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Created January 16, 2013 18:56
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a naive matching of countries to all quarterbacks including current ones
Jordan, Homer : ['jordan']
Testaverde, Vinny : ['cape verde']
Riordan, Tim : ['jordan']
Germaine, Joe : ['ukraine']
Lamonica, Daryle : ['dominica']
O'Hara, Pat : ['western sahara']
Dorsey, Ken : ['jersey']
Verica, Marc : ['costa rica', 'south africa']
Froman, Adam : ['oman']
Humphries, Stan : ['french southern territories']
Yates, T.J. : ['united arab emirates', 'united states']
Doman, Brandon : ['oman']
Marino, Dan : ['san marino']
Kirkland, Mike : ['ascension island', 'bouvet island', 'switzerland', 'christmas island', 'finland', 'greenland', 'ireland', 'iceland', 'norfolk island', 'new zealand', 'poland', 'pitcairn island', 'reunion island', 'swaziland', 'thailand']
Weeden, Brandon : ['sweden']
Frerotte, Gus : ['mayotte']
Blanda, George : ['rwanda', 'uganda']
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