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JeremyOttley / program.fsproj
Created Oct 10, 2022
OSX F# single binary
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<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">
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/* **max-width:** `70ch`
> the "readable range" is usually 60-80 character widths, and CSS lets you express that directly with the `ch` unit.
**padding:** `3em 1em`
> If the display's width goes under the max-width set above, then this padding prevents edge-to-edge text on mobile. We use `3em` to provide top/bottom whitespace.
**margin:** `auto`
> This is really all that is needed to center the page - applied on html, because Dan's site doesnt have a semantic <main> tag and <html> is more likely to exist in most sites. That the top tag centers itself relative to nothing is unintuitive, but thats how browsers do.
**line-height:** `1.75`
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#!/usr/bin/env joker
(ns script
(:require [ :as cli]
[joker.os :as os]))
(def opts
[["-c" "--channel VALUE" "Choose Twitch Channel"]
["-v" "--version" "Show version information"]
["-h" "--help" "Show this summary"]])
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JeremyOttley / premiere-layout.txt
Created Jul 7, 2020
Davinci Resolve "Adobe Premiere Keyboard Layout" [NOTE: These presets were made on a Mac]
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editAutoSelectToggleAudio6 := Alt+6
editAutoSelectToggleAudio7 := Alt+7
markMarkerClear := Ctrl+Shift+0
editAutoSelectToggleAudio8 := Alt+8
editBlade :=
editLinkedSelection := Ctrl+Shift+L
editNudgeTrimStepTrimMultiFrameRight := Shift+. | Ctrl+Shift+Right
editM2SplitClip := Ctrl+Shift+J
sessionPrinterLightsYelQuarterPlus := Ctrl+Num+3
controlClipPrev := PgUp
  1. Make “Snap to Canvas Edge” the default behavior

Another thing that I find frustrating with GIMP is that it does not activate “Snap to canvas edges” by default even though the option is turned off by default. Unfortunately, you cannot turn this on by toggling in a setting. To make this change, we go back to the gimp folder (~/.gimp-2.8). Open the “gimprc” file and add the following at the end and then save it.

(default-snap-to-canvas yes)

(default-snap-to-grid yes)

  1. Disable the default “Show Layer Boundary”
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%!TEX TS-program = xelatex
%!TEX encoding = UTF-8 Unicode
% File: cheatsheet.tex -- cheatsheet for various XeTeX typesetting features
% Author: Tim van Werkhoven (, 2011)
% I keep this file as a scrap book of various tricks in LaTeX/XeTeX that I
% picked up from various places. I try to refer to places where I found the
% TeX code when possible, and refer to documentation as much as possible as
% well. Feel free to use this cheatsheet for your own purposes.
JeremyOttley / runvm
Created May 24, 2020
log in to vm (virtualbox)
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VBoxManage startvm "Windows10"
sleep 1
while pgrep VirtualBox > /dev/null; do sleep 1; done
kill -9 -1
# echo "nohup $HOME/runvm &" >> .profile
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Things To Move to New Computer

[x] JHU folder

[x] GWU folder

Gimp scripts