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Working from home

Jake Wilson Jakobud

Working from home
  • Fort Collins, Colorado
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Jakobud / bootstrap-ms.scss
Last active Jan 20, 2020 — forked from andyl/bootstrap_ms.css.scss
Adds in the missing 480px-797px breakpoint range to Bootstrap 3 for SASS
View bootstrap-ms.scss
// Bootstrap Mid-Small - col-ms-* - the missing grid set for Bootstrap3.
// This is a hack to fill the gap between 480 and 767 pixels - a missing range
// in the bootstrap responsive grid structure. Use these classes to style pages
// on cellphones when they transition from portrait to landscape.
// Contains:
// Columns, Offsets, Pushes, Pulls for the Mid-Small layout
// Visibility classes for the Mid-Small layout
// Redefined visibility classes for the Extra Small layout
Jakobud / laravel_4_bootstrap_3_form_macros
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Laravel 4 Bootstrap 3 Form Macros
View laravel_4_bootstrap_3_form_macros
// Bootstrap 3 text field input
Form::macro('bootstrapText', function($name, $label=null, $value=null, $attr=array(), $help=null)
$attr['id'] = isset($attr['id']) ? $attr['id'] : $name;
if ( !isset($attr['class']) )
$attr['class'] = "form-control";
else {
Jakobud / laravel_4_foundation_5_form_macros.php
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Laravel 4 Foundation 5 Form Macros
View laravel_4_foundation_5_form_macros.php
// Foundation 5 form label element wrapper
Form::macro('foundationLabelWrapper', function($name, $label = null, $element)
$label = is_null($label) ? ucwords(str_replace(array('-', '_'), ' ', $name)) : $label;
$errors = View::shared('errors');
$out = '';
View block-grid.scss
// Block Grid
// Technique adapted from Foundation 5 for Bootstrap 3.
// Original LESS Version by Christopher Mitchell (
// Converted to SCSS by Rasmus Jürs (
// Usage:
// <ul class='block-grid-md-3 block-grid-lg-4'>
// <li class='block-grid-item'>...</li>
// <li class='block-grid-item'>...</li>
// </ul>
View sass-respond-to-mixin.scss
// Usage:
// @include respond($screen-sm) { ... }
// or
// @include respond(480px) { ... }
@mixin respond($breakpoint) {
@media only screen and (min-width: $breakpoint) { @content; }
Jakobud / Vagrantfile
Last active Jul 28, 2017
Vagrant Windows 260 character path limit workaround
View Vagrantfile
# If you are using Windows as your Vagrant host OS, there is a limitation in Windows where any given folder path
# cannot be more than 260 characters long. This becomes a problem with Vagrant because, for example, if you
# install a Linux guest environment and try to create a deep directory structure in a synced folder, Linux will
# throw errors. This is because the synced folder is under the constraints of the Windows host. A common example
# of this happening is when installing node.js modules. NPM is known for creating some very long, deep
# folder paths because each node depenency has it's own dependencies, which have their own dependencies, etc...
# This gist solves the problem and works around the Windows 260 character path limit. Add it to your Vagrantfile.
# NOTE: This bug in Vagrant was fixed in 1.7.3, but reverted back in 1.7.4 due to some regression bugs.
Jakobud /
Created Sep 25, 2015 — forked from shuckster/
Download iTunes Festival streams
# Download iTunes Festival streams
# 1. Open Wireshark, start a new Capture, filter by "http.cookie"
# 2. Open iTunes and play the Festival show you want
# 3. Look for "/auth/" items in your capture list.
Jakobud /
Created Jul 7, 2016 — forked from bulljit/
Transmission-Daemon: Remove Completed Torrents
# script to check for complete torrents in transmission folder, then stop and move them
# either hard-code the MOVEDIR variable here…
MOVEDIR=/home/mjdescy/media # the folder to move completed downloads to
# …or set MOVEDIR using the first command-line argument
# use transmission-remote to get torrent list from transmission-remote list
# use sed to delete first / last line of output, and remove leading spaces
# use cut to get first field from each line
Jakobud / _leastSquaresFit.scss
Last active Nov 26, 2017
Least Squares Fit Linear Regression SASS function
View _leastSquaresFit.scss
/// leastSquaresFit
/// Calculate the least square fit linear regression of provided values
/// @param {map} $map - A SASS map of viewport width and size value combinations
/// @return Linear equation as a calc() function
/// @example
/// font-size: leastSquaresFit((576: 24, 768: 24, 992: 34));
/// @author Jake Wilson <>
@function leastSquaresFit($map) {
// Get the number of provided breakpoints
Jakobud / _linear-interpolation.scss
Last active Oct 23, 2018
Linear Interpolation SASS function
View _linear-interpolation.scss
/// linear-interpolation
/// Calculate the definition of a line between two points
/// @param $map - A SASS map of viewport widths and size value pairs
/// @returns A linear equation as a calc() function
/// @example
/// font-size: linear-interpolation((320px: 18px, 768px: 26px));
/// @author Jake Wilson <>
@function linear-interpolation($map) {
$keys: map-keys($map);
@if (length($keys) != 2) {
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