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Created September 8, 2013 17:06
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Count total code lines in project using Sublime texteditor
// Go to menue:
// find->find in files
// Switch on reg_ex button
// Find:
// Where:
c:\your_folder\,*.php,*.phtml,*.js,*.inc,*.html, -*/folder_to_exclude/*
// Then click on the find button
// Be careful to not click on Replace!!!
// On the bottom line of your search result you'll find something like:
// 21342 matches in 124 files = your lines of code
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Wouldn't this include lines that contain only white space?

I use the regex:

This makes sure there are characters other than white space in each the line, but they can still start and end with white space.

Nice Gist though, I'll be forking it. Thanks!

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nice one.

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Can't get this snippet to not give me the beachball of death and I have a brand new Mac. I'm an intermediate sublime user, so gotta be doing something wrong.

Screenshot of my settings...

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Hexodus commented Mar 12, 2016

@halleycarleton Thanks for sharing. This is indeed a better regex but I like it to look bigger then it is ;)
@tim-peterson Sorry, I do not have a mac so I'm very sorry but I can't help.

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ElectricRCAircraftGuy commented Jan 14, 2018

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Thank you very much

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