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HoraceBury / posts
Created Mar 28, 2019
Links to useful posts in the Corona forums
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Moving groups of physics objects
Setting a physics body's position
Collision events
HoraceBury / dropboxapi.lua
Last active May 11, 2019
DropBox API v2 library.
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-- DropBox API v2 Library
require("utils") --
local iolib = require("iolib") --
iolib.isdebug = false
local lib = {}
local function printer(str)
iolib.isdebug = lib.IsDebug
HoraceBury / catmull.lua
Created Aug 2, 2018
Takes a table of x,y points and returns a smooth catmull-rom spline table of x,y points.
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-- catmull-rom-spline library
-- Resources:
require("tablelib") --
require("mathlib") --
HoraceBury / Program.cs
Created Apr 4, 2018
Executing an equation in C# proven with nUnit.
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using System;
using NUnit.Framework;
using System.Data;
namespace RandomTests
public class NumberTests
public static void Main(string[] args)
HoraceBury / displaylib.lua
Created Mar 21, 2018
Display library, adding to and modifying the existing Corona display library.
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-- display lib
local newShapeList = {
HoraceBury / cyclingants.lua
Last active Mar 11, 2018
Cycling ants. Takes a pattern to be used for a mask outline and generates a collection of display groups which can be used to animate the cyclic pattern around a path shape.
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local function asPoint( x, y )
return { x=x, y=y }
local function getPoint( path, index )
return { x=path[index], y=path[index+1] }
HoraceBury / graphicslib.lua
Last active Mar 21, 2018
Graphics extension library.
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-- graphics extension library
require("mathlib") --
require("displaylib") --
Generates a table of points containing the outline of a circle with each point 'step' pixels from the previous.
HoraceBury / _shadowlib.lua
Last active May 8, 2018
Shadow library. Given a display group, this will ensure that non-physics-based shadows will be updated to track their parent, whether the parent is physics-based or not. The test sample demonstrates using physics to provide a shadow, as well.
View _shadowlib.lua
local lib = {}
function lib.newShadowLayer( shadowgroup )
local function refresh()
if (shadowgroup and shadowgroup.numChildren) then
for i=1, shadowgroup.numChildren do
local shadow = shadowgroup[i]
local object = shadowgroup[i].shadowparent
if (not shadow.isBodyActive) then
HoraceBury / Cache.cs
Created Aug 21, 2017
Generic caching mechanism which makes sliding expiration easy.
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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Runtime.Caching;
namespace CacheServices
public class Cache
protected MemoryCache _cache = new MemoryCache("general");
HoraceBury / dragitemscrollview.lua
Created Dec 30, 2016
Provides a scrollview widget which can have items dragged off it.
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local widget = require("widget")
local function angleOf( ax, ay, bx, by, adjust, positive )
local angle = math.atan2( by-ay, bx-ax ) * 180/math.pi
if (adjust) then
if (type(adjust) ~= "number") then adjust = -90 end
angle = angle - adjust
if (angle < -180) then angle=angle+360 end
if (angle > 180) then angle=angle-360 end