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Jeff Bezanson JeffBezanson

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View infedges.jl
const CC = Core.Compiler
using Base: IdSet
# count total number of nodes reachable from a given point
function edgecount(G, from, counts = IdDict{Any,Int}())
if haskey(counts, from)
return 0
if !CC.haskey(G, from)
return 0
View Artifacts.jl
function do_artifact_str(name, sfile, __module__)
local artifacts_toml = find_artifacts_toml(sfile)
if artifacts_toml === nothing
"Cannot locate '(Julia)Artifacts.toml' file when attempting to use artifact '",
"' in '",
View pfib.jl
# run in commit c35d1d7f7c9d90e0a00ded1980d6fcd5d06f5433
# fixed by commit f81d4d21862c99e1c0452bdf2613ab9e20da9935
macro par(expr)
thunk = esc(:(()->($expr)))
local task = Task($thunk)
task.sticky = false
View badmod.llvm
; ModuleID = 'convert'
source_filename = "convert"
target datalayout = "e-m:e-i64:64-f80:128-n8:16:32:64-S128-ni:10:11:12"
target triple = "x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu"
%jl_value_t = type opaque
@llvm.compiler.used = appending global [2 x i8*] [i8* bitcast (%jl_value_t addrspace(10)* (i8*, i32, i32)* @jl_gc_pool_alloc to i8*), i8* bitcast (%jl_value_t addrspace(10)* (i8*, i64)* @jl_gc_big_alloc to i8*)], section "llvm.metadata"
; Function Attrs: sspstrong
View flatten.patch
diff --git a/base/iterators.jl b/base/iterators.jl
index 1c2ab13..4e5d1b5 100644
--- a/base/iterators.jl
+++ b/base/iterators.jl
@@ -694,28 +694,30 @@ function start(f::Flatten)
d = done(, s)
# this is a simple way to make this function type stable
d && throw(ArgumentError("argument to Flatten must contain at least one iterator"))
+ done_inner = false
while !d
View dispatch_timings.jl
immutable Myo{C}
function (::Type{Myo{C}}){C}(c)
if 2 == 2 # expansion of @assert 2==2
throw(Base.AssertionError("2 == 2"))
return new{C}(c)
View 21514failure
Worker information
version: v2.6.2
instance: a349cd59-a02e-46c9-8c28-ece0f707dfc7:travis-ci-osx10.11-xcode8-1479248015
startup: 1m54.291250744s
Build system information
View gcerror-32bit
INFO: Installing Example v0.4.0
INFO: Package database updated
INFO: METADATA is out-of-date — you may not have the latest version of Example
INFO: Use `Pkg.update()` to get the latest versions of your packages
INFO: Initializing package repository /tmp/o8xgwvMS/v0.6
INFO: Cloning METADATA from
INFO: No packages to install, update or remove
INFO: Cloning cache of Example from
INFO: Installing Example v0.4.1
INFO: Package database updated
View Str.jl
import Base: endof, sizeof, pointer, next
using Base: UTF_ERR_INVALID_INDEX, is_valid_continuation, utf8_trailing, utf8_offset
type Str <: AbstractString
function Str(p::Union{Ptr{Int8},Ptr{UInt8}}, n::Integer)
s = ccall(:jl_gc_allocobj, Any, (Csize_t,), n+sizeof(Int))
ps = pointer_from_objref(s)
unsafe_store!(convert(Ptr{Ptr{Void}}, ps), pointer_from_objref(Str), 0)
unsafe_store!(convert(Ptr{Int}, ps), n)

An array is a structure mapping indices to data values, where the indices have a particular structure.

An array can be thought of as a pair of an index set and a data set.

Two arrays are equal if they map the same indices to the same values.

The data

An array is iterable, and when iterated generates exactly the values of

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