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Streaming coding sessions on Twitch!


Streaming coding sessions on Twitch!
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Jaid /
Last active September 19, 2023 09:53
webpack-config-jaid example outputs
Jaid / template.ts
Last active September 14, 2023 00:15
TypeScript CLI entry point template
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import type {ArgumentsCamelCase, Argv, CommandBuilder} from 'yargs'
import yargs from 'yargs'
import {hideBin} from 'yargs/helpers'
// Don’t fully understand this, taken from here:
export type Args = (typeof builder) extends CommandBuilder<any, infer U> ? ArgumentsCamelCase<U> : never
const handler = async (args: Args) => {
Jaid /
Last active August 5, 2023 18:03
Coqui TTS command line help

Retrieved with:

MSYS_NO_PATHCONV=1 docker run --rm --entrypoint /bin/bash -o errexit -o xtrace -c 'tts --help; python3 /root/TTS/server/ --help; python3 /root/TTS/bin/ --help'
Jaid / models.txt
Last active August 4, 2023 10:29
Coqui models
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Name format: type/language/dataset/model
1: tts_models/multilingual/multi-dataset/your_tts
2: tts_models/multilingual/multi-dataset/bark
3: tts_models/bg/cv/vits
4: tts_models/cs/cv/vits
5: tts_models/da/cv/vits
6: tts_models/et/cv/vits
7: tts_models/ga/cv/vits
8: tts_models/en/ek1/tacotron2
9: tts_models/en/ljspeech/tacotron2-DDC
Jaid / queryProperties.txt
Created May 31, 2023 02:02
nvidia-smi query property names
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List of valid properties to query for the switch "--query-gpu":
The timestamp of when the query was made in format "YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS.msec".
The version of the installed NVIDIA display driver. This is an alphanumeric string.
Section about vgpu_driver_capability properties
Retrieves information about driver level caps.
Jaid / hyperfineHelp.txt
Created April 4, 2023 09:09
Hyperfine CLI help output
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A command-line benchmarking tool.
Usage: hyperfine [OPTIONS] <command>...
The command to benchmark. This can be the name of an executable, a
command line like "grep -i todo" or a shell command like "sleep 0.5 &&
echo test". The latter is only available if the shell is not
explicitly disabled via '--shell=none'. If multiple commands are
Jaid / custom.css
Last active March 18, 2023 13:47
VSCode custom CSS
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.activitybar {
background: green !important;
.action-label {
width: 44px !important;
height: 40px !important;
.activitybar .action-item.codicon {
Jaid / binariesOutput.txt
Last active March 23, 2023 16:38
Intel 4600 info on Ubuntu Server 22.04
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Jaid / 7zOfficialHelp.txt
Created March 16, 2023 02:21
7z --help output, binary from official 7z 22.01 (2202-07-15)
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7-Zip (z) 22.01 (x64) : Copyright (c) 1999-2022 Igor Pavlov : 2022-07-15
64-bit locale=de_DE.UTF-8 Threads:8, ASM
Usage: 7zz <command> [<switches>...] <archive_name> [<file_names>...] [@listfile]
a : Add files to archive
b : Benchmark
d : Delete files from archive
e : Extract files from archive (without using directory names)