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adnan360 /
Created August 19, 2019 06:49
How I installed Linux Libre kernel on Fedora 30

How to install Linux Libre in Fedora

Fedora has the Linux kernel. This instruction is to install Linux Libre kernel which is a version of the Linux kernel with closed source binary blobs removed. This results in a Free-er system which respects your 4 essential freedoms. On Fedora, the linux libre kernel has the name "Freed-ora freedom".

I tried this on a Fedora 30 install.

WARNING: Although this gives you a libre kernel, it is possible that all components of your hardware does not work without binary blobs (e.g. wifi card, bluetooth). In that case those components will not work after installation. Please do not apply this on a production install before testing thoroughly and for prolonged period of time on a test install. Use these instructions at your own risk. Backing up is also recommended.

sudo -s