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JimmyPesto / gist:7ea765eecc3b132ef9e48dc0f813b408
Last active Oct 5, 2017
der findInBedPromise soll die forEach schleife beenden und resolven, sobald eine der inneren if statements true wird, tut aber aber weder mit resolve noch mit return
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let findInBedPromise = new Promise((resolve,reject)=>{
where: {
createdAt: {$gt: ( - 10000)},//finde alle Sensordaten aus dem Zeitinerval der letzten "10000" mSekunden
sd_diff: {$or: {$gt: 70, $lt: -70}},
id_PersonData: id_PersonData
order: [['createdAt', 'ASC']],//ASC - first entry with timestamp not older 30s AND ld_diff < |60|
attributes: ['sd_accu']
}).then((sensorDataOld) => {
JimmyPesto / interpreter
Created Sep 26, 2017
promise all funktioniert / fehler wenn status ändert in care state
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* Created by bananajoex on 22.05.17.
const Sequelize = require('sequelize');
// without user and password, with options {}
const sequelize = new Sequelize('AssistenzSchema', 'root', 'password', {
host: 'localhost',
dialect: 'mysql',
port: '3306',
logging: console.log("logging")
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