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Last active April 27, 2017 11:05
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Power Query navigate the documentation of #shared functions. [M code]
sharedTab = Record.ToTable(#shared),
//select only functions from #shared
functions = Table.SelectRows(sharedTab, each Type.Is(Value.Type([Value]),type function)),
//parse Module from function name
modules = Table.AddColumn(functions, "Module", each Text.Split([Name], "."){0}, type text),
functionNames = Table.AddColumn(modules, "FunctionName", each List.Last(Text.Split([Name], ".")), type text),
//get category from documentation
categories = Table.AddColumn(functionNames, "Category", each try Value.Metadata(Value.Type(Record.Field(#shared,[Name])))[Documentation.Category] otherwise ""),
//parse only the first code example from documentation
examples = Table.AddColumn(categories, "Examples", each
let eg = Value.Metadata(Value.Type(Record.Field(#shared,[Name])))[Documentation.Examples]?
in if Type.Is(Value.Type(eg),type record) then eg[Code] else eg{0}?[Code]?),
//get the short description from the documentation
descriptions = Table.AddColumn(examples, "Description", each Value.Metadata(Value.Type(Record.Field(#shared,[Name])))[Documentation.Description]?),
//parse subcategories
subcategories = Table.AddColumn(descriptions, "DotCategory", each List.Last(Text.Split([Category],"."))),
//adding the signature of the functions
out = Table.AddColumn(subcategories, "Signature", each Signature(Record.Field(#shared,[Name])))
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