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Last active January 14, 2023 05:37
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Now located at

Why it was moved

Github gists don't support Pull Requests or any notifications, which made it impossible for me to maintain this (surprisingly popular) gist with fixes, respond to comments and so on. In the interest of maintaining the quality of this resource for others, I've moved it to a proper repo. Cheers!

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This part is not working (even indentation fixed)
Consider updating from my fork:

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zenware commented Aug 7, 2017

# First we are shown this as the better way to reverse,

# And then this is shown for reversing sorted elements
sorted(colors, reversed=True)

# Why not this?

I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason, like, "There's an algorithm with which sorting and reversing 
can be done together, faster than they can be done apart.", I just think that it should be made explicitly apparent.

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Hey. Small typo: explicidly -> explicitly.
Thank you very much.

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List Comprehensions and Generator Expressions

result = []
for i in range(10):
s = i ** 2
print sum(result)

IndentationError: expected an indented block

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revado commented Oct 9, 2017

Factor-out temporary contexts

def redirect_stdout(fileobj):
    oldstdout = sys.stdout
    sys.stdout = fileobj
        yield fieldobj    # 'fieldobj' may be 'fileobj'?
        sys.stdout = oldstdout

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JeffPaine commented Dec 3, 2017

I've addressed all comments here and moved this gist to a proper repo: (so Pull Requests can be received and I get notifications, which isn't possible for gists).

If you have any other fixes / comments, please make them on that repo as I won't be checking back here again in the future. Thanks a lot!

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