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[21:09:37]Error: lua/Table.lua:320: assertion failed!.
stack traceback:
lua/shine/core/shared/hook.lua:71: in function <lua/shine/core/shared/hook.lua:70>
[C]: in function 'assert'
lua/Table.lua:320: in function 'InsertUnique'
lua/shine/extensions/badges.lua:95: in function 'AssignGroupBadge'
lua/shine/extensions/badges.lua:133: in function 'Setup'
lua/shine/extensions/badges.lua:22: in function <lua/shine/extensions/badges.lua:21>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'
lua/shine/core/shared/hook.lua:148: in function 'Call'
lua/shine/core/shared/hook.lua:412: in function <lua/shine/core/shared/hook.lua:411>
[21:09:37][Hook Error] Think hook 'ReplaceBadges' failed, removing.
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