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Compiling TI OpenCL and dependencies from source

Compiling TI OpenCL and dependencies from source

In the following instructions, keep in mind that I'm using an install prefix of ~/ti as a placeholder while I attempt to bring on OpenCL by hand. That, and some other paths will be replaced with Buildroot-specific install directories later on.

Install host binaries

C66x DSP compiler

chmod +x ti_cgt_c6000_8.2.2_linux_installer_x86.bin
# NOTE: this will not terminate due to some bug in TI's installer.
# Run without --mode unattended' so you can see when it's safe to kill the process.
./ti_cgt_c6000_8.2.2_linux_installer_x86.bin --prefix ~/ti --mode unattended


unzip -d ~/ti

TI ARM-cortex compiler

chmod +x ti_cgt_tms470_16.9.2.LTS_linux_installer_x86.bin
./ti_cgt_tms470_16.9.2.LTS_linux_installer_x86.bin --prefix ~/ti --mode unattended

Build TI's LLVM fork (don't worry, it's old and builds pretty fast)

mkdir ti-llvm
cd ti-llvm
git clone --single-branch --branch release_36_ti --depth 1 git://
git clone --single-branch --branch release_36_ti --depth 1 git:// llvm/tools/clang
# Keep the j[obs] number low here or you'll incure the wrath of Linux's OOM killer
make -j4 -f llvm/Makefile.ti all.x86
make -j4 -f llvm/Makefile.ti all.arm

Build OpenCL

git clone git://
cd ti-opencl
git checkout v01.01.17.01

PATH=$PATH:~/nextgate/rootfs/output/host/bin     \
USE_EXTERNAL_FW_REPO=1                           \
BUILD_EVE_FIRMWARE=0                             \
XDC_DIR=~/ti/xdctools_3_50_07_20_core            \
TI_OCL_CGT_INSTALL=~/ti/ti-cgt-c6000_8.2.3       \
TI_OCL_M4_CGT_INSTALL=~/ti/ti-cgt-arm_16.9.2.LTS \
LINUX_DEVKIT_ROOT=~/nextgate/rootfs/output/host  \
X86_LLVM_DIR=~/repos/ti-llvm/install.x86         \
ARM_LLVM_DIR=~/repos/ti-llvm/install.arm         \
DESTDIR=~/ti/ocl-build                           \
make BUILD_AM57=1
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