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Hamcrest matcher that matches a Lambda.
import java.util.function.Function;
import org.hamcrest.BaseMatcher;
import org.hamcrest.Description;
public class LambdaMatcher<T> extends BaseMatcher<T>
private final Function<T, Boolean> matcher;
private final String description;
public LambdaMatcher(Function<T, Boolean> matcher,
String description)
this.matcher = matcher;
this.description = description;
public boolean matches(Object argument)
return matcher.apply((T) argument);
public void describeTo(Description description)
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bitops commented Feb 28, 2017

This looks awesome! Can you show an example use case? I'm not sure how and where to plug in this matcher. Thanks!

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fobbyal commented Oct 30, 2017

assertThat(collection,hasItem(new LambdaMatcher(a -> a.getStr1().equals("abc"),"Str1 should equal Abc")));


 assertThat( -> a.getStr1()).collect(toList()),hasItem(equalTo("abc")));

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