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Last active May 16, 2017
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Creating a webextension generator


I am Henrik and I want to create a webextension generator that supports chrome, firefox, opera and safari. The stack I would like to use will contain:

  • yeoman for scaffolding
  • gulp as a build system
  • webpack for script compilation (modules, env variables, polyfills)
  • npm as a module system
  • and babel for ES2015

I already created a generator for chrome but now I am thinking to move it into a new repository and add tasks for other browser vendors.

The idea behind it, is to stick to the chrome extension api and automatically shim the missing apis in other browsers via webpacks provide plugin.

Example webpack polyfill config

var webpackPlugins = [];

if (vendor === 'safari') {
  // Automatically add polyfills for safari
    new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
      'chrome.i18n': 'polyfill-chrome-api-safari/i18n',
      'chrome.runtime': 'polyfill-chrome-api-safari/runtime',
      'chrome.extension': 'polyfill-chrome-api-safari/extension',
      'chrome.webrequest': 'polyfill-chrome-api-safari/webrequest',
      'chrome.commands': 'polyfill-chrome-api-safari/webrequest',
} else if (vendor === 'mozilla') {
  // Automatically add polyfills for safari
    new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
      'chrome.commands': 'polyfill-chrome-api-firefox/commands',

The workflow for the developer will be pretty nice, since he just has to develop his extension for The build tool will shim the missing apis automatically (so far possible).



if you later run

gulp build --vendor=safari

webpack will detect chrome.i18n and include the polyfill.

What needs to be done?

What I already got

As I mentioned I created a generator for chrome that already supports:

All the logic is hackable so the developer is able to easily extend the stack if he needs to (e.g.: add postcss).


I know this project seem big. There is a lot to do to implement but I think it is worth it.

The reason why I am writing this is to collect early feedback and find developers who might participate.

  • Would you use such a generator.
  • Do you think using polyfills is the right approach?
  • Do you like it?

Negative and positive Feedback welcome!

Thanks a lot



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@Mte90 Mte90 commented Nov 8, 2015

There any news on that?


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@HaNdTriX HaNdTriX commented Mar 22, 2016

Oh sorry for my late response.
I don't have an eye on gists ;)

I haven't developed it, since there was not enough response from other developers.
But I have updated

It supports multible vendors, but it doesn't add any polyfills.
You'll have to write them yourself.

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