 0 - off, 1 - player only, 2 - player and NPCs
Use Furniture In Combat = 1 ;Use furniture in combat and prevent getting forced out of furniture when attacked.
Offensive Spell AI = true ;Check spell condition validity before NPCs equip offensive spells
Breathing Sounds = true ;Fix creature breathing sounds persisting after cell change
Load EditorIDs = true ;Loads editorIDs for skipped forms at runtime
Faction Stealing = true ;Items will be marked stolen until player is friendly with all present members of faction.
Voice Modulation = 0.97 ;Applies voice distortion effect on NPCs wearing face covering helmets. A value of 1.0 has no effect. Pitch is directly proportional to value. Recommended setting (0.85-0.90).
Game Time Affects Sounds = false ;Scales sound pitch with time speed, eg. Slow Time will massively decrease pitch of all sounds
Dynamic Snow Material = true ;Applies snow collision material to all statics with directional snow
Disable Water Ripples On Hover = false ;Hovering NPCs will not trigger water ripples
Screenshot Notification To Console = false ;Displays screenshot notification as a console message
No Attack Messages = 3 ;ModdingMyWay - Disables critical and sneak hit messages.0 - off, 1 - only crit, 2 - only sneak, 3 - both
Sit To Wait = false ;Player can only wait when sitting down
Sit To Wait Message = You cannot wait while standing. ;Message that appears
Disable God Mode = 0 ;Disables god/immortal mod.0 - off, 1 - only god mode, 2 - only immortal mode, 3 - both
No Hostile Spell Absorb = false ;Adds NoAbsorb flag to all non-hostile and non-detrimental spells
Grabbing Is Stealing = false ;Grabbing owned items will count as stealing
Load Door Activate Prompt = 2 ;ModdingMyWay - Replaces prompt and cell name when moving from interior to exterior (Open Skyrim -> Exit Sleeping Giant Inn)
Enter Label = Enter
Exit Label = Exit
No Poison Prompt = 1 ;ModdingMyWay - Disables poison confirmation messages.
Fast RandomInt() = false ;Speeds up Utility.RandomInt calls.
Fast RandomFloat() = false ;Speeds up Utility.RandomFloat calls.
Clean Orphaned ActiveEffects = false ;Removes active effects from NPCs with missing ability perks.
Update GameHour Timers = false ;Updates game timers when advancing time using GameHour.SetValue.
Stack Dump Timeout Modifier = 30.000000 ;How many seconds before Papyrus will start dumping script stacks (vanilla : 30 seconds). Setting this to 0 will disable the timeout (warning: this may result in a locked state if Skyrim can't dump stacks).
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