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Last active April 11, 2017 09:30
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//building the Table Value Constructor for a record
rows = (t) => Table.TransformRows(t, each "("&Text.From([key])&",'"&[value]&"')"),
//group entries in sets of 1000 because Table Value Constructor have a limitation of 1000 entries
values = List.Generate(()=>0,
//adding the declaration of TVP and the call to SP that uses TVP
TVP = Text.Combine({"declare @p1 dbo.DemoList #(lf)"}&
List.Transform(values, each "insert into @p1 values"&_&"#(lf)")
&{"#(lf)exec dbo.usp_InsertDemoTVP @TVP=@p1"}),
//call the lenghty SQL statement
out = Value.NativeQuery(Sql.Database(".", "QueryPower"),TVP)
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