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Creating new open source stuff that you will like

Daniele Scasciafratte Mte90

Creating new open source stuff that you will like
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Mte90 / rss.opml
Created Dec 15, 2020
My RSS feed
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<opml version="2.0">
<dateCreated>Tue, 15 Dec 2020 12:05:01</dateCreated>
<outline text="Altro">
<outline text="MGMT Magazine" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" description=""/>
<outline text="Synthesia Updates" type="rss" xmlUrl="" htmlUrl="" description=""/>
Mte90 / bbb-register-merge.php
Last active Jan 25, 2021
WP integration with BBB to start/stop and download a video call recording
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Plugin Name: BBB Register
Plugin URI:
Description: Add support to start/stop and download videos from the BBB instance of Merge-IT.
Author: Daniele Mte90 Scasciafratte
Version: 1.0.0
Author URI:
Mte90 / gitlab-ci.yml
Last active Aug 12, 2020
GitLab CI version for WPBP
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image: jakzal/phpqa:alpine
- vendor/
- Code Quality
Mte90 /
Created Jul 7, 2020
Backup to webdav files and WordPress DB
today=$(date +"%Y-%m-%d")
path=$(date +"%Y/%m/%d")
rm -rf ./backups
mkdir ./backups
tar --exclude='./public_html/cgi-bin' --exclude='*.zip' --exclude='./public_html/wp-content/cache' -zcvf ./backups/$today.tar.gz ./public_html > /dev/null
./wp db export --add-drop-table --path=./public_html/ - | gzip > "./backups/$today.sql.gz"
curl --user "user:pass" -T "./backups/$today.tar.gz" "$path/domain-$today.tar.gz"
Mte90 / remove_gutenberg_block.php
Created Jun 11, 2020
Remove WordPress Gutenberg block in content
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function remove_block_gutenberg( $content, $blockname ) {
$blockname = str_replace('/', '\/',preg_quote($blockname));
return preg_replace('/\<\!\-\- ' . $blockname . '[^)]+\/' . $blockname . ' \-\-\>/', '', $content);
// Based on this ticket
// There is a block that we don't want on excerpt automatically generated,
// Automatic excerpt cut the content and this can generate a broken content
Mte90 / snippet.php
Created Apr 30, 2020
W3TC generate minified filename by checksum
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// Based on
// Get all the files, read them, concat them, get a md5 hash, cut at 10 and generate a new filename
// Why?
// W3TC generate the hashname based on the filenames so not invalidate the cache if there are changes
add_filter('w3tc_minify_urls_for_minification_to_minify_filename', 'w3tc_filename_filter', 20, 3);
function w3tc_filename_filter($minify_filename, $files, $type ){
$path_parts = pathinfo( $minify_filename );
$content = '';
Mte90 /
Created Mar 17, 2020
Clips dataset parser and cleaner
#!/usr/bin/env bash
function extract() {
echo "Estraggo $1.rar"
unrar e "./$1.rar" \*.txt \*.wav './clips-mitads/' -o+
if [ ! -d './clips-mitads' ]; then
mkdir './clips-mitads'
Mte90 / Customfile
Last active Jan 15, 2020
2 new commands for VVV
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class VVVScripts < Vagrant.plugin(2, :command)
def self.synopsis
"Execute script from /config/homebin/"
def execute
with_target_vms(nil, single_target: true) do |vm|
@env.ui.output "#{$yellow}Executing #{$red}#{ARGV[1]}#{$creset}\n"
vm.action(:ssh_run, ssh_run_command: "/srv/config/homebin/#{ARGV[1]}" )
Mte90 / alter-login.php
Created Dec 3, 2019
Send email to user if not logged after 3 weeks
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* Plugin Name: Alert Last Login
* Plugin URI:
* Description:
* Version: 1.0.0
* Author: Codeat
* Author URI:
* License: GPL-2.0+
Mte90 / block-wprestapi-loggedonly-orbykeyword.php
Created Nov 26, 2019
Block WordPRess rest api except logged user or if there is a parameter in the url
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add_filter('rest_authentication_errors', function ($result) {
if (!empty($result)) {
return $result;
$access = is_user_logged_in();
if ( !$access ) {
if ( !isset($_GET['iwantthem']) || isset($_GET['iwantthem']) && $_GET['iwantthem'] !== 'yes' ) {