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HTML lang attribute / ISO language code reference / Culture names
Invariant Language (Invariant Country)
af af-ZA Afrikaans
af-ZA af-ZA Afrikaans (South Africa)
ar ar-SA Arabic
ar-AE ar-AE Arabic (U.A.E.)
ar-BH ar-BH Arabic (Bahrain)
ar-DZ ar-DZ Arabic (Algeria)
ar-EG ar-EG Arabic (Egypt)
ar-IQ ar-IQ Arabic (Iraq)
ar-JO ar-JO Arabic (Jordan)
ar-KW ar-KW Arabic (Kuwait)
ar-LB ar-LB Arabic (Lebanon)
ar-LY ar-LY Arabic (Libya)
ar-MA ar-MA Arabic (Morocco)
ar-OM ar-OM Arabic (Oman)
ar-QA ar-QA Arabic (Qatar)
ar-SA ar-SA Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
ar-SY ar-SY Arabic (Syria)
ar-TN ar-TN Arabic (Tunisia)
ar-YE ar-YE Arabic (Yemen)
az az-Latn-AZ Azeri
az-Cyrl-AZ az-Cyrl-AZ Azeri (Cyrillic, Azerbaijan)
az-Latn-AZ az-Latn-AZ Azeri (Latin, Azerbaijan)
be be-BY Belarusian
be-BY be-BY Belarusian (Belarus)
bg bg-BG Bulgarian
bg-BG bg-BG Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
bs-Latn-BA bs-Latn-BA Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
ca ca-ES Catalan
ca-ES ca-ES Catalan (Catalan)
cs cs-CZ Czech
cs-CZ cs-CZ Czech (Czech Republic)
cy-GB cy-GB Welsh (United Kingdom)
da da-DK Danish
da-DK da-DK Danish (Denmark)
de de-DE German
de-AT de-AT German (Austria)
de-DE de-DE German (Germany)
de-CH de-CH German (Switzerland)
de-LI de-LI German (Liechtenstein)
de-LU de-LU German (Luxembourg)
dv dv-MV Divehi
dv-MV dv-MV Divehi (Maldives)
el el-GR Greek
el-GR el-GR Greek (Greece)
en en-US English
en-029 en-029 English (Caribbean)
en-AU en-AU English (Australia)
en-BZ en-BZ English (Belize)
en-CA en-CA English (Canada)
en-GB en-GB English (United Kingdom)
en-IE en-IE English (Ireland)
en-JM en-JM English (Jamaica)
en-NZ en-NZ English (New Zealand)
en-PH en-PH English (Republic of the Philippines)
en-TT en-TT English (Trinidad and Tobago)
en-US en-US English (United States)
en-ZA en-ZA English (South Africa)
en-ZW en-ZW English (Zimbabwe)
es es-ES Spanish
es-AR es-AR Spanish (Argentina)
es-BO es-BO Spanish (Bolivia)
es-CL es-CL Spanish (Chile)
es-CO es-CO Spanish (Colombia)
es-CR es-CR Spanish (Costa Rica)
es-DO es-DO Spanish (Dominican Republic)
es-EC es-EC Spanish (Ecuador)
es-ES es-ES Spanish (Spain)
es-GT es-GT Spanish (Guatemala)
es-HN es-HN Spanish (Honduras)
es-MX es-MX Spanish (Mexico)
es-NI es-NI Spanish (Nicaragua)
es-PA es-PA Spanish (Panama)
es-PE es-PE Spanish (Peru)
es-PR es-PR Spanish (Puerto Rico)
es-PY es-PY Spanish (Paraguay)
es-SV es-SV Spanish (El Salvador)
es-UY es-UY Spanish (Uruguay)
es-VE es-VE Spanish (Venezuela)
et et-EE Estonian
et-EE et-EE Estonian (Estonia)
eu eu-ES Basque
eu-ES eu-ES Basque (Basque)
fa fa-IR Persian
fa-IR fa-IR Persian (Iran)
fi fi-FI Finnish
fi-FI fi-FI Finnish (Finland)
fo fo-FO Faroese
fo-FO fo-FO Faroese (Faroe Islands)
fr fr-FR French
fr-BE fr-BE French (Belgium)
fr-CA fr-CA French (Canada)
fr-FR fr-FR French (France)
fr-CH fr-CH French (Switzerland)
fr-LU fr-LU French (Luxembourg)
fr-MC fr-MC French (Principality of Monaco)
gl gl-ES Galician
gl-ES gl-ES Galician (Galician)
gu gu-IN Gujarati
gu-IN gu-IN Gujarati (India)
he he-IL Hebrew
he-IL he-IL Hebrew (Israel)
hi hi-IN Hindi
hi-IN hi-IN Hindi (India)
hr hr-HR Croatian
hr-BA hr-BA Croatian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
hr-HR hr-HR Croatian (Croatia)
hu hu-HU Hungarian
hu-HU hu-HU Hungarian (Hungary)
hy hy-AM Armenian
hy-AM hy-AM Armenian (Armenia)
id id-ID Indonesian
id-ID id-ID Indonesian (Indonesia)
is is-IS Icelandic
is-IS is-IS Icelandic (Iceland)
it it-IT Italian
it-CH it-CH Italian (Switzerland)
it-IT it-IT Italian (Italy)
ja ja-JP Japanese
ja-JP ja-JP Japanese (Japan)
ka ka-GE Georgian
ka-GE ka-GE Georgian (Georgia)
kk kk-KZ Kazakh
kk-KZ kk-KZ Kazakh (Kazakhstan)
kn kn-IN Kannada
kn-IN kn-IN Kannada (India)
ko ko-KR Korean
kok kok-IN Konkani
kok-IN kok-IN Konkani (India)
ko-KR ko-KR Korean (Korea)
ky ky-KG Kyrgyz
ky-KG ky-KG Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan)
lt lt-LT Lithuanian
lt-LT lt-LT Lithuanian (Lithuania)
lv lv-LV Latvian
lv-LV lv-LV Latvian (Latvia)
mi-NZ mi-NZ Maori (New Zealand)
mk mk-MK Macedonian
mk-MK mk-MK Macedonian (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
mn mn-MN Mongolian
mn-MN mn-MN Mongolian (Cyrillic, Mongolia)
mr mr-IN Marathi
mr-IN mr-IN Marathi (India)
ms ms-MY Malay
ms-BN ms-BN Malay (Brunei Darussalam)
ms-MY ms-MY Malay (Malaysia)
mt-MT mt-MT Maltese (Malta)
nb-NO nb-NO Norwegian, Bokmal (Norway)
nl nl-NL Dutch
nl-BE nl-BE Dutch (Belgium)
nl-NL nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands)
nn-NO nn-NO Norwegian, Nynorsk (Norway)
no nb-NO Norwegian
ns-ZA ns-ZA Northern Sotho (South Africa)
pa pa-IN Punjabi
pa-IN pa-IN Punjabi (India)
pl pl-PL Polish
pl-PL pl-PL Polish (Poland)
pt pt-BR Portuguese
pt-BR pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil)
pt-PT pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal)
quz-BO quz-BO Quechua (Bolivia)
quz-EC quz-EC Quechua (Ecuador)
quz-PE quz-PE Quechua (Peru)
ro ro-RO Romanian
ro-RO ro-RO Romanian (Romania)
ru ru-RU Russian
ru-RU ru-RU Russian (Russia)
sa sa-IN Sanskrit
sa-IN sa-IN Sanskrit (India)
se-FI se-FI Sami (Northern) (Finland)
se-NO se-NO Sami (Northern) (Norway)
se-SE se-SE Sami (Northern) (Sweden)
sk sk-SK Slovak
sk-SK sk-SK Slovak (Slovakia)
sl sl-SI Slovenian
sl-SI sl-SI Slovenian (Slovenia)
sma-NO sma-NO Sami (Southern) (Norway)
sma-SE sma-SE Sami (Southern) (Sweden)
smj-NO smj-NO Sami (Lule) (Norway)
smj-SE smj-SE Sami (Lule) (Sweden)
smn-FI smn-FI Sami (Inari) (Finland)
sms-FI sms-FI Sami (Skolt) (Finland)
sq sq-AL Albanian
sq-AL sq-AL Albanian (Albania)
sr sr-Latn-CS Serbian
sr-Cyrl-BA sr-Cyrl-BA Serbian (Cyrillic) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
sr-Cyrl-CS sr-Cyrl-CS Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)
sr-Latn-BA sr-Latn-BA Serbian (Latin) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
sr-Latn-CS sr-Latn-CS Serbian (Latin, Serbia)
sv sv-SE Swedish
sv-FI sv-FI Swedish (Finland)
sv-SE sv-SE Swedish (Sweden)
sw sw-KE Kiswahili
sw-KE sw-KE Kiswahili (Kenya)
syr syr-SY Syriac
syr-SY syr-SY Syriac (Syria)
ta ta-IN Tamil
ta-IN ta-IN Tamil (India)
te te-IN Telugu
te-IN te-IN Telugu (India)
th th-TH Thai
th-TH th-TH Thai (Thailand)
tn-ZA tn-ZA Tswana (South Africa)
tr tr-TR Turkish
tr-TR tr-TR Turkish (Turkey)
tt tt-RU Tatar
tt-RU tt-RU Tatar (Russia)
uk uk-UA Ukrainian
uk-UA uk-UA Ukrainian (Ukraine)
ur ur-PK Urdu
ur-PK ur-PK Urdu (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
uz uz-Latn-UZ Uzbek
uz-Cyrl-UZ uz-Cyrl-UZ Uzbek (Cyrillic, Uzbekistan)
uz-Latn-UZ uz-Latn-UZ Uzbek (Latin, Uzbekistan)
vi vi-VN Vietnamese
vi-VN vi-VN Vietnamese (Vietnam)
xh-ZA xh-ZA Xhosa (South Africa)
zh-CN zh-CN Chinese (People's Republic of China)
zh-HK zh-HK Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.)
zh-CHS (none) Chinese (Simplified)
zh-CHT (none) Chinese (Traditional)
zh-MO zh-MO Chinese (Macao S.A.R.)
zh-SG zh-SG Chinese (Singapore)
zh-TW zh-TW Chinese (Taiwan)
zu-ZA zu-ZA Zulu (South Africa)
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Thank you!

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thank you

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Thanks so much! OOC, how did you compile this list? And why isn't it part of BCP 47?

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I can't remember unfortunately, I copied it from somewhere back in 2012!

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samculo commented Jul 6, 2021

20 / 10

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jonsho commented Feb 3, 2022

Thanks for sharing!

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architchandra commented Mar 4, 2022

Please add en-IN (English-India) to the list. Thanks!

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please add English-Phillippines and English-Nigeria to the list.

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th-Th Thai language Thailand

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jjrh92 commented Nov 14, 2022

Thank you

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Thank you!

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