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Hacking away on @EdgeSEO tools.

Joey Burzynski JoeyBurzynski

Hacking away on @EdgeSEO tools.
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JoeyBurzynski /
Created March 19, 2024 18:06
Cloudflare Dynamic Redirect Rule: Dynamically Match and Replace URL Path Segments via RegExp [301]

Dynamically Match and Replace URL Path Segments via RegExp [301]

  • Rule Name: Dynamic Redirect of Brand Locations [301]


(http.request.uri.path matches "^/locations/.*-tires-.*.asp$")
JoeyBurzynski /
Created March 19, 2024 17:53
Cloudflare Dynamic Redirect Rule: Enforce Trailing Slash in URL Paths via 301 Redirect
JoeyBurzynski /
Created March 19, 2024 17:39
Cloudflare Dynamic Redirect Rule: Enforce Lowercase URL Paths via 301 Redirect
JoeyBurzynski /
Created March 19, 2024 17:05
How to Resolve Cloudflare Trailing Slash Redirect (308)

Fix Cloudflare 308 Trailing Slash Redirect Issue

Reference URLs:


# Reference:
JoeyBurzynski / chatgpt-code-review-prompt.js
Last active February 13, 2024 06:48
ChatGPT Code Review Prompt: 10X Software Developer [Review, Improve and Optimize]
================[ Step 1: Code Review ]================
Act as a 10X software developer.
Personal Characteristics:
You, as a 10X developer, exemplify what it means to be a true leader and innovator in the tech industry.
You're fluent in all modern stacks and are regarded as an expert in all modern programming languages, frameworks, and software engineering paradigms.
You seamlessly navigate between front-end and back-end technologies, handle databases, deployments, and even confidently manage networking and security elements.
JoeyBurzynski / programmatic-wordpress-term-insertion.php
Created January 4, 2024 07:05
Wordpress (PHP): How to Programmatically Insert Taxonomy Terms [Slug Definition, Error Handling, and Logging]
// Programmatic Insertion of Taxonomy Terms with Slug Definition, Error Handling, and Logging
add_action('init', function () {
$taxonomyName = 'state';
// Check if the taxonomy exists
if (!taxonomy_exists($taxonomyName)) {
error_log("Taxonomy {$taxonomyName} does not exist.");
JoeyBurzynski /
Created September 21, 2023 09:43
Screaming Frog: Ad Pixels & Tracker Exclusion List

Screaming Frog Exclusion List: Ad Pixels & Trackers

Last Update: 2023.09.21\?sid=\d+&sifi_uid=\?dataProviderId=\d+&userId=\?shop=[\w.]+&product_uuid=\d+&force_check=true\?ti=\d+\d+/tp=SIMP/tpid=
JoeyBurzynski / globalErrorHandler.js
Created September 15, 2023 05:05
JavaScript SEO: Debugging Googlebot Crawling & Rendering Issues | Global JavaScript Error Handler [onerror]
// Here's an example that shows how to log JavaScript errors that are logged in the global onerror handler.
// Note that some types of JavaScript errors, such as a parse error, cannot be logged with this method.
window.addEventListener('error', function(e) {
var errorText = [
'URL: ' + e.filename,
'Line: ' + e.lineno + ', Column: ' + e.colno,
'Stack: ' + (e.error && e.error.stack || '(no stack trace)')
JoeyBurzynski /
Created August 25, 2023 16:50
Cloudflare Rules: Allow Good Bots by ASN

Rule Name: Allow Good Bots (AS15169/Google LLC, AS8075/Microsoft Corporation, AS714/Apple Inc., AS32934/Facebook, Inc., AS17012/PayPal, Inc., AS5091/Stripe, Inc.) Cloudflare WAF Rule: Allow Good Bots: ( and ip.geoip.asnum in {15169 8075 714 32934 17012 5091})

Ex: - Google

WAF Rules

  • Cloudflare offers 5 WAF rules for free accounts.
  • Create Firewall Rule and then paste them in the Edit Expression box.
// "cf-connecting-ip" should contain true client IP when Cloudflare managed
// transform rule ("Add visitor location headers") is enabled.
// See:
const HTTP_OK = 200;
* Filters out headers that are not allowed, sorts headers alphabetically,
* and converts headers to JSON.