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;Abiotic_Factor_share_all.au3 by
;Создан при помощи ISN AutoIt Studio v. 1.16
;Make this script high DPI aware
;AutoIt3Wrapper directive for exe files, DllCall for au3/a3x files
If not @Compiled then DllCall("User32.dll", "bool", "SetProcessDPIAware")
Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1)
Gesugao-san /
Created January 1, 2024 12:59 — forked from mutin-sa/
List of Top Public Time Servers

Google Public NTP [AS15169]:

Gesugao-san / index.mediawiki
Last active July 25, 2023 16:40
War Thunder Store+ ru post source
Gesugao-san / winsock_smb12_reset.cmd
Last active February 12, 2023 17:23
Reset winsock and smb v1 and v2
@REM Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19045.2546]
@CD /d C:\
Dism /online /Get-Features /format:table | find "SMB1Protocol"
SET Arr[0]=SMB1Protocol
SET Arr[1]=SMB1Protocol-Client
SET Arr[2]=SMB1Protocol-Server
SET Arr[3]=SMB1Protocol-Deprecation
Gesugao-san / The Imperial Gatekeeper.ct.xml
Last active November 14, 2022 13:19
The Imperial Gatekeeper (v1.75) CE (v7.3) Table. Save as "Game.ct" to associate with game.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<CheatTable CheatEngineTableVersion="38">
<Description>"&gt; Игрок (обновляется постоянно)"</Description>
<Options moHideChildren="1"/>
<LastState Value="" RealAddress="00000000"/>
Gesugao-san / dump.js
Last active May 5, 2024 21:26
Dump table content from website to local machine (csv).
(() => {
return console.log("Moved to");
Gesugao-san / openapi_byond.yml
Last active May 5, 2024 21:28
Swagger UI OpenAPI for How to use: copy content of this file, and insert in For working preview use!
openapi: 3.0.0
version: "1.0"
title: BYOND API
description: "Website offer a free API that provides some info for a players and about players, hubs and worlds."
name: SS13HUB Team
  1. Install Python 3
  2. Install and use mod Map Writer
  3. Download the file
  4. Type this:

CLS && py

Gesugao-san / _parsing.js
Last active May 5, 2024 21:27
SS13 hub parsing. Inspured by but it's js, for D3 in future.
// Run in Google Chrome Console. MIT Licence.
// For ""
function main(_input = false) {
if ((_input === false) || (_input === null) || (_input == '')) {return console.error("User cancelled the prompt.");}
if (verbose) console.debug(['PROCESSING START']);
let current_entry = '', _data = {}; // let tabbed = [], notTabbed = [];
//_input = _input.split('\r\n');
//if (debug) console.log('_input:', _input);
for (var i = 0; i < _input.length; i++) {