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JeffBelgum /
Created Sep 26, 2014
Python list comprehensions in Rust
/// MIT license etc. etc.
/// Experimenting with Python-like list comprehensions.
/// An attempt to explore the possibility space for ergonomic improvements
/// in Rust that can come post v1.0. Notice that there are not type declerations.
/// Aside from the "c!" macro invocation, Rust allows for an exact copy of the
/// Python comprehension syntax.
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#[deriving(Clone, Eq)]
struct Node<T> {
v: T,
next: @mut Option<Node<T>>
#[deriving(Clone, Eq)]
struct List<T> {
priv head: @mut Option<Node<T>>
JeffBelgum / list_push_fn
Last active Dec 25, 2015
Linked List push function
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#[deriving(ToStr, Clone, Eq)]
enum List<T> {
Cons(T, @mut List<T>),
* from brson: it could be more efficient by avoiding that clone,
* since the cost of cloning a T could be arbitrary.