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Working from home

Jake Wilson Jakobud

Working from home
  • Fort Collins, Colorado
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Jakobud / bootstrap-ms.scss
Last active Jan 20, 2020 — forked from andyl/bootstrap_ms.css.scss
Adds in the missing 480px-797px breakpoint range to Bootstrap 3 for SASS
View bootstrap-ms.scss
// Bootstrap Mid-Small - col-ms-* - the missing grid set for Bootstrap3.
// This is a hack to fill the gap between 480 and 767 pixels - a missing range
// in the bootstrap responsive grid structure. Use these classes to style pages
// on cellphones when they transition from portrait to landscape.
// Contains:
// Columns, Offsets, Pushes, Pulls for the Mid-Small layout
// Visibility classes for the Mid-Small layout
// Redefined visibility classes for the Extra Small layout
Jakobud / _map-sort.scss
Last active Oct 17, 2019
Sort a SASS map
View _map-sort.scss
/// map-sort
/// Sort map by keys
/// @param $map - A SASS map
/// @returns A SASS map sorted by keys
/// @requires function list-sort
/// @author Jake Wilson <>
@function map-sort($map) {
$keys: list-sort(map-keys($map));
$sortedMap: ();
@each $key in $keys {
Jakobud / Core.lua
Last active Oct 1, 2019
WOW Classic Addon Ace-3.0 Bootstrap
View Core.lua
MyAddon = LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):NewAddon("MyAddon")
MyAddon.version = "1.0"
local Console = LibStub("AceConsole-3.0")
local L = LibStub("AceLocale-3.0"):GetLocale("MyAddon")
-- Register slash command /myaddon
MyAddon:RegisterChatCommand("myaddon", "MyAddonCommand")
Jakobud / _list-sort.scss
Last active Sep 23, 2019
Sort a SASS list
View _list-sort.scss
/// list-sort
/// Sort a SASS list
/// @param $list - A SASS list
/// @returns A sorted SASS list
/// @requires function list-remove
/// @author Jake Wilson <>
@function list-sort($list) {
$sortedlist: ();
@while length($list) > 0 {
$value: nth($list,1);
Jakobud / _poly-fluid-sizing.scss
Last active Jul 24, 2019
Poly Fluid Sizing using linear equations, viewport units and calc()
View _poly-fluid-sizing.scss
/// poly-fluid-sizing
/// Generate linear interpolated size values through multiple break points
/// @param $property - A string CSS property name
/// @param $map - A SASS map of viewport unit and size value pairs
/// @requires function linear-interpolation
/// @requires function map-sort
/// @example
/// @include poly-fluid-sizing('font-size', (576px: 22px, 768px: 24px, 992px: 34px));
/// @author Jake Wilson <>
@mixin poly-fluid-sizing($property, $map) {
Jakobud / _linear-interpolation.scss
Last active Oct 23, 2018
Linear Interpolation SASS function
View _linear-interpolation.scss
/// linear-interpolation
/// Calculate the definition of a line between two points
/// @param $map - A SASS map of viewport widths and size value pairs
/// @returns A linear equation as a calc() function
/// @example
/// font-size: linear-interpolation((320px: 18px, 768px: 26px));
/// @author Jake Wilson <>
@function linear-interpolation($map) {
$keys: map-keys($map);
@if (length($keys) != 2) {
Jakobud / _list-remove.scss
Created Apr 25, 2017
Removed an item for a SASS list based on it's index (mimics behavior of the native map-remove function)
View _list-remove.scss
/// list-remove
/// Remove an item from a list
/// @param $list - A SASS list
/// @param $index - The list index to remove
/// @returns A SASS list
/// @author Jake Wilson <>
@function list-remove($list, $index) {
$newList: ();
@for $i from 1 through length($list) {
@if $i != $index {
Jakobud / client.conf
Last active Dec 28, 2017
OpenVPN PIA configuration
View client.conf
dev tun
proto udp
remote 1198
remote 1198
remote 1198
remote 1198
remote 1198
remote 1198
remote 1198
Jakobud /
Created Dec 28, 2017
OpenVPN auto-start Transmission Downloads
echo "Starting Transmission Torrent Downloading"
transmission-remote --auth transmission:transmission --torrent all --start
Jakobud /
Last active Dec 28, 2017
OpenVPN auto-stop Transmission downloads
echo "Stopping Transmission Torrent Downloading"
transmission-remote --auth transmission:transmission --torrent all --stop
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