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A list of (almost all) mods for Fabric

Fabric Mod List

This page contains a list of the current Minecraft Fabric mods. (As of 2021-08-19 08:05:23 Timezone: UTC+0000 (GMT))

To search for mods by name, category, or download count, visit the website,!

Note: You can view a mod's source files by following the "Source" link on its CurseForge page, assuming that the mod's creator has made such files public.

There are currently 2954 mods in this list.

Mod (Link) Description Downloads Latest Supported Version
(3D) Bricks, Verticalslabs and More Adds tons of building blocks as an addition to Vanilla Minecraft 515 1.16.3
Abacus A simple item counter HUD 662 1.16.5
Accessibility Plus Extended A minecraft mod that adds more accessibility to improve performance. 30 1.17.1
Accessible Developer Blocks A mod that adds small developer utilities for Vanilla developer blocks. 16 1.16.5
Access REI Recipes From A Block (ARRFAB) A mod that allows to view REI recipes from a block through keybinds! 598 1.17.1
Accurate Block Placement Build at super speed with your bare hands! 16,215 1.17.1
Accurate Nether Portals Nether portals now always bring you back to the place you came from! 1,244 1.14.2
AC Hay bales Negates fall damage on hay 2,245 1.16.5
Actually Unbreaking [Fabric] makes the unbreaking enchantment actually make tools unbreakable! 7,334 1.17.1
Adabranium This mod adds powerful fictional materials: Vibranium & Adamantium 96,640 1.17.1
AdaPaxels A multitool which combines pickaxe, axe and shovel. Can make Paths and strip logs. 17,402 1.17.1
Adaptive Brightness A simple mod that changes your brightness according to the light level 116 1.17.1
Added Origins This mod gives you more origins to the origins mod 42,698 1.17.1
Addendum (Fabric) Adding new blocks to fit your ender palette! Port of Additional Ender Blocks by cleverpanda714. 226,607 1.17
Additional Bars [FABRIC] Adds additional bars to the game that go along with Iron Bars! 3,823 1.17.1
Addola A mod that adds vanilla like features to improve your Minecraft Experience. 135 1.16.5
Adorn Decorate your home! 1,116,166 1.17.1
Advanced Bow System this mod adds quivers for easier arrow management, new arrows & bows 3,713 1.14.4
AdvancedChat A mod that adds some handy features to Minecraft chat. 48,270 1.16.5
Advanced Compass RPG styled compass 32,326 1.17.1
Advanced NBT Tooltips Adds custom tooltips to items based to their NBT data. 9,423 1.17.1
Advanced XRay (Fabric Edition) A simple but advanced XRay mod that allows you to find all of your most loved blocks. Now for Fabric as well! 32,147 1.17.1
AdvancementInfo Get better info about advancements 12,370 1.17.1
Advancements Debug Prevent stack overflows when reading a player's advancements 398,001 1.17
Advancements Enlarger To enlarge the advancements window. 624,576 1.17.1
AdventureZ a new endboss and other creatures 479,262 1.17.1
[Fabric] AE2 Additional Opportunity Позволяет использовать AE2 по новому! / Allows you to use AE2 in a new way! 7,674 1.17.1
Aerial Affinity Fabric Remove mining speed slowdown while airborne 305 1.16-Snapshot
Aestheticism 2D Models? How about 3D instead. 15,290 1.14.4
AFarmK If you are tired of holding down buttons, I'm here for you. (Fabric/Forge) 2,130 1.17.1
AFK Attack [Fabric] This mod allows you to use your afk attack farms while doing other stuff on your pc! 620 1.16.3
AFKPeace A mod to give you some peace of mind while AFK! 3,339 1.16.4
AFKTape (Clientside) Get stuff done while AFK! 5,260 1.16.3
Ag4tr Additional Gear For Tech Reborn! 33,443 1.17.1
Age of Exile RPG Diablo-like loot and progression. 254,138 1.16.5
Agnostos Miscellaneous Additions to Minecraft 577 1.14.4
AI-Chatbot In game AI Chatbot. 501 1.17
Alaska Native Craft This mod aims to bring various aspects of Alaska Native cultures to Minecraft! 53,100 1.17.1
All Dimension Height Increase Changes the Nether and End world heights to match the new Overworld 89 1.17
All Ores are Potions! All ores can be made into potions 2,682 1.16.5
Alloy Forgery Forge some alloys 15,903 1.17.1
Alloys - Fabric Mod - Adds 3 new armor and tool sets, Enderite, Fine Emerald, and Steel 20 1.16.5
All Stackable A highly customizable Fabric Mod that makes items stackable and allows you to change the stack size of them. 8,265 1.17
All Stone to Tools You can use most stone types to craft stone tools and most things crafted with stone. 23,841 1.17.1
All The Blocks You Want Adds a variety of Blocks to the game, both building blocks and utility blocks 3,961 1.17.1
All The Creepers Here comes the BOOM! 87,369 1.14.2
All The Mods Fabric Helper Mod made for All The Mods Fabric to inject our custom resources 692 1.15.2
Allure A mod that ports Quark and Charm features to fabric. 200,354 1.16.3
All Wools To String allows you to turn a piece of wool into 4 string! 0 1.17
Altcraft Tools Adds tool handles to modify base tool properties. Inspired by TinkersConstruct and Tool Builder. 2,552 1.16.5
ALTMC (A little too much crafting) Makes everything craftable/obtainable! 306 1.16.5
Always Drop Loot (Fabric) Make mobs always drop exp and loot, regardless of cause of death. 42,380 1.15.2
Amecs (Fabric) Improves your keys & controls setup by providing modifier keys and making multi-functional keys a thing. 38,736 1.17
Amethyst Mod (Fabric) Adds another level of tools and armor. 32,752 1.15.2
Amethyst Mod for Fabric Adds another level of tools and armor. 1,477 1.16.1
amogus add amogus texture to everything 1 1.16.5
Amogus Imposter Rare Imposter mob mod for minecraft 10 1.16.5
Ancient Gateways A mod about linking distant points across space and dimensions 6,808 1.16.5
Angerable Patch Fixes MC-192362 in 1.16. 331 1.16.2
Animal Feeding Trough Mobs self feed with feeding trough 66,091 1.17.1
AnimalNet Catch mobs and animals with nets 463,908 1.15.2
Anthropophagy A remake of the original Cannibalism mod 30,842 1.17.1
Anti Auto Jump Gets rid of the shitty button known as "Auto-Jump" 4,952 1.16.5
AntiGhost Remove Ghost blocks / request the server to resend blocks around the player 367,394 1.17.1
Anti Mob Cheese Anti Mob farm and anti mob cheese. 185,318 1.16.5
Antique Atlas Antique map featuring infinite scrolling, zoom and custom labeled markers. 11,859,017 1.17.1
Anvil Crushing Recipes Define what happens when an anvil lands. 1,187 1.17.1
Anvil Fix AnvilFix: Vanilla Anvils - but better! It removes the level limit for combining Items 235,524 1.16.5
Anvil Format Gives Anvils Chat Format Capabilities 18 1.17.1
Anvil Recipe A mod that adds the ability to support crafting through the use of an anvil! 88 1.17
Anvil Repair Repair anvils instead of crafting new ones 819 1.16.4
AnyCapes Retrieves and renders capes from any cape API 821 1.17.1
AOF:Skyblock Custom Custom mod for AOF:Skyblock 80 1.16.1
Apocryphal Mod This is a simple mod that just adds a few resources that don't do much. 7 1.16.5
Apple+ Apple+ adds 14 more apples with effects. 597 1.14.4
Apple Grind Allows enchanted golden apples to be grinded in the grindstone. 151 1.15.2
AppleSkin Adds some useful information about food/hunger to the HUD 73,280,760 1.17.1
AppleZ Adds some new apples to Minecraft 18,314 1.16.3
Applied Energistics 2 Wireless Terminals An addon for Applied Energistics 2 that adds wireless versions of several Terminals 40,533 1.16.5
Appraisal Lore for everything! 111 1.15.1
[Fabric] APutils Utility mod for Adventurepack 0 1.16.5
Aqua Ore Adds an aqua ore to the game and a lot more. 68 1.16.5
Aquarius [FABRIC/FORGE] More water features! 47,497 1.16.5
Arcadia Mod This mod add block for Minecraft ! 22 1.14.4
Arcana++ [Fabric] This mod adds small tweaks to enhance vanilla experience. 3,075 1.17
Arcana Flavor [Fabric] This mod make the cooking task more tasty 544 1.17
ArcaneMagic A magic mod focused on immersion 15,882 1.14.4
ArchCreatia A magic based industry mod. 5,080 1.16.1
ArchesOrigins An Origins Addon mod 1,176 1.17
Architect's Palette [FABRIC] Build and tinker with various new blocks ! 3,668 1.17-Snapshot
Architectury API (Fabric) An intermediary api aimed to ease developing multiplatform mods. 907,718 1.17.1
Armor Disguise Makes use of the Trinkets API to let you disguise your armor. 1,096 1.15.2
Armored Elytra Shows the chestplate and elytra at the same when using the Armored Elytra datapack (by Vanilla Tweaks) 6,291 1.17
Armor Hotswap Right click while holding a piece of armor to hotswap it with your current armor. 6,734 1.17.1
Armor Stand Editor Simple server side armor stand editor for Fabric 1,213 1.17.1
Armor Stand Utils Tweaks armor stands to make them a bit more usable. 4,866 1.16.1
Armor Visibility Let that skin show! 679 1.16.1
Armour Toughness Bar [Fabric] Adds a bar displaying your armour toughness to the HUD. 5,331 1.16.5
Arms Of Fire [FABRIC] A lightweight fabric gun mod 5,613 1.16.5
ARRP runtime resource generation 55 1.16.5
Ars Theurgia A Fabric mod that adds all kinds of ancient magic, with many paths you can take and choose along the way. 188,154 1.16.5
Articles of Temerant Adding features from the Kingkiller Chronicle into Minecraft, as well as increasing difficulty 392 1.16.5
Artifacts (Fabric) Adds various treasure items that can be found through exploration 537,189 1.16.5
Artifality Collection of useful artifacts, blocks, enchantments and more. 7,897 1.17.1
Artificial Foliage (FABRIC) Build and terraform with the grass and foliage colors you like independent from biome! 1,515 1.17.1
Artis Extended Crafting mod for Fabric 7,091 1.16.1
Artisanat More building blocks! 12,754 1.17.1
Art of Alchemy An "industrial magic" mod that allows you to unleash the power of transmutation! 40,366 1.16.1
Art of Alchemy: Memoriam An industrial magic mod that allows you to unleash the power of transmutation 544,709 1.17.1
Asbestos Removal Adds asbestos, its side effects and ways to remove it 237 1.16.5
ASH - Another Simple HUD ASH - Another Simple HUD with FPS count, coordinates and compass 10,385 1.17
Ash Clay Self-setting clay from wood ash! 6,000 1.16.1
Ash to Ash A FABRIC MOD -- Fire burns things to ash 71 1.14.4
Assembly (Fabric) Expands on the blocks in minecraft! 545 1.17
Asset Validator This allows fully working snapshot/pre-release modpacks to be played through Twitch. 15,771 1.16-Snapshot
Asteroid This is a fabric library which injects in new items from new versions and old features from old versions of mc, Also can be used to work on as a base, This Library Also Adds New Items, New Dimensions, New Mobs, And More.   79 1.16.1
Astromine: Core (No Longer Used) The API module of a space-themed technological modification with exploration, weapons and progression in mind, adding our APIs and libraries. 7,128 1.16.5
Astromine: Discoveries (No Longer Used) The exploration content module of a space-themed technological modification with exploration, weapons and progression in mind, adding ores, tools, planets and space. 4,573 1.16.5
Astromine (Fabric) A tech mod with a space dimension. 304,332 1.16.5
Astromine: Foundations (No Longer Used) The basic content module of a space-themed technological modification with exploration, weapons and progression in mind, adding ores, tools and materials. 6,237 1.16.5
Astromine: Technologies (No Longer Used) The technologic content module of a space-themed technological modification with exploration, weapons and progression in mind, adding machines, power tools and fun toys. 5,510 1.16.5
Astromine: Transportations (No Longer Used) The transport content module of a space-themed technological modification with exploration, weapons and progression in mind, adding conveyor belts, pipes and cables. 4,941 1.16.5
A Sylvan Origin [FORGE/FABRIC] A farming experience for the Origins mod! 5,439 1.16.5
Atlantis Adds an ocean dimension to minecraft. 104,735 1.17.1
Atmosfera Adds atmospheric sounds to Minecraft! 16,377 1.17.1
Attach leads to logs Lets you attach leads to logs, so you don't have to carry around fences anymore. 2,848 1.17.1
Attack On Titan for Fabric A mod for Fabric inspired from the anime and manga Attack On Titan 1,106 1.16.2
AttackSpeedPlus [Fabric] No more cooldown between attacks! 564 1.16.5
Attribute Fix {FABRIC} Fabric Port of Attribute Fix 246,067 1.17.1
Audiobook Play books out loud so you can listen while you play. 248 1.17.1
Audio Output Change the audio device used by minecraft 156,210 1.17.1
Augmented Autojump Improves Autojump! 75 1.17
AuroraKeystrokes A Fabric mod which displays the movement keys and mouse clicks on screen. 41,339 1.16.2
Auther Fabric mod that allows you to re-authenticate your session without restarting the game 108 1.16.1
Auth Me Authenticate yourself and re-validate your session 744,040 1.17.1
AutoAFKFish Lets you afk-fish easily. 2,577 1.17.1
Auto Attack Fabric enables autoswing whenever attack button is held 545 1.16.1
Auto Backup Allows you to specify a command to run at an interval to provide a backup mechanism 1,640 1.17.1
Auto Clicker (Fabric) Quick and Dirty Auto Clicker mod for Fabric(mc) 11,956 1.17.1
Autocomplete Command Blacklist Autocomplete command blacklist for Fabric servers 0 1.17
Auto Config API (Fabric) Annotation based API for mod configs, with Cloth Config GUI integration. 5,857 1.14.4
Auto Config Updated API Auto Config but updated. 876,333 1.17.1
AutoFarmer automate harvesting and planting 2,768 1.14.2
Autofish Automatically reels in and recasts your fishing rod when you catch a fish. 220,743 1.17
AutoHarvest Automatically harvest and re-plant crops 9,640 1.17.1
AutoJson Small library that will load external textures and auto generate item, block and sound json files 319 1.14.4
Automated Crafting Adds a single block that crafts automatically. Has configs to make it more/less complex. 67,071 1.17.1
Automatic Path Creates path where you walk. 3,647 1.17
Automotons Adds smol robots that can do stuff. 720 1.16.4
Autopilot - Fabric Autopilot is a client-side mod that can fly the elytra for you 137 1.16.5
AutoReconnect This mod will automatically try to reconnect you back to a server if you got disconnected. By default, it will make 4 attempts after 3, 10, 30 and 60 seconds. 9,840 1.17.1
Auto-Run Hands-free walking and sprinting 9,536 1.17.1
AutoSmelt FABRIC Don't worry about furnaces for minerals, ever. 14 1.16.5
AutoSwap Automatically swap stacks in the hotbar when they run out. 2,296 1.14.4
AutoSwitch [Fabric] Automatic switching of tools when you perform an action. 48,033 1.17.1
Auto Third Person Automatically put yourself in third-person mode when you perform certain actions. Clientside only! Configurable! 13,238 1.17
Auto Torch (AutoTorch) A super lightweight fabric client mod to automatically place torches and light up blocks 3,317 1.17.1
Axes Are Weapons Disables the increased durability loss in combat and enables Looting for axes 10,084 1.17.1
Azuma Azuma is a magical mod designed by Team Super People. 5,295 1.15.2
AzureDooms Angel Ring [Fabric] Adds an Angel Ring based on the Extra Utilities 2 Angel Ring and DenisMasterHerobrine's Angel Ring for Fabric. 3,664 1.17.1
AzureDooms Jar Jar [Fabric] Adds in Jar Jar Binks to Minecraft with Fabric API! 1,394 1.16.5
B0N's Space Race Mod Mod for your space racing needs 567 1.15.2
BackpackMod Backpacks for Minecraft 1.16+ (Fabric) 18,663 1.17.1
BackSlot Keep your weapon always ready 150,907 1.17.1
BackSlotAddon Addon for BackSlot mod which enables double sword 4,066 1.17.1
Backstep A fabric mod that adds pigstep to minecraft 1.15.2 78 1.15.2
Bacterium Bacteria to eat and reform your world. 4,801 1.16.4
Bad Anvil A mod that add a stone anvil that is bad 1,690 1.15-Snapshot
Bagels Baking Fabric Mod that adds 50+ Food items 805 1.17.1
Bag of Feathers Create a dense cloud of feathers as a temporary building surface, or just have a pillow fight. 1,159 1.16.3
Bamboo Block [FABRIC] Adds a bamboo building/compaction/fuel block, nothing else. 517 1.15.2
Bamboo Everything (Fabric) Adds items/blocks made of bamboo 9,800 1.16.5
Bamboo Expanded Adds a new bamboo wood variant! 632 1.16.1
Bamboo Fences [FABRIC] Adds bamboo fences, and gates. 110 1.15.2
Bamboo Ladders (Fabric) Adds ladders made from bamboo 2,977 1.14.3
Bamboo Spikes [FABRIC] Adds Bamboo Spikes to the game, nothing else. 553 1.15.2
Bamboo Tweaks: Fabric More bamboo blocks, because bamboo is cool! 560,095 1.16.5
Banned Origins Banned Origins 3,121 1.16.5
Banner Capes Wear a banner as a cape 13,261 1.16.1
BannerElytra Display banners on your elytra! 16,716 1.14.4
Basic AIOTs Adds AIOTs - All in One Tools - into the game. 7,602 1.17
Basic Anti X-ray (Fabric) Stops players from X-raying! 2,926 1.16.4
Basic Nether Ores [Forge/Fabric] Spawns Vanilla and Modded Ores in the Nether 1,027,735 1.17
BattleMod: Fabric [Discontinued] A server-side loot-focused battle-royal-esque combat mod! 116 1.15.2
BCLib A library mod for BetterX mods 515 1.17.1
Beach Slimes (Fabric) Bouncy prey for sticky piston lovers. 28,087 1.16.1
Beacon apples Lets you make an apple that will give you the effect of the beacons 278 1.14.4
BeaconFlight Beacons can now allow survival flight! 4,352 1.14.4
Beacon Overhaul Introduces a tier system and better effect scaling for beacons 43,463 1.17.1
Beacons For All (Fabric) Allows beacons to affect more than just players, such as animals or mobs. 942 1.17.1
BedrockBlocks Disable certain blocks from being broken. 40 1.16.3
[FABRIC] Bedrock Breaker Adds an item which can break bedrock! 625 1.16.5
BedrockBreakHelper Let's break more bedrocks! 609 1.14.4
Bedrock Breaking A Fabric mod for Minecraft that allows you to break bedrock, and optionally adds a bedrock pickaxe. Very configurable! 374 1.16.4
Bedrock Destroyer Removes bedrock from players 41 1.17
BedrockIfy - Bedrock Features on Java! A mod that implements useful Minecraft Bedrock Edition features into Minecraft Java Edition 10,987 1.17
BedrockWaters Ports over various biome water colors from Bedrock Edition! 8,447 1.16.4
Bedspreads (Fabric) Allows players to add banner patterns to their beds! 560,813 1.17
Bed Stability [Fabric] Defusing beds 4 1.16.4
Bee Angry-est Tweaks to (angry) bees. 13,971 1.16.5
Bee Better Adds new features and tweaks related to bees. 36,847 1.16.4
Bee Buddies Tameable bees and pride bees! 3 1.17.1
Bee Fixed [Temporarily Abandoned] a mod to fix buggy Bee AI and movement 264 1.16.1
BeehiveTooltips Shows how many bees are in a beehive! 327 1.17
Bee-in-a-Jar: Fabric [Discontinued] A bee. A jar. A bee in a jar. 8,705 1.15-Snapshot
Beem 🐝 A mod that displays light beams to help finding bee nests. 2,306 1.17
Beenfo Bee info - how many bees and how much honey is in a nest/hive? 164,128 1.17.1
Bee Productive More bee fucntionality for Fabric and Minecraft 1.15 13,897 1.15.2
Bee Resourceful An addon for Bee Productive with mod support 6,814 1.15.1
Beholder's Bookshelves Adds more bookshelves. 6,807 1.16.5
Beholder's Variations Fabric Adds variations of vanilla blocks 14,203 1.16.5
Belly Button (Fabric) Have you ever wanted to steal a villager's belly button? 169 1.16.5
benfah's Timber Mod Chop down trees with just one hit! 4,477 1.16-Snapshot
Bennite Adds the divine Bennite resource to the game 12 1.15.2
BerdinskiyBear's Armor HUD Shows your armor items on your HUD in a minimalistic vanilla-like widget 10,993 1.17
Berry's Mod Adds berry-related items to Minecraft. Does not add physics gun made of berries. 2,279 1.15.1
Besmirchment Explore the forbidden parts of Witchcraft with this Bewitchment Addon! 5,714 1.16.5
BetterBamboo Some bamboo additions 2,160 1.14.2
Better Barrels Adds portable barrels 4,152 1.16.5
Better Beacon Configurable and Upgradable beacons 1,299 1.17.1
Better Bedrock Generator [Fabric] Makes the bedrock layer of your world flat 845 1.16.1
Better Beds Changes the renderer of the bed to use json models instead of a block entity renderer! 14,480 1.17.1
Better Beehives [FABRIC] Adds an iron apiary, all vanilla wood beehive variants, a hive analyzer, and nothing else. 10 1.15.2
Better Biome Blend Better Biome Blend is a Client-Side mod that improves the vanilla biome color blending algorithm 640,773 1.17.1
Better Christmas Chests Custom textures for Enderchests and trapped chests and Christmas 5,959 1.17
Better Compass (Fabric) Let's you set where your compass points! 1,447 1.14.4
Better Controls New ways to control sprinting, sneaking, and flying. Reimagining of Better Sprinting built for Fabric and Forge. 94,031 1.17
Better Diamond (Fabric) the mod will improve the diamonds 501 1.16.2
Better Dispensers Adds functionality to dispensers 545 1.16.3
Better Dropped Items Improves the visual design of items dropped on the ground. 445,247 1.17
Better Eating Mod Fixes an annoying eating problem with Minecraft 3,356 1.17.1
Better Enchanted Books (Fabric) Changes the looks of enchanted books and something else. 370,068 1.16.5
BetterEnchants Make your enchantment experience better - Designed for Fabric 1.16 323 1.16.1
BetterEnd This mod adds content to the End (biomes, mobs, blocks, etc.) 1,167,931 1.17.1
Better End Sky Allows for adding a custom sky to the end 2,436 1.16.5
Better F1 Hide only the HUD using F1 1,338 1.16.5
BetterF3 A mod that provides a highly customizable, more human-readable Debug HUD. 585,113 1.17.1
Better Graves Graves that save the layout of your inventory 62,593 1.16.4
Better Hoppers (Hopper+) {FABRIC | FORGE} The ultimate hopper. Can transfer items upwards and has many upgrades. 29,177 1.17.1
Better Impaling Impaling does extra damage to mobs touching water or rain 707 1.16.5
Better Ladders Extends ladders section in minecraft. 313 1.17
Better Local Server More client-sided local server customization. 4,481 1.16.5
Better minecart rotation (Fabric) follows minecart's direction, like boats 4,615 1.17
Better Mod Button Fixes ModMenu's Mod Button's Spot 25,799 1.16.5
Better Mount HUD Improves the ingame HUD while riding a mount 2,014 1.17.1
Better Narrator it's great how a basic accessiblity feature can just break sometimes right? 63 1.16.4
BetterNether Improvements for the Nether (plants, biomes, structures, worldgen) 2,055,691 1.17.1
Better Op Adds arguments to /op and allows for editing op levels/settings with /editop 354 1.16.5
BetterOres This mod will add MORE ores, armor and tools to minecraft. 6,556 1.16.5
Better Pick Block Improvements to the pick block function 66 1.16.5
Better Ping Display [Fabric] Displays ping in milliseconds in the player list in a configurable way 132,501 1.17.1
Better Recipe Book Adds a few quality of life changes to the recipe book. 76 1.16.5
Better Respawn Fabric Allow configuration of respawning 0 1.16.5
Better Safe Bed (Forge/Fabric) Let you able to sleep when the hostile mobs around the bed can't target you. 6,257 1.17.1
Better Signs & Frames Sign Editor & Passthrough for your fabric server 22,086 1.17.1
Better Slabs A Fabric mod for improving slabs. 19,151 1.16.4
BetterSleeping Adds sleep voting, sleep recovery buffs, and no-sleep debuffs. 36,839 1.16.4
BetterSleepPlus A better sleeping plugin for Fabric. 3,713 1.16.5
Better Sodium Video Settings Button Moves the sodium video setting button 73,798 1.17.1
BetterSoundControl Improving sound by allowing custom sound categories! 0 1.16.4
Better Stones Do you hate andesite, diorite, and granite? Well, this fixes everything. 13,290 1.16.2
Better Than Mending A small quality of life tweak to the Mending enchantment 1,424,662 1.17.1
Better Third Person Improves third person camera view. 632,201 1.17
Better Together Don't listen to the fish 1,539 1.14.4
Better Utilities Mod that adds a bunch of stuff that may help you in your game 5,764 1.14.4
Better Wandering Traders A mod that replaces trades currently offered by the Wandering Trader with more useful and interesting trades. 36,765 1.17
Better Weather[Fabric] A mod adding new weather events! 13,761 1.16.4
Better Withered Mobs This mod adds Withered Bones, Withered Bone Meal, Withered Bone Blocks, a Potion of Decay, and a Withering enchantment! Wither Skeletons spawn with swords with the Withering enchantment of a random level (This can be disabled in the config). 43,340 1.17.1
Better World Border Makes the world border look nicer 312 1.17.1
Better World List A mod adding a grid layout for the world list 3,539 1.16.2
Bewitchment Explore the world of the occult - A Witchery spiritual successor. Now on Fabric 125,394 1.17.1
BHops Bunnyhops in minecraft! 305 1.16.5
Big Beacons Allows for enormous superpowered beacons 36,674 1.17.1
Big Buckets: Fabric Edition Want a bigger bucket? Get upgradable buckets that store more fluid. 13,224 1.16.4
Big Extras [Fabric] This is mod adds some extra changes too vanilla Minecraft that were to Big for the Mini Extras Mod! 682 1.17.1
Big Items, duh! A Minecraft Fabric mod to see items in big, duh 1,677 1.17
Biomechanics Meat machines. Chimera abominations in a box! 1,053 1.16
BiomeInfo (Fabric) Shows the current biome, without F3 overlay enabled 3,126 1.17
Biome Locator Adds the Biome Locator, which lets you locate biomes and view relevant information about them! 451,371 1.17.1
Biome Makeover Biome Makeover is a mod that takes vanilla's biomes and gives them a fresh coat of paint. 455,553 1.16.5
Biome Picker A Minecraft Fabric mod that lets you choose the biome you spawn in before creating a new world. 52,401 1.17
Biomes Les Naturels A mod which aims to improve existing biomes and add completely new ones! 6,012 1.16.5
BiomOre A mod that changes ore generation by THICKENING ore veins but also distributing ore based on the biome 594 1.16.4
Bits And Chisels Turn Blocks Into Small Bits With Chisels; Build All The Things 131,031 1.17.1
Black Ether Mod a mod that adds tools and new ore 1,732 1.17
Black Hole A black hole slowly consumes your fabric of reality. Run, Forrest, run! 2,540 1.16.5
Black Powder A stockpile of Forceful Flintlocks! 4,280 1.17.1
Blackstone Tools Adds tools that are crafted with blackstone 9,491 1.17
Bladeborn Origin Yes this is yet another another Techno based origin. 1,095 1.16.5
Blade (Fabric) A GUI library for use by Mixinors projects. 6 1.16.5
Blame (Fabric) Those gosh darn crashlogs not saying which worldgen feature is crashing! 26,944 1.17.1
BLAST 💣 A mod about bombs. 474,323 1.17.1
Blast Processing Gunpowder can be used as furnace fuel 3,846 1.16-Snapshot
Blastproof Netherite [Fabric] Prevents Netherite items from being destroyed by explosions. 1,824 1.17
Blast Rod Adds the new Blast Rod that breaks every movable block is pushed into. 495 1.16.5
Blinking Skin Port Allows you to toggle 2nd skin layers automatically with configurable delay. 2,742 1.16.5
Blip Block Adds a bunch of blocks 153 1.16.3
Blizzard A pure blizzard that covers the world in eternal snow. 219 1.15-Snapshot
BlockBot A Minecraft chat and Discord linking mod 34 1.17
Block Meter A simple mod to measure and count your blocks! 15,813 1.16.3
BlockMeterFabric A mod to measure block distances 16,901 1.17
BlockModNames Prevent players using certain clients from joining your server 8 1.16.4
Block of Charcoal (Fabric) A craftable Block of Charcoal, can be used as a fuel source! 713 1.16.5
Block Physics A block physics system not unlike Enviromine's or the functionality of scaffolding blocks. 100 1.16.5
Block Quantity Scanner Count how many blocks are at each y level 11 1.17
Block Relocation Adds blocks that can move blocks and entities 2 1.16.4
Block Renderer [Forge/Fabric] Renders PNGs of blocks and items on-demand (1.14+) 949 1.16.5
Blockshifter [Fabric] Adds rails that can shift blocks back and forth which can be used to build castle gates 398,686 1.17.1
BlockSmelt A small mod to add new ores and items 223 1.16.4
Blocktastic Adds Random Blocks 200 1.14.2
Blockus A mod that adds blocks! 783,283 1.17.1
Blood in the Water A mod that adds new and possibly deadly aquatic mobs to Minecraft! 355 1.15.2
Blorcart Economy Mod necesario para la economia de blorcart 47 1.12.2
BlueMap A mapping tool that creates 3D models of your Minecraft worlds and displays them in a web viewer 6,967 1.17.1
Blue Shiny Fire Turn fire into soul fire by throwing in a diamond 82 1.16-Snapshot
Blur (Fabric) Adds a blur effect to all GUI backgrounds - now for Fabric! 288,945 1.17.1
BoatFix Fixes small mobs drowning in boats in 1.16.1 587 1.16.1
Boat Item View See your held items when in a moving boat! 141 1.17.1
bobbin's mod This mod adds frogs that you can craft, cook and eat, hamster armour and also decorative cobble wood blocks to the game. 201 1.17.1
Bobby Allows for render distances greater than the server's view-distance setting. 4,092 1.17.1
Bocatas (sandwichs) mod Sandwichs and squids are better! 0 1.15.2
Body Shuffle Your body randomly mutates and you have no idea how to stop it. 377 1.16.5
Bon Appetit. Fabric This mod turns your Minecraft world into cooking field! Sharpen your knives and get ready! 8,865 1.16.5
Bonemeal Packets Bonemeal Packets adds exactly what the name says, Packets that contain bonemeal! 2 1.16.3
BookinIt Adds New Bookshelfs 13 1.16.5
Bookshelving Adds the other 7 Bookshelf variants into Minecraft! 8,770 1.16.5
Boosted Brightness Allows you to set your brightness beyond default levels. 49,928 1.17.1
BootZ Speed Boots 14,389 1.16.5
Borderless Mining Changes Fullscreen to use a borderless window. 34,006 1.16.5
BoredCommands Server and client commands with LuckPerms integration 31 1.16.5
BoredLight An updated fork of VarLight, a mod that allows turning most blocks into light sources 95 1.16.5
Boring Backgrounds A Fabric mod that makes the dirt background customizable! 504,436 1.17
Boring Tweaks A collection of toggleable and configurable tweaks. Client-side and Fabric-only 2,402 1.16.4
Bosses of Mass Destruction WIP mod that adds boss fights to minecraft 54,559 1.17.1
Boss Loot Tables Fixes the Wither loot table & may add more boss loot functionality down the line. 35 1.16
Botania Tweakers This mod provides you with more ways to add or otherwise manipulate Botania recipes. 2,568 1.16.5
BottleFix (Fabric/Forge) Removes the source block when you fill a water bottle. 140 1.15-Snapshot
Bouncy Life (Fabric) This mod gives the player the ability to immerse it as slime. Highly inspired by Tinker's Construct's Slime Sling. 10,265 1.16.5
Bow Infinity Fix Removes need to have an arrow in your inventory to use the Infinity I enchant on your bow. 834,681 1.17.1
Box of Placeholders Adds few more placeholders to compatible mods! 55 1.17.1
Branding Removes Fabric branding from Minecraft and makes it think it's vanilla 197 1.16.3
Brazier (Fabric) Beacon-like multiblock structure to prevent mob spawning 17,848 1.16.5
Breadcrumbs (Fabric) Adds building blocks using bread! 1,548 1.16.5
BreakableDragonEgg This mod prevents dragon egg from teleporting away while breaking. 83 1.15.2
BreakMe Closes minecraft when you die/take damage 301 1.17
Break Progress Adds break progress to WAILA. 17,535 1.17.1
Bridging Metronome Helps you find the right rhythm for bridging 86 1.17
Brighter Increases the maximum brightness configurable in the video settings from 100% to 1000% allowing pitch black areas to appear as if under daylight. 975 1.14.2
Bright Ore A client mod that makes ores light and bright. It can decrease the difficulty of mining in 1.17 caves. 1,785 1.17.1
Broken Name Tags Adds Broken Name Tags that drop when a pet dies. 40,435 1.17
brown sand a mod that transforms soul sand into brown sand 60 1.15.2
Bruh Sound Effect a mod that adds a bruh sound effect 80 1.17.1
Brute Imitation Allows parrots to imitate piglin brutes. 415 1.16-Snapshot
Bssentials - Essentials for Fabric The Essential Mod for Fabric servers 3,401 1.16.5
Bucket Hat Put a bucket on your head. 5,414 1.16.3
Buffer: Fabric [Discontinued] A spiritual continuation of /dev/null, for Fabric! Store, carry, and use thousands of items from the palm of your hands! 4,524 1.15.2
BugBoy's Emerald Tools Adds Emerald tools to minecraft. 673 1.15.2
Builders' blocks A port of the famous Chisel mod on the Fabric loader 1,146 1.16.3
Building Wands Building Wands (Fabric/Forge) 95,120 1.17.1
Builtin Servers A small mod that lets modpack makers set up built-in servers instead of shipping a preconfigured server.dat file. 93,478 1.17-Snapshot
Bulky Shulkies More Bulky Shulker boxes. 8,175 1.16-Snapshot
Bunch o' Trinkets Adds a bunch of trinkets to t he game 68,913 1.16.4
Bundled Items - Fabric Bundle Items Together 1,250 1.16.4
Bundles'O'Unstackables Makes the Bundles better for storing unstackable items. 74 1.16-Snapshot
Bundles Plus Adds bundles to 1.16.4, and bundle behavior to shulker boxes 14,380 1.16.5
Bundle Unduplicator Prevents item duplication using bundles. 4 1.17-Snapshot
Buzzing Tooltips Displays the amount of bees inside a bee nest and beehive on the tooltip 581 1.15.2
[BYG Addon] Enhanced Trees and Stuff (FORGE/FABRIC) Enhance your vanilla biomes with byg features ! 794 1.16.5
Cactus Leather A simple mod that adds in a more sustainable alternative to standard leather 420 1.16.4
Cadentis Increase or decrease Minecraft's Brightness to your heart's content! 0 1.17
Caelus API (Fabric) An API to provide developers access to elytra flight mechanics through an entity attribute. 40,233 1.17.1
Cake Chomps (Fabric) Adds sound and crumb particles when you eat cake. 27,297 1.17.1
Calxcalibur's Emerald Armour Basically green netherite armour because I got bored. 141 1.16.5
CameraKeybinds Perspective switching keybinds 279 1.16.5
CameraOverhaul Makes gameplay more satisfying through the use of various camera tilting. 26,886 1.17
Cammie's Wearable Backpacks Yet another backpack mod. Except I actually tried to make it be balanced. 8,868 1.16.5
Campanion A camping mod adding all kind of utilities related to the outdoors. 894,096 1.16.5
Campfire Incense Throw your potion ingredient in the fire 7,017 1.16.1
Camp Fires Cook Mobs Mobs on camp fires drop cooked meat 3,428 1.17.1
Campfire Smelting [FABRIC] an alternative to furnaces 342 1.17
Candle Backport (Fabric) Backports candles to 1.16 for Fabric. 2,006 1.16.5
cAn i MiNe thIS bLOCk? this mod is for very smart people who need a mod to know if they can mine a block. 503,479 1.17.1
Canvas Renderer Advanced Rendering Engine for Fabric 70,477 1.17.1
capit_alists' gameplay commands This mod adds commands and datapack tags that may be useful for server datapacks. 39 1.17.1
Caracal Mod This mod adds Caracals to the game! 795 1.17.1
Cardboard - Bukkit/Spigot on Fabric The Bukkit/Spigot/Paper plugin API for Fabric 11,787 1.17.1
Cardinal Components API for data-driven content 835,590 1.17.1
Cardinal Energy An energy api for 1.14 fabric 5,602 1.14.4
Careful Break mined blocks drops go to inventory, instead of being droped in the world making it easier to mine blocks over the void or lava. 196 1.15.2
Carpet Take full control over your vanilla game. 180,227 1.17.1
Carpet Extra Additional features for the carpet mod 41,191 1.17.1
Carpet-Mod without /player A carpet mod version without the /player command. 1,021 1.16.5
Carpet RedCraft Addons RedCraft 3 - Minecraft Fabric Mod 99 1.17
Carpet TIS Addition A carpet mod extension with more features 24,941 1.18-Snapshot
Carpet Weird Addons fabric-carpet extension mod which adds a bunch of interesting but weird new features. 8 1.16.5
Carrier Allows you to carry chests, entities, spawners and barrels without breaking them! 564,544 1.17.1
carrots 🥕 multicolor carrot bundles to feed your friends & roasted carrots with special effects! 3,273 1.14.3
Cart Boosts Brings back minecart boosting from earlier beta versions of Minecraft. 254 1.17.1
CartLoaders Allows minecarts to load chunks they move into 1,143 1.17
Carved Melons if carved pumpkins are so good how come there's no carved melons? 3,012 1.17
Carve My Pumpkin Carve any face on a pumpkin! 6,624 1.17
CastleBlocks Adds custom bricks that only the builder can easily break. 11 1.16.5
Castle Dungeons [Forge & Fabric] Procedurally generated castles 102,838 1.17
Catch Me If You Can! (CMIYC) [FABRIC 1.15] catch your friends and throw your enemies! 2,374 1.16.1
Cauldron Brewing Toss the brewing stand out the window! Also put lava, milk, and potions in a cauldron! 2,741 1.14.4
Cauldron Concrete Allows you to wet concrete powder in a cauldron! 38 1.17
Cauldron Overhaul Allows for cauldrons to store any fluid, and in any arbitrary ammount 3,463 1.16-Snapshot
Cauldron Riptide Use a trident with the enchantment Riptide, inside a water-filled cauldron 828 1.17
Cauldrons Adds more stuff you can do with cauldrons 186 1.17
Cave Biomes Makes cave exploration more fun by adding over 25 new cave biomes! 908,534 1.17
Caves And Cliffs Additions Adds new cave biomes to minecraft 1.17 192 1.17.1
Caves, Cliffs, & Better Copper Adds more uses for vanilla copper in the game 156 1.17
Caves & Cliffs: Sculk Adds Sculk Sensors and more from the upcoming 1.17 update. 1,111 1.16.3
Cave Update (Fabric) Aims to overhaul caves in the overworld. 320 1.16.1
CC: Restitched Updated Fork of Zundrel's CC: Restitched 117,734 1.16.5
CC:T for Fabric A fork of CC: Tweaked ported for the latest Fabric 2,220 1.14.4
CC: Tweaked for Fabric (Discontinued) A port of CC: Tweaked to Fabric. 366,084 1.16.5
Celib (FABRIC) Library for CebbyS mods 21,620 1.17.1
Centered inventory Prevents the recipe book from moving the inventory. 328 1.17
Cereal A delicious NBT serialization library! 454 1.14-Snapshot
Chainmail Recipe (FABRIC) A very small mod that adds a recipe for Chainmail recipe using chains. 18 1.16.5
Chains-Link Mod that adds unique piston behavior to chain blocks, and fixes some other things. 40,122 1.16.5
Chain Suspension Allows suspending gravity-affected blocks from chains. 687 1.17.1
Chaos Mod A mod that adds two new materials to Minecraft. 186 1.16.1
Chat+ Link items and color your chat messages 8,506 1.17.1
Chat Bomb This mod is the bomb! DID SOMEBODY SAY BOMB? 1,384 1.14-Snapshot
Chat Bubbles mmorpg style chat bubbles, shows what players say above their heads 437,004 1.15.2
ChatCalc (Fabric and Forge) Clientside mod that turns your chat into a calculator 2,297 1.16.1
ChatEmotes Spice up your chat with client-side chat emotes 2,434 1.16.1
Chat Heads See who are you chatting with! Now for Forge too! 325,830 1.16.5
Chat History Sends the chat history to players when joining 239 1.16.3
Chat Sound Plays a sound when you get a message. Plays another sound when someone says your name. 2,391 1.16.5
Chat Sounds Plays a sound whenever a chat message is received. 54 1.16.5
Chatter Take control of your server's chat 535 1.16.5
Chat Timestamps Shows timestamps in chat 737 1.14
Chat Up! Raises in game chat by 10 pixels to improve visibility of armour hunches 4,029 1.17
[Fabric] ChatUtils Simple client-side mod that adds useful features as chat commands, such as a calculator. 219 1.16.5
Cheap Blocks Cheap versions of expensive blocks for building with. 74 1.16.4
Cheatless Don't allow players to enable cheats by opening to LAN when cheats are disabled in the world 300 1.17.1
Cheems Mod Adds Cheems to Minecraft 605 1.16-Snapshot
chemc A Chemical mod for fabric. 0 1.17
Cherished Worlds (Fabric) Favorite/pin/bookmark certain worlds, which will always be at the top of the list and cannot be deleted. 555,640 1.17.1
Cherry A Minecraft utility mod for Fabric-based versions. 32 1.16.3
Chest Building Blocks Lets chests connect to one another, build any shape and size of chest necessary! 4,619 1.17
Chest Cavity Perfectly safe* internal storage 96,130 Unknown
Chest Cavity: Special Organs Adds unique organs to Chest Cavity 2,917 1.16.3
Chest Latch Fixer Fixes the latch on chests to prevent intersection 7,128 1.16.4
ChestLogger Logs chests and storagecapable entities 9 1.17.1
ChestShop (for Fabric) A port of the Bukkit plugin ChestShop for Fabric. 827 1.16.3
Chest Tracker Remember where you've put items. 8,634 1.17.1
Chicken Feathers Chickens will occasionally shed feathers. 4,733 1.15.2
Chicken Nerf Prevents random chicken egg laying. Instead, breeding chickens produces eggs. 9,910 1.17.1
Chillager Adds chillagers to snowy hills and mountains. 156,948 1.16.5
Chime (Fabric) More options for creating dynamic item models 1,474 1.16.5
[Fabric] Chisel Decor This mod is a Fabric version of the Chisel mod that adds support for custom block packs! 13,346 1.16.5
Chorus Links Chorus Links is a vanilla friendly teleportation mod using Chorus Fruits! 907 1.16.5
Christmas Spirit: Rewoven Spread Christmas cheer in this mod full of holiday decor! NOW IN FABRIC! 637 1.16.5
Chromatic Blocks Adds new blocks that can be dyed to almost any hue 3,208 1.16.5
Chunk Activator (Fabric) Keep chunks loaded even when you're away 15,077 1.16.1
ChunkBorders Visualize chunk borders, locate chunk centers, and more. 38,988 1.16.5
ChunkErrors Adds Chunk errors to your world 95 1.16.4
Chunk In A Globe Have a Chunk that you can enter in your own globe. 172,128 1.16.5
Chunky Pregenerator (Fabric) Pre-generates chunks, quickly, efficiently, and safely 3,840 1.17.1
Cinderscapes A biome mod expanding the life of The Nether 761,837 1.16.5
CKFarm A simple farming mod for a school project. 131 1.16.5
ClaimChunk Chunk claim system for Fabric 857 1.14.1
Classical Art - Fabric A mod that adds in classical art! 1,036 1.16.5
Classic Beaches [Fabric] Alpha/Beta beaches in modern Minecraft. 915 1.17.1
ClassiCombat Classic Combat for fabric 1.14+ Should work in all versions past 1.9 1,136 1.16-Snapshot
Classy Creepers (Fabric) A mod that makes every creeper much more classy. 570 1.16-Snapshot
Clay Bucket Adds a clay bucket for early game. 2,248,811 1.15.2
Clay Recipe Adds a way to create clay 133 1.17.1
CleanCut Successor of SwingThroughGrass - Attack enemies through obstructions! FORGE & FABRIC! 3,387,231 1.17.1
CleanView (Fabric) CleanView is a minecraft client mod that removes potion particles from your viewpoint 90,964 1.17.1
Clear Despawn (Fabric) Port of ClearDespawn forge to fabric 31,165 1.17.1
Clear Hitboxes Makes the F3+b hitboxes clear for PVP or general gameplay. 244 1.16.4
Clear Skies Horizon and fog match the sky color 160,799 1.17.1
ClearView Removes fog 4,643 1.16.1
ClickThrough Click chests/containers through signs and item frames 5,845 1.17.1
Client Coordinates Master A simple mod that lets you see your coordinates on your actionbar. 10 1.17
Client Side Noteblocks Removes the lag that you get when playing noteblocks 466 1.17.1
Client Weather Time Changer Allows you to change the client side weather and time 14 1.16.5
Climatic World Type Fabric mod which places biomes based on climatic features, compatible with Terrestria! 17,258 1.15-Snapshot
Climb Ladders Fast Climb ladders faster 2,935 1.16.5
Clipboards Immersive note taking and to-do lists! 12,271 1.16.4
Clippy's Tippies ®: Fabric [Discontinued] Tips in loading screens, © Clippy 1998. 9,796 1.16.1
Clojure Lib Shades Clojure for use by mods. 1,993 1.16.2
Cloth API (Fabric) Generalized API for Fabric 1.14 788,995 1.17.1
Cloth Config API (Fabric) Config Screen API for Fabric 1.14 1,314,955 1.17.1
Clothesline (Fabric) A seamless laundry experience that is definitely not an item transport mod for Fabric 7,698 1.16.3
Cloudy Enderain adds a origin addon 20 1.17
Coal Nugget Adds a single-operation fuel crafted with coal or charcoal. 7,482 1.16.1
Cobblefish Mod Adds a boring new fish and some items. 78 1.16.5
Cobblestone Crafting Table Adds a cobblestone crafting table! Requires Fabric loader and Fabric API. 110 1.16.3
Colonies Fabric equivalent to the popular factions plugin! 65,394 1.16.5
Coloration Mod Adds 107 different solid colored blocks to the game! 1,167 1.16.4
ColorBricks Dyeable bricks, with slabs, stairs and walls. 26,103 1.17.1
Colored Crafting Stations Crafting Stations that store items in 16 colors. 1,229 1.16.5
Colored Flames A fabric mod that adds colorful and decorative flames 7,737 1.16-Snapshot
Colored Slime Blocks Make colored slime blocks that don't stick to other slime blocks! 3,801 1.17.1
Colored Tooltips (Fabric) Allows you to change the color of your tooltips to match your style. 501 1.16.5
Colorful Campfire Smoke Colorful Campfire Smoke 18,894 1.17
Colorful Columns Adds column variants of concrete and terracotta. 9,679 1.16.5
Colorful Cut Adds slab, stair, and wall variants of concrete and terracotta. 584 1.16.5
Colorful Masonry Bricks in all colors (Fabric) 1,386 1.16.5
Colormatic Now you can customize Minecraft's hardcoded colors with a resource pack. 45,074 1.16.5
Color Me Outlines Configurable block highlight. 532 1.17
Color Unchained Color Unchained is a simple mod which allows you to use Minecraft color formatting in different text areas around the game. 2,818 1.16.5
ColouredBundles Adds Colored Bundles into 1.17 99 1.17
Columns Adds columns to Minecraft. 9,065 1.16.5
ColWater Adds colored water and glowing colored water to vanilla Minecraft! 824 1.17.1
Colytra (Fabric) Allows attachment of elytras to chestplates. 44,897 1.17.1
CombatEdit 1.8-combat style mod for modern versions 3,666 1.17
Comforts (Fabric) Adds sleeping bags and hammocks for, respectively, portability and turning day to night, without setting new spawns. Comes in 16 different colors! 49,471 1.17.1
Command Alias Creator Allows for the creation of shorted commands 0 1.16.5
Command Aliases (Fabric) Alternate short commands for complex commands (with tab completion) 683 1.17
Command Block IDE Replaces the command block GUI to allow editing multiple command blocks at once. 134 1.17.1
Command Blocks Survival Allows editing of command blocks in survival mode. 244 1.16.5
Command Creative Tab Adds a creative tab for all the command given items 1,075 1.17
Command GUI Buttons Create GUI buttons in-game to execute commands. 753 1.17.1
Command Logger Logs commands you've semt in chat to a file 116 1.15.2
Command Macros Create keybinds for commands! 47,410 1.17
CommandSpy Serverside mod that logs commands from players or cmd blocks to console. 813 1.17.1
Compact Portals Compact Portals For Dimensions 116 1.15.2
Compact Status Effects Reduced space consumption of status effects 148,495 1.17.1
Compact TNT Minecraft fabric modification on compact dynamite! TNT! 3,520 1.17.1
Companion bats Meet your new best friend, a companion bat! 22,449 1.17.1
Compass Manhunt Fabric Server sided mod that works in all dimensions 371 1.17.1
Compass Ribbon Simple compass HUD 562 1.17.1
Complete Bone Meal Make Bone Meal applicable to all growables! 3,837 1.17.1
CompleteConfig Configuration library for Fabric mods 1,638 1.17.1
Composable Automation (Fabric) Expand vanilla's capacity for automation without god blocks. 9,646 1.15.2
Composing An all-new way to improve your tools! 9,537 1.16.4
Compostable Rotten Flesh (Fabric) Allows you to compost rotten flesh 3,249 1.17.1
Compost Recipes Adds recipe support for the composter. 6,686 1.15.2
Compressed Blocks for Fabric Adds compressed blocks to minecraft 518,761 1.16.5
Compressed coal (Fabric) (: 390 1.15
Compressium - Fabric Compressed Blocks. 446 1.14.4
Concrete Plus[Fabric] Adds new blocks based on the Concrete block. 4,131 1.17.1
Confabricate Configurate + Minecraft TypeSerializers for Fabric 161 1.16.5
Configurable Spawners Configure the activation range of your mob spawners 27 1.16.5
Configured Keep Inventory A serverside mod that adds more functionality to your inventory 684 1.16.4
Conjuring [Fabric/Forge] A better version of the Vanilla Mob Spawner 86,670 1.17.1
Connected Block Textures Support for MCPatcher/Optifine-format connected textures with Fabric. 25,381 1.16.1
ConnectedTexturesMod for Fabric An unofficial Fabric port of the original ConnectedTexturesMod. 33,883 1.17.1
Connectible Chains Connect your fences with a decorative chain! 9,085 1.17.1
Consistency+ Adds more block types to make blocks consistent! 29,961 1.17.1
ConsistentObsidianSlab Literally just the Consistency+ Obbsidian Slab 464 1.17
Console Experience (Fabric) Bringing awesome features from Legacy Console Edition to Java. 3,547 1.14.4
Content Creator Integration Do practically anything you want when a stream event happens. Subs/cheers/tips/hosts/etc. Anything. 465,867 1.17.1
Context-Specific Immunity Disables lava and cactus damage immunity on join 9 1.17.1
Continue Button Continue the last world you played from the main screen 9,818 1.17
Controlling for Fabric Adds a search bar to the Key-Bindings menu 756,454 1.17
conveniently placed armor slots Adds armor slots to any container for easy access. 5,474 1.17.1
Convenient mobGriefing Gives more control over the mobGriefing game rule by splitting it into four 99,983 1.17
Convenient Things (retired) A little fabric mod that adds funny or simply convenient things. 9,366 1.16.4
Conveyance A mod that adds three tiers of conveyors and various sorting machines. 20,736 1.16-Snapshot
Cookie Core (Fabric) A modding library to make things easier! 732 1.16.5
CookiesPlus (Fabric) Cookies for Fabric 875 1.14.4
Coordinate Mod A simple client-side mod that helps you remember specific coordinates, and helps you find the corresponding coordinates in other dimensions. 4,210 1.16.5
Corail Woodcutter Companion for Fabric Corail Woodcutter Companion for Fabric 3,600 1.16-Snapshot
Cornflower Team Cornflower's submission to ModFest 1.15 5,142 1.15.2
Corntopia Adds corn and corn related features 699 1.16.4
Cosmetic Armor [FABRIC] Adds four cosmetic armor slots which provide visuals but not stats. 83,857 1.17.1
Cosmetic Armor Slots Adds cosmetic armor slots. Get fashionable! 8,270 1.14.4
Cotton Common materials for making Fabric mods 123,009 1.16.5
Cotton Client Commands API for client-side commands 2,577 1.16-Snapshot
Cotton Resources Cotton Resources adds default, configurable ores to the world for mods to use. 18,628 1.16.4
Cotton Scripting API JSR-223 compliant scripting in Minecraft 1.14 202 1.14.1
Cotton Scripting: Python 2.7 Python 2.7 language support for Cotton Scripting 437 1.14.1
Couplings Coupled usage of doors, fence gates, and trapdoors 42,487 1.17.1
Craft 6 stairs not 4 You get same amount of stairs from crafting like from stonecutter 88 1.16.5
Craftable Command Blocks Fabric Adds a crafting recipe for command blocks and makes them usable in survival 56 1.15.2
Craftable Enchanted Golden Apples [FABRIC] A simple mod that adds craftable enchanted golden apples to Minecraft. 2,220 1.16.3
Craftable+ [FABRIC] A Recipe Mod 571 1.16.5
Craftable Horse Items (Fabric) Craft saddles and horse armors. 3,069 1.15.2
Craft-able nether star Adds a crafting recipe for Nether star 877 1.16.5
Craftable Utilities Create various useful consumable items. 85,570 1.16.2
Craft Better This mod changes and adds few recipes 56 1.16.5
Craft Hacks Adds recipes to the game to make crafting less tedious. 594 1.15.2
CraftingPad (Fabric) Add an item which opens crafting menu 58,269 1.17.1
Crafting Station but it's Fabric It's a crafting station for fabric 1,399 1.16.1
CraftNugget A Fabric Server modding API 92 1.14.2
CraftPresence Completely Customize the way others see you play in Discord! 7,641,549 1.17.1
Craft Takes Time Finally, you realize that crafting is a time-consuming job. No more instant craft! 4,438 1.16.5
Crafty Make your own blocks and items with JSON 1,137 1.14.1
Crafty Crashes Where knowledge meets carelessness 327 1.14-Snapshot
Crafty Cuisine (Fabric) - Vanilla Inspired Food Adds food centered around expanding the vanilla options 4,661 1.16.5
CraftyOres A mod that adds lava tools and armour 5 1.16.5
Crashma What's Crashma, you ask? Crashma game LOL 396 1.17.1
Crawl (Fabric) Allows you to crawl 89,878 1.17.1
Crazy Creepers Kaboom! Vanilla creepers get boring after a while 7,348 1.17.1
Creative Command Items Adds a menu to the creative inventory screen with items normally obtainable only with commands. 0 1.17
Creative Keybind Quick change between Creative and Survival. 788 1.17.1
Creative One-Punch Lets you One-Punch any entity in creative mode 1,031 1.17.1
Creeper AI Updated Gives creepers the abitlity of see trough walls, spawn powered and explode if they cant reach you, destroying obstacles and walls. 6,925 1.17.1
Creeper Confetti (Fabric port) Replaces the Creeper explosion with a much nicer one. 468 1.16.3
Creeper Habitats Makes creepers blend in with the plant-life of the biome they spawned in. 2,878 1.14.4
Creepers Burn Creepers burn in daylight too! 657 1.16.5
Creeper Spores (For Fabric) Griefless creepers with a few tricks 209,841 1.17
Crimson Adds a dangerous new biome with a system of magic device crafting from infused gems linked to it 2,632 1.15.2
Crimson Moon Every so often... a Crimson Moon appears, accompanied by the howls of mobs across the lands. 234,627 1.16.5
Critical Flight Details A Minecraft Mod that enhances the Game's HUD with details for Elytra Flying: 1,532 1.16.1
Critical Orientation Minecraft Fabric mod which helps to place ice boats by snapping orientation to cardinal directions 189 1.16.1
Crochet Entity Data & Networking tools for Fabric mods 4,265 1.14.4
Crooked Crooks Adds crooks for all the vanilla materials. They multiply drops from leaves and grasses and they pull mobs! 407,820 1.16.4
[FABRIC] Crop Cows Adds a new type of cow that you can grow crops on! 987 1.16.4
Croptopia [FABRIC/FORGE] Adds crops and foods to your world! 1,074,082 1.17.1
Croptosis Speed up your farm. 235,581 1.17
crossbinding keybind conflicts? pffffft 182 1.16.5
CrossStitch A mod designed to improve compatibility with server mods and Minecraft proxies 273 1.17
Crowmap Make maps update anywhere in your inventory. 16,962 1.17
Crumbs (Fabric) Building mod which adds various blocks tuned to fit with vanilla minecraft. 13,706 1.16.5
Crusade Crusade is a Minecraft mod that adds many new medieval themed weapons and gear. It adds a 𝐟𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐟𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐭 that can throw any Minecraft block, even modded blocks, and new lance weapons that work on all ridable entities. 531,685 1.17
Crushing Hammers Crush blocks into their original components 1,285 1.16.4
Crystalline Novelties A mod based around crystal magic and ancient healing! 515 1.14.4
Crystal Modifiers (Fabric) Harness the power of new naturally spawning crystals to apply potion effects to you and your enemies in a more strategy-oriented, quick, and reliable method. 130 1.15.2
CSS Potted Plant Adds the potted plant from Counter Strike: Source to Minecraft. 131 1.16.4
Ctrl Q This mod forces CTRL Q to be used to drop a stack of item 110 1.17.1
Cubi Fortunarum Lucky Blocks for Fabric! 26,576 1.17
Culinaire An expansion onto the existing foodstuffs in Minecraft with intricate, well-made additions. 78,206 1.17.1
Cull Leaves Adds culling to leaf blocks, providing a huge performance boost over vanilla. 48,818 1.17.1
Cull Particles Fabric don't render unseen particles, fabric edition 16,928 1.16.5
Cultivation (Fabric) A farming mod for alternate minecraft progression. 1,185 1.16.3
Curios API (Fabric) A flexible and expandable accessory/equipment API for users and developers. 344,772 1.16.5
Curious Armor Stands (Fabric) Allows armor stands to wear curios 373 1.16.1
Cursed Earth Fabric grass that rapidly spawns mobs and dies in sunlight 9,874 1.16.1
Cursed Enchanting Get better enchants... at a price 648 1.16.2
CursedOrigins Origins Addon with not so serious additions 24,537 1.16.5
Cursed Table Makes EVERY enchantment available on an enchanting table 236 1.16.4
CurseMods A one click installer for any CurseForge mod. It automatically manages installing a mod and any of its dependencies, as well as checking for game version & mod loader compatibility. 4,786 1.16.5
Curse of Immutability A small mod for mapmaking. 6 1.16.5
Curse of The Gambler Gamble your drops! 430 1.16.2
Curses! A mod that adds some new, annoying curses to Minecraft. 2,959 1.17
[Fabric] Curse Silence Removes curse information from tooltips 353 1.16.4
Custom Background Color Change Background gradient color and transparency 156 1.17
Custom Blocks Mod Make your own custom blocks in game! 156 1.17.1
Custom Cartesians View and Customise Critical Ingame Information! 11 1.17.1
Custom Crosshair Mod A dynamic and customisable crosshair. 317,045 1.17.1
Custom Fog A mod giving you more control over fog! 31,675 1.17.1
Custom FoV (Fabric) Allows disabling or customizing field of view changes from sprinting, potions, archery, or underwater. 2,508 1.17
CustomGamerules API An API for custom gamerules in mc 1.14 227 1.14-Snapshot
CustomHud A highly customizable variable-based text hud 2,633 1.17
Custom Item Range Combination Allows for the changing of how far item entities combine in Minecraft. 154 1.16.5
Customizable Elytra (Fabric) Makes elytra dyeable like leather armor and allows you to place banners on them like shields! 7,981 1.17
Customizable Player Models (Fabric) Customize your minecraft avatar! 7,855 1.17.1
CustomJoinMessagesFabric A simple plugin that allows you to customize broadcasted server messages. 0 1.16.2
Custom Log Stripping (FABRIC) Infinite log stripping combinations 47 1.16.5
Custom Nausea (Fabric) (Discontinued) Allows disabling, replacing, or modifying the strength of the Nausea effect. 179 1.16.1
Custom Piglin Bartering Allows datapacks to map barter items to loot tables 2,576 1.17.1
Custom Player Model (CPM) Customize your player model in Minecraft using JSON. 22,973 1.14.4
Custom Portals Build your own portals to anywhere! 15,235 1.17.1
Customposter Let's players define what can be composted. 172 1.14.3
Custom Records Lets you add custom records to Minecraft 19,998 1.14.4
Custom Selection Box Customize the selection box you normally have on Minecraft. 40,659 1.16.5
CustomSkinLoader A Custom Skin Loader for Minecraft 332,557 1.17.1
Custom Skins Add some flair to your player 234 1.15.2
Custom Spawns [Fabric] Configurable mob spawn caps and persistence. 3,106 1.17.1
Custom Splash Screen Change minecraft's loading screen to your liking! Completely configurable! 5,420 1.17.1
Custom Stars [Fabric] Configurable star size, count, and color 39,676 1.17.1
CustomTitleScreen Create a custom title screen for your minecraft instance 10,473 1.16.2
Custom Void [Fabric] Configurable void 1,149 1.17.1
Custom Window Title Client-side mod to change window title (including special tokens) and window icon. Supports Forge & Fabric. 784,547 1.16.4
CutScene API Tools to help developers add CutScenes to their mods 934 1.14.4
Cyber Permissions Permissions Mod for Fabric 4,792 1.17
d3rpym00's Block Compression A Fabric Mod that compresses blocks that take up a lot of storage space. 1,537 1.17.1
Dadobug1111's Biomes A collection of biomes to enhance your world 1,766 1.17.1
Daemonic Small origins add-on 146,810 1.16.5
Daggers A mod that adds daggers to minecraft 641 1.16.3
Damage Overhaul A mod that overhauls damage and armor calculations. 200 1.16.5
Damage Threshold (DT) Damage Threshold (DT) is an alternative way of reducing damage. 4,345 1.16.5
Damage Tilt Tilts camera in the direction of damage. Restored 1.2.5 feature. 552,589 1.17
Damage Tint Adds a red tint when the player takes damage 17,136 1.17.1
Damaging Cactus Server Mod Mod for cactus diversity! [SERVER] 86 1.16.5
Dance of Growth Dance to grow nearby Trees and Crops! 0 1.16.2
Dangerous Stone Cutter [Fabric] Take damage with stone cutters 0 Unknown
Dank Storage Fabric utility block 651,686 1.17.1
Dark Dungeons (Fabric) Underground dungeons with a twist! An entry for FallFest 2020 118,859 1.16.3
Dark Elevators Adds a simple elevator block to the game. 6,412 1.14-Snapshot
Dark Enchanting Select your own enchantments at the cost of more XP! 52,394 1.17.1
Dark Loading Screen Makes the loading screen darker 230,599 1.17.1
Dark Rites (Bewitchment Addon) A Bewitchment and Requiem integrations addon 3,771 1.16.5
Dark Utilities (Fabric) Adds random blocks that are sometimes useful. 4,721 1.14-Snapshot
DashLoader Launch at the speed at light. 18,509 1.17.1
Data Loader (Fabric) Load global data packs that apply to all worlds. 44,807 1.16.1
Datapack Easy Copy datapacks from a global folder to worlds 1,189 1.16-Snapshot
Datapack Portals Create custom portals using CustomPortalApi with datapacks 1,697 1.17
DatChat Discord chat integration for Fabric servers 0 1.14.3
Dawn API API that facilitates the creation of features. 529,126 1.17.1
Day Dream This mod allows you to sleep during the day to make it night. 1,505 1.17.1
Daylight Mobs Mobs don't burn in daylight! 1,504 1.16.1
Daylight Mobs Reborn Stops mobs from burning in the daylight (This can be disabled in the config) and allows hostile mobs to spawn during the day (This is disabled by default and can be enabled in the config). 1,012 1.17.1
Dazzle 2 Redstone lamps 👀 2,597 1.17
DeadlyDaggers Vanilla-style daggers for Fabric. 33 1.16.5
Dead Totems Start actually using your totems. 1,500 1.16.3
Death Bags for Fabric An alternate way of getting back your stuff, for Fabric Loader. 620 1.14.3
Death Controls Take control of death and customize the logic behind what happens during death. 133 1.17
Death Location Reborn This mod tells you where you died! 0 1.17
DeathLog Keeps track of the many embarrassing times you died 0 1.17.1
DeathMaps when you die, gives you a map with your death location on it 44,268 1.14.2
Death's Wish [Fabric] A package with items to like.. yea.. help you demise! 9,490 1.16.5
Deborder Makes the Minecraft window borderless. 357 1.16.5
Debrand Removes the modded notice on the window title and title screen. 32,856 1.16.5
Debug World Fix Adds modded items to debug worlds 5 1.17
Decimal Coins Coins with values 1, 5, 10, 20 & 100 441,779 1.17.1
DecoMax Adds decor items! 175 1.16.5
Decorative Adds many cool new decorations to minecraft 57,110 1.17.1
Deep Dungeons Simple dungeons for Fabric. 34,082 1.16.5
Deep Mob Learning: Refabricated Alternative mob loot acquisition 498,826 1.17.1
DefaultSettings Fabric Keep your game's local settings in case of an update to your modpack 32 1.17.1
Defibrillator A server utility mod for messing with NBT 191 1.17.1
Dehand Removes the hand from the first-person perspective. 319 1.16.5
Dehydration Keep hydrated! 27,505 1.17.1
Delicious Dishes Adds in many cool new dishes with special features. Created for ModFest 1.16. 72,439 1.16.5
DeltaLogger A block and entity logging tool for the fabric mod loader 928 1.16.5
Demesne for Fabric A location based magic mod. 1,524 1.14.4
Demeter Enhancing the default Minecraft farming experience 11,693 1.16.1
Depoliticize Remove political messages from Vazkii 0 1.16.3
Desire Paths For Fabric Automatic paths where you walk often, just like in real life. 8,360 1.15.2
Desolation (Fabric) Wildfires bring both destruction and renewal. 105,774 1.16.5
DevMode A very simple mod that allows players to use the development mode of Minecraft. 42 1.16.1
Dev World (Fabric) Create a Development world 248 1.16-Snapshot
Dew A simple thirst mod! 1,791 1.17
Diagonal Panes Diagonal glass panes! 119,195 1.17.1
Diamold Adds tools with gold's efficiency and diamond's durability. 2,608 1.16.5
DiamondFire Essentials Quality of life improvements for DiamondFire. 19 1.16.5
Diamond Shards (Fabric) A simple mod that allows diamonds to be broken down into 9 shards and diamond gear to be smelted to shards. Best used for diamond-based economies. 663 1.17.1
Diggus Maximus Lightweight vein mining for Fabric 1.14.4/1.15/1.16/1.17 900,219 1.17.1
Dihydrogen Monoxide Reloaded Improves the way water works in Minecraft! 1,262 1.17
DimensionalDoors Mazes, puzzles and traps. Doors and portals that can teleport you anywhere. Envious, malevolent eyes looking at you from the eldritch Limbo dimension. 6,386,032 1.17-Snapshot
Dimension Extras (Gravity and Sky) for Fabric Mod maker tool to provide gravity and custom sky objects for dimensions. 187 1.16.3
Dimension Fix (Some Forge Patches Ported) Fixes dimensions all being removed when 1 gets removed. 300,920 1.17.1
Dimension Mutability Allow sleeping and weather in custom dimensions 429 1.16.1
Dimension Update Fixer Unyeets the Nether and End when a world is loaded without a dimension or is upgraded between Minecraft versions with dimension mods installed 330 1.16.5
Ding [Fabric] This is an interpretation of the Ding mod from iChun for Fabric 28 1.16.4
Direbats (Fabric/Quilt) Bigger, annoyed bats 10,259 1.16.5
Dirt Slab [FABRIC] Mostly functional half blocks of dirt 440 1.15.2
Dirt to Path Flatten Dirt into Path 5,495 1.15.2
[FABRIC] Disable Custom Worlds Advice Minecraft asking you if you want to load a custom world is annoying. Let's fix it! 685,060 1.17.1
Disable Elytra Flight Disables flight feature of the elytra. 1 1.16.5
Disable Portals A simple mod that allows for the disabling of nether portals and end portals. 223 1.17
Disable Riptide Disables riptide, not allowing trident flight. 0 1.16.5
Disable Villagers Removes villagers and/or villages from the game 64 1.17
Discerning Furnace Only smeltable items are allowed in furnaces. 4,924 1.17.1
Disco Modular music disc loader 0 1.16.4
Discontinuous Beacon Beams Stops a beacon beam from rendering though clear glass in its path. 384 1.17.1
DiscordConnect A mod for a better connection between Discord and a Minecraft server. 49 1.15.2
Discord Fabric Whitelister Whitelist users from discord 277 1.16.4
Disenchanting This mod adds a disenchanting table where you can extract enchantments to books using experience. 5,991 1.14.1
DisFabric A simple but complete Fabric <> Discord chat bridge. 1,407 1.17
DisguiseLib A server-side library that allows disguising entities as other ones.[Forge & Fabric] 2,962 1.17.1
Dispenser Configurator Configure the vanilla Dispenser to work with any item's use (right-click) functionality. 233 1.16.5
Dispenser Flint and Steel Crash Fix Fixes the crash that occurs when a dispenser tries to put fire on the side of an obsidian block 29 1.16.4
Dispenser Portal Fix Fixes a bug where attempting to light a nether portal using a dispenser facing down crashes the game. 15 1.16.4
Displacer [Fabric] Something in-between a vacuum hopper and a hopper duct 416 1.16.4
DMF A simple minecraft to discord link for fabric 6 1.16.5
Doctor Who - Weeping Angels (Fabric) Lite Fabric Version of the Weeping Angels Mod 1,327 1.16.5
Dogeon Mod Add some random features, might be cursed though 0 1.16.4
Doggo Mod Changes the behavior of Minecraft dogs (tamed wolves) to allow them to have more of a personality. 1,351 1.17
Don't Burn My Stuff Apply Fire Protection to every item to protect it from fire and lava 436 1.17
Don't Clear Chat History Don't Clear the Chat History on Disconnect! 2,655 1.16.2
Don't Drop It! Prevents accidental dropping of items via various means. 3,763 1.17.1
DontGrow stop babies from growing 138 1.16.4
DontPushMe Disable selective pushing from players, animals, or mobs 92 1.16.1
Don't Sleep (Forge & Fabric) You really shouldn't sleep, it's a bad idea. you can also just disable sleep, if you so wish 580 1.16.5
Don't Starve Origins This mod adds some origins from Don't Starve into your game 263 1.17.1
Don't stub your toe! Makes you auto-jump while sprinting 850 1.16.5
DoomedFabric Library Mod used and maintained by Messiah_Of_Doom 414 1.16.5
Door Knocker Adds the ability to knock on doors and trapdoors. 2,594 1.16.5
Door(s) Coupling [FABRIC] Couplings for Fabric 1.16 627,259 1.16.5
Doors of Infinity This mod adds small personal dimensions that can be accessed through a magic door! 176,529 1.16.4
Door To Babel [Ancient Technology Mod][FABRIC] An ancient technology mod focusing on motion and other things 159 1.15.2
Doot in the Night One spooky skeleton boi is enjoying his trumpet at midnight 31 1.16.3
Double Jump Mod [Fabric] Adds an enchantment for boots that allows you to jump mid-air. 5,327 1.17.1
Dowsing A Minecraft mod written in Kotlin about dowsing for water, lava, ores, and other stuff. 10 1.15.2
Dracomelette Cookable dragon eggs lol 27,018 1.17.1
DragonLoot Ender Dragon loot 232,666 1.17
DragonMite Summons an Ender Dragon every time an Endermite would be spawned. 134 1.16.5
Drawknife A simple way to quickly strip logs through the crafting table! 0 1.16.5
Draylar's Battle Towers Modern Battle Towers, built for the Fabric Loader. 691,920 1.16.5
Dream RNG Replicates the impossible RNG Dream experienced during his speedruns. 2,188 1.16.4
Drip Adds in stylish Drip shoes. With moderate foot protection. 289 1.16.4
Drip Sounds (Fabric) Fabric mod that adds sounds for drip particles landing 1,562 1.17.1
Drogtor the Nickinator Nickinate the countryside, or something 2,243 1.16.5
Drop Loot Always (Fabric) Make mobs always drop exp and loot, regardless of cause of death. 1,326 1.16.5
DropperDucts (Fabric) makes droppers activate in chains, to work as itemducts 167 1.14.4
Dropper Predictor Predict the next slot a dropper will choose before it is dropped! 10 1.16.4
Drop Spread Control the spread of items dropped on death with a gamerule 948 1.16.4
Dropz Dynamic item drops 34,006 1.16.5
Drunk Fletchin' Table A mod that adds actual functionality to fletching tables. 683 1.16.2
Dual Riders Allows 2 players to ride one horse! (Like boats)! 44,613 1.17.1
DualWielding Dual wield your weapons 4,075 1.17
Ducts This mod add ducts. 3,041 1.17.1
Dulce De Leche A minecraft mod that adds content that tries to follow vanilla balance. 3,018 1.14-Snapshot
Dumpster Efficiently void unwanted items and fluid into black hole. Essentially a trash can. 2,516 1.14.1
Dungeons Mod Lite Dungeons Mod Port to Fabric 56,484 1.16.5
Dungeons of Exile Can you conquer them to claim the loot? 293,049 1.16.5
Durability Banks Powerbanks, but for Minecraft items. 1,040 1.16.2
Durability Speed Mod that makes tool effectiveness scale with durability. 153 1.17.1
Dusty World A slightly more difficult way of obtaining materials. 57 1.16.3
Dwarf Coal (Fabric) This mod add's single use coal forms from coal,charcoal,charcoal blocks, and dwarf torches(small torches with low light) 123,912 1.16.2
Dwarfen Legacy A mod about pickaxes 50 1.16.2
Dyetherite Make Netherite armor dyeable 6,926 1.16.5
DynaGear Gear for everyone and everything! 5,165 1.16.1
Dynamic FPS Improve performance when Minecraft is in the background 994,348 1.17.1
Dynamic Music Adds more dynamic music ques, and more music itself for that! 21,884 1.16.5
Dynamic Music Discs Play any music in Minecraft 2,973 1.16.5
Dynamic Sound Filters Adds sound filters based on current surroundings 274,129 1.16.5
Dynamic Tooling A mod that extends 'nilla tools, adds ability to create new custom ones, as well as a few helpful machines. 162 1.14.4
Dynocaps Travel with the comfort of your own home 106,060 1.17-Snapshot
DynRes Host a resourcepack directly on your server 163 1.17
Dysmixia Forces the Minceraft title screen to show. 126 1.17.1
E404NNF's Emerald Tools [Fabric] Yeah another one 10,908 1.16.3
Earl Gray Entity property/trait API for the Fabric mod loader. 437 1.14-Snapshot
EarlyGame A Fabric mod that focuses on changing early game aspects. 2,212 1.17.1
Early-Game Buckets (Fabric) Adds wooden and ceramic buckets to the game (w/ durability!) 405 1.16.5
Ears Faithful fancy fashion features for fuzzy folk. 1.4 - 1.17 Forge/Fabric/Rift + more. 25,420 1.17
Earth2Java This mod add mobs and items from Minecraft Earth to Minecraft Java Edition. 86,197 1.17.1
EasierChests A Mod to easier move stuff between inventory and chests 25,848 1.17.1
EasierCrafting Crafting stuff is only one mouse click away! This mod knows recipes and tells you what you can craft. 47,180 1.17.1
Easier Enchanting Reroll enchantments 5,895 1.16.3
Easier Gunpowder [FABRIC] Lets you farm gunpowder through charcoal 543 1.17.1
EasierVillagerTrading This is a client side Minecraft mod that allows one-click-trades with villagers. Great if you sell double chests of food to farmers, or sugar cane to librarians. 893,299 1.17.1
EasyAutoCrafting Vanilla client compatible automatic crafting. 2,329 1.17
EasyCoords Simple information bar. 1,445 1.14.4
Easy Emerald Tools & More [FABRIC] Balanced tools of emerald, ruby, obsidian, and steel 59,709 1.17.1
EasyExcavate A lightweight VeinMiner / OreExcavator alternative for Fabric 32,078 1.14.3
Easy feeding Easy feeding and breeding for fabric 1,429 1.17
Easy Lan A tiny mod made for easier LAN hosting 222 1.16.4
Easy Life Easy Life - This is a Minecraft Fabric mod. This mod shows the current coordinates and the direction of the player. This mod also warns the player when health/food/air bubble is decreased and more things will be added based on your suggestions. 261 1.17.1
EasyMOTD Fabric mod for creating randomized server message of the day 136 1.15.2
Easy Netherite [Forge] & [Fabric] Makes the recipe more easy 1,060 1.16.4
Easy Totem Of Undying [Forge] & [Fabric] Adds easy recipe for totem of undying 310 1.16.4
Easy Updates🔨(Fabric) Save your Items Use Smithing Table smithing tools and armors and horse armor to update and add Chainmail Armors recipes (Fabric) 3 1.17
Eat-Book Books are now edible. 545 1.14.4
Economical Villager Trading Villagers restock buy trades when you use up a sell trade, and vice versa. 42,155 1.16.5
Economy for Fabric The Economy API for Fabric 1,790 1.16.5
Ecotones Adds a new world type with over 150 biomes to explore and discover! 358,723 1.17.1
Edible Squid A simple Fabric mod to allow you to farm squid for food. 119 1.15.2
EditSign (Forge&Fabric) Allow you to edit signs 478,976 1.17.1
Effect Enchants adds a ton of enchants that apply potion effects while equipped 2,185 1.16.4
Egg Of Capitalism Get a dragon egg for every "The End." achievement. 40 1.17
Eggs Plus Adds a few recipes for eggs. 1,440 1.14.4
Egg Tab - Fabric Moves all spawn eggs and enchanted books to separate creative tabs 285,223 1.17
Einholzscher Tech Mod The Einholzscher-Tech-Mod is just another Minecraft Tech Mod for Fabric. 186 1.16.2
Eldritch Mobs A mod that makes everyday mobs more dangerous, exciting, and rewarding to fight! 216,497 1.17.1
Elemental Creepers: Refabricated The famous 1.2.5 mod, now on modern Minecraft. 14,787 1.17
El Huevo (Fabric) Adds El Huevo to minecraft! 1,869 1.16.5
Elmod Swag 21 1.16.1
Elytra Auto Flight Controls your elytra flight to gain altitude without using fireworks 1,145 1.16.1
Elytra Boosters The Ultimate Firework Rocket Killer! 5,928 1.17
Elytra/Chestplate Swapper (Fabric) A simple quality of life mod that swaps between chestplate and elytra on a keystroke. 564 1.17
Elytra Hopping A new way to use the Elytra. 3,686 1.16.2
Elytra Protection (Fabric) Fabric mod that allows protection enchantments on elytra 341 1.17
Elytra Recipe Adds a recipe for the Elytra. 3,830 1.16.4
Elytra Swap Swaps chestplate with elytra when falling down and allows for easy takeoff! 11,363 1.16.4
Elytra Trinket (Fabric) Adds curio support to the elytra so you can fly and wear chest armor at the same time. 93,157 1.17
Emerald Geodes Adds emerald geodes as an alternative to emerald ore 809 1.17.1
Emotecraft (Fabric) Emotes in minecraft 28,346 1.17.1
Empty Tag Fix Fixes an issue with loading multiple empty tags in Minecraft 1.16 pre-release 3. 18 1.16-Snapshot
Enchantable Horse Armor makes horse armor enchantable 843 1.16.1
Enchanted Book Redesign Fabric better distinguish enchanted books 1,718 1.17.1
Enchanted ToolTips Enchantment info in tooltips! 43,265 1.17
EnchantGiver Pre-define enchantments to tools 3,380 1.17
Enchanting Changes Makes Minecraft enchanting better for end-game modpacks and for fun! 264 1.17
Enchantment Lore Open enchanted books like written books to read their description and lore. 4,689 1.17.1
Enchant Popoff (Fabric) Displays enchantment tooltips underneath the item name popup 754 1.14.4
EnchantsPlus Increases the max enchantment level of most enchants 5,426 1.16.4
Ender Box (Fabric) Move blocks and manage lag-heavy machines with ease! 2,603 1.16-Snapshot
Enderboys A mod based on the Smash Ultimate Endermen model! 741 1.16.3
Enderite A Minecraft mod that adds Enderite - Fabric 1,474 1.16
Enderite Mod (for Fabric) Adds successors to Netherite items 40,493 1.17
Enderlift Elevator block 5,317 1.16.1
Endermen are Friends Endermen are misunderstood, their anger is momentary, calm them down by giving them a flower :) 3,721 1.17
[Fabric] Ender Ores 1.16.3+ Vanilla ores in the End dimension! 3,101 1.16.5
[Fabric] Enderporter Blocks and items which allow for teleportation within or between dimensions! 7,162 1.16.5
Endfestation Endermite infestation of purpur = shulker 5,817 1.16.3
Endless Oceans: Adventures (refabricated) Aquatic animals, fish, landscapes, aquarium building, and more! 2,523 1.16.5
End Plus Improving The End dimension with new structures and biomes 736 1.16.5
End: Rebellion Fabric version of the End: Reborn mod 211,496 1.16.2
EnergonRelics Simple Technology Mod 472 1.16.2
Engination-Fabric Creative Cubes and Conventional Curiosities 2,192 1.14.3
Enhanced Attack Indicator Uses the attack indicator for more than just melee attacks 15,355 1.17
Enhanced Block Entities Improve FPS with block entities, and make them customizable with resource packs 4,420 1.17.1
Enhanced Buzzy Bees Mod enhancing and expanding upon the Buzzy Bees update 0 1.16.5
Enhanced Celestials(Fabric) - Blood Moons & Harvest Moons A mod adding new Lunar Events like blood moons and harvest moons! 1,421 1.16.5
EnhancedCraft Minecraft. Enhanced. 837 1.16.4
Enhanced Mob Spawners Adds more functionality to mob spawner block. Change range from 16 to 128 blocks and more! 213,119 1.17.1
Enhanced Mushrooms (Fabric) Mushrooms as new wood types! 12,331 1.17
Enhancement (Fabric) New items, mob, weapon, and crafting system. Enhance equipment at a risk! 22,076 1.16.5
Entity Banners A mod strongly inspired by Terraria, which adds entity specific banners that increase damage and defense against the entity for players nearby. 21,841 1.17.1
Entity Culling Fabric/Forge Using async path-tracing to hide Tiles/Entities that are not visible 103,144 1.17.1
Entity Outliner Allows you to select entity types to outline, making them visible through obstructions at any distance. 2,025 1.17.1
Entropy: Chaos Mod Entropy is a Chaos Mod where random events happens every 30 seconds. This mod allows Twitch chat voting integration! 2,580 1.17.1
EnvironmentZ Harder environmentz 17,950 1.17
EnvironmentZ: Ivory Plane A fork of EnvironmentZ to integrate better with the modpack "The Ivory Plane". 29 1.16.3
Epic E's Ever wanted a cursed mod that brings the letter E? Well here you go! 46 1.16.1
Epicurean Food-related features for Fabric and 1.14+ 17,835 1.16-Snapshot
EquipZ Armor and Weapons 37,047 1.16.5
Equivalence [FABRIC] Inspired by Equivalence Exchange 3 and retroExchange 519 1.16-Snapshot
Eric's Retail Adds a Vending Block 1,346 1.17.1
Eridium Adds Eridium 48 1.16.5
Erroring Entity Remover Removes entities that throw errors and crash the game while ticking. 341 1.17.1
Essential Commands Adds some useful commands for Minecraft Fabric (tpa, home, back) 252 1.17.1
Essentially Emerald Adds vanilla-friendly, emerald tools and armor. 487 1.16.5
Esther A spellcasting mod for Minecraft 657 1.15.2
Eternal Eats Keep Eating food even if you're full 1,404 1.17.1
Euclid A WorldEdit selection and LogBlock result visualizer for Minecraft Fabric 1.16.1 3,069 1.16.1
Everything is a Hat Every block and item in the game can be worn as a hat. 10,270 1.15-Snapshot
Excess Enchantments Adds loads of new enchantments! 2,579 1.16.5
Ex Nihilo Fabrico Fabricate from nothingness 3,029 1.14.4
Exotic Blocks Fancy and novel building blocks for Minecraft 33,470 1.17.1
Exotic Matter Library Model Library for Fabric 26,047 1.17
ExpandAbility Library mod that provides increased control over vanilla effects and abilities 102,594 1.16.5
Expanded Armor Enchanting This mod allows you to mix different protection types on the same piece of armor. 532 1.17.1
Expanded Axe Enchanting This mod allows you to use Fire Aspect, Knockback, and Looting on an axe. 515 1.17.1
Expanded Concrete Adds slab and stair variants of concretes! 2,614 1.16.2
Expanded Nether Ores Overworld ore variants for the Nether! 537 1.16.2
Expanded Origins Adds 5 new origins to the origins mod. 243,428 1.16.5
[Fabric] Expanded Storage Similar to Iron Chests except allows chests to merge along all 3 axis. 1,019,854 1.17.1
Expanded Trident Enchanting This mod allows you to use Fire Aspect, Knockback, Looting, and all other sword enchantment types on a trident. 190 1.17.1
Expanded Weapon Enchanting This mod allows you to mix different weapon enchantment types on the same weapon. 811 1.17.1
Experience Container [XP] Storage for experience keeping. 35,450 1.17.1
Experience Point Bottler save those experience points for use later 412 1.16.5
Experience Remover This mod removes experience and makes enchantment tables and anvils purely cosmetic. The mod can be enabled and disabled in the config. 50 1.17.1
ExperimentAway remove experimental features warnings 50,951 1.16.1
Exploding Blocks (Fabric) Need more challenge in building blocks? Why not make them randomly explode! 20 1.15.2
ExtendedCycles by ENX [Fabric] ExtendedCycles mod allows you to extend the duration of the day or night. 107 1.16.5
Extended Dispensers Extends the vanilla Dispenser with the ability to place blocks 912 1.14.2
ExtensionMC A vanilla compatible server/client mod similar to Essentials 14 1.17.1
Extra Alchemy A handful of Vanilla-friendly new potions 6,638,580 1.17
Extra Anvils Fabric better anvils with higher level cap and more durability 136 1.15.2
Extra Armour Info It shows more about the armour you are wearing! 425 1.17
Extra Bows Adds new variants of bows, bow upgrades and other archery stuff to the game 558,645 1.16.4
Extra Discs Extra Discs is a Fabric mod for Minecraft aiming to add more vanilla feeling music discs to the game. 2,025 1.16.4
ExtraDiscs Adds more music discs 37,406 1.15.2
ExtraDoors Adds a bunch of new doors and trapdoors, including glass doors! 121,451 1.16.4
Extra Emoji Adds emoji blocks 0 1.16.5
ExtraGamerules Adds a bunch of new gamerules 807 1.14-Snapshot
Extra Generators A technology mod that adds a variety of generators to your world. 30,633 1.17-Snapshot
Extra Inventory Adds more rows to your inventory 392 1.16.5
Extra Origins Adds more origins to the Origins mod 700,228 1.17.1
Extra Pieces All the Slabs, Stairs, Walls and more you could want! (Plus Vertical Slabs and stuff!) 32,941 1.16.1
Extra Pieces Addon Adding more piece types to Extra Pieces 2,013 1.14.4
Extra Player Models Adds the ability to create custom player models. 756 1.15.2
ExtraPlayerRenderer render yourself on screen - a mod for live or recording video 2,861 1.17
Extra Records Core Adds extra music discs to your world 1,782 1.17.1
Extra Shields Fabric Adds new shields to minecraft 4,553 1.16.2
ExtraSounds Adds more sounds 3,115 1.17.1
Extra Sponges Adds more sponges you can craft with various materials. 1,402 1.17.1
Extra Tags Fabric allow additional groups of objects to be control via datapacks such as biomes or enchantments 143 1.16
Extra TNT When vanilla TNT doesn't get the job done! 68,110 1.17.1
Extra Vanilla Crafts Adding craftings to otherwise rare/difficult vanilla items to obtain 437 1.16.5
Extreme Sound Muffler (Fabric) Forget about those nasty sounds! - Client side sound muffler. 2,218 1.16.4
EZ Pipes and Stuff (EZPaS) Adds ez pipes and stuff 494,441 1.17.1
ezWastelands A small mod to generate a mostly (but not completely) flat wasteland terrain. 135,709 1.14.3
F3ServerInfo Simple mod reimplementing Vanilla 1.13 server informations in F3 34 1.8.9
FabriBlocks A mod adding building and decoration blocks 19,892 1.16.2
Fabric API Core API library for the Fabric toolchain 12,096,848 1.18-Snapshot
Fabric Armor For showing off fabric. 831 1.16.2
Fabrication A huge collection of vanilla tweaks and small features. Trident improvements, bugfixes, furnace minecart changes, note block enhancements, old lava, old logo, oh my! 11,720 1.17.1
Fabricbridge Matterbridge support for the Minecraft client via Fabric. 114 1.15.1
Fabric Capes Lets you use capes from OptiFine, LabyMod and other cape mods 59,203 1.17.1
Fabric Chunk Pregenerator Pregenerate chunks with Fabric! 754,070 1.17
FabricComs A simple utility to help fabric mods communicate between each other 2 1.16.1
Fabric Console A set of tweaks to the dedicated server console. Right now, enables log coloring. Fabric only. 1,193 1.16.3
Fabric Core Mods Let's Break Things 135 1.15.1
Fabric Craftable Enchanted Golden Apple This mod adds the 1.8 crafting recipe for the Enchanted Golden Apple back into the game! 6,350 1.17.1
Fabric-Discord Link A Fabric-Discord Chat Link 51,075 1.17.1
Fabric Drawer Fabric library mod to make saving data easier for Kotlin devs 11,250 1.16.5
Fabric Flux Simple energy API for Fabric mods 1,740 1.16.5
Fabric for Fabric A content mod focused around the new Fabric item. For 1.16 on the Fabric loader. 11,162 1.17
Fabric Forwarding Proxy network support for Fabric modded servers. 322 1.17
Fabric Freecam Lightweight freecam mod for Fabric (1.15.2) 5,486 1.15.2
Fabric Furnaces Fabric Furnaces is a mod that adds more furnace versions to the game. 831,511 1.17
FabricHomes FabricHomes is a small, server-side Fabric mod that adds /home command and its counterparts 2,936 1.17.1
Fabric Language Groovy A Mod That is Groovy 238 1.17
Fabric Language Kotlin Fabric language module for Kotlin 1,396,561 1.17.1
FabricLockette Port of the famous bukkit/spigot plugin "Lockette" for FabricMC 48 1.16.5
Fabric Loot Crates Loot Chests and Shulker Boxes, with a twist 34,764 1.17.1
Fabriclothing A mod that adds colorful wearables to minecraft 109 1.15.2
FabricMagnet A magnet built using the Fabric toolkit for MC 1.14 2,322 1.14-Snapshot
Fabric Musica Expand the auditory experience in Minecraft. 2,796 1.16.5
Fabric MyCraft A vanilla overhaul mod which makes some changes to early-to-late game. 1,436 1.14.4
Fabric Old Obsidian Adds the removed glitch that lets you turn Redstone Wire into Obsidian. 212 1.15.2
Fabric per player spawns Each player has their own mob cap (of 70 by default) 420 1.17
Fabric Pokeballs Simply adds Pokeballs via Fabric API 2,718 1.14.4
FabricProxy Fabric mod for support forward player data from proxy, support bungeecord and velocity 6,948 1.17.1
FabricProxy-Lite Fabric mod for support forward player data from velocity proxy 790 1.17.1
Fabric Recipe Conditions (FRC) A library adding recipe conditions. 37 1.16.5
Fabric Restart Lightweight serverside mod for restarting server 19 1.17
Fabric Rotten2Leather Simple Fabric Rotten Flesh to Leather Mod! 6 1.16.4
FabricSavestatesMod This is a Save State mod which allows you to save current game state and load the latest saved state in Minecraft with Fabric. 186 1.16.1
Fabric Seasons A simple mod that adds seasons to the game, dynamically changing biomes as you play. 53,085 1.17
Fabric Server Essentials [OUTDATED] Adds some essential commands and features for any casual minecraft server 1,780 1.16-Snapshot
Fabric Shield Lib Makes shields enchantable while also being a tool for modders to easily add in new shields and shield enchantments! 2,212 1.17
FabricSit A server side mod to allow players to sit on slabs and stairs 224 1.17.1
FabricSkyboxes A skyboxes mod that improves on the idea of custom skyboxes! 2,201 1.16.5
FabricTailor A server-side / singleplayer skin changing mod for fabric. 8,480 1.17.1
FabricTAS A TAS mod for MInecraft 1.16.x 2,565 1.16.1
FabricTickRate allows you to change tickrate (Slow motion & Fast forward) 1,831 1.16.3
Fabric TickRateChanger This is a Fabric TickRateChangerMod which allows you to change the game speed. 566 1.16.4
FabricTPA A server-side Fabric mod that adds /tpa command-set 6,448 1.17.1
Fabric Tree Chopper A Fabric mod to make cutting down trees easier and more realistic. 37,119 1.17.1
Fabric Vertical Slabs Adds vertical slabs into the game. 6,593 1.16.2
FabricWarps FabricWarps is a small, server-side Fabric mod that adds /warp command and its counterparts 603 1.17.1
Fabric Waystones A better way of transport 780,571 1.17.1
(Fabric) YALBM Yet Another Lucky Block Mod is my own take on a lucky block mod. 5,688 1.16.5
Fabric Zero (Discontinued) FabricZero: Compatibility enhancement mod 9,442 1.17
fabrikmc FabrikMC is an API for using FabricMC with Kotlin 441 1.17.1
FabriKommander Server-side utilities for Fabric servers 348 1.17
Fabrilous Updater Easy update-checker for Fabric mods. 592 1.17.1
Fabrishot Take large screenshots because why not 56,417 1.17.1
Facility Intermodal containerized transport and storage, with extras 26,091 1.17.1
Fade In Chunks Adds a (Bedrock-style) fade-in animation to newly loaded chunks. 7,176 1.16.5
Fading Makes some light sources slowly burnout 1,213 1.17
FairEnchanting Makes the experience cost on the Enchanting Table / Anvil standard even if your level is higher than the required level. 23,073 1.16.4
FakeFPS (Fabric) Do as much as you want FPS! 1,275 1.14.4
Fallfest Leaves Makes leaves fall-colored 213 1.16.3
FallFlyingLib Helping with Elytra mod compatibility. 9,758 1.16.5
FallingBlocks Configure the gravity of blocks 142 1.16.3
Falling Block Tweaks Makes falling blocks fall when shot with a projectile, and maybe other things later... 383 1.17
Falling Leaves (Fabric) Makes leaf particles fall from leaf blocks 134,255 1.17.1
FallingTree (Forge&Fabric) Break down your trees by only cutting one piece of it 1,872,487 1.17.1
Fancy Fountain Passage Adds a teleporter / portal 14,702 1.17
FancyMenu [Fabric] Minecraft menus, but much more fancy! Customize menu screens with animations & more! 152,143 1.17.1
Fantasycraft [Fabric] Adds some fantasy inspired metals, tools, and armor sets 13,119 1.16.5
Fantasy World Mod (+Sark !) This Mod adds some ores to the game that are related to the Fantasy World 193 1.16.5
FarLands Far Lands in 1.14+ 20,795 1.16-Snapshot
Farmable Shulkers Backports shulker behavior from 1.17 to older versions. 87 1.16.5
Farmcraft Enhancing the default Minecraft farming experience 1,915 1.15-Snapshot
Farmer's Delight [Fabric] Fabric port of the Farmer's Delight mod. This is a mod that gently expands upon farming and cooking in Minecraft. 3,638 1.17
Farsighted Mobs Helping mobs see in the distance 2,748 1.16.5
FastBench for Fabric Crafting table optimizations 129,602 1.16.1
FastChest Makes Chests use static models instead of BERs. 30,763 1.17
Faster Minecarts Increases the speed of vanilla minecarts 8,216 1.16.5
Fastest f in the west Ever wanted to have that sweet sweet fastest F in the west? Well now you can! 351 1.16.1
FastFlyBlockBreaking Allows to break blocks with normal speed when other mod enables flying in survival mode. 119,812 1.14-Snapshot
Fast Furnace for Fabric Optimizations and tweaks for the vanilla furnaces 181,492 1.17
FastGrowth Shift to make crops/trees grow 883 1.16.2
Fast Leaves Fast leaf decay! 5,048 1.16.5
Fast Redstone Utilities A set of useful zero-tick redstone utilities. 471 1.16.4
[Fabric] Fat Experience Orbs Merges experience orbs into 1 entity. 866,414 1.17.1
Fat Mod by S4ncho this mod has nothing to do with fat, it just adds a lot of little things 46 1.12.2
Features-mod Mods that add client featurs for better experience like local time editor, quick move in inventory... 194 1.16.3
Fedora Adds hats for the player and all mobs 1,264 1.16.5
Fence Hopper A mod that allows you to jump over fences and walls. 4,351 1.16-Snapshot
Fence Jumper Fence Jumping! 8,426,556 1.14.4
Fence Player Upper Allows players to jump on fences and walls. Configurable through tags! 3,044 1.17
Feral Hogs Spawns 30-50 feral hogs every 3-5 minutes 331 1.14.4
Fermion Common Library for Grondag's Minecraft Mods (Fabric toolchain) 371,982 1.17
Ferroustry Fabric Resource trees and decoration 430 1.16.5
Feudal Weaponry [Fabric] Adds medieval-themed weapons to minecraft (fabric). Inspired by Spartan Weaponry 17,335 1.16.5
FFL Trinkets Compat Helping with Elytra mod compatibility between Trinkets and FFL. 0 1.16.5
Fiber2Cloth A simple API to magically make fiber config nodes into cloth 903 1.16.5
Fidelity Dog-like controls for horses and donkeys 24 1.16.4
Figura A client-side mod that lets you customize you Minecraft Avatar... Extensively. 8,483 1.17.1
Filtered Receptacles Provides basic blocks for an improved near-vanilla item sorting experience. 900 1.16.2
Finite Fluids Control (Fabric) Allow to control water and other fluid finite/infinite state. 160 1.15-Snapshot
Fire arrows start fire Fire arrows can start fire 1,178 1.16.5
Fired Chainmail Adds a balanced crafting recipe for chainmail armor. 868 1.15.2
Fire Notifier Sends a message in chat when you fall in lava 170 1.16.5
Fireplace Lib A library of common functionality used by my mods, in one place for easier maintenance and faster updates. 2,803 1.17.1
FireplaceMode Removes save button if not near campfire 1,384 1.17
Fire's Survival Tweaks Various enhancements intended for Survival mode, including silk spawners, cave-ins, slime enhancements, infested block blend, and more. 18,780 1.17.1
Firework Rocket Duration Change the sprite of the firework rocket depending on flight duration 44 1.17
First-person Model (Forge/Fabric) Enables the third-person Model in first-person 211,032 1.17.1
Fishen Make fish not eggs! 133 1.16.4
Fish Help [Fabric] Displays particles when a fishing bobber can catch treasured loot. 928 1.16.1
Fish on a Leash! Manage your leashable entities! - Choose which mobs can be put on a lead [Fabric] 1,882 1.17
Fishy Bears Makes Polar Bear Fish Randomly on ice (Giving them a use and making them more ambient) 68 1.17
Fixable Slots [Forge(1.12.x)/Fabric(1.16.5 & 1.17 )] Bind a item to a inventory slot, Factorio style 2,180 1.17
Fix Air Blocks Removes air blocks from /clone commands 1 1.16.4
FixMyGG Chat formatting, AutoGG and AntiTypo 246 1.17
Flamboyant Refabricated A port of a simple mod which adds 16 news colors to the game! 384 1.16.5
Flame Retardant Don't you hate it when all your items go up in smoke? 964 1.14.2
Flamingo, oh, oh, oh... If you're multicoloured, that's cool too 442,108 1.16.5
Flan F(abric) Lan(d) Claiming Mod 216,654 1.17.1
Flashy Clothing A skin blinker mod for Fabric 656 1.15.2
Flax Mod (Fabric) Flax is string! Grow flax to get string. 10,248 1.16-Snapshot
Flesh 2 Leather [FABRIC] A simple mod used for turning flesh into leather 182,656 1.17
FleshZ Not another rottenflesh to leather mod anymore 3,681 1.17.1
Flex FOV Allows for increasing the field of view past 180 degrees. 7,228 1.16.5
FlightHelper This mod helps you keep your pitch when Elytra-flying 13,541 1.17.1
FlightHUD A client side Fabric and Forge Minecraft Mod that adds a flight style HUD like one you would see in a flight simulator. 8,757 Unknown
Flight Rings [FABRIC] Two flight rings which grant creative flight 11,528 1.17.1
Flonters miscellaneous flora MOD. 535,452 1.17.1
Flora Doubling (Fabric) double your flowers with bonemeal 532,893 1.16.4
Floriculture Makes flowers farmable! 179 1.15.2
FlowChat A mod totally not inspired by ChatFlow. 52 1.16.4
Flower Forest Helper Generate flower forest maps with a superflat preset. 5 1.15.2
Flowstone Add the chance for lava to generate biome and height specific ores instead of stone. 3,462 1.16.5
Fluid Physics [Fabric] Blends together vanilla fluid mechanics with something a little more realistic plus some small additions 5,255 1.17.1
Fluid Potions A simple utility that converts all potions in the registry into fluid forms. 896 1.16.3
FluidSieve A block extracting resources from fluids (or any other block). 308 1.16.1
FluxTech A "tech" mod focused around schmovement 560 1.16.5
FlyCommandMod(Fabric) add /fly command 196 1.17.1
fly mod 3d You fly in the direction you are looking and modify the speed of flying and sprinting 20,156 1.17.1
FlytreLib Common utils for Flytre's mods! 461,380 1.17.1
Flytre's Gun Mod Adds fun new guns to Minecraft! 13,303 1.17.1
FMapOverlayMod Shows all factions or towns and their names visually 88 1.17.1
Foam​Fix Simple, targetted optimizations for a popular block game 51,458,984 1.14-Snapshot
FontFixer You know how Mojang "fixed" text rendering and strikethrough no longer looks as good? Yeah, this fixes that. 166 1.15.2
FoodArmors Give your food another use. 7 1.16.1
Food Highlight Highlight foods when its the optimal time to eat them! 2,006 1.17.1
Food Mod Plus A simple, useful food mod! 3,492 1.16.5
Food Nerf nerfs all foods 35 1.16-Snapshot
Food Tweaks fully customize, add, and remove foods from items 187 1.16.3
[FORGE/FABRIC] Armor Curve Adjust the armor scaling and degradation formulae for mobs and players. 24,208 1.16.5
[FORGE & FABRIC] Time Travel Mod Enable time traveling in Minecraft! 32,273 1.16.5
Forge of Fiends Forge of Friends is a Fabric mod aimed to enhance the game with new content! 4,507 1.16.5
Forging Beyond Forge items more expensive than 40 levels in survival 275 1.17.1
Forgiving Enchanting Table Makes the air requirement of the bookshelves less strict 587 1.16.1
For Glory A mod adding passive and active skills which definitely don't come from F.H., with a system based on adrenalin which is totally not mana 1,584 1.16.5
Foundation [Fabric] A coremod containing various ores and their respective tools. 10 1.16.3
Fox Extra Origin An extra fox Origin. 3,541 1.16.5
FPS - Display A simple mod to show your ingame FPS 38,829 1.17.1
FrameThrough a frame for through 49 1.15.2
FREX Rendering Extension API for Fabric Mods 10,686 1.17
FriendZ Some adorable friends for your inventory 10,771 1.16.4
FroggyChair Froggy Chair from Animal Crossing 2,215 1.16.2
Frozen Up (Fabric) A small mod expanding upon the cold biomes of Minecraft. 18,957 1.16.5
Fruitful (Fabric) An overhaul to apple farming and eating! 207 1.17
Frying Pan The Superior Bonk! 1,035 1.17
FTB Chunks (Fabric) A mod that allows you to claim chunks to protect your blocks. It also has a minimap and large map! 0 1.16.5
FTB Library (Fabric) Common code for all GUI stuff in FTB Mods. Component/layer based GUI creation. Used by mods such as FTB Chunks, FTB Quests, etc. (Fabric version) 165,266 1.16.5
FTB Quests (Fabric) FTB Quests is a lightweight, team-based questing mod and is very simple to use. (Fabric version) 161,792 1.16.5
FTB Ranks (Fabric) Adds ranking system that lets you give certain players permissions, username formatting, etc. 0 1.16.5
FTB Teams (Fabric) Library for mods that can utilize team progression like FTB Chunks and FTB Quests. (Fabric version) 23,750 1.16.5
FTB Ultimine (Fabric) Harvest multiple blocks at once 6,083 1.16.5
FuelInfo Extend your info on your fuels when using a furnace/brewing stand. 269 1.17
Full Belly Sheep (Fabric) Makes sheep eat grass only when they have no wool 3,083 Unknown
fullscreeNO Stops Minecraft from starting in Fullscreen 822 1.17
Full Slabs Adds vertical and mixed slabs to minecraft 9,741 1.16.5
Functional Swords for Fabric Functional Swords for Fabric 769 1.15.2
Function API Use function files to add functionality to items/blocks. 375 1.16.3
Funky Forcefields Adds forcefields to protect your base from enemies! 533 1.15.2
Funnel A funnel that drop items below it 169 1.16.5
Furnace XP Drop (Fabric) Drops stored xp in a furnace when broken 5,999 1.15.2
Furnishings - By SystemLoading Mod with tables [FABRIC ONLY!] 98 1.17
Furret mod A mod that adds Furret in the game 383 1.16.1
GalaxyAPI GalaxyAPI is a coremod that helps you with useful coding systems 98 1.16.5
GameInfo It shows information on the game screen, player position, nether/overworld coordinate conversion, address you are viewing, disable auto jump, game time and sends you a chat message with the coordinates of the last death point. 260,740 1.17
Gamemode Numbers (Fabric) Gamemode Numbers allows the player to use /gamemode with numbers again 5,037 1.14-Snapshot
Gamemode Unrestrictor Allows players to open the gamemode switcher and toggle their gamemode even if they do not have the required permission level. 351 1.17.1
Game of Life 3D [Fabric] This mod implements John Conway's Game of Life and a 3D variation by Carter Bays 225 1.17.1
Game Phases Separate your modpack game content into gated phases. Built for Fabric! 38 1.16.5
Game Stages Fabric Basically Game Stages, but for Fabric! 11 1.16.5
Game Stages Fabric: Item Stages basically you need to have the specified stages to have the item 114 1.16.5
Game Start Provides a config for giving players items when they first load into a world. 1,395 1.16.2
Gamma Utils Gamma/brightness mod, making it easy to see in the dark. Basically Gammabright but for Fabric. 240 1.17.1
Gastrolimital Bypass Disable the player limit server-side. 0 1.17.1
Gate of Babylon Mod that adds in a bunch of new weapons & gear. 540,991 1.17
Gatewayer A fabric mod to show some information of an end gateway. 46 1.16.4
GeckoLib [FABRIC] GeckoLib for Fabric 429,648 1.16.5
Genesis - An Origins Addon Genesis adds Five Unique origins to the Origins Mod. There is also a datapack version. 77,797 1.17.1
Gentle Fawn it's literally just deer 109,557 1.16.5
Gentle Picking Lets you pick up flowers and mushrooms with a right-click! 2,443 1.16.4
Gestus A server-side mod that adds data-driven emotes to Minecraft that can be viewed by vanilla clients. 27 1.16.2
Get Off My Lawn Keep people off your lawn with claims! 488,503 1.17
Ghastly Wail When a ghast dies in a portal, the frame becomes crying obsidian and shatters. 367 1.17.1
Ghost Buster stops phantoms from spawning | Who you gonna call? 6,068 1.14-Snapshot
Giant AI Adds an AI to Giants! 2,608 1.17.1
Giant Origin This Origin turns you into a giant 2,012 1.16.5
Gift It! (Fabric) The replacement for all your ugly duct tape. Wrap your blocks and gift them to your friends! 14,905 1.16.5
Gilded Netherite More netherite armour variants! 31,460 1.16.5
Gilded Netherite for Fabric This mod adds Gilded Netherite, it increases the power of a regular Netherite armor and tools and protects you from Piglin aggravation. 14,880 1.16.5
Gimme bundles! Enables the use of the experimental bundles. 180 1.17.1
Giselbaer's Durability Viewer Item durability HUD 1,470,175 1.17.1
Give Me Hats! [FABRIC] A hat mod that adds hat's with some buffs for Fabric 566,696 1.17
Gizmos (Fabric) A mod that adds a bunch of wacky items and mechanics to Minecraft! 8,793 1.17.1
[Fabric] Glass Doors Adds glass variants of existing doors! 1,068 1.16.2
Glassential (Fabric) Various types of glass to aid in your building but for Fabric. 574,662 1.17.1
Glass mod a mod that makes glass break when it hits the floor 45 1.16-Snapshot
Glassy Simple mod for Fabric adding glass related items. 6 1.16.3
Glimesh Integration Integration for the streaming service Glimesh 59 1.17
Glimmering Potions Glimmering Potions adds in a few new unique drinks based on Terraria's potions. 797 1.16.5
Glint Color [outdated] Allows you to change the glint color of enchanted items. 2,353 1.14.4
Glintless Books (Fabric) Removes the enchantment glint effect from Enchanted Books! 347 1.16.5
GlobalSpawn GlobalSpawn allows you to change the spawn dimension and position via command or config file. 34,093 1.17.1
Glowcase Some blocks for showcasing things 4,125 1.16.3
Glowing Beds Makes hostile mobs glow when you try to sleep. 6,561 1.16.1
Glow Squid and more! Glow Squid mob and more! 7,033 1.16.4
Goat origin Become a goat using the origins mod 34 1.17.1
Gobber [FABRIC] New ores for making high-end gear and powerful items 36,777 1.17.1
Go Down ! On-demand crawling. [FABRIC] 7,761 1.16.1
Go Fish Fishing enhancement mod for Fabric. 381,673 1.16.5
Golden Hoppers Adds a filterable hopper to Minecraft. 63,191 1.16.5
Golden Steak Adds golden and enchanted golden steaks to Minecraft 57,574 1.17.1
Golemancy A mod about capturing the souls of mobs, breeding them, and using them to create faithful golem servants to do your bidding. 4,636 1.16.5
Golem Healer Lets you heal Iron Golems with ingots! 1,311 1.14.4
Golems Galore Creative and inventive golems that will bring new RPG to your world! 348,639 1.17
GolemZ A mini golem could be your friend 10,240 1.16.3
GolfIV Anti-exploit mod for fabric 137 1.17.1
Good Game Enchantments Brings some new enchantments to the game. 2,867 Unknown
Good Ol' Regen Configurable health regen 599 1.17.1
Gotosavium Mod The Gotosavium mod adds a new material to the world of minecraft! 261 1.16.2
Gotta Climb Fast! Climb and descend any kind of climbable block with ease! Now with configurable speeds! FORGE & FABRIC! 181,896 1.17-Snapshot
Gourmet Fabric Fabric library that can make any item edible. 0 1.16.5
GrabcraftLitematic Download Grabcraft builds as Litematica schemas 1,382 1.17.1
Grand Economy A server-side economy mod and api for hooking into various economy mods/plugins. 53,225 1.17.1
GraphiX Mod A server side mod to interpret the chat meta of Luckperms 40 1.16.5
Grass Bypass Swing through Grass for Fabric 1.16.3 21,413 1.17.1
Grass Kiss (Fabric) Ignore grass while you're holding a weapon 7,994 1.15.1
Gravel Ores (Fabric) Adds gravel ores 5,548 1.16.5
Graves Not Forgotten Safely retrieve items lost on death. 4,689 1.17
Gravestones A gravestones mod for fabric with tons of config options, an API, and more! 87,242 1.16.5
Greater Eye of Ender [FABRIC] Taking the Eye of Ender to the next level 73,023 1.17.1
Greenstone Circuits A computer mod with a programming language based on reverse polish notation. 1,329 1.15.2
Grid Show a grid overlay that helps counting when you're building, and optionally spawn locations depending on light level 59,108 1.17.1
Grim's Transportables Horse-drawn carriages, teleporting rails, and launching rails. Make your travels more interesting. 5,800 1.17.1
Grind Enchantments Disenchant and transfer enchantments using a grindstone. 232,137 1.17
Grindstone Books Like A Disenchantment table, but fully Vanilla compatible! 3,336 1.14.4
Grindstone Is Made Of Stone Doesn't that make sense? 0 1.17
Grizzly bear Mod Adds Grizzly bears to the minecraft! 271 1.17.1
GShop A server-side mod which adds shops. 27 1.16.5
Guardians Galore Adds summonable mobs to guard your base! These tamable animals force nearby hostile mobs to despawn. 3,037 1.17.1
Gubbins Gubbins is a Fabric mod that adds a variety of miscellaneous vanilla style content to your game. 7,533 1.16.1
gudASM ASM hacks for all! 116 1.16.2
gudFPS A mod that aims to improve Minecraft performance, but probably doesn't do much! 1,068 1.16.3
gudUnify An ore dictionary for a more civilized age. 0 1.16.4
Guillotine A drop-player's-head mechanic 11,754 1.16.5
Gulliver Reloaded The Gulliver mod remade for modern Minecraft! 3,722 1.16-Snapshot
Gunpowder Fabric Server API 51,815 1.17
Gunpowder Currency A Currency extension for Gunpowder 2,729 1.17
Gunpowder Discord Whitelist A mod that allows whitelisting users based on roles on discord 117 1.16.5
Gunpowder Market A Market extension for Gunpowder 2,056 1.17
Gunpowder Signshop Create shops with signs! 1,604 1.17
Gunpowder SleepVote A SleepVote extension for Gunpowder 60,277 1.17
Gunpowder Teleport A Teleport extension for Gunpowder 3,617 1.17
Gunpowder Utilities A Utilities extension for Gunpowder 2,653 1.17
GVault Server-side mod adding vaults, ender-chest-style inventories. 61 1.16.5
Gwilled Cheese (Fabric) Adds Grilled Cheese, what more could your average Minecrafter want? 0 1.17
Haema Play as a vampire, and unlock many new abilities 100,217 1.17.1
hands down a mod that adds an option that toggles visibility of the main hand when it does not hold anything 35 Unknown
Handy Structures A mod adding a command to save and load structures 843 1.16.2
Happiness (is a) Warm Gun Simple but nice gun mod 20,784 1.17.1
Hard Blocks A mod that makes blocks harder. 27 1.17
Hardcore Questing Mode: Fabric Hardcore Questing Mode 44,166 1.16.5
Hard Hat Steve Effective gear for the effective builder 167,523 1.16.4
Harmful Gas A gas slowly consumes the environment around you, seeking your termination. 32 1.16.5
Harmful Stonecutters Makes stonecutters damage entities that stand on them. 1,519 1.17.1
Harsh Wilderness Minecraft survival on steroids! 42 1.16.5
Harvest Scythes Harvest crops in a range! 486,571 1.17
Hat List Show the hat layer on tab list 509 1.17
Hauling Hogs Pigs can carry single/double/ender chests 1,338 1.17.1
Head-down Display Automatically hides the Head-up Display when not in use. 206 1.16.4
Head Index An easy to user server-side head database mod for the Fabric Loader. 52 1.17.1
heads down display a mod that allows hiding arm and hotbar when not in use 3,772 1.16.5
Headshot Allows players to be headshot 39,560 1.16.4
Heal Adds a healing command to Minecraft. 0 1.16.5
Health Blast Creepers' health determines their explosion power 2,048 1.16.5
HealthCare Neat serverside mob health tags. 1,903 1.17.1
Health Levels This mod lets you gain experience to get more health. 363 1.17.1
Health Overlay (Fabric) Display hearts in different colors 431,496 1.17.1
Heartbond [FABRIC] Adds an item-based system for player-to-player teleportation 146,703 1.17.1
Heart of the Cauldron Create an infinte water source with Heart of the Sea's 1,781 1.14.4
Heart of the Machine A whole new dimension of abandoned machinery to explore 17,506 1.16.4
Held Item Info Shows information (like enchantments!) about the held item under its name 35,936 1.17
Hellish Materials Strange substances from the burning depths 4,629 1.17.1
Helpful Held Tooltips Helpful Held Tooltips is a Fabric mod which adds in the item tooltips from bedrock. 140 1.16
Helpful Hitboxes (Fabric) Makes fence, pane and chain blocks easier to place. 11 1.16.5
HELP! I'm being framed! Blocks with customizable textures 923 1.16.5
Help Wanted (Forge and Fabric) Attract villagers looking for work 6,128 1.17
HerboCraft Defend yourself with genetically modified plants 23,047 1.16.2
HerdsPanic Herds just start to panic when a member panics 33,521 1.17
Here be no Dragons! Disable the "experimental world settings" warning screen 15,780 1.18-Snapshot
Herobrine [FABRIC] Adds Herobrine 784 1.15.2
Herobrine Mod(by scarcix) Adds Herobrine to Minecraft 0 1.16.5
Herobrine's Origin This is the story of a young man known as Herobrine better yet how he became known as Herobrine 4,860 1.16.5
Herobrinia Adds a herobrine endboss to your minecraft world, with many items. 9,522 1.16.5
hewo A cursed mod that owofies chat messages, based off of a port of @zuzak/owo to Java 219 1.16.5
Hexaplex A colorblindness correction mod for Minecraft. 62 1.16
Hexxit Gear (Fabric) Updated Version of HexxitGear for Fabric! 2,561 1.16.5
Hide Player Name Hide player and other entity names with single key press 4 1.16.1
Highlight Unrestrictor Allows the 'Highlight Players' functionality to be used in all gamemodes. 1,077 1.17.1
Hitmarker Adds the hitmarker from the CoD games, complete with sound 1,030 1.16.5
Hive365 radio mod The official Hive365 radio mod for FabricMC 29 1.17.1
Hollow Logs A Fabric mod that allows logs to be hollowed. 7,475 1.16.1
Holographic Fabric Holograms for Fabric! Port of HolographicDisplays 548 1.16.4
Home Camp Adds the ability to make a Campfire your spawn point. 40,229 1.16.5
Homeward Bone It's a bone that takes you home. 3,701 1.14.4
HoneyMod A Minecraft mod that adds honey-related additions 4,388 1.16.2
Hookshot A mod that just adds some simple hookshots to the game. 25,711 1.17.1
Horizontal Glass Panes Horizontal Panes for Fabric 170,446 1.16-Snapshot
Horizontal Panes [FABRIC] Adds various horizontal glass panes to Minecraft! [FABRIC] 1,017 1.17
Horse Stats Vanilla (Fabric) This mod adds the statistics of horses, mules and donkeys to the HorseScreen in a vanilla way. 100,643 1.17.1
Hostile Mob Meat Meat dropped by many of the hostile mobs and villagers 288 1.16.5
Hotbar Switcher Easily transfer items between your inventory and your selected hotbar slot by pressing a hotkey 809 1.17.1
Hot Furnace (Fabric) Speed ​​up your furnace just by using better fuels 4,017 1.17.1
Hot Pockets Inventory Furnaces 4,164 1.16.1
Hourai Elixir An (unobtainable) overpowered item that grants immortality 4,308 1.17.1
Howling Wolves Adds Howling Wolves to the game 913 1.16.2
Hud+ Gamer hud 21 1.16.5
Huddons - No Potion Glint simple toggle button for potion glint/glowing 11 1.16.2
Huddons - Status Effects + my take on status effects hud add-on plus potion glint on/off switch (: 471 1.16.2
HUDTweaks A fabric mod for Minecraft that adds better HUD configuration. 3,272 1.17.1
Huge Structure Blocks Structure blocks. But bigger. Up to 512 blocks! 209 1.17.1
Hugetater [FABRIC] A very very Huge Tater mod inspired by Botania's tater 2 1.16.3
Human Reborn This mod adds a modern version of the Human mob from Minecraft Beta 1.7.3! 67 1.17.1
Hunger Remover Removes the hunger bar and makes food restore health. 268 1.17.1
Husks drop sand Husks can drop sand 121 1.16.5
Hwyla Hwyla (Here's What You're Looking At) is a UI improvement mod aimed at providing block information directly in-game. It is also a fork of Waila. 44,484,888 1.16.5
Hwyla Addon Horse Info Provide horse speed and jump information in tooltip 530,459 1.17.1
HwylaFastFix Fix for Hwyla / Починка для Hwyla 1,209 1.16.5
Hypnos Simple sleep vote mod 107,532 1.16.3
IAFE Invisible Arms Add invisible arms 0 1.16.5
I Am Very Smart (Fabric) Disable tutorial hints and unlock all recipes. 177,190 1.16.1
ibarn's quartet addon This is an addon for the Origins mod which adds in some new origins 336 1.17.1
Icarus (Fabric) Adds a bunch of colourful and unique wings that can be worn in the Trinkets Cape slot. 7,889 1.16.5
Ice Boat Nerf Prevents boats from moving extra fast over ice. 968 1.17.1
Ice Tea Mod Adds ice tea into Minecraft. Yeah I don't know why either. 230 1.16.5
ICU ICU is a mod that lets you see barrier blocks as normal blocks 240 1.16.5
Icy Simply adding more ice. 28 1.16.1
Identity Morph for Fabric 598,348 1.17
Idlefix Automatically press buttons, even when tabbed out 253 1.14.3
Ignis Fatuus Carve All The Pumpkins 447,047 1.17
Iguana in a Blanket Item weight and Encumbrance mod 315 1.16.4
Illegal Stack Fixer Resets stack count to maximum stack size 67 1.17
Illegal Substances That You Should Not Do In Real Life Craft This mod adds illegal substances that you should not do in real life. 69 1.17.1
Illuminations 🔥 A client mod that adds fireflies and various glow-in-the-dark ambient particles to your world. 750,347 1.17.1
Image2Map Turn images into maps! 12,191 1.17.1
Images Adds blocks to display images from the intenet 2,545 1.16.4
Image World Generator Shape your World by drawing it ! 2,500 1.17.1
IMBlockerFabric Hide IM(InputMethod) when you donot need to input text! A mod like InputFix! 4,548 1.17.1
Imbued Torches Allows applying redstone dust to a torch to make it a redstone torch. 6,428 1.15.1
Immersive Portals Immersive Portals 1,050,635 1.17.1
Immersive Portals Survival Adaptation Use immersive portals in survival 2,366 1.17.1
Immersive Travel Overhaul A mod that brings a more immersive experience to minecraft navigation 1,077 1.17.1
Immersive Underground Currently it adds Ore and Stone chunks... 1,030 1.14.1
Impaled 🔱 A mod that adds new Tridents, Sincere Loyalty (Loyalty IV) and a few tweaks and fixes to all tridents. 402 1.17
Impersonate Impersonate: to assume or act the character of 126,967 1.17
Improved Observers Adds enhanced observers to help compact your redstone contraptions. 278 1.16.4
Improved Stations (Fabric) Adds different kinds of stations into Minecraft, e.g. Crafting Station 581,752 1.17.1
Inca A mod about magic, building and mystery 9,263 1.16.4
Incantationem A vanilla+ mod adding diverse enchantments and curses, all integrated into the vanilla ecosystem 1,317 1.17.1
Independent Gizmo Decouples the debug gizmo from the debug screen, and map its toggle to a different key. Also shows the attack indicator when the gizmo is active 23 1.17
Independent Pets - Disable Pet Teleportation (Fabric) Stop cats, wolves, parrots, and more from following/teleporting to you. 11,071 1.17.1
Indev World Gen Brings back old terrain generation to newer minecraft versions 158 1.14.4
Industrial Expansion [TE Addon] IC2 Diamond Recipe for Thermal Expansion 135,842 1.16.1
Industrial Revolution An industrial mod made for Fabric. 577,388 1.17.1
I Need Keybinds Are you tired of having conflicting keybinds? 16,118 1.16.1
Infested Adds more infested blocks with world gen integration 143 1.14.2
InfGen Port of Infdev 20100415 world generator with new features 411 1.15.2
InfiniteVillagerTrading Remove the max trade counter from villagers 18,150 1.17.1
Infinity Fix (Fabric) Fixes Infinity Enchant (Allows Infinity on Crossbow, no more need for Arrows, and Mending + Infinity) 39,803 1.17.1
Infinity Water Bucket Allows the enchantment Infinity for Water Buckets, providing an infinite portable water source 5,846 1.17
Info Is Power! A client-side mod provides more details in game! 751 1.17.1
Informed Load Do you ever wonder what minecraft is up to during the long minutes while it's loading? 7,303 1.15.1
InfraRedstone (Fabric) A Step Beyond Redstone - Now for 1.14+ 552 1.14-Snapshot
In-Game Account Switcher This mod allows you to change your logged in account in-game, without restarting Minecraft 293,844 1.17.1
IngameIME Enable IME in FullScreen Minecraft 10,992 1.17
InGameScreenTime: Fabric [Discontinued] A mod that displays world days passed and current day time, alongside the player's biome. 1,151 1.16-Snapshot
Injectable Recipes Allows Fabric modders to create recipes without JSON 16 1.16.3
Inmis I need more inventory space! A Fabric backpack mod. 711,099 1.17
Inspecio Adds more tooltips. 81 1.17.1
Instant Connect Immediately connect to a server on startup! 121 1.16.5
Instant Fertilization Allows bone meal to completely fertilize crops instantly. 245 1.16.5
InstantLava Create infinite lava sources just like water. Supports Forge and Fabric, 1.7.2-1.16.5 and 1.17-Snapshot. 52,812 1.17
Interweave Link your Fabric server's and Discord server's chat! 37 1.16-Snapshot
Into The Ω A small end-expansion mod with a focus on limit-broken enchantments. 37,520 1.16.2
Inventorio An inventory enhancement mod (Forge / Fabric) 3,075 1.17.1
Inventory Control Tweaks Makes various tweaks to inventory controls including armor swapping and shift-clicking to offhand. 7,946 1.17.1
Inventory Hotswap Hotswap is a client side mod that allows the users to swap their selected item with the items in the column above it. 58,306 1.17.1
Inventory HUD+ Adds your main inventory, potion effects and your equipments to your HUD. And few other features. 3,753,918 1.17.1
InventoryHUD Adds your full inventory to your HUD. 1,178 1.14.2
Inventory Pause Pause your single player game when Inventory is open 3,602 1.17
Inventory Profiles Inventory and container sorting, equipment profiles switching, bunch of combat/building tweaks, etc. 624,682 1.16.2
Inventory Profiles Next Continuation of Inventory Profiles 198 1.17.1
Inventory Sorting Quick, simple, and lightweight inventory sorting 785,522 1.17
Inventory Tabs Adds tabs to access nearby blocks 5,575 1.16.4
Invisible Blocks Exactly what it says on the tin. 610 1.16.1
Invisible Frames Makes Item frames with items invisible 55,842 1.17.1
InvisibLights Invisible light sources from Glowstone or ForgeEnergy! Supports Forge & Fabric. 116,136 1.17
InvMove (Fabric) Adds the ability to walk around while in inventories. 1,110 1.17
InvTrashSlot Adds a trash slot to the inventory screen. Fabric clone of TrashSlot 176,186 1.16.3
Inv View Allows you to open and manipulate the inventories and ender chests of online and offline players. Server Side 7,042 1.17.1
Iris Explorer Shaderpack Explorer for Iris 748 1.16.5
Irish Wolves Wolves can now eat potatoes! Let them eat spuds! 10,937 1.17.1
IrisShaders A new shaders mod for Minecraft intended to be compatible with existing ShadersMod/Optifine shaders 2,350 1.17.1
Iron Branding iron for Fabric to change the client brand. 64 1.16.2
Iron Barrels Iron Chests, but for Barrels! 16,370 1.16-Snapshot
Iron Bundles Higher-capacity bundles for Fabric and 1.17 800 1.17
[Fabric] Iron Chests Iron Chests Port for Fabric 1.16.2 142,484 1.17.1
Iron Coated Trapdoor Adds iron trapdoors that work like wooden ones. 9 1.17.1
[FABRIC] Iron Furnaces A mod based on cpw's Iron Chests that adds new furnaces to the game. 35,179 1.17.1
Iron Jetpacks Fabric This is iron jetpacks but for fabric 534,973 1.16.5
Isometric Renders Creates high-resolution isometric screenshots of game objects 693 1.17.1
Item Compatibility A collection of changes that override hardcoded item values 0 1.15.2
Item Filters (Fabric) Item Filters is a library mod that is used by mods like FTB Quests. It adds several filter items that let you precisely select which items to match. 1,352 1.16.5
ItemFlexer Simple server-side mod that allows you to flex you items 163,847 1.17.1
Item Frame Skip Adds an ability to click through an item frame or a sign 1,462 1.15.1
Item Got Shows a log of items gotten. 10,472 1.15.2
Item Magnets Adds three tiers of item magnets as trinkets 4,270 1.15.2
Item Model Fix (Fabric) Fixes gaps in default item models 38,148 1.17.1
ItemNBTModels apply custom models to items using javascript 296 1.16.1
Item Pets Pets that follow you around and help in PVP! 1,447 1.16.5
ItemPhysic Lite - Fabric Changes the item rendering behavior on the client side 9 1.16.5
Item Pickup Customization Provides options to customize Item Entities and their behaviors related to picking up. 1,297 1.16.1
Item Scroller Move items by mouse wheel scrolling, Shift + dragging, etc. 3,855,984 1.17.1
Items From Text Easily add new items using text files 549 1.16.5
Items Galore A Kitchen sink mod for items! 34 1.16.1
Items never disappear Items disappear after a few minutes? Never again! 68 1.17.1
ItemSorterMod Allows players to sort their inventory quick and put items in containers 762 1.17.1
Items Unified API - Unification system for everything you can put in a Registry; Items, Blocks, etc... 909 1.14
ItemTooltips Food / furnace fuel item tooltips mod for Fabric. 2,272 1.14.1
Ivan Carpet Addition Add more useful tools and interesting features 298 1.17
Jackson Lambert's Money Mod A mod for Minecraft Fabric adding money. 12 1.16-Snapshot
Jankson Jankson bindings for Fabric 3,433 1.14.3
Japanese localization patch Fabric 1.14 MOD Japanese localization 133 1.14
JARM: Fabric edition JARM entirly recoded and remade for fabric 190 1.16.1
JavaDungeons JavaDungeons is a mod that adds blocks from MC: Dungeons into Minecraft. 20,378 1.16.1
Jeff Azure's Hardstone Mod Adds a dyable cuttable block with -1 hardness and a number of features that build off it and then off each other. 144 1.14.4
JLine for Dedicated Server Enables command history, auto completion and syntax highlighting on the server console. 1,050 1.17
JMX JSON Model Extensions for Fabric 327,266 1.17
Jod Mod created for fabric, just for fun. 13 1.16.1
Jojo's Commands [Fabric] A mod that adds back old commands and even some extra convenient ones into Minecraft! 0 1.16.5
JS Macros javascript macromod for blockgame 841 1.17.1
JsMacros-JEP JEP extension for JsMacros. 100 1.16.4
JsMacros-Jython Jython extension for JsMacros. 112 1.17.1
JsMacros-Lua Lua extension for JsMacros. 131 1.17.1
JsMacros-Ruby Ruby extension for JsMacros. 32 1.17.1
JSON to Brigadier Converts JSON files into Brigadier commands 9 1.17
JukeFix Fix playing to the center of the jukebox 174 1.17
Jumpless Step Step over 1 block height without jumping ! [FABRIC] 588 1.16.1
Jumploader Use Fabric mods in Twitch modpacks! 1,224,727 1.17
JumpOverFences This mod allows the player to jump over fences and walls. 525,104 1.17
Just Another Redstone Gate Mod Adds some Redstone gates 8,164 1.16.4
Just enough money A mod that adds money 5 1.16.1
Just Map A minimap mod with additional information for Minecraft with Fabric launcher. 65,209 1.16.4
Just Map Unlimited The Just Map mod version with all feauteres unlocked. 10,699 1.16.4
Just Pipes Simple fluid transport and storage 829 1.14.3
Just Sleep Just sleep allows you to sleep in other beds without setting your spawn location. 534,866 1.14.4
Kappa Adds OptiFine capes to snapshots... 22 1.18-Snapshot
Karam Adds a bunch of useless and useful things 213 1.16.3
kayak A minecraft mod that adds some boat related stuff. 11,429 1.16-Snapshot
KBackup-Fabric An easy-to-use backup mod for fabric Minecraft server 339 1.16.5
Kealis' Mod A mod that adds to the vanilla Minecraft experience 107 1.16.5
Keep Head Names Keep display names of player heads 659 1.17.1
keepinventory-command Adds a /keepinventory command which allows per-player keepinventory 894 1.16.3
KEssential-Fabric An essential mod for Fabric API, providing Bukkit's Essential-like commands with vanilla taste. 23 1.15.2
Kevlar An early-to-mid-game tech mod for Fabric 202 1.15.2
Keybind Search Search for keybinds in the controls menu! 21,858 1.17.1
Kibe A miscellaneous mod for Minecraft that adds a bunch of random, and mostly unoriginal things. 565,521 1.17.1
Killer Bee A stronger bee, to spice up gameplay 412 1.16.4
Kiln (Fabric) Companion to smoker and blast furnace for smelting stones, sands, bricks, and more. Request from BluKat. 42,875 1.16.5
Kiss Your Assets Goodbye Saves space by deleting .minecraft/assets on launch. 75 1.16.5
Kitty Camp A lightweight mod for smores! 30 1.16.1
Knit A basic library mod for Lomeli's Fabric mods. 245 1.14-Snapshot
Koi [Fabric] Koi 7,232 1.16.1
Konkrete [Fabric] Just another boring library mod. 146,749 1.17.1
Kontrolo (Fabric) Press R to quickly access common commands. 798 1.17.1
KoreanChat This is Korean Chat Mod. ver (Fabric) 24 1.16.5
Kotlin Extensions [Fabric] Kotlin Extensions for various Minecraft classes 0 1.16-Snapshot
KronHUD A HUD mod for Minecraft. Modules include: Keystrokes, CPS, FPS, ping, armor, arrows, and potions. 38,563 1.16.3
Krypton A mod to optimize the Minecraft networking stack 24,001 1.17.1
KubeJS (Fabric) The Fabric port for KubeJS 593,304 1.17
KubeJS UI (Fabric) Allows you to tweak main menu with KubeJS 2,332 1.16.5
Lacrimis The tears that fall from Crying Obsidian are magical 9,232 1.17.1
Ladder API Ladder API for fabric 2,173 1.14.4
LadderWarp Instantly warp up and down climbable blocks with just a right-click. 709 1.16.4
Lakeside A revamp for Minecraft's lakes. 44,132 1.17.1
LaLega Sushi All you can eat Sushi in Minecraft 2,112 1.16.5
LambdaBetterGrass Adds actual better grass to the game. 56,945 1.17.1
LambdaControls Adds better controls: controller support. 47,082 1.17.1
LambDynamicLights A dynamic lights mod for Fabric. 474,696 1.17.1
LAN Deauth Should fix (almost) all of your offline LAN issues 707 1.14.4
Landmark Give Meaning to Exploration 10,620 1.16.2
LanOps Pick and choose who can cheat on your lan game 266 1.14.4
LAN / Publish Overhaul Play with your friends in your SinglePlayer worlds with this mod! 302 1.16.1
Lapis Reserve Lapis stays in Enchanting table 471,228 1.17.1
Lapis Warps Easy transportation around your world with the power of Lapis! 2,241 1.16.5
LargeBar Makes the hotbar a little more roomy! 490 1.17
Large Enchants Allows you to enchant items up to level 2147483647 945 1.15.2
Large Fluid Tank for Fabric Adds some tanks 2,102 1.17.1
Lato Origins Lato Origins is an addon mod to the Origins mod. It adds more powers, power types, and origins. 81,017 1.16.5
Launchers Introduces a fast exploding-piston player launcher 29,660 1.16.5
Lava Picker Upper Lava Picker Upper adds a way to transport huge amounts of lava 148 1.16.5
LavaSponge [Fabric] A Sponge that removes Lava 2,240 1.16.5
Lawnage Lawnage is a mod that adds in lawn similar to that of the long abandoned OffLawn! mod 489 1.17.1
LayingBox Chicken Breeding and Resource Management 7,914 1.16.1
LayingBox Vanilla Chicken Expansion Expansion pack for LayingBox to add Vanilla resource chickens 7,103 1.16.1
LazyDFU Makes the initialization of DataFixerUpper "lazy", making the game start more quickly 193,744 1.17.1
Leadable Bats Makes bats leadable 0 1.16.5
Leadable Pandas Transport your pandas minecraft efficiently. 57 1.16.2
Lead Villagers (Fabric) Lead your villagers to work. 24,075 1.16.1
Leaf Decay Simple mod for quick leaf decay! 36,446 1.16.2
Leaf Me Alone Makes leaves decay when not attached to their own log 12,990 1.16.5
Leather Blocks Adds a dyeable leather block to the game. 235 1.17
Leather Cows (Fabric) Cows that poop leather 1,538 1.14.1
Legacy Bows Bring back the old legacy machine gun bows! This mod also works for crossbows and both of them can be enabled and disabled in the config! 195 1.17.1
Legacy Brigadier Adds Brigadier to b1.7.3 64 1.0.0
Legacy Combat Swing your weapons with pride no more cooldowns for you just like the times of ancient MC 963 1.14-Snapshot
Legacy Display Bring back the Minecraft legacy display! You can now have the Legacy Title Screen, the Legacy Loading Screen, the legacy FPS Display, the legacy Chunk Update Display, the legacy Minecraft Version Display, and a Coordinates Display and it's fully customiza 260 1.17.1
Legacy Fabric-Api The legacy fabric version of the fabric api 6,734 1.8.9
legoatoom's Ender Bench A vanilla style way to remotely access your storage. 551 1.16.3
legoatoom's Golden Berries A Minecraft Mod that adds golden berries to the game. 500 1.16.3
Lemon's Equivalence (Fabric) A Mod All About Equivalence! 247 1.17
Lengthy Ladders Allows building ladders really high 3,838 1.17.1
Lepton (Fabric) Adding blocks that should already be in the game by default, such as vanilla stairs, slabs, walls, pressure plates, buttons and more! 78 1.16.5
Less Annoying Piglins A mod that makes piglins neutral after bartering. 74 1.16.3
Less Clutter Tries to clean up some of minecrafts "features" 350 1.17.1
Less Greedy Piglins remove cheesy piglin barter farms 61,657 1.16.2
Lettuce Not Crash Why crash when ticking when you can not? 1,432 1.14.4
Level Up HP (Fabric) Gain hearts of health by killing mobs or consuming heart containers. 289,367 1.15.2
Lever Buttons Adds lever buttons to the game. 32 1.16.5
Lib Block Attributes Pure library mod: used by other mods to allow for exchanging items and fluids between blocks. 235,008 1.17
LibCapableData (LibCD) Improved data processing for Fabric and 1.14 61,424 1.16.5
Lib Data Potential (LibDP) Unleashing the potential of data packs 8 1.16.2
LibGamerule A library mod to add gamerules 12,247 1.16.1
LibGui Easier GUIs for Fabric and Minecraft 1.14 10,301 1.16-Snapshot
Lib Multipart A Multipart API for fabric, used by SimplePipes and (soon) buildcraft. 31,197 1.17
Lib Network Stack Pure library mod: used by other mods (namely LibMultiPart and thus SimplePipes) 30,116 1.17
Libra - An Origins Addon Blessings? Curses? You want them? They are yours, my friend. As long as you have enough balance. 41,691 1.17.1
Library of Exile Library mod that allows all my Exile related mods to connect. 737,367 1.16.5
Lid Space Fixes chests opening in situations where they shouldn't. 109 1.15.2
Lifts A technology mod for Minecraft that adds various lifts for better vertical traversal inside your world. 113,672 1.17.1
Light Block - Fabric Implements the Light Block from Bedrock into Fabric 853 1.17
Light Emitting Diode Redstone lamps, lamps and more lamps! 74 1.17
light fix (MC-228802) fixes a bug that prevents chunks from loading and entities from ticking 0 1.17.1
Lightfooted Adds an enchantment to tread carefully 20 1.17
LightLevel LightLevel adds a toggleable overlay that displays information about the the light level reaching blocks with a solid top in a 16-block radius. 11,205 1.16.3
Lightning Prevention Adds a blacklist for lightning strike base blocks and a whitelist for lightning fire base blocks. 99 1.17.1
Light Overlay (Rift/Forge/Fabric) A simple mod to provide users with NEI-like light level overlay. 8,837,567 1.17.1
Lightstones Adds emissive stones inspired by Bionicle 131,616 1.16.5
lil' Tater lil' Tater 6,473 1.14-Snapshot
Lil Tater Reloaded LTR aims to automate a number of tasks that previously would be difficult, boring, or... 16,742 1.17.1
limitless a mod that increases the enchantment limit to 2147483647 and removes some other restrictions 34,717 1.17.1
Linen Economy Full-featured currency solution for Fabric 1,555 1.16.3
Linkart (Fabric) Want some smooth coupling action? Yea', we've got that! 130,325 1.16.3
Link Button Adds a customizable button on the main menu that can open links 1 1.17
Linked Storage Linkable storages! 185,119 1.17.1
Linking Books Teleport between dimensions using linking books from the Myst video game series 7,010 1.16.5
Lint2 An Tech and Magic based Content mod for fabric 2,336 1.16.5
Liquid Luck(and unluck)[Fabric] This mod adds potions of luck and unluck into minecraft! 94 1.16.5
Lite Conversion Single-use Items that allow for Equivalent Exchange 2,822 1.15.2
Litematica A modern schematic mod written for LiteLoader / Rift / Fabric, with some extra helper functionality for Creative mode 933,977 1.17.1
Litematica Tool this mod adds a simple item into the game which can be used instead of a stick in litematica. (1.17) 77 1.17
Literally Chunk Loader An actual Chunk Loader 6,956 1.17
Lithium (Fabric) An optimization mod for Minecraft which improves server performance significantly 1,555,296 1.17.1
Little Rocket Man Send the garden gnome into space. 629 1.16.3
Llamarama A mod that adds to the world of llamas. 1,275 1.16.5
Llama Steeds // FABRIC Mount your llama and ride into the sunset. 16,468 1.17
Loading Spice Spice up those bland loading screens! 618 1.14-Snapshot
Loading Timer Adds a timer in where how long it takes Minecraft to load. 7,309 1.17
LocationSaverMod Lets you save coordinates and name them 18 1.17
Locky Lock things up, hassle-free 2,420 1.14.3
Logical Recipes Changes several recipes to give more logical outputs 255 1.15.2
Logical Zoom Super simple zoom key for Minecraft 1.16 118,984 1.17.1
Login Fabric mod for Minecraft to protect offline mode servers adding /login and /register. 180 1.16.5
Login Toast Displays a toast message whenever a player joins a server 31 1.16.3
Lonsdaleite [ Tools/Armors/Weapons ] + Omnitool Adds a Lonsdaleite tier to Minecraft (Fabric) (1.16+ and 1.17+) 6,955 1.17
LookTheStuff LookTheStuff is a Minecraft 1.15.2 mod which adds 3 new ores, more than 15 tools and weapons and much more ! 187 1.15.2
Loose Trigger Adds a quicker way to call /trigger commands 7 1.16.3
lootbeams Adds some small lootbeams based on item tooltips 119,150 1.17
Lootstrap Allows a player to recieve loot when they join the server. 26,678 1.17.1
Loud Leads [Fabric] Adds sound effects for attaching and detaching leads. 1,318 1.17
Low Fire Make the frst-person fire overlay less obtrusive by lowering its height on screen. 5,132 1.17
lOwOcalizatiωn OwO? 1,142 1.17
LuckPerms A permissions plugin (mod) for Minecraft servers. 1,438 1.16.5
Lucky Blocks for Fabric The modern style Lucky Blocks for Fabric 1,092 1.17.1
Luminiferous Uplands A modern take on the Skylands! 1,173 1.15.2
Luminous Wool Adds emissive wool to Minecraft. 60 1.17.1
Luxore Pastel Style Tools and Armor 905 1.16.5
Magical Lanterns A small fabric mod that adds useful lanterns to the game 14,148 1.16.5
Magical Music Instruments (Fabric) Adds handheld musical instruments based on the note block. They can also play custom tunes or magical ones found in treasure chests. 0 1.16.3
Magic Mirror [FABRIC] A magic mirror which lets you TP home 13,334 1.17.1
Magma Opus Allows you to create anything gathered from the Nether without ever having to go there. 3,870 1.15.2
Magnet for Fabric A simple magnet for fabric 1.16/1.15! Continuation of the FabricMagnet mod by TheRealp455w0rd 1,690 1.16.5
Make Every Biome Spawnable Lol Allows spawning in every biome. 1,208 1.16.5
Make Minecraft Hard Again Make Minecraft Hard Again is a mod that tries to fix some unbalanced features of vanilla and adds new features such as rock knapping. 85 1.16.1
Makkit An intuitive world editor for creative mode! 3,227 1.16.5
Malek's Fluid Interaction API This is a library that provides an easy api for implementing fluid interactions 30 1.16.4
MaLiLib A library mod required for masa's client-side mods 1,141,384 1.17.1
MAmbience Adding ambient sounds to Minecraft 250,708 1.16.5
Manhunt: Fabric Dream's Minecraft manhunt, built from the ground up for the Fabric Mod Loader. 9,083 1.17
Map Atlases A vanilla-friendly mini-map/world-map mod using vanilla Maps, introducing the "Atlas". 12,979 1.16.5
Mapmaker's Bridge A mod for connecting your editor to minecraft for automatic datapack reload. 13 1.16-Snapshot
Map Printer (Fabric) Save maps to images (client side) 198 1.16.5
Map Tooltip View maps from your inventory 8,614 1.17.1
Marine Stuffs A mod inspiring life in the water 174 1.16.1
MaskOfLoki's Fabric Tweaks A collection of tweaks and additions to vanilla minecraft that don't require the client to be modded when used on a server 113 1.14.1
Materialisation Customise your tools like Tinker's Construct for Fabric 1.14.x. 54,450 1.16.5
Material Tooltip A simple mod that adds tooltip if item can be used in recipes 401 1.14-Snapshot
MatterLink Simple bridge between Minecraft, Mattermost, IRC, XMPP, Gitter, Slack, Discord, Telegram, Rocket.Chat, Hipchat(via xmpp), Matrix and Steam. 7,123 1.15.2
Mattock Adds the Mattock - a universal digger for Minecraft. 0 1.17.1
Mattocks Remastered: Paxels but Fabric! Paxels for Fabric, branded with a new name! 8,011 1.16.4
MaxVar reap reap for fabric - right-click on a fully grown plant to harvest and reseed 5,155 1.17
(MBM) More Blocks Mod This mod adds vanilla like blocks that make a better Minecraft experience. 7,918 1.16.5
MC-144761 Fix Fixes MC-144761 367 1.16.1
MC-212 Fix Fixes a very old bug in which the player could disconnect in singleplayer before taking fall damage, and re-logging withou dying. 0 1.17
MC API Exposes a REST API to interact with the Minecraft Client (1.14-1.16) 2 1.16.1
MC Client Tweaks Adds usefull client side only features to Minecraft 368 1.17.1
MCDoom Mod [Fabric] Adds content from Doom to Minecraft using Fabric API 11,642 1.16.5
MC Dungeons Armors Bringing the armors of Minecraft Dungeons to Minecraft 152,149 1.17.1
MC Dungeons Artifacts Bringing the artifacts from MC Dungeons to Java 8,883 1.17.1
MC Dungeons Weapons Weapons and tools from Minecraft Dungeons -- Now with Enchantments and Dual Wielding! :D 246,373 1.17.1
MC Effekseer Implementation An API mod which implements Effekseer into Minecraft 2 1.16.5
MCG Stores all of your coordinates in a simple-to-read format! 388 1.16.4 Share your Minecraft server log directly from your server with one simple command. 378 1.17
MC NDI Adds support for NDI to Minecraft 19 1.16.5
MC Plug-n-Play A LAN overhaul mod for Fabric that adds automatic port forwarding. 2,576 1.16.5
MC Story Mode Armors Bringing the armors of Minecraft Story Mode to Minecraft 42,315 1.17
Meal API An API to add more filling foods to the game. 1,745 1.17.1
Mechanical Tech Wind, water and muscle! Primitive vanilla-esque tech without electricity or magic. 64,059 1.16.5
Mechanix Upcoming tech mod. Generate and use power to automate your experience! 7,909 1.16.5
Mechanized Steam Power Use pressurized steam to power machines, tools and armor. 11,738 1.16.1
MedievalWeapons Old but gold weapons 36,169 Unknown
megane HWYLA/WTHIT plugin that shows more tooltip than you'll ever want. Available for Fabric. 482,745 1.17.1
Melon Slabs Adds a long-awaited feature. 621 1.16.2
Memento Mori: Addon for Requiem Opinionated balancing for Requiem 4,662 1.16.5
Mend Trend - Make Mending available Allows the Mending Enchantment at enchantment tables. 1,371 1.14.2
Mermod [FABRIC] Adds a necklace that gives players mermaid tails upon contact with water. 86,483 1.16.5
Mesh Modding Library for Fabric 171 1.17.1
MetaTips See what's up with your items 4,810 1.15.1
Micalibria Library mod for Micalobia's mods 0 1.16.5
Michael's Paxels (Fabric) A paxel mod for fabric! 450 1.16.4
microDurability A very minimal durability viewer. 5,940 1.16.5
Midas Hunger [Fabric] Adds additional golden food items that give the player status effects. 4,439 1.17
MidnightLib Common library with a built-in configuration system 45 1.17.1
Mighty Mangoes Adds mangoes that can be obtained from jungle trees! 4,776 1.17.1
Milk Plus Milk, but better! 318 1.17.1
Mimics Mimics lurk in the world, waiting to eat your loot. Should you be clever enough, you could have a boon companion for your loot-hoarding adventures 4,352 1.16.5
Minalchemy A mod inspired by Little Alchemy mobile games 306 1.14.4
Mineable Infested Blocks A simple mod that makes infested blocks mineable with a silk touch pick. 52 1.15.2
MineAmp Minecraft mp3/ogg/wav/m4a/flac player 33,966 1.14.1
Minecord A Minecraft Integration of Discord's Activity System 9,310 1.16-Snapshot
MinecraftCapes Mod Minecon Capes anyone with the mod can see 727,761 1.17.1
Minecraft Transit Railway A Minecraft mod that adds Hong Kong trains into the game. 37,662 1.18-Snapshot
Minecraft WLAN Plug-n-Play Minecraft WLAN Plug-n-Play 1,002 1.18-Snapshot
MineGate · MoreBlocks Variations of blocks and quarter blocks 19,842 1.17.1
MineMenuFabric MineMenu, but for fabric 749 1.17.1
Mineral Collector A passive resource generation mod. 820 1.14.3
Miner's Horizon Miner's Horizon adds a new customizable mining dimension to the game. 42,551 1.16.5
Minesave Save your Minecraft worlds to the Cloud! 842 1.16.1
Miniature Wormholes Adds a device used to teleport both short and long distances. 296 1.16.5
Mini Extras [Fabric] This is mod adds some small extras and changes to vanilla Minecraft! 1,712 1.17.1
MiniHUD A "mini F3" HUD mod, with light level, spawn & slime chunk overlays etc. 316,782 1.17.1
Minimal Menu Minimal Menu is a small client side mod that allows the user independently toggle main buttons on the title screen and options screens. 2,441 1.17
MiniMOTD MiniMOTD is a server-side mod utilizing MiniMessage to allow for Hex colors, Gradients, and more in the server list MotD 960 1.17.1
Mining Dimensions [FABRIC] Provides a few extra dimensions for gathering resources 18,606 1.17.1
Mining Utility Adds some utility items for mining 1,588 1.17
MiniShield Makes the shield size adjustable. 453 1.14.4
Misc Tab Adds a creative tab with all items not in any other tab. 599 1.16.5
Miskatonic Mysteries That is not dead which can eternal lie... until now 5,540 1.16.5
MissingBits Shows if something is missing or if a mod was updated or removed 15,508 1.16.3
Missing Bricks A mod that adds missing-texture styled bricks to the game 67 1.16.5
Missing Craftings Adds some crafting recipes to on some Items 144 1.16.5
Missing Nether Blocks Missing Nether Blocks 2,189 1.16.5
Missing Smelting Expands the smelting onto some items 1,807 1.16.5
Mixed Slab Double Slabs Port 4,728 1.16.3
MixinTrace Adds a list of mixins in the stack trace to crash reports 111,153 1.17
ML3API Simple API for mod development 261 1.15.2
MmmMmmMmmMmm-Fabric (target dummy) Test Dummies that show damage dealt and can be equipped with armor 542 1.16.5
Mob Blindness (Fabric) Tweak that allows all mobs to be affected by blindness debuffs 756 1.16.5
MobCapped Mob cap control in Fabric 138 1.16.1
Mob Controls [Fabric] Nametags effect mob properties 198 1.15.1
MobCountMod Counts entities in a region around you 1,117 1.17.1
MobDisguises Showcasing the possibilities of DisguiseLib library. 196 1.16.5
Mob Farm Helpers (Fabric) Add some helpers to mob farm 2,091 1.16.5
Mob farm nerfer This mod nerfs mob farms by eliminating Xp from them 175 1.17
Mob Gems (Fabric) Mob Gems is all about capturing mobs in diamonds to harness their powers! 100 1.16.5
Mob Grinder Fabric A mob grinder, without the mobs 8,858 1.16-Snapshot
mob.jar a jar for mob 6,313 1.16-Snapshot
Mob Origins Adds more origins based off of mobs! 430,502 1.17.1
Mob proof crystals [Fabric] Use end crystals to mob proof big areas of the world 13,201 1.17
Mob Rebirth Allows mobs and animals to be reborn when they die. Very configurable. 183,000 1.16.5
Mob Ropes Capture mobs with special ropes for easy transportation! 15,329 1.16.4
Mobs Attempt Parkour Gives certain vanilla mobs the ability to jump over things 36,580 1.17.1
Mobs Main Menu Renders the player and a random mob in the main menu. 1,658 1.16.5
MobZ More vanilla style mobs 253,681 1.16.5
Mo' Colors Dye wool, glass, slime, concrete, slime blocks and bricks any colors you want! 126,635 1.17.1
Mod Credits Adds mod authorship information to the credits. 632 1.16.5
Modded Items Modded Items is a mod for fabric that adds a creative tab that contains all the modded items in the game 2,089 1.15-Snapshot
Modded Tool Tips Simple mod to display the mod an item came from in it's tool tip 3,282 1.15-Snapshot
Models Unlocked Adds resource pack model support for more blocks. 408 1.16.1
Modern Beta [Fabric] Generate Beta, Alpha, Infdev, and Indev terrain for modern Minecraft! 8,794 1.17.1
Modern Glass Doors Adds prettier glass doors 607,285 1.17
Modern Industrialization Modern Industrialization is a standalone tech mod, where the ultimate objective is total automation. 436,516 1.17.1
Modified ICU with TP toggle Make Barriers Visible. A modified version of the ICU mod with a Texturepack 3 1.17
Modifier Tooltip Fix (Fabric) Fixes incorrect equality checking in the modifier tooltip code 225 1.17
Modify Drops API Allows for more complex and context-sensitive item drops 6,966 1.16.4
Mod Info Command A Fabric mod that adds a simple mod information command 27 1.17-Snapshot
Mod Menu Adds a mod menu to view the list of mods you have installed. 2,603,282 1.17.1
Modpack Menu A Fabric 1.15 Menu Tweaker Mod 2,516 Unknown
Mods Command A Fabric mod adding commands to list, search, and get information about installed mods. 202 1.17.1
ModsMod A mod that dynamiclly generates a number of empty mods 103 1.17
Mods of the World (Fabric) A mod to end all title screen rebrandings and resulting conflicts. Can also give quick views into what mods are in a modpack. 1,692 1.17-Snapshot
Modular Ender Storage System Too many chests? Don't stress! Make a M.E.S.S! 5,489 1.17
Modular Item Frame [FABRIC] All the utility in one frame. 68 1.16.2
ModUpdater A simple Minecraft mod updater. 9,253 1.16.2
Mo'Enchantments Adds a few enchantment for tools 99,273 1.17.1
Mo Glass Adds glass stairs and glass slabs to Minecraft. 523,241 1.17.1
Mojank Logo Changes Mojang logo to :mojank: emoji from Fabric Discord Server 26 1.17
MolecularCraft A minechem-like mod for newer version of Minecraft and Fabric Loader 157 1.16.4
Moneys! Just Adds Money To the Game Didn't you Saw The Title! 0 1.16.5
monkeys mod a mod made by a monkey 818 1.15-Snapshot
monopoly Unify dropped items. Make one type of copper the only type you can get. 871 1.16.5
Monster Mash Add some monsters, check out their poo 21 1.16.3
[FABRIC] Monster Of The Ocean Depths Adds Mob A, the "monster of the ocean depths" as it was called from the original Minecraft live mob vote. 206,396 1.16.5
Monsters in the Closet Highlights mobs that are preventing you from sleeping 30,119 1.17
Mooblooms A mod adding colorful and flowery cows. Moo! 112,639 1.17.1
Mooblooms and Mud Mod A mod with the mob that everyone wanted but didn't get 423 1.16.5
Moonball (Fabric) MUNBAH! 92 1.16.4
Moon Phase Info Displays info about the current phase of the moon in-game. 71 1.15.2
More Baked Foods [FABRIC/FORGE] Some Baked Foods 1,500 1.17.1
More Berries Adds berry bushes to fabric 111,519 1.17.1
More Chains Adds more chain variants + sideways chains for the 1.16.1 version! 503 1.16.2
Mo' Recipes | A mod by Skittlq A mod that aims to add recipes to uncraftable items! 30 1.16.5
More Coal Uses Adds Coal Tools and Armor 17 1.17-Snapshot
MoreCommands Adds a lot of commands. 90,136 1.17.1
More Commands Mod Adds useful commands to the game 53 1.16.5
More Curios Totems of Undying This mod makes it so More Totems of Undying are Curios Compatible! 20,974 1.16.5
More Death Messages Changes the default Minecraft death messages to be more fun! 2,584 1.17.1
MoreDiamonds! Adds More Diamonds Diamond Ores And Diamond Blocks 337 1.16.5
More Drinks[Fabric] This mod adds more drinks to minecraft! 916 1.16.5
MoreFlowerPots (FABRIC) Adds 34 new types of Flower Pots 233 1.17.1
More Foods Fabric More Foods lol 15 1.16.4
More Gems [FABRIC] Adds (10) balanced sets of armor, tools, & weapons 77,564 1.17.1
More Ice Want more ice? oh.. no? well, this adds more anyway! 13,279 1.16.5
More Jewels - Fabric This modd adds more jewels! 559 1.17.1
More Layers Adds a few decorative layers for landscaping 13,730 1.15.2
More Materials Mod[Fabric] This mod adds more(and better) mods to Minecraft 288 1.16.5
More Minerals Mod This mod adds more minerals such as rubies and copper into the game. 532 1.16.4
More Music Discs+ Adds more music discs 1,902 1.16.5
More Paintings! I added like 30 paintings for more variation. 6,059 1.16.5
More Paths Adds nylium, podzol, and mycelium paths! 60,081 1.16.4
More Respawn Anchors A simple mod that adds more Respawn Anchors to the game. 44,446 1.17.1
MoreSlime Add more slime to the game 314 1.16.5
More Structures - add-on for William Wythers' Overhauled Overworld This mod will add a host of new structures to many biomes that currently lack interesting structures, as well as improving on a few of the vanilla structures, adding a sense of exploration, discovery and adventure. 607 1.17
More Toolbars Fabric mod which adds 18 more toolbars! 94 1.16.3
More Tooltips Providing Integrations & Tooltips 352,902 1.17.1
More Totems Of Undying A mod that adds new mob-inspired totems to Minecraft 70,652 1.17
More Vanilla Nuggets More Vanilla Minecraft Nuggets! 72 1.16.4
More Vanilla Ores Overworld Ores in the Nether and End, and Nether Ores in the Overworld and End! 124 1.17-Snapshot
More Vanilla Potions Makes (almost) all the vanilla potion effects brewable. 6,593 1.17
More Villagers [Fabric] Adds new villager jobs to the game, with unique trades and workstations! 77,863 1.17.1
MoreWeaponry This mod adds some weapons, armors and ores! 11 1.16.4
Moris Winter-Mod (Competition) Mod for TurtyWurtys: Only One - Winter Competition 34 1.16.4
Moss Wand Convert blocks to their mossy variants 72 1.17
Mo' Structures (Fabric) Mo' Structures is Fabric's best structure mod, adding new lore and adventure to your world! 1,051,194 1.17.1
motioNO Stops Minecraft from changing the FoV when running, using potions and bows, etc. 2,789 1.16.1
Motschen's Puddles Adds puddles that spawn during rain and thunder! Compatible with any shader pack! 1,367 1.17.1
MounderTweaks A bunch of vanilla-style tweaks and changes to Minecraft 1.16.2, with the help of the Fabric Loader. 699 1.16.5
Mountainous (Fabric) A mod expanding mountains and plains! 12 1.16.5
Mouse Wheelie (Fabric) A "small" clientside mod featuring item scrolling, inventory sorting, item refilling and more! 787,114 1.17.1
Mpcs's Backpacks Portable storage for all your minecraft needs! 17,761 1.15.2
MPD-MC A MPD client for Minecraft. 48 1.16.5
MT: GardenArsenal [Fabric] Its a little fun mod about guns which shoots vegetables! 273 1.16.5
Mubble Expand your world with features from the Nintendo universe, and way more. (Mario, Undertale...) 5,447 1.16.5
muffin53 Emerald Items Adds Emerald Items to Minecraft 6 1.16.5
Muffle Adds a Sound Muffler, which muffles nearby sounds. Duh. 507 1.16.2
Multarum Ore The ore of many! 63 1.15.2
MultiBlock API A simple API for compatibility with MultiBlocks similar to Doors and Beds 525 1.14.3
multiconnect A clientside mod which allows you to connect to different Minecraft server versions 18,162 1.17.1
Multiplayer Button Adds a multiplayer button to the pause menu. 91 1.16.5
MultiSleep Aids the process of sleeping on a multiplayer server 0 1.17
multiverse: oven adds a oven to be used by over multiverse mods 10 1.16.4
multiverse survival the survival module for the multiverse modline 0 1.16.5
Mumble Link (Fabric) Provides position data to the Mumble Link plugin 50,376 1.17.1
Musical Highly Configurable Music Player that Plays Vanilla Minecraft Discs 148 1.16.5
Music Control More control over Minecraft music 621 1.17.1
Music Discs + A lot of music 628 1.16.5
Music Discs Galore (FABRIC & FORGE) Adds New Discs to Minecraft (1.16.5 (both) and 1.12.2 (forge)) 4,532 1.17.1
MusicDiscsPlus Adds 144+ Music Discs to minecarft! 1,680 1.16.1
Music Duration Reducer Plays music more often; reducing the duration between songs. 145,413 1.17.1
Music Expansion Expands Minecraft's musical functionality. 1,231 1.16.5
Mutuality Allows configuring various mutually exclusive enchantments. 1,476 1.16.5
MyCommands server and client Commands 463,150 1.16.1
My Mob Army MMB Makes every mob you killed fight for you like teamed wolves! 27 1.17
Mystical Agriculture: Refabricated Fabric port of Mystical Agriculture 25,264 1.16.5
Mythic Metals Fabric-based mod which adds over 30 new sets of tools, weapons, ores, ingots, and sets of armor. 33,490 1.17.1
Mythology Origins This mod aims to add revamped versions of mythological creatures to the Origins mod. 4,904 1.16.5
NAFIS Yet another tool/weapon modification mod 291 1.16.5
Nameless Servers Allows servers to not have names and makes the delete screen more helpful 6,881 1.17
Name Lookup This mod allows you to look up a player's username history with the use of /namelookup. 23 1.17.1
Name Pain Vanilla-friendly health-based nameplate coloring, better pet name visibility, and lots of configs clientside client-side qol quality life hide lightweight players pets nametag change colors vanity disable fabric combat cosmetics tame tweaks 998,765 1.17.1
NanoEvents an API for zero overhead event based programming for fabric 16 1.16-Snapshot
NarratorBind Moves the narrator to a keybind. 902 1.14.4
narrator off a mod that disables the narrator 712 1.17.1
Naturverbunden: Terrain The realistic terrain module from the upcoming Naturverbunden mod 502 1.17-Snapshot
Nbt Crafting (Fabric) Gives you the ability to add recipes depending on items' nbt data. 35,099 1.17.1
NBT Tooltip Show the item's NBT in its tooltip 26,907 1.17
NBT Viewer (Fabric) View the NBT data of your items! 280 1.16-Snapshot
Negative-N A Mod that's add a brand new universe to Minecraft! And with multiple Features! 811 1.16.5
Nekos Rotten Flesh to Leather Convert Rotten flesh to leather! 3,022 1.16.4
Nether Chest (Fabric) Shared cloud storage for Minecraft. 136 1.17
Nether Extra Update [FABRIC/FORGE] Minecraft 1.16 Forge and Fabric vanilla like mod that expands the Nether Update 2,476 1.16.1
netherHigher Raises The Nether and End's height limits 3,429 1.16.4
Netherite Carrots Adds over-powered Netherite Carrots to Minecraft. 667 1.17.1
Netherited (Fabric) Adds an enchantment that prevents items from burning in lava and fire. 4,150 1.16.1
Netherite Horse Armor Adds Netherite Horse Armor! 36,592 1.16.5
[Fabric] Netherite Horse Armor A simple mods that adds netherite horse armor 7,942 1.17
Netherite Items Fun netherite items for your world! 9,207 1.17
Netherite Nuggets [Fabric] Because repairing with Netherite Ingots is too expensive! 381 1.17.1
NetheritePlus+ Not Just Backport. Forge 1.7.10, 1.8, Fabric 1.14-1.15 3,966 1.15.2
Netherite Plus Mod Adds more netherite features to your game. 681,133 1.16.5
Netherite Shulkers Upgrade your existing shulkers for extra protection and storage space! 1,604 1.16.2
Nethermode Move the worldspawn into the Nether 230 1.16-Snapshot
Nether Roof Nerf [Fabric] Changes the biome of the nether roof to be void 245 1.17.1
Nether Things A mod that adds things related to the Nether 34,370 1.14.4
Nethores Add overworld ores to the nether. 1,272 1.16.3
Net Weight There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot. 3,192 1.15.2
Neutral Animals This mod makes chickens, cows, pigs, rabbits, and sheep fight back! 345 1.17.1
Never Full Allows you to eat even when your hunger is full 0 1.16.5
Newball mod A mod test by Newball 0 1.16.5
New Caves Adds a new generation of caves and other 1.18 features! 108 1.17
New Colors Mod A mod adding new colors 146 1.15.2
New Copper Armor & Tools Adds armor and tools made of copper (vanilla version) 1,486 1.17.1
New Nether Stuff (Fabric) adds a new ore, armor and tools. 4,797 1.16.5
Nicephore (better screenshots) [Fabric] Nicephore is a Minecraft mod which convert any screenshot taken to JPEG, and add some useful tools to share these screenshots 2,015 1.16.5
Nice To Have A bunch of features that are nice to have 7,988 1.16.5
Nico's Extrablocks Adss new Blocks that fit into the Vanilla game! 732 1.16.5
Nico's Extra Items adds Vanilla friendly content to the game 64 1.16.5
Nifty (Fabric) Nifty is a mod by Panno. 703 1.14-Snapshot
NightSkip Skips the night when a percentage of players are sleeping 73 1.15
Night Vision flash be gone Gets rid of that annoying Night Vision flashing when it's about to run out 612 1.16.5
No Ambient Mobs Removes all ambient mobs (aka only bats) 852 1.16.3
No Angled Brackets Removes the brackets around your name in chat! 259,799 1.17.1
No Annoying Settings Disables Auto-Jump and Music every game restart to ensure it remains disabled. 456 1.17
No Beacon Beams Client-side mod that removes beacon beams 23 1.16.4
No Bedrock Rid yourself of the damn Bedrock layer. 0 1.16.5
No Bedrock 2: Electric Boogaloo prevents bedrock from generating 2 1.17
NoCreativeDrift NoCreativeDrift stops the player from drifting while flying. 648 1.17.1
No Creeper Holes! Adds gamerules to specifically toggle creeper and ghast griefing 588 1.16.5
NoCurse There will be no curse enchantment 347 1.16
NoDamI (No Damage Immunity) Every Hit Matters! How is a rightful hit [under certain condition] doing no damage acceptable? 160,898 1.16.5
No Drowned Stops drowned from spawning normally. 82 1.16.3
No Enchant Cap Removes the maximum enchantment size. 7,181 1.17.1
NoExpensive The anvil has no expensive restrictions 86,502 1.17
No Fade Remove fade out animations in Minecraft 15,360 1.17
No Feedback Rid yourself of those pesky command messages. 20 1.16.5
No Fire Overlay Mod A mod that removes fire overlay in certain situtations 4,110 1.16.5
NoFog A simple client-side mod supporting both forge and fabric that removes all fog 1,667,582 1.17.1
No Friction Mod (Fabric) Fabric port of Fundy's No Friction mod 32 1.16.1
nogizmo Disables the F3 3D direction gizmo crosshair and replaces it with the default one 817 1.17
NoHunger Removes the hunger bar from Minecraft, food will instead heal you. 18 1.17
NoHurtCam Removes the damage screenshake 175 1.17
NoItemBurn A fabric 1.14.2 mod that stops items from burning when dropped in lava or fire. 371 1.14.2
NoJumpscare Removes the Elder Guardian jumpscare effect. 0 1.16.2
No Lakes Removes those pesky lakes from world gen. 479 1.16.5
No LAN Cheats Makes the 'Allow Cheats' button on the LAN screen do nothing, preventing you from cheating. 121 1.17.1
NoLavaCast Prevents lava casting for fabric servers 29 1.17
Nomad Books 📗 Store camps inside books! A solution for players that are always adventuring. 27,896 1.16.5
No More Ambient Mobs Bats and fish mobs no longer spawn! 38 1.17
NoMoreGlowingPots Removes item glint from potions (the enchanted visual effect) 173,524 1.17
No More Optifine Capes Removes Optifine Capes 882 1.16.5
No More Useless Keys - NMUK (Fabric) Allows you to add alternative key combinations to every key binding! 930 1.17
[Fabric] NonCorrelatedExtras Side project that adds random things. 7,333 1.16
No Nether Portal Overlay This mod removes the annoying nether portal overlay! 97 1.17.1
NonEvaporation Put water in the Nether. Supports Forge and Fabric, 1.7.10-1.16.2. 9,986 1.16.2
NonZero Farming Patches 0-tick farms 41 1.16-Snapshot
No Player Labels Configurable player names 1,968 1.17.1
No Recipe Book (Fabric) Removes the recipe button from the players inventory 92 1.17.1
No Screen Bobbing A fabric mod to remove the screen shake of enabled view bobbing. 338 1.17
No Sleep [Fabric] Prevents player sleeping but adds an Overworld Anchor to set your spawn point. 220 1.17.1
No Sneaking Over Magma! Makes it so that you take damage even while sneaking on magma blocks. 2,060 1.17.1
No Striders Stops Striders from spawning. 65 1.16.3
No Strip Fabric client side mod that adds a toggle for whether you can strip logs 7,940 1.17
Notchify Enchant golden apples in a vanilla-friendly way! 10,943 1.17
Noteblock Expansion More instruments to the noteblock 1,364 1.16.5
No Teleport Cooldown This mod removes the cooldown for things that teleport you! 127 1.17.1
Not Enough Animations (Forge/Fabric) Bringing first-person animations to the third-person 172,507 1.17
Not Enough Crashes (Fabric) When crashing, you can go back to the title screen and keep playing, without needing to restart, alongside other things to make crashes more pleasant. 149,884 1.17
Not Enough Creativity A better Creative inventory for item sidebar users, with bonus features. 19,411 1.16.5
Not Enough Milk Lets you milk every mob in Minecraft... yes every single one. 77,566 1.16.5
Not Enough Packs Friendlier Resource and Data Packs for Fabric/Minecraft 11 1.17.1
Notes Fabric Allows you to take notes in-game per server/world or optionally globally 540,135 1.17.1
Nothingness Reborn a 1.15.2 version of "the god block" by Kreezxil 213 1.17-Snapshot
No Trample Boots enchanted with feather falling and entities with the slow falling status effect will never trample crops! 8,524 1.16.4
NoTrample Stops farmland getting trampled 401 1.17.1
Not Red Dust Allows for Redstone Wires to be any color! 105 1.16.1
Nourish A data-driven nutrition mod 402,679 1.16.5
NoWaterCaves This mod disables underwater caves 1,399 1.16.2
No Weak Attack Client side mod that makes it so you can only attack if your attack cooldown is fully restored 1,924 1.17
No Weather Effects Disables client-side weather effects 483 1.17.1
Now Playing Shows a 'now playing' popup whenever a song starts to play. 8,432 1.17.1
NPC Variety Gives villagers and illagers 7 new skin tones, 4 new eye colors, and clothing variations. 6,891 1.14.4
NPC Variety - Port This mod is a port of the original NPC Variety mod. 49,340 1.17.1
Numeric Ping Displays ping numerically 20,842 1.16.3
numerus romani translations for large enchantment levels and 0 1,395 1.16.5
Numpad/Keypad Camera Controls This mod adds camera controls to numpad/keypad similar to minecraft bedrock! 165 1.17.1
Oak's Ore Mod - Refabricated (FABRIC) A fabric 1.17 port of my Oak's Simple Ores Mod project 168 1.17.1
Oak's Simple Ore Mod (DISCONTIUNED) A simple ore mod for forge/fabric 482 1.16.5
Obligatory Loot Bag Mod (OLBM) Obligatory Loot Bag Mod for Fabric and Minecraft 1.15+ 3,075 1.15.2
Obsidian Container [Experience Container Addon] Adding a obsidian container which contain 50 XP levels. 459 1.17
Obsidian Pressure Plate [FABRIC] Adds a pressure plate that is only triggered by players, nothing else. 754 1.15.2
Obsidiplates - Fabric A recreation of the original mod 1,893 1.16.3
Obtainable Unobtainables Allows creative mode players to access unobtainable items without commands! 16 1.17.1
OctalOcclusions Base The base mod for a series of mods under the "OctalOcclusions" name 39 1.16.5
OF Capes Adds Optifine capes for Fabric 12,246 1.17
Offhand Overhaul A mod to improve offhand placement 0 1.17.1
OfflineSkins (Fabric) made it possible to cache your skins for offline use 27,021 1.17.1
Oh, How the Crafting Has Tabled! Adds the other Crafting Table variants to the game! 14,884 1.16.5
Oh The Biomes You'll Go [FABRIC] An Adventure & Exploration mod like no other with unique, magical, realistic, and detailed biomes! 1,086,117 1.16.5
oink - Yet another technoblade origin WE HAVE THE BLADE 1,288 1.16.5
Okyanus Serverside Fabric API 154 1.14.3
Okyanus Optimizations Optimizing and Fixing the Fabric server. 197 1.14.3
Ok Zoomer Adds a highly-configurable zoom key for Fabric. The zoom is yours! 767,015 1.17.1
Old Animations Fabric mod to restore Minecraft animations from legacy versions. 2,201 1.16.5
Old Efficiency (Fabric) Makes efficiency affect all blocks. 1 1.16.2
Old Fish Farm This mod allows the use of old fishing farms before 1.16, without the need to use datapacks. 907 1.16.1
Old GameMode Command Adds pre-1.13 /gamemode command behavior 178 1.17
Old MC Overlay Bera-Like Overlay for newer versions 127 1.16.2
Old Notch Apples Brings back the old, overpowered notch apples. 282 1.16.1
Olifantenpad (Fabric desire paths) Fabric mod that adds customisable desire paths to Minecraft 216 1.16.3
Ollie Edition (Fabric) Ollie mod a minecraft mod that will give you new tools 143 1.16.5
OMMC Make Minecraft Client Great Again! 430 1.17.1
OmniTranslation OmniTranslation 194 1.16.4
OneBar A sleek and contextual HUD mod for Fabric 399 1.17.1
On Soul Fire Makes soul fire actually have unique properties 43,137 1.17.1
OPChanter Enchant with no limits! Probably... 23,764 1.16.5
OP Emerald Items Green 45 1.16.5
Open To Lan Allow online_mode: false with LAN games (and port setting) 433 1.16.2
Operate Block Breaking / Placing / Placeable Gunpowder 244 1.17.1
OP Generation This Fabric Mod Will Enhance The Default Weapons! 230 1.16.5
Op Items Tab Adds a new creative inventory tab for items that aren't already there. 5,100 1.17.1
OptiFabric A mod that allows running optifine on fabric. 2,107,943 1.17.1
Optifine Zoom A mod to give you optifine-style zoom 15,355 1.16.4
OptiLegacy Optifine for 1.8.9 956 1.8.9
OptumCoreLib [Forge] & [Fabric] For my other mods. 263 1.16.4
Orcyclopedia In-game Wiki for for the Origin Realms Server 101 1.16.5
Orderly (Fabric) Minimalistic Functional Unit Plates for the modern Minecrafter. Not a mod by Vazkii. 147,744 1.16.5
Ore Halving Ore processing but it's funny!1!!!1 30 1.17
Ores Above Diamonds (Fabric) The Ores Above Diamonds Mod adds the Amethyst and Black Opal, late-game gems that are far rarer than diamonds, yet also noticeably more powerful. 110 1.17
OresPlus [FABRIC] OresPlus adds new ores, materials and tools. 277 1.16.5
Original Blocks Adds the original block textures to the game with the new textures! 13 1.16.5
Origins Players choose an Origin at the beginning of the game to gain benefits and drawbacks 1,977,254 1.17.1
Origins: Classes Add-on for Origins which adds classes 613,984 1.17.1
Origins Elementals WIP! Adds Elementals to the Origins Mod. 1,072 1.16.5
Origins Enhanced (Fabric) Enhancement mod for the Origin Realms server. 15,874 1.17.1
Origins - Environmental Armor Adds items that can help players with their origins. 82,607 1.17.1
Origins Evolving When you kill the enderdragon your origin adapts and gets stronger. 500 1.16.5
Origins Extra Keybinds Adds extra keybinds to the origins mod! 17,260 1.17
Origins - MegaExtraUltimateMobOrigins Adds two origins for the origins mod. 12,851 1.16.5
Origins Necromancer Origin An Undead Summoner, that's going to beat up other origins and chew bubblegum. 3,196 1.16.5
Origins: The Architect An Origins Add-on. 21,621 1.16.5
Origins: Umbrellas A umbrella mod for Origins 89,565 1.16.5
Overgrown Blocks (FABRIC) Logs, planks, stairs and more that become more overgrown over time! 347 1.17.1
Overgrown Cities (Fabric) A new dimension with decaying cities hidden in the wilderness! 1,830 1.15.2
Over Head HP Display Health remaining over mob heads 3,652 1.14
Overloaded Armor Bar Fabric display armor over 20 points 13,796 1.16.4
Over Populated (NOW CONFIGURABLE!!!) Increases Village spawn rate to make them spawn as giant biome filling metropolises instead of small villages. 5,571 1.14.2
OverpoweredMending (Forge&Fabric) Changes the behaviour of Mending to repair things in your inventory 42,122 1.17.1
Overpowered Pickles [FABRIC] Provides more hearts than anyone should need 5,657 1.17.1
Overworld Quartz Ore (Fabric) Quartz ore in the overworld. For fabric 1.16.5. 62 1.16.5
Overworld Two An optimization mod that generates the overworld much faster than Vaniila! 81,859 1.16.5
OwnCrops [Fabric] Create Custom Crops with KubeJS 33 1.16.5
OwOLib Randomly generated OwO 41 1.16.2
Oysters Fabric Aquatic Themed Resource Generation 20,457 1.16.1
Oysters Cooking Delicious Add-on for Oysters mod 1,709 1.15.2
Packages Opinionated item storage. Successor to Worse Barrels. 503,281 1.17.1
Packed Cobblestone A decent-looking, cheap block that pistons can't move. 804 1.16.5
Packed Storage Mod extending vanilla storage mechanics with upgraded chests and wood variants 4,114 1.16.4
Packet Logger Logs sent and received packets for both the client and server. 124 1.17.1
Painting Cycle Allows the player to cycle through placed paintings. 11,767 1.17.1
Painting Mod A mod that allow to paint some block 14,090 1.14.3
Pale Makes rotten flesh inflict Pale, a status effect that causes damage in sunlight, instead of Hunger. 862 1.17
Palette Cleanser Recaches the block state palette used in debug mode worlds in order to add modded blocks. 130 1.17.1
Palette (Fabric) A library that allows adding paintings. 479 1.14-Snapshot
Pandora MC Play Pandora Radio in Minecraft 143 1.16.4
Panorama Tweaker [Fabric] Allows customization of the main menu panorama. 958 1.17
Paper Doll Y'know that vanity feature from Old Console Edition and Bedrock? 2,592 1.14.4
Paradox Config (Fabric) A Kotlin-based config API for Minecraft 78 1.16-Snapshot
ParadoxSlabs a mod that allows double slabs to be broken in half, inspired by KleeSlabs 3,395 1.17.1
Parry Sword parrying has returned to Minecraft 1.16! 1,418 1.17
Particle Rain replaces rain with a particle effect 21,350 1.17.1
Particle Title Menu Adds particles to Minecraft's Title Menu 86 1.16.5
Passable Leaves [Fabric] Leaves have no collision box now 6,036 1.17
Passive Charms Inventory charms that grant passive perks 685 1.17.1
PassiveVision-Anti Enderman Aggro Prevents endermen from getting aggro'd when you look at them 156 1.16.5
Patbox's BanHammer Simple, customisable punishment utility mod for Fabric 113 1.17.1
Patchouli (Fabric) Fabric port of Patchouli 884,327 1.17.1
pathsuggestion A mod that makes using namespaced identifiers in command suggestions easier. 5,589 1.16-Snapshot
PathWatcher Server mod/config watcher 39 1.14.4
Patterned Glass Adds decorative patterned glass to Minecraft! Forge and Fabric compatible! 22 1.17
PaulGG's The World Shrinks CHALLENGE The world slowly shrinks! 264 1.16.5
Paul's Tweaks Handful of small changes to Vanilla Minecraft. 44 1.16.3
Paused Panorama Pauses the rotating panorama on the title screen. 63 1.16.5
Paxi (Fabric) Global data packs made easy 2,362 1.17.1
Peaceful Skeletons Fabric Make skeletons unable to attack 126 1.17
PeacefulSurface (Fabric) peaceful than normal 7,319 1.17.1
Peachy Adds peaches. 3,740 1.14-Snapshot
Peeping Creepers As if normal creepers weren't scary enough... 1,824 1.16.5
Pehkui Allows resizing of most entities, shrinking them smaller or growing them larger 1,082,266 1.17.1
Peintings Adds the unused elemental paintings from Bedrock Edtion 228 1.17.1
PEKC - Protect Entity from Kill Command(Fabric) Protect entity from /kill command 0 1.16.5
PepeLand for Admins Mod Mod helps PepeLand 5 admins with gamemode switches 34 1.16.4
Perfect Accuracy Removes any inaccuracy from projectiles shot/thrown by players 666 1.17.1
Periodic A Mod designed to add some elements from the periodic table to minecraft 106 1.17.1
Permafrost Prevents light from affecting Ice and Snow Layers 14,265 1.15.1
Persistent Cake Allows uneaten cakes to be moved by pistons and drop as items when broken 10,896 1.16.2
persistent entities a mod that makes item and mob entity despawn times configurable 164 1.16.5
PersistentGamemodeSwitcher Allows to use game mode switcher even without permissions and change its keybinding 233 1.17.1
Perspective Mod Redux 360 Degree Rotation Camera Third Person Mode 161,972 1.17.1
Pet 'Em Pet your Cats and Dogs 3,306 1.14.1
Pet Owner Allows you to see who owns an animal 195,875 1.17.1
PetRock - Fabric Fabric Version of petrock 122 1.14.4
Pettable A Minecraft mod that lets you pet friendly creatures 2,658 1.17
Pew Pew Towers - Fabric Edition Blocks that attack hostile mobs 1,745 1.16.5
Phantom Blood JoJo addon for Haema 275 1.16.5
Phantom Menace Disable Phantoms on your fabric server 46 1.15.2
Phantom Pillows A block that prevents elytra collision damage. 783 1.16.5
Phoenix's crystals 2.2.1! (FABRIC) Adds new ores, armor, tools, and a new food item to the game 1,284 1.16.5
Phonos Make some noise with tons of audio related blocks and tools! 205,744 1.17.1
Phosphor (Fabric) Performance improvements for Minecraft's lighting engine 1,156,095 1.16.5
Photoallergic Creepers Creepers burn in sunlight, just like zombies. [FABRIC] 655 1.16.1
Physics Mod Adds physics to Mobs and Blocks! 675,720 1.17.1
Pick-BlockState Pick-blocking now copies the blockstate if the block isn't a block entity. 765 1.17
Pictocraft Minecraft multiplayer chat for adults and children who struggle to understand text 127 1.14.2
Piece of Rag Pieces of rag from mobs. 222 1.15.2
Pigless Portals Removes Zombified Piglin portal spawning 385 1.17.1
Piglib Adds tags for various Piglin related things 6,778 1.17
PiglinFix Fix bug with baby piglin 13,017 1.16.2
Piglin Tweaks Mod A tweak to piglins and how they behave 1,120 1.16.5
Pig Poop (Fabric) Pigs can poop! 12,300 1.17.1
Pigsteel [Fabric] A nether variant to iron 28,477 1.17.1
Ping (Fabric) A ping tool like in Portal but for Minecraft 1,445 1.16.5
Pingspam Adds discord-like pinging to Minecraft 8 1.17
Pin that! Lets you pin text to your HUD! 32 1.17
Pipe Effective Item Pipes for fabric 17,525 1.17.1
Pisces More water features, now 100% server-side 59 1.16.4
Piston Control Change how different blocks behave when pushed by pistons. Also, push Block Entities! 1,344 1.16.5
Pistorder A mod that shows the block movement order of a piston 714 1.17.1
Plantable Flower Pots Grow flowers in flower pots 3,893 1.16.4
Plant Based Adds alternate, plant (or mineral) based recipes for important items that would otherwise use animals ingredients. 38 1.17
Plant In A Jar Plant In A Jar is a mod that lets you grow any Minecraft plant (Trees, Crops, etc) inside a 1x1x1 jar. 101,804 1.17.1
PlantusMaximus Plant more better! 249 1.16.5
PlasmaCraft 2 Simple tech mod 104 1.17.1
Plated Allows placement of pressure plates on any solid face of a block 29,149 1.17.1
Platinum Mod This is a minecraft mod that adds platinum into the game. 584 1.18-Snapshot
Plato's Transporters [FORGE/FABRIC] A "Spiritual Successor" to Archimedes Ships/ Da Vinci's Vessels for fabric 1.15+ 79,964 1.16.5
PlayerAbilityLib Your good pal, fixing ability incompatibilities 10,862 1.17.1
Player Events Sends a configurable message/command when a player dies and leaves or joins the server 561 1.17.1
Player Graves A gravestone mod for Fabric 2,657 1.14-Snapshot
playerless mobs drop exp & loot regardless of death cause 0 1.16.4
Player Mini-Me A PaperDoll type port for Fabric; Player Mini-Me 2,314 1.17.1
PlayerPig Players log out and become piggies. 161 1.17.1
Player Plates (Fabric) Adds Extra Pressure plates 1,525 1.14.4
Player Roles (Fabric) Fabric role & permission management for servers 6,211 1.17.1
Player Skin Switcher Lets you replace the skin of a player with ease 9 1.16.5
Player Succ Allows hoppers to take items from player inventories. 67 1.16
Player Transport Ducts Build transport ducts to instantly travel end to end 59 1.17
Playtime Counter (Fabric) Displays how long your client has been open for in the pause and title screen. 665 1.16.5
Playtime Tracker Tracks playtime without including time spent afk. 187 1.16.5
Pling Plays a sound when Minecraft is finished loading. 645,563 1.17.1
PluginLoader A plugin loading system for Fabric 3,014 1.14-Snapshot
PlutosCoffeeMod Requires Fabric Modloader, Minecraft 1.16.4, and Fabric API 297 1.17.1
Pocket Plants Take your farmland with you in an inventory terrarium. 5,143 1.15.2
Pocket Tools Fitting a base and more all in your pocket 642 1.17
Pointlessly Gated Mod that makes vanilla Minecraft progression pointlessly difficult. 4 1.16.3
Poltergeist Origin Adds a block possessing spirit to the origins mod 1,503 1.16.5
PolyDungeons A combat-focused dungeon adventure 12,890 1.16.1
Polyester A library mod. 840 1.14.3
Polymorph (Fabric) No more recipe conflicts! Adds an option to choose the crafting result if more than one is available. 266,656 1.16.5
Pop Out Chat (Fabric) Adds the ability to put the Minecraft chat into its own window with complete Vanilla chat support. 0 1.16.5
Portable Jukebox (Fabric) Adds a Portable Jukebox and Note Block. 1,919 1.17
Portable Nether Fabric This Mod adds some items that help you get into the Nether. 0 1.16.5
Portal Crafter (Fabric) Create end portal frames in survival (Balanced) 10,092 1.16.5
Portal Gun Fabric Portal Gun Mod for 1.16 Fabric 44,567 1.17.1
Portal Helper Helps create portals in the correct locations 698 1.16.5
Portal Tags A mod that enables naming portals with a name tag. 27,182 1.16.5
Postponed Delete Your deleted world will always be backed up just in case you regret that decision. 21 1.16.3
PotatoCore Library for my mods Currently no documentation :( 2,002 1.14.4
Potion Descriptions (Fabric) Adds effect descriptions to potion tooltips 733 1.16.5
Potion Enchantments Enchantments for swords that give targets potion effects when hit 158 1.16.5
Potion of Bees: Fabric Edition Adds potions that are also bees. 9,095 1.16.2
Potion Tipped Allows for tipped-arrow like effects on normal tools and weapons 808 1.16.3
Powershot Allows various projectiles (e.g. arrows, tridents, etc.) to break user-specified blocks. 8,614 1.17
Prefab - Fabric Creates ways of providing instant structures 11,009 1.17.1
Prehistoric An attempt to bring Fossils and Archeology to Fabric 1.16.4 2,340 1.16.5
Prehistoric Dinosaur Biomes Time Travel to the Prehistoric Dimension! 7,923 1.16.5
Presence Footsteps An overly complicated sound mod 208,793 1.17.1
pride (fabric) server-side mod for creating & tracking waypoints (fabric 1.14) 156 1.14
Primal Winter The entire world has been converted into a frozen wasteland with heavy never ending snowstorms. 25,049 1.16.5
ProgrammerArtInjector Allows you to inject resource files into the Programmer Art resource pack 444 1.17
Project Hotbreak Reimplements bugs in Minecraft post-patch 95 1.17.1
Projectile Funnel Hopper Turns The Other Cheek 13 1.16-Snapshot
Project Inception minecraft? 493 1.16.3
Project: Save the Pets! Protect your pets from yourself and others! 56,867 1.17.1
Proletarian (Fabric) Automate crafting by putting villagers to work. 5,762 1.15.2
Promenade Fancy and simplistic biomes and structures! 499,779 1.17.1
prone become prone by holding or pressing a key 2,635 1.16.5
Proper Mobcap Modifier Fabric Modifies mobcaps, etc. in the original enum (highly compatible) 1,657 1.17
Protection Renewal Makes protection stack with other protection enchants again. 1,818 1.14.2
ProtoSky Removes (almost) all blocks from the world after they generated 2,910 1.16.2
PublishAllowCheats Adds the 'allowCheats' parameter to the '/publish' command. 6 1.16.3
Pudding Mod (Fabric) Pudding in Minecraft! For Fabric! 30 1.16.5
Pufferfish Cronch haha feed pufferfish carrot funny meme 315 1.15.1
Pulaskis and Shaxes Adds the Pulaski, and Shaxe to minecraft. plus some other improvements. 605 1.17.1
Pumice A vanilla-like lava sponge, known as Pumice. 4,475 1.16.2
Punch 2 Prime A one-mixin mod that changes placed TNT behaviour to Mojang's emulation of pre-Beta 1.7 TNT! 234 1.17.1
Pushable Block Entites Makes (most) block entities piston-pushable. 1,381 1.14.4
Push To Craft A minecraft mod to enable expanding items/tags in recipes 98 1.17
QA Test Mod Mod for QA testing 41 1.16.5
Quadz Fly FPV racing drones in Minecraft 748 1.16.5
Quantum Gems Collect Gems from around the world to upgrade your tools, armor, and self. 1,308 1.16.1
Quartz Elevator Fabric mod to add quartz elevators 33,081 1.17.1
Quazi-Modded A Minecraft mod that aims to add smaller, standalone features to survival mode 4,939 1.16-Snapshot
Quek's End An expansion to the End for Fabric 1,077 1.16.3
QuestWeaver (Quests for Fabric) A very lightweight implementation of a questbook for fabric 186 1.15.2
QuickBind Macro button menu 95 1.17
QuickCarpet Powerful toolbox with ultimate control for technical Minecraft 481 1.17
Quick Connect Button One-click connection to your favourite server! (Fabric 1.17) 11 1.17
Quickcraft Craft recipes even faster! 980 1.17
Quick Crops Quick crops mod that makes crops grow in 1 stage to mature. 1,573 1.14.2
QuickCure-Fabric Cure zombie villagers instantly 0 1.17
Quick Layer Allows assigning keybinds to toggle skin layers 6,318 1.17.1
QuickMäth Replaces math methods with incorrect alternatives, causing interesting corruption 294 1.17
Quicksand (Fabric) Adds Quicksand to your world! 549 1.17-Snapshot
Quick Shulker Quickly open shulker boxes(and more) without placing them down 620,997 1.17.1
Quick Spyglasser Adds a keybind for using a spyglass anywhere in your inventory 319 1.17.1
QuickSwap Quickly swap back and forth between hotbar slots and camera perspectives. 183 1.16.4
QuitConfirm Prevent from closing the game due to misoperation. 8,673 1.17.1
Quit Confirm Fabric This mod requires confirmation when disconnecting from a game. 53 1.16.3
Quiver Makes switching between different arrow types (and your shield) fast and easy! 1,332 1.16.1
railboost (fabric) use firework rockets to boost minecarts & other vehicles 1,067 1.14.1
Rail Reboosted [FABRIC] Lets you use fireworks to boost vehicles (port of railboost) 711 1.16.5
Rainbow Creepers rainbow Creeper oficial 1,002 1.16.5
Rainbow Webs Adds colored cobwebs. 307 1.16.4
Rain Bucket [Fabric] Buckets filling with rain water! 2,029 1.16.1
Raised Clouds Allows changing the height at which clouds appear. 26,897 1.16.5
RandomBlockPlacement Auto-Switch your hotbar randomly 10,992 1.17.1
RandomConfigs (Fabric) A utility mod for setting default configurations, gamerules, difficulties and world borders. 32,025 1.16.3
Randomly Adding Anything (Core) Adds randomly generated things 34,252 1.16.1
Randomly Adding Anything - Materials Addon of Randomly Adding Anything (Core) adding random materials 2,254 1.16.1
RandomPatches (Fabric) A bunch of miscellaneous patches for Minecraft, including configurable connection timeouts, player speed limits and other bug fixes and improvements. 346,270 1.16.5
Random Recipes Recipe randomizer for fabric! 1,087 1.17
Random Teleport Command A command that allows players to randomly teleport 385 1.14.4
Random Textures A really stupid mod 697 1.15.1
Ranger's Haven Adding new bow enchants and expanding on vanillas! 4,576 1.17.1
Rare Ice (Forge/Fabric) Adds rare ice into the world. Can you find them? 468,168 1.16.5
Rat's Mischief 🐀 Adds rats as well as mechanics revolving around these new pets. 138,252 1.17.1
RaUt Random fun/useful things 757 1.16.5
Raw Iron & Raw Gold Adds raw ores in 1.16 from 1.17 478 1.16.5
Raw Tooltip Adds the raw ID to item tooltips. 59 1.15.2
Rayon Rigid body simulation for Minecraft. 2,721 1.16.5
Reach Out Reach Out with configurable extended reach distance! 0 1.16.4
Real Infinity Creates a new infinity enchant called Real Infinity and Real Infinity Crossbow 559 1.14.2
Real Infinity Bow (Allow Inf+Mending) Allow infinity and mending to coexist 1,849 1.17
Realistic Bakery Products [Fabric] Mod will change the craft of bakery products / Мод усложнит крафт хлебобулочных изделий 38,285 1.17.1
RealisticClouds Making clouds great again 1,764 1.16.1
Realistic Cobwebs make them cobwebs burn!!! 22,961 1.14
Realistic Fire Spread Entities on fire will set fire to flammable blocks around them 13,382 1.17.1
Realistics In Pixels(Formerly Better Underground) More stones 143 1.17
Reaping Mod A mod that lets you harvest animals 1,233 1.17.1
ReAuth (Fabric) Fixes the Problem of having to restart your Client when your Session invalidates 82,448 1.16.5
RebindAllTheKeys Adds keybinds to keys that aren't rebindable 1,053 1.17
Reborn Core Powering Team Reborn 52,076,144 1.17.1
Recently Used Adds a creative tab with the recently used blocks/items. 1,330 1.16.3
Recipe Cache Caches recipe finding for crafting and furnaces 1,238 1.17.1
Recipe Improver This mods allows you to remove recipes and have smelting recipes output an item count. 108 1.17
Recipe Remainders Library to allow ItemStack remainders for recipes 14 1.16.1
RecipeSwitcher Inspired by stimmedcow: NoMoreRecipeConflicts 295 1.16.5
Red Bits Vanilla style redstone additions and improvements 17,879 1.17.1
RedDragon Marvelous Machines Fabric-based mod for Minecraft that adds a lot of farming related machines and mechanics, further extending the machines available by Tech Reborn. 217 1.16.1
Redstone+ Adds redstone things to Minecraft 3 1.14.4
Redstone Bits Adds a few new Redstone utilities to Minecraft 20,190 1.17
Redstone Cookies Adds extremely over-powered Redstone Cookies to Minecraft. 58 1.17.1
Redstone Lantern A redstone activated lantern that can be powered to emit light! 236 1.16.2
Redstone Multimeter Fabric A Fabric port of NarcolepticFrog's Redstone Multimeter mod 176 1.17.1
RedstonePower RedstonePower takes inspiration from RedPower2 and is developed for Fabric 4,516 1.16.4
RedstoneUtils Add some utilites to vanilla redstone 5 1.14.3
Refabricated Slabs (FABRIC) A way to mix and match slabs as you want! 3,716 1.17.1
Refined Machinery A 1.14 tech mod 15,754 1.14.4
Refinements Adds small features and tweaks that fit along nicely with vanilla. 1,940 1.14-Snapshot
RegexIgnore A simple way to ignore players using regex. 0 1.16.1
REI Addons Random stuff to add to REI, I guess. 7,973 1.14.2
REI Cheat Keybind Adds a keybind to toggle cheat mode on or off on REI's item menu. 507 1.16.5
Reinforced Diamond Mod Reinforced your diamond tools & armor. 465 1.16.2
Reinforced Storage Storage mod inspired for Fabric inspired by BetterStorage chests 1,692 1.14.2
RelicCraft Find magical relics throughout the world! 5,455 1.16.1
ReloadAnnouncer (Fabric) Reload Messages in chat 815 1.15-Snapshot
Reload Audio Driver (RAD) [Fabric] Reload the audio driver by simply pressing F3 + R 1,456 1.17.1
Renewable Lava Mod which allows you to create lava 156 1.16.3
Repairable Anvils Allows you to repair an anvil by right clicking it with an iron block. 7,611 1.16.2
Repairable Tridents [Fabric] Allows tridents to be repairable in Fabric 3,356 1.17.1
Replanter A client side mod that allows users to instantly replant crops by right clicking on them while holding seeds. 25,311 1.17.1
Repurposed Structures (Fabric) Adds more variations of vanilla structures and features! 1,014,751 1.17.1
Requiem Completely changes the vanilla death system by adding new mechanics such as player souls and undead possession. 211,201 1.17.1
Requiem - Pandemonium Expansion A WIP Requiem expansion, upgrading soul capabilities. 4,338 1.17.1
Reroll Reroll is a simple QOL mod for the Fabric Loader that allows you to reroll the Enchantment Table at a configurable cost. 172,051 1.16.5
Resolution Control More Control Over the Resolution at Which Minecraft's 3D Portion is Rendered! 3,540 1.16.4
ResolutionControl+ Allows you to set render resolutions and take large screenshots. 1,285 1.17
Resource Crops Farm all the resources! 1,966 1.16.5
Resource Crops [Fabric] Inspired by Mystical Agriculture, Resource Crops! 600 1.16-Snapshot
Resource Loader [Fabric] Loads resources; a useful modpack utility 22,826 1.16.2
Resource Melons Adds Melons that give you resources 3,664 1.14.4
Resource Tools [FABRIC] Obtain useful resources with greater ease 15,732 1.17.1
Respackopts Config screens for resource packs 1,353 1.17.1
Respawnable Pets A simple mod that allows your pets to respawn after death when you next sleep using a new item, the Etheric Gem. 685,744 1.17.1
Restless Disables the ability to skip the night 59 1.17
Re-Tiered Tiered but adds compatibility with other mods. 850 1.16.5
Retinapotato Changed 1 line from retiNO to use the scaled resolution, instead of the retina resolution, or a halved reoslution. 43 1.17
retiNO Just say "no!" to Retina. 627 1.17
RetroExchange Retro Exchange adds a transmutation stone 574,876 1.15-Snapshot
Retro Items Classic item looks and behaviour in modern minecraft! 837 1.16.5
RF Magnet [FABRIC] Mod that adds magnets to the game 61 1.17.1
Rgb Blocks More colours than you'll ever need! 6,093 1.16.2
Ridable Ender Pearls Allows you to ride Ender Pearls 528 1.17
Right Click Clear Use Right Click to Clear a text field. 29,832 1.17.1
RightClickHarvest Allows you to harvest crops by right clicking 11,085 1.17.1
Ring of Attraction [FABRIC] A simple item magnet 14,850 1.17.1
Ring of Growth [FABRIC] Accelerates the growth of plants and saplings 12,295 1.17.1
Ring of the Enderchest [FABRIC] Access your Enderchest on the go 12,255 1.17.1
Ring of the Miner [FABRIC] Clears away (breaks or void) non-ore blocks around player for easy mining 28,591 1.17.1
Rings (Fabric) Adds two Rings to Minecraft 62 1.16.2
Rings of Ascension (Fabric) New rings for your minecraft adventure 132,144 1.17.1
Rings of Flight A mod that introduces two rings that allow you to fly in a balanced way 1,448 1.16.4
Riptide Fix Fixes Riptide with Depth Strider 1,193 1.16.2
Rise of the Toasters A protogen mod for Minecraft 1.16.x 2,915 1.16.5
River Redux Make's Minecraft's rivers much more exciting to explore! 348,687 1.17
Robins Amethyst Mod The amethyst mod adds Amethysts, Blocks & Tools to minecraft. 224 1.16.2
Robins Emerald Mod Adds emerald tools, weapons and armor 601 1.16.1
Robins Ruby Mod The Ruby Mod adds Rubies, Blocks & Tools to minecraft 969 1.16.3
Roll (Fabric) Roll a virtual dice that everyone can see! 245 1.16.5
Romans Stoneworks Standard stonework factory, think Industrial Foregoing, but in multiple blocks and standalone. 124 1.16.3
Rotmg Food Adds Food from Realm of the Mad God 7,387 1.16.4
Rotten Flesh to Feather Smelt Rotten Flesh in a Furnace to get Feather! 7 1.16.4
Roughly Enough Items Fabric (REI) Clean and Customizable. An easy way to browse recipes. 2,197,726 1.17.1
Roughly Enough Resources Worldgen support for Roughly Enough Items 759,451 1.16.5
Roughly Searchable Highlights all items that match the current search in Roughly Enough Items 4,827 1.17.1
RpgDifficulty Strengthens mobs over distance/time 1,264 1.17.1
RPG-Hud [Fabric] This mod will change your HUD (Heads Up Display) and add a few new features to it! 101,198 1.16.5
RPGStats RPGStats adds simple, easy to understand stats to your minecraft game 44,893 1.17.1
RpgZ rpg style looting 56,260 1.17.1
RPMTW Update Mod This is a mod that can auto download and load the RPMTW Traditional Chinese resource pack. 27,621 1.17.1
RSWires Adds multiple kinds of wires that carry a redstone signal! 560,572 1.17.1
Rubies and Trades Adds new Ruby ore, block, and item. Also adds a new 6th villager level with new trades. (I tried to make it all feel very vanilla) 592 1.16.5
Rubik's Hotbar (Fabric) Scroll through slots on your hotbar like a Rubik's Cube 5,577 1.15.1
Ruby Mod [Fabric] Adds another tier of armor to Minecraft; Ruby Armor 303 1.16.1
Rug Extension Mod for gnembon's fabric-carpet with some more features 555 1.17.1
Ruined Equipment Tools and Armors break into Ruined forms for repair or memorial purposes. 11,337 1.17.1
Runorama Taking panorama and using it as your main menu background! 4,882 1.16-Snapshot
Rusted Iron Adds rusted iron into the game. 679 1.17
Sakisiil's Origins (Fabric AND Forge) Adds 2 New Origins - Sakisiil's Bumblebee and Raccoon Boi 22,595 1.16.5
Sakura Rosea A cherry tree biome mod (with a few more things) 45,351 1.16.5
Sandbox Bootstrap Allows Sandbox to load 11 1.16.2
Sand Dust Adds a new drop to husks and glass that can be used to make renewable sand. 2,615 1.16.1
Sandwichable A Minecraft mod that allows for customizable sandwiches. 504,848 1.16.5
Sarc's Suggestions A mod inspired by SimplySarc that gives some useless features in Minecraft actual fuctionality! 74 1.16.5
Satiate Adds a satiating command to Minecraft. 0 1.16.5
Satin API A Fabric library to help modders with shader usage 5,226 1.17
SaveCoordinates Save and retrieve minecraft coordinates 56 1.17.1
Save Gear on Death Keep your armour and hotbar on death 63,131 1.17
Save My Stronghold! (Fabric) A lightweight mod to prevent strongholds from being torn up by underground caves, ravines, and structures. 11,725 1.16.5
scale a mod that, when the "GUI Scale: Auto" button of a brand new instance is clicked, changes the GUI scale to 2 instead of 1 663 1.16.5
Scale Vacuum Adds a customizable void dimension for survival. 334 1.15.2
Scarpet Os Utils Scrapet extension to run os commands and programs. 47 1.16.5
Scary Player A Minecraft mod that makes it so that villagers will be scared of you while you are wearing undead mob heads. 326 1.17
Schmucks! Adds little people that can help you on your Minecraft journey. 4,299 1.17.1
Schnabelborg's SchnabelHeads A lightweight miniblock/player head inventory mod 15 1.16.5
Screenshot to Clipboard (Fabric) Screenshots taken are copied to the clipboard. (Forge version also available) 58,269 1.17
Sculk blocks Add sculk blocks 294 1.17.1
Seamless Loading Screen A fabric mod that takes a screenshot of the game when you leave a world or server,and displays it when you rejoin it 31,903 1.17.1
Searchable Containers Searchable containers is small client side gui mod that adds a search bar just above the players open container. 4 1.17.1
Secret Rooms Fabric a project to port the Secret Rooms mod to the fabric framework 605,008 1.17
Secrets No More Re-adds Super Secret Settings, but less secret! 4,224 1.16.3
SectionSign Type section signs anywhere 89 1.16.4
SecureSeed State-of-the-art cryptography to protect your world seed against seed cracking tools 149 1.16.5
See Through Water/Lava See through lava/water fogs 1,623 1.16.5
SekC Physics (Fabric) Physics mod with ragdoll physics and more coming soon 23,406 1.14-Snapshot
Selective Entity Removal (Fabric) Selective Entity Removal (Fabric) allows the user to disable specific mobs from rendering and set the range at which they are visible. 33 1.17.1
Self-Governing Catalyst An Autonomous Activator mod for Fabric 289 1.17
Sentimentality 3 A collection of minor quality of life and visual changes 627 1.17.1
ServerAdditionsUtil (WIP) A utility/library to allow easy server-side-only block and item additions for fabric 2,225 1.14.4
Server Holograms Simple mod that allows to create of server side holograms 39 1.17.1
Server Pack Unlocker (Fabric) Allows the server resource pack to be overridden 271 1.17.1
Server Ping Spoof the player list and count of your server 18 1.16.1
Server Tick Makes the F3 TPS graph work on dedicated servers 67,763 1.17
Server Translations Provide server localization. 319 1.16.5
Servux Servux is a server-side mod that provides support for some client-side mods, such as sending structure bounding boxes for MiniHUD 2,516 1.17.1
SetPlayerData A custom mod to allow more flexibility with datapacks 1,007 1.16.5
SewingKit It's CraftTweaker for fabric! 551 1.14.2
Sewing Machine Utilities A Vanilla+ Server Admin Mod. Economy, Chunk Claim, + more 1,699 1.16.5
ShapesEdit WorldEdit but Shapes! 138 1.16.5
Sheep Consistency When sheared, sheep now show the color they're dyed with on their skin 3,545 1.17
SheetLib A library for some commonly used stuff 12,486 1.16-Snapshot
Shelf Adds shelves to showcase your items 2,219 1.16.5
Shest: Fabric [Discontinued] Adds tiered Chests with increased stack size (256 items per slot). 15,940 1.16.1
ShieldBalancing Tries to balance the shield 580 1.17
ShieldDisruptor Hide your shield or any other item while not using it! 7,522 1.16.3
Shift-Scroll Fix for macOS [Fabric] Fixes inability to shift-scroll on macOS. 6,998 1.17.1
Shifty Items Shifty Items is a client-only snapshot mod for Fabric that allows you to interact with blocks while holding certain items while shifting. 41 1.16
Shinyy's Monster Mod Adds The Energy Drink Monster to Minecraft 0 1.16.5
Shop Visualizer - [FABRIC/FORGE] Client Side Mod for seeing what a shop is selling on Fabric/Bukkit servers 53 1.17
Show Off Show off your items in chat! 57 1.16.5
Shuffle (Fabric) Place Random Blocks From Your Hotbar With Ease! 25,614 1.17.1
ShulkerBoxTooltip What's in my shulker box? 808,389 1.17.1
Shulker Charm Local flight for Fabric and Minecraft 1.15 11,787 1.16.5
Shulker Pick Pick block inside of shulkers 96 1.17
Shulker-sception Allows players to store shulker boxes inside shulker boxes. 2,888 1.16.4
ShulkerSneakPeak Adds a preview for shulker boxes that is displayed when hovering over them. 770 1.14.2
Shulker Stacker Make shulkers stack to 64! 33 1.16-Snapshot
Shulkularity: Fabric [Discontinued] Nesting Shulker Boxes without packet overflow since 2020. 370 1.15.2
Shurlin A fantasy mod for plants 454 1.17.1
Shut Boot minecraft with preconfigured sound levels 0 1.16.5
Shut Up Console Filters out console logging 153 1.16.3
Sifter & Friends Adds a sifter, fertilizer, and other goodies 449 1.15.1
SignCopy A mod that allows you to copy text from signs. 256 1.17
Sign Retain Signs retain text on break 169 1.17
Sign Searcher Search for text on nearby signs! 96 1.17.1
sihywtcamc So I heard you were talking crap about Minecraft's combat? (basically a combat update) 1,113 1.17.1
sihywtcamd So I heard you were talking crap about Minecraft's difficulty? (basically a mob update) 4,449 1.17.1
Silk API Adds general utils for making mods that don't quite belong in Fabric API 2,322 1.14-Snapshot
SilkSpawners Get spawners with silk touch. 3,045 1.17
Silk Touch Spawners Mine any Minecraft Spawner with Silk Touch Enchantment 0 1.17
Silky Spawners Allows Silk Touch to pick up spawners. 57,508 1.16.5
Simple Accessories - Fabric Simple magic accessories 452 1.16.1
Simple Angel Ring Adds an Angel Ring that grants creative flight. 5,365 1.16.5
Simple Anti X-Ray A robust anti x-ray mod for Fabric. 419 1.16.5
SimpleAuth Authentication mod for Fabric or Forge servers 4,289 1.17
Simple Backpack [FABRIC] Provides backpack, void pack, and ender pack 132,906 1.17.1
Simple BC Pipes A simple item and fluid transport mod to show the various features of LibBlockAttributes and provide a useful testing base for other mods using attributes. 34,418 1.17.1
simplechat. Makes your server's chat simpler [Fabric] 42 1.14.3
[Fabric] Simple Cobblestone Generator All the cobblestone you'll ever need! 1,904 1.17.1
Simple Compat: Fabric Simple Compat is a free and open source mod for Minecraft whith random good things. 453 Unknown
Simple Crafting Frame Item Frames With Crafting Powers 704 1.14-Snapshot
Simple Discord RPC [Forge/Fabric] A simple to use RPC plugin for Minecraft and Modpacks 409,718 1.17.1
Simple Drawers This mod adds drawers to the game that can contain a high amount of an item. 76,937 1.16.3
[Fabric] Simple Elevators Simple Elevators for Fabric 6,850 1.16.4
Simple Emerald Armor [FABRIC] Adds armor made of emerald blocks, nothing else. 752 1.15.2
Simple Emerald Tools [FABRIC] Adds the basic tool set made of emerald blocks, nothing else. 728 1.15.2
Simple Fireworks (Fabric) Simple Fireworks Fabric 850 1.15-Snapshot
SimpleHarvest Right click crop harvesting 15,629,041 1.16.1
Simple HUD Utilities A Minecraft Mod that enhances the Game's HUD with some simple utilities 8,760 1.17
[FABRIC] SimpleLife Some simple items to make life a little easier. 461 1.17.1
Simple Measuring A simple measuring mod 585 1.17.1
Simple Money Mod for Fabric A mod that adds money for your multiplayer needs! 0 1.16.3
Simple Ore FabricMC Simple Ore FabricMC mod for new armors and tools 63 1.16.5
Simple Planes (Fabric) Simple planes which you can fly with for fabric modloader. 10,303 1.16.4
Simple Quartz Armor [FABRIC] Adds armor made with smooth quartz, nothing else. 574 1.15.2
Simple Quartz Tools [FABRIC] Adds the basic tool set made with smooth quartz, nothing else. 630 1.15.2
Simple Quern A quern-stone that provides simple ore doubling 7,164 1.16.3
Simpler Auth A mod for protecting your players accounts by registration. 0 1.17.1
SimplerHarvest Revival of TehNut's SimpleHarvest for Fabric 20,162 1.17.1
SimpleServerSorter Dead-simple server-side container sorting for Fabric 313 1.16.4
[Fabric] Simple Sound Muffler sound muffler mod for fabric 59 1.16.3
Simple Steel - Fabric Adds steel which can be used to upgrade your iron gear. 182 1.16.5
Simple Teleporters (Fabric) Simple Teleporters adds a craftable teleporter block to quickly travel your world! 643,177 1.16.2
Simple Voice Chat A working voice chat in Minecraft! 790,430 1.17.1
Simple Void World This is a very simple mod that adds a block that takes the player to a void world. 5,376,801 1.16.4
Simplex Terrain Generation A terrain generation overhaul mod with expansive mountains and highly optimized terrain generation 645,354 1.16.5
SimpleZoom (Fabric) SimpleZoom 6,102 1.15-Snapshot
Simply Emeralds [Fabric] Finally, som uses for our beloved green ores! 106 1.15.2
Simply Enchanted Tired of the RNG based enchanting... then this may be for you. 2,089 1.14.2
Simply Improved Terrain Rewrites terrain generation components to improve their visual results. Fabric and Forge both supported! See description for details. 16,375 1.16.5
Simply Improved Terrain [Fabric] Rewrites terrain generation components to improve their visual results. 22,228 1.17.1
Simply Platinum A Vanilla+ balanced upgrade for Gold equipment. 45,243 1.17.1
Simply Strawberries Adds Strawberries to the game! Can be found in village chests. 1,211 1.16.2
Simply Sulfur A mod that adds in Sulfur which can be used to craft gunpowder! 2,042 1.17
Simply Tomatoes Adds tomatoes into the game what more do you want? 613 1.16.4
Sip'n'splash potions Potions you can drink AND throw 107 1.15.2
Sit (Fabric) Allows you to sit on slabs and stairs. 60,244 1.17.1
Size Entity Attributes A library mod that lets you change the size of entities 1,800 1.16.2
Size Shifting Potions Adds potions to shrink and grow the player! 5,258 1.17.1
SkillCheck Tabletop-style skills for Minecraft 1.14 5,008 1.14.3
Skinned Lanterns (Fabric) Add skins to Lanterns! 1,446 1.17
SkinRestorer Mod that brings back skins to offline servers 1,562 1.17.1
Skin Shine Makes armor invisable 1,673 1.17.1
Skin Swapper A simple mod that allows you to change your in game skin using a gui. 27,487 1.17.1
Skin Toggle Mod (Fabric) The Skin Toggle Mod is a free and open-source Minecraft mod which adds keybindings for the Skin Customization settings in Minecraft. 410 1.16.5
Skrew's Block Variants Mod Adds more slab and stair block variants to the game 60 1.16.5
Skyboard Adds a scorboard in the sky 10 1.14.4
SkyUtils Skyblock Islands type world generator, random Island at spawn and below structures. Hammers and other utils for skyblock 165 1.17.1
SkyWorld This mod adds new generation type - a world of floating islands 4,647 1.15.2
Slab Helper [Fabric] Help you dealing with slab block! 37,306 1.17
Slapmap Import images using commands 350 1.16.5
SleepPunisher by ENX [Fabric] Did you ever feel like sleeping to skip the hard nights was too easy? 363 1.16.5
'Slight' Gui Modifications Allows 'slight' gui modifications 658,830 1.17.1
Slightly Altered Terrain Generation Slightly alters the terrain generation to create some variety 3,929 1.15.1
SlightlyVanilla A Collection of Tweaks for Vanilla Minecraft 1,117 1.16.4
Slime Block in the Redstone Tab Puts the slime block into the Redstone tab, where it belongs. 836 1.17
SlimeChunkF3 Shows you if your current chunk is a slimechunk 107 1.17
SlimeFinder (Fabric) A simple mod for finding slime chunks. 4,038 1.16.4
SlimeologyMC The Discovery of Slime 46 1.17.1
Slime Origin Adds a slime origin to the Origins Mod 222,807 1.17
Slime Sling Adds the Slime Sling & Slime Boots from Tinker's Construct to fabric 22,284 1.17
SlimyFloor Add particles+sound clue that you're waling in a slime chunk area 547 1.17.1
Slip Adds a very slippery block, for Forge and Fabric. 1,706 1.17
SlipperyWalls Stops spiders climbing ice 342 1.17.1
sɹǝƃɐllᴉΛ Turn trades around 884 1.17
slotlink A bad clone of Storage Network for Fabric. 78,067 1.17.1
SlotLock A simple client-side mod that let you lock your slots. 451,795 1.17
Slyde Allows dragging sliders further than intended 421 1.17
Small Endermen Adds smaller versions of Endermen to Minecraft. 2,031 1.16.5
SmallerFPSIncrements Makes the max FPS slider go up in increments of 1 instead of 10. 1,282 1.14
Smarter Mending Makes mending apply to whatever needs it the most, instead of something random 4,148 1.14.4
Smart pipes Item pipes with advanced configuration 729 1.17
Smelting sand in blast furnace As the name say 1,732 1.16.5
Smelting Touch Adds an enchantment that autosmelts blocks you mine. 1,142 1.17.1
Smith And Fletch Adds some functionality to Smithing and Fletching Table. 5,380 1.15.2
Smithee Combine all the tools 7,846 1.16.5
Smoke Extender Changes campfire smoke particles so they go higher! 8,481 1.17
Smoke Suppression Client mod to suppress campfire smoke when certain blocks are below the campfire. 113 1.17.1
Smooth Bedrock (Fabric) Fabric mod that makes bedrock generation completely flat 49,039 1.16.1
[FABRIC] Smooth Blocks More smooth version of vanilla blocks. 247 1.17.1
Smooth Boot (Fabric) Tweak Java thread settings and prevent Minecraft from lagging your computer when loading up. 179,126 1.17
Smooth Chunks Adds chunk loading animations. 6,273 1.16.4
SmoothCoasters Significantly enhances roller coasters 1,064 1.17.1
Smoother Bedrock Makes all bedrock layers flat. 481,087 1.17.1
Smooth Scrolling Everywhere (Fabric) Adds smooth scrolling to every list. 79,848 1.16.5
[Fabric] Snad Finally, sand actually makes sugarcane grow faster. 48 1.16.5
Snad - Back to the past Sand makes sugarcane grow faster!! 270,252 1.16.5
Snapshot Ideas This mod adds ideas for the new snapshot versions! 906 1.16-Snapshot
SneakHold Adds a configurable key to toggle sneak and sprint to Minecraft with Fabric. 0 Unknown
Sneak Nether Portals No more accidental teleporting! 374 1.17
Sneak Through Berries (Fabric) Lets you sneak through Sweet Berry Bushes without taking damage 22,979 1.16.4
Sneak Tweak Tweaks the sneak animation 1,447 1.17.1
Sneaky Screens Persists the sneak state in menus. 12,445 1.17.1
Sneed's Piss & Hiss Formerly Chuck's 56 1.16.2
Snowdrift Piles of snow build up during snowstorms and then slowly melt afterwards. 3,520 1.16.4
Snowed-In It snows forever! 81 1.16.5
Snow Mercy ⛄ Invade your world with ruthless modified combat snowmen, behead them and make your own. 6,424 1.16.5
Snow Pig [Fabric] Ever wanted a pig in snowy biomes? No? Well here you go anyway! 379 1.16.5
Snowy Make your Minecraft world a winter wonderland! 268 1.17.1
Snowy Leaves Leaves turn white during snow storms like they do in Minecraft Bedrock 3,892 1.16.1
Soaring Clouds Allows you to configure cloud heights in Minecraft. 1,830 1.16.1
Sodden Adds configurable, tiered watering cans to accelerate plant growth. 1,896 1.14-Snapshot
Sodium A Minecraft mod designed to improve frame rates and reduce micro-stutter 816,574 1.16.5
Sodium Extra Features that shouldn't be in Sodium 94,949 1.17.1
sodium-next The latest dev version of Sodium. 820 1.16.5
Soft ToggleSneak Customizable ToggleSneak 2 1.17
Soil Stairs Adds stairs and slabs based on the Minecraft soil blocks 559 1.15.2
So It Burns A fabric mod focusing on lighting things up and fire in general 0 1.16.1
Sojurn A small pack of biomes to supplement the vanilla ones. 169 1.16.4
Solar Apocalypse: Refabricated This mod starts a Solar Apocalypse. 3,512 1.17.1
Solid Worlds Generate solid worlds, without caves, ravines, lakes and/or mineshaft. 839 1.16.4
Some Cool Extra Items New foods, mobs, items.. Why not? 810 1.15.2
Some New Mineral A Minecraft Mod That Add Some New Mineral To The Game. 47 1.16.4
Somnus API A lightweight library for integrated sleep mechanics on Fabric. 116,637 1.17.1
Song Sounds Turns note blocks in to full-on song makers! 278 1.16.5
Sonic Devices Sonic Screwdrivers of all types and styles 1,912 1.16.1
SorceryCraft Cast Spells in Minecraft! 14,068 1.16.4
Soulbound (Fabric) An enchantment that retains items upon death 66,163 1.16.1
Soul Capture A mod that adds an enchantment that allows mobs to drop their spawn eggs 451 1.16.4
Soul Sandstone Adds a soul sand variant of sandstone! 367 1.16.2
Souls Egg A mod that add an item usable for spawn eggs crafting 1,743 1.16.5
Soul Shards Respawn Powerful spawners for any mob! 3,854,762 1.15.2
Soul Soil Farmland Allows you to grow crops in the Nether by tilling soul soil! 4,825 1.16.2
sound-lag-fix Fix permanent fps drop causes by sound system in 1.14 and 1.15 197 1.15.2
Space Dimensions (Fabric) Travel to the Moon and Mars, or add your own planets for Modpacks 27,461 1.17.1
Spaghetti Bolognese Revival A revival of the 1.1 Spaghetti Bolognese mod and others by said author 157 1.16.4
Spaghetti's Extra Tools Adds new tools made with preexisting items to Minecraft! 51 1.16.5
spark spark is a performance profiling plugin/mod for Minecraft clients, servers and proxies. 2,536,442 1.17.1
Spatial Crafting A mod that adds 3 dimensional crafting tables at varying sizes 4,848 1.16-Snapshot
Spatial Harvesters [FABRIC] Adds harvesters that gather resources from space-time itself! 2,566 1.17.1
Spawner Config Make spawners break after a certain number of spawns & configure the loot dropped. 304 1.16.5
Spawner Minecart Item Adds an item for the spawner minecart entity. 29 1.16.5
Spawn Lanterns 🏮 Lanterns that alter hostile mobs spawn rates. 9,096 1.16.4
Spectator Survival Fabric SS 68 1.16.1
Speechcraft (Fabric) Speechcraft forces you to control Minecraft with your voice 1,098 1.14.4
Speedometer A simple but effective speed measuring tool! 1,187 1.16.4
Speedrun Faker Fake a speedrun today! 2,395 1.17.1
Speedrunner Mod A Minecraft Mod that makes Minecraft Speedrunning Easier (Fabric and Forge) 5,253 1.17.1
Speed Trading Adds a button to the villager trading GUI to repeat the current trade until it's no longer available. 2,769 1.16.5
Spellbound Enchantments Empower and expand your arsenal with 15 new enchantments. 28,684 1.17.1
Spelunker's Treasures Spice up the underground with treasures and traps! 5,146 1.15.2
Spice of Fabric (Fabric) An iteration of Spice of Life built for Fabric 7,424 1.17.1
Spike Traps Fabric spike traps for stationary death 580 1.15.2
Spinnery: Fabric [Discontinued] Spinnery is a modern, feature-complete GUI library for Minecraft 1.15 and 1.16. 52,384 1.16.1
Spirit Soul Shards inspired mod, Spawn your own mobs with an enhanced mob spawner 35 1.17.1
Splash Change your splash screen colors 2,383 1.16.3
Splash Concrete Allows hardening concrete powder using splash water bottles. 54 1.15.2
Spoken Word Sends a chat message or command on death 102 1.17.1
Sponges Plus Adds Sponges 312 1.16.3
Spoorn Bounty Mobs Mobs have a chance to spawn marked with a Bounty and gain special abilities/stats/rewards. Player Bounty Hunters also gain stats based on progress 19,925 1.16.5
Spoorn Loot Unique weapons/gear/loot with new attributes randomized to encourage RPG adventure and exploration. Dual wield weapons 3,143 1.16.5
Spyglass A Fabric mod for getting and dumping all sorts of useful information 1,583 1.17-Snapshot
SquidCraft This mod adds more food. 608 1.16.5
Squids Drop Calamari And Other Minor Additions Adds squid food, glow glass and diamonds from coal. 439 1.14.4
Stacc infinite:tm: stack limit for fabric 6,092 1.16.4
Stackable Damage Enchants Does what the name says. 2,059 1.14.2
StackablePotions Allows vanilla potions to stack. 6,040 1.17
StackDisenchantedBooks (Fabric) fix grindstone book stacking 220 1.14
Stack Extender A mod that allows players to customize stack Size 131 1.16.5
StaffDerpsMod Staff Utility Mod 743 1.17.1
Staff of Building Staff of Building adds in new staffs which can be used to speed up building 582,028 1.17
StairDoors A coremod that allows doors to be placed on stairs. 8,093 1.16.2
Starry Skies Starry Skies is a modern revamp of the "planetoids" world generator of MC Beta 1.2.5 - although a LOT more extensive and with mod support. 49,176 1.17
Starting Notes add written book(s) to the players inventory on spawn 63 1.16.1
Start the Music! A Fabric mod that sets the cooldown until the next music track to 0 3,817 1.17.1
Statement Library Fabric library mod for blockstate property manipulation 6,728 1.17.1
Static FOV Disables dynamic FOV 579 1.16.1
Stats Keeper (Fabric) Saves stats on death & modifies default health 3,748 1.17.1
Status Crops Farm Status Effect Crops with Genetics™ 437 1.17
Status Effect Timer Overlay a timer on the Vanilla status effect HUD icons (fabric mod) 203 1.17.1
StatusHud Hud Utilities and Configuration 505 1.16.4
Steed Stopper No more horses spawning 92 1.17.1
Steelseries Gamesense [Fabric] Light up all ur Steelseries gear. 521 1.17
Stendhal Stendhal enhances the book and sign writing client-side interfaces in Fabric. 611 1.17.1
StepUpNext Take higher steps so you can climb full blocks without jumping 19,981 1.17.1
Sticky Hopper Minecraft Fabric mod allowing hoppers to be sticky! 51 1.17
Sticky Weeds walking through tall grass is hard 442 1.14.2
StitchedSnow Minecraft Fabric mod to have snow layers stack 5,506 1.17
Stockpile (Fabric) A storage mod for modern Minecraft versions 58,204 1.16.1
Stone Chests Adding a chest for each stone variant to Minecraft. 3,454 1.14-Snapshot
Stonecutter Tweaks Fixes a stonecutter bug. 60,263 1.16
Stoneholm, Underground Villages (Fabric) Underground Villages. Love villages? Wonder why none settled underground in a sort of inhabited Stronghold? Well, you can stop wondering because now they do. 49,937 1.17.1
Stop Hiding A Fabric version of FindMe. 61 1.16
Storage Cabinet A simple storage cabinet 1,081,843 1.17.1
Straighten Up Removes the italics from renamed items 3,644 1.16.1
Strange Berries A mod adding a variety of berries with different effects! 23,317 1.16.5
Straw Dummy A mod that adds a single thing: a dummy player made out of straw with infinite health for you to test your weapons! 425,922 1.17
StripTrease Fabric mod adding options controlling vanilla log stripping behavior 18 1.16.5
Strong and Fair Anvils More convenient anvils. [FABRIC] 9,121 1.16.1
Structure Void Toggle Gets rid of that annoying Structure Void hitbox when building with a toggle! 106 1.17
Structure World A small mod that lets you generate a void world with a custom structure placed on it. 434 1.17
StructureZ More to explore! 1,480 1.15.2
StuffZ Uncraft armor + other stuff 53,024 1.17.1
Sturdy Gold a mod that makes gold more useful 927 1.17
Styled Chat Change style of your server's chat! (Fabric) 51 1.17.1
Styled Player List This mod allows server owners to change player list look! 1,169 1.17.1
Subnautic Redstone (Fabric) Subnautic Redstone allows the player to build with Redstone underwater! 3,144 1.14-Snapshot
Subspace Bubble Burster Configurable nether scale 82 1.17.1
Suck Eggs Adds the ability to suck eggs 1,225 1.16.3
Suitably Stackable Stew Makes all stews stack up to 16 5,634 1.17.1
Sulfur And Potassium - More Gunpowder A vanilla friendly way to craft more Gunpowder 159,684 1.17.1
Super Axes Adds super axes that help chop down trees for easier wood resource gathering 0 1.16.5
supercharge (fabric) remove cooldown bar from any minecraft tool 897 1.14.1
Super Cobblestone Funnels For a less grindy skyblock early game 1,740 1.17.1
Supernatural Crops A Mystical Agriculture esque mod for fabric 5,840 1.16.5
Super Ores More Ores! 402,318 1.14.1
Suppress Unknown Item (Fabric) Suppress that log-spammy "Unknown item" error when loading recipes for items that don't exist. 1,611 1.15.2
Surrogate Missing block and item handling for Fabric 698 1.17.1
Survival Additions Adds new tools, food, and building blocks that are designed to feel not too far off from vanilla. 93,526 1.16.5
Survival Debug Stick Lets Survival Players Use The Debug Stick 2,111 1.16.1
[Fabric] Survival island Try to survive in a world made up of islands! 507,709 1.17
Survival Spectator Spectate while in survival, without allowing teleportation. 706 1.17
sw0rdmas73r's Gem Weapons Check out those weapons! 0 1.16.5
Sweed rapidly growing sugar plant 1,775 1.15-Snapshot
Sweet Berry Bonanza A simple selection of sweet treats. 52 1.16.5
Sweet Potato Mod Try all kinds of food and magic in Sweet Potato Mod! 1,759 1.17.1
Sweet Tooth Adds lots more uses for Sugar! 12,632 1.15-Snapshot
Switcheroo Switch your currently held item for an effective item when clicking on a block. 637 1.16.5
AutoSwap Updated Automatically replace your hotbar items when they run out 4,132 1.16.3
Sword Blocking A minecraft fabric clientside mod to restore sword blocking if you have a shield in your offhand. 6,104 1.17
Sword Effects Allows the player to apply a potion to any vanilla swords 7,574 1.15.2
SwordEnlarger Makes swords a bit bigger 42 1.16.2
Syrup Sickly sweet additions 1,703 1.14.1
SY's Utility ores Adds ores for useful vanilla items. 0 1.16.5
Tab Inventory - Fabric Fabric mod that allows the inventory key to be Tab just like in 1.13 571 1.16.1
Taco Bell - Fabric Adds many famous Taco Bell menu items to the game! 1,691 1.16.5
TacoCraft Adds Tacos to Minecraft Fabric 1.15.2+! 554,530 1.17.1
Tagboard Adds scoreboard objectives that use tags. 40 1.16.5
Talking Villagers Villagers can talk audible. 2,000 1.16.5
TallTallCane Makes sugar cane, cactus, and bamboo grow to build limit 1,001 1.16.2
Tall Worlds Makes worlds taller! 1,276 1.15.2
TapL's Mobs Grow Larger every Minute CHALLENGE (RECREATION) Mobs get larger every minute! 139 1.16.5
TapL's Speed Increases every Minute CHALLENGE (RECREATION) Speed in your world increases every minute! 175 1.16.5
TapL's You Grow Every Minute CHALLENGE (RECREATION) Every minute, you grow! 19 1.16.5
TapL's You Shrink every Minute CHALLENGE (RECREATION) Every minute, you shrink 6,002 1.16.5
Target Dummy Adds in a Target Dummy which shows how much damage you do on hit. 4,806 1.16.4
Tater Networking Optimizes Minecraft's networking code 595 1.16.3
Taterzens [Fabric] A citizens like NPC fabric mod. 25,945 1.17.1
Tatters Skyblock Skyblock Generation for Fabric 226 1.17.1
Tax Free Levels Flattens the ever-increasing anvil and enchantment costs and makes renaming items always cost 1 level 4,043 1.17.1
TBO Classic Biomes from TheBiomeOverhaul (1.x) in the vanilla world generator 836 1.14.4
TBPlugin Simple utility for minecraft servers 7 1.16.5
TCrafting Adds Terraria-style crafting to Minecraft. 432 1.16.4
Teal Bricks Adds Teal Nether Bricks and Lantern Blocks. That's it, that's the mod. 486 1.16-Snapshot
TeamPerms A simple permissions mod using scoreboard teams as groups. 97 1.16.5
Tech Reborn Tech Reborn is a completely standalone tech mod including tools and machines to gather resources, process materials, and progress through the mod. 16,817,284 1.17.1
Telekinesis Enchantment A Fabric mod that adds an enchantment to automatically put any dropped items into your inventory. 1,352 1.16.2
TelePistons Telescopic Piston Animations 903 1.17.1
TeleportMod-Fabric Implementing /homes and /warps 252 1.16.4
Templates Template blocks for Fabric and Minecraft 1.14 1,546 1.14.3
Temporary Spawners No more infinite spawner mob farming. 38,130 1.17
Tenor: Fabric [Discontinued] Immersive solutions for modern problems. 2,453 1.15.2
Terra (Fabric/Forge/Paper) Data-driven world generator 24,271 1.16.5
Terran Expansion Ore Core Mod - Various Ores and their respective Items 2,899 1.17
TerrariaMod A mod that contains almost all the main content from the game Terraria! 23,394 1.17-Snapshot
Terrarian Slimes A mod strongly inspired by Terraria, that aims to add new slimes and useful items to the game. 68,052 1.17-Snapshot
Terrestria A mod for Fabric enhancing the detail of Minecraft with unique and vibrant biomes. Inspired by ExtrabiomesXL. 673,546 1.16.5
Textbook Import books from text files or clipboard, and export books to text files. 1,406 1.17.1
Text Coloriser Plugin Allows you to customise your server with text formatting codes and more 802 1.16.1
Textile Backup Backup mod for fabric 15,156 1.17.1
TexTweaks Utilities for Minecraft textures 592 1.16.5
ThaiFixes Makes Thai language vowels rendering in Minecraft readable. 173,744 1.16.5
Thai Food Adds Foods, crops, snacks to the game. 220 1.16.5
The Aether Reborn The famous minecraft beta mod, now updated for 1.16 and 1.17, in development. 78,674 1.17.1
The Backrooms The backrooms, endless mono yellow rooms to traverse. 10,216 1.16.5
The Big Bench Theory This mod adds a few new crafting table variants for up to 9x9 crafting. 201 1.16.5
The Biome Overhaul A 1.14 fabric biomes mod 26,682 1.15-Snapshot
The Birdwatching Mod The Birdwatching Mod aims to add, mainly, high quality and realistic birds to your Minecraft. Since this mod will be focused on world exploration and (of course) birdwatching we will supply you with 3 different binoculars and a wonderful bird guide. 34,115 1.16.1
The Bumblezone (Fabric) An unBEElievable dimension full of bees that becomes REALLY angry if you take their honey! 189,368 1.17.1
The Crystal Mod this mod adds sapphires to the game (more types in future) 26 1.16.5
The End Expansion By Igoriusss Make The End livable for stone tools and up. 369 1.16.5
the gamemode before this mod adds the old version of the /gamemode 0 1.15.2
The Garden The Garden. A strange land of Mulch, Wood, and Nostalgia! 386 1.16.5
The Ghost of Fallfest The Ghost of Fallfest 2020 - Spreading Fall by day & Trick or Treating by night. 875 1.16.3
The Hallow A collaborative mod with a new dimension... 19,839 1.15.2
The Lamps! On the guard of luminosity! 4,692 1.16.4
The Loved Ones Friendly Fire for Fabirc 18,265 1.17.1
The Parakeet Mod The Parakeet Mod brings your favorite little buddies to Minecraft! - Now with Cockatiels! [Fabric/Forge] [1.16.x] [1.15.2] 17,055 1.16.5
The Power of Flour (Fabric) This mod allows you to craft flour and then use it for multiple purposes. 1 1.17
The Pulverizer Mod Diamond-powered machine which crushes items and multiplies ore outputs! 2,196 1.16.5
Thermal Conversion Universal Energy Translation between any furnace supporting mods. 71,323 1.17.1
The Silk Road A Trading mod for fabric, allowing for safe player trades and some other features 268 1.16.4
The Steel Mod (FABRIC) A fabric mod that adds a new ingot, block, and pickaxe! 138 1.16.5
The Super Item A useful item for mod testing and lazy playing 100 1.17.1
The Toast Mod Adds toast and toast-related things to Minecraft. 128 1.16.5
The Veggie Way [FABRIC] Vanilla friendly high nutrition foods without killing 28,327 1.17.1
The Warp Mod - Fabric The WarpMod allows the creation of and travel to various warps locations. 381 1.17
Thieaky an addon for origins 0 1.16.5
Thimble An improved entity behavior and data tracker system for Minecraft. 27 Unknown
Things [Fabric] Curios and Utilities to enhance casual play 8,380 1.17.1
Thinking With Portatos A Portal Gun mod for Minecraft 1.16.5 2,714 1.17
(ThirdLife) SoulSplit Fabric and server sided (no need for client download) play Third Life, but with a few extra features... 168 1.17
Third Person Maps Render those pesky Maps in third person (everyone's favorite perspective) 367 1.17.1
This is fine Look the other way with style. 392 1.16.5
This Rocks! Adds little rocks, sticks, pinecones, seashells and starfish to your world to make it feel more natural. 49,117 1.17.1
This & That Random additions, mostly building blocks. 1,620 1.14
THOrigin: God Of Death Origin this is a custom mod for OriginsSMP but anyone can use it, 189 1.16.5
Thresher Saving modpack authors from those who don't know what a RAM is 212 1.16.1
Through The Looking Glass Ever wanted to peer into other worlds? 3,400 1.16.5
Throwable Dynamite A simple mod which adds a throwable dynamite 259 1.17.1
ThrowableTorch (Fabric) With a few slimeballs, magma cream and honeycomb (or some clay) you can create a throwable torch.   4,088 1.17.1
ThunderSphuns Hammers Adds many hammers to the game 81 1.16.5
Ticking Storage adds barrels that tick your items for you 20 1.15.2
TickTock Provide random ticks to forcefully loaded chunks 356 1.16.5
Tiered Adds tiers/modifiers to tools. 6,112 1.16.5
Tiger Kus' Very simple mod which doesn't allow to hurt Tigers 5,367 1.16.5
Till it Breaks Displays the durability of items on the item itself 1,578 1.17.1
Timber Mod A mod for Minecraft which lets you chop down trees by only chopping down one log. 152,512 1.17.1
Timber Mod by MYCF [FABRIC] A simple TimberMod with 1 log and full tree switch 57 1.17.1
Time Changer Allows you to change the time completely clientside! 1,514 1.17
Time in a Bottle (Fabric) Accelerate blocks with the time you build up in your gameplay 5,543 1.17.1
Time To Live Displays a TNT countdown. 14,399 1.17.1
Time & Wind Change duration of day and night separately! 115 1.17
TinyCoals A small mod which adds 1/8ths of coal and charcoal items. 55 1.15
TinyConfig Easy configuration for the modder an end user. 17 1.15-Snapshot
Tiny Fuel Adds smaller variants of coal and charcoal 20,454 1.16.4
Tiny Trash Can A stylish lava trash pit alternative. 2,979 1.16.5
TinyTweaks A small collection of configurable tweaks for Minecraft 12,158 1.16.5
TIS-3D Low-tech computing for Minecraft 648,577 1.17.1
TIS-3D-Additions Adds a few tiny extras to TIS-3D 45,965 1.16.5
TitleScreenNotice A mod to add one-notices to the main menu 3,642 1.15.2
Title Scrolls Customizable title scrolls for fabric 382 1.16.3
Toast The best thing since sliced bread. Oh wait... 154 1.16.4
ToggleBlockUpdates Adds a command that disables block updates 188 1.16-Snapshot
Toggle Entity Render Allows toggling the rendering of specific entities. 129 1.16.2
Toggle Toggle Keybinds that switch sneak and sprint between hold and toggle. 2,570 1.17.1
ToggleWalk Makes it so that pressing the walk and sneak buttons toggles them instead! 1,983 1.14.4
ToggleWalk Mk. II Makes it so that various keybinds can be toggled instead of being held! (With some changes from the original mod) 648 1.17
Toilet You now have toilets, and nobody can stop you. 100 1.16.5
ToLaserBlade (Fabric) A sword with a laser blade 5 1.17.1
Tom's Fabric Lib Library mod for my fabric mods 1,057 1.16.1
Tom's Simple Storage Mod (Fabric) Simple vanilla style storage mod for Fabric 60,776 1.17.1
Tool Builder Like Tinkers Construct, but through normal crafting 20,054 1.15.2
Tool Drops Items drop loot when they break due to durability 400 1.17
Tool Parts Craft vanilla tools straight from your inventory! 146 1.17
Tool Pop Mining with the wrong tool turns deadly. 27 1.16.5
ToolTip AutoWrap Don't you hate it when ToolTips fly off the screen! 14,048 1.15
ToolTipFix Fixes tooltips that are too long to be displayed 244,624 1.17
TooltipRareness Splits items into rareness groups 299 1.17
Tooltip Scroll [Fabric] Tooltips are now scrollable! 6 1.16.5
Tooltip Tool Tips Provides more information about tools (and armor) in their tooltips 557 1.16.2
Too Many Binds Solve the keybind problem, once and for all. 533 1.16.3
TooManyCrashes Crash catching (keep playing after a crash), uploading, involved mod identification, and stack trace deobfuscation for Fabric 1.14 1,710 1.14-Snapshot
TooManyOrigins Origins addon with serious additions 82,968 1.17.1
TooManyWools A mod that adds extra colours of wools 0 1.16.5
TooMuchOcean Fabric mod that allows the chance of ocean conversion to land to be controlled via a config 459 1.14.4
(Too) Realistic Inventory You have two hands... 453 1.15.2
Torchkey Adds a hotkey to place a torch from your hotbar. 761 1.16.4
Torchrism Everything in Torchrism can be experienced using vanilla Minecraft items, and all the designs are aimed to be particle hoping that it can accompany players through the whole game. 8,909 1.16.3
ToroHealth Damage Indicators Shows health and damage received for mobs, NPCs, and players 5,291,277 1.17.1
Torrid Vision Adds a potion that allows you to see better when submerged in lava! 11,242 1.16.2
Totally Balanced Creative Flying Because Creative Flying is not fair. 120 1.16.2
Totally Balanced Fall Flying Because Elytras are not fair. 45 1.16.2
Totemic Overhaul Adds new functionality and customizability to totems in Minecraft. 29,843 1.17
Totem Plus Revive you from the death of Void 985 1.17
Totem Skin Generates Totem icon textures on the fly! 499 1.14.4
Tougher Glass (Fabric) This mod adds obsidian blast resistance glass. 853 1.17.1
Tough Glass Adds Glass so Tough, it can't be moved by Pistons 329 1.16-Snapshot
Towelette Fabric mod that allows waterlogging with any fluid 22,056 1.17.1
TP Utils Client side teleportation utility mod that makes it much easier to get around. (Fabric) 393 1.17.1
Trade (Fabric) Allows trading between players on server 420,227 1.17.1
TrajectoryFabric Renders an estimated Trajectory of projectiles 2,311 1.16.4
TrampleDisabler (Fabric) Disables farmland trampling 3,947 1.17.1
Trample Stopper (Fabric) Trample Stopper for Fabric 3,973 1.16.5
Trampoline Fabric Mod to enable Bungeecord's IP Forwarding. 82 1.16-Snapshot
Transfer Chest A chest that is capable of instantly transfer items among players 123,688 1.16.5
Transit API An abstract library for transferring things between things. 140 1.17
Translater Corrupt minecraft text by translating it 662 1.17
TRansliterationLib A library mod required for tr7zw's mods to work on Forge+Fabric 168,295 1.17
Transparency Make everything transparent! 223 1.14.4
Transparent Cosmetics [Fabric] This mod let's you enjoy your skin again! 19,464 1.16.5
Transparent (Fabric) Allows resource packs to make certain entities support transparency. 1,700 1.16.5
Trap Expansion (Fabric) Trap Expansion adds some polished, vanilla style utilities for trapping and killing! 648,797 1.16.5
Trapiche Simple Emerald tools. 57 1.16.5
Trapped Shulker Boxes A mod adding shulker boxes that are trapped 633 1.14.4
Trapped Tools A custom mod for magic gums trapped smp 28 1.16.5
Trash It Simple Trash Can mod for Fabric. 1,064 1.16.1
Traverse A biome expansion mod that embraces the simplistic nature of Minecraft biomes 766,762 1.17.1
Tree Bark Adds bark, obtained by stripping logs 1,575 1.14.4
Trees Do Not Float Trees and leaves break down when last supporting log is broken. 108,588 1.17.1
Trees Unlocked Adds a tree feature that can be placed underground or underwater. 53 1.17
TriangleCore A mod library required for some of Sid's mods. 314 1.16.2
Trident Crafting [FABRIC] Fabric version of the original mod 7 1.16.5
Trident Fixer Tridents can be repaired with prismarine shards 1,938 1.14-Snapshot
Trident Revision Adds an alternative method of obtaining the trident. 74 1.17.1
Trident Tweaks Tweaks Tridents to be more useful as a weapon. 323 1.16.2
Trigger Message Program in your automatic response to trigger words! 179 1.15.1
Trinket Heart Canisters Adds heart canisters as trinkets 91,626 1.16.4
Trinket of Undying (Fabric) Adds curio support for the Totem of Undying so you don't have to be holding it. 45,216 1.17
Trinkets (Fabric) A modular accessory mod and API 867,726 1.17.1
Trinket Shulker Boxes (Fabric) Adds curio support for Shulker Boxes for easier access and management. 61,388 1.17
Troll Commands This mod adds a bunch of commands you can use to troll your friends! 159 1.17.1
Trophy Slots Earn your inventory slots! 217,708 1.16.1
trpg1's Recipe Mod (Fabric) Adds useful recipes like logs in a circle shape into 4 chests 368 1.14.4
True Darkness Moonless nights and enclosed spaces are truly dark 103,559 1.17.1
True Infinity Allows Mending + Infinity to Shoot Forever! 138 1.17
True Secret Rooms Like the Secret Rooms mod, but for Fabric! (And better!) 428,102 1.17.1
Trumpet Skeleton (Fabric) The sound of trumpets echoes through the night... 18,555 1.17.1
Trunks Minimal upgrade for organics! 82 1.16.3
TTKB A bunch of miscellaneous addtions to the game. 4,558 1.16.4
Tumble Dryer When a clothes line is too slow 2,270 1.16.1
Tungsten Mod For your anti-arachnid armoury! 269 1.16.5
Turtle Shell Drop Makes it so turtles can drop their shells (or scutes) when they die 3,936 1.16.5
Tweakeroo Various client-side tweaks, such as hand restock, hotbar swap/cycle, flexible/fast block placement etc. 182,562 1.17.1
TweakMyClient Add something interesting <3 215 1.17.1
Tweed (Fabric) Yet another fabric config attempt. 2,042 Unknown
Twine A simple survival mod for Minecraft encouraging a nomadic lifestyle. 335 1.16.1
Twitch Chat Bridge (Fabric) Connect Minecraft chat and Twitch chat! 46,853 1.17.1
Twitter For MC(Fabric) You can browse the Twitter in Minecraft. 30 1.15.2
TwoFA KeePass for Minecraft 72 1.17
Two Zero Bee Fixes the server startup crash bug on 20w20a. 85 1.16-Snapshot
Ugly Scoreboard Fix Scoreboard sidebar modifications 5,978 1.17.1
UltimateOres A Mod that has much Ores and Weapons and so much more!!!!! 0 1.15.2
Ultra Amplified Dimension (Fabric) Adds a dimension with insane world gen to provide a more challenging and epic world! 22,531 1.17.1
Unbad Redstone Makes redstone hitboxes a big square instead of the tiny hitboxes they have now 99 1.16
Uncraftables Recipes Crafting recipes for uncraftable items. 6,289 1.16.1
Uncraft Me Break down Quartz Blocks and Netherwart Blocks 1,965 1.14.4
Underground Ambient Lighting Increases the ambient lighting underground... 175 1.17.1
Underpowered Tech mod centered around creating and using a powerful resource called Unobtainium 162 1.15.2
Undertale Stuff Mod A mod that adds some stuff from undertale. 289 1.16.4
UnderwaterGrass A mod that stops Grass blocks from turning into Dirt underwater. 102 1.16.3
Undestroying (Fabric) Annoyed by losing your stuff? 197 1.16.5
Unearthed [Fabric] A mod that makes exploring underground interesting. Adds 15 new rocks! 16,791 1.16.5
Unfired [Fabric] Simply adds a raw clay version of the brick and flowerpot that will require firing. 2 1.16.5
Unforgiving Void Fall into the void, end up in the Nether! 683,766 1.16.5
Unfortunately Peer into the future. 422 1.15.2
Unique Origins Makes each player get a unique origin. Should work server-side-only! 2,684 1.16.5
Universal Ores (Fabric) Adds ore variants to andesite, diorite, granite and tuff. 7,302 1.17.1
Universe. Again Discover the Universe. Again. 0 1.16.5
Unknown Recipe Type Silencer silence unknown recipe type alert in console 0 1.16.1
Unlimited Dragon Eggs (Fabric) Get a dragon egg from every ender dragon. 6,564 1.16.5
Unlimiter Removes limits on the game's entity attributes 4,572 1.16-Snapshot
Unlit Torches (Fabric) Light the way, but now you have to the light the thing to light the way. 439 1.16.4
Unsaddleeeee Allows the player to remove the saddle from the Strider without killing it unmercifully 1,996 1.17
Unsaddle Pigs Allows the player to remove the saddle from pigs without killing them 1,723 1.16.5
Unsuspicious Stew Displays all Effects of a Suspicious Stew in the Tooltip and Hotbar 2,420 1.17.1
Untitled Duck Mod (Fabric) Ducks for Forge and Fabric! Powered by geckolib and architectury. 64,347 1.17
UpdateFixerUpper A utility mod for helping handling missing items/blocks when updating mods 2 1.16.3
Upgraded Ender Chests Bigger and upgraded Ender Chests 37,071 1.17.1
Upgraded Shulkers Bigger shulkers and upgrades too?? 45,659 1.17.1
Upstream(Fabric) A mod that adds endless, wider rivers, and configurable rivers! 2,079 1.16.4
Uradium mod Mod with armors, tools, block, food etc... 43 1.14.4
Urns Adds the clay urn to the game, a fragile container that is affected by gravity. 260 1.17.1
Useful Crafting Recipes This mod adds crafting recipes for some un-craftable items 554 1.16.5
Useful Food Food will give you different status effect after eat it. 1,514 1.15.2
Useful Utilities A fabric mod that adds a number of useful utilities to the Options menu 2,223 1.16.5
Useless Mod (Fabric) The Useless Mod for fabric! 379 1.17-Snapshot
UselessTutorial Disables the useless tutorial popups! 254 1.15.2
Username Remap Changes the username of certain connecting clients. 141 1.17.1
Uwufier Uwufies text 1,569 1.15.1
VA-11 Hall-A Drinks A mod that adds the drinks from the game VA-11 Hall-A 214 1.16.3
ValarLib Modding library for mods created by Team Valar 511 1.14.3
VampireLib Library mod for all Vampire Studios Fabric mods. 3,726 1.17
Vanessence [Fabric] A mod that enhances vanilla experience. 74 1.17.1
Vanilla Automated Adds machines for automating grindy tasks! 10,201 1.16.3
Vanilla+ Biomes Adds 58 new biomes that improve and add variety to vanilla! 77,148 1.17
VanillaDeathChest (Fabric) Places containers when players die that contain their items. 647,930 1.16.5
VanillaEndervators Elevators (Endervators) for Minecraft that work with unmodded clients! 2,753 1.14.4
Vanilla Enhanced Enhancements and vanilla-esque additions such as new Tool, Weapon & Armor Materiels, Biomes, Trees, and more. 10,918 1.17.1
Vanilla Excavators Shovel alternative to Vanilla Hammers. 176,488 1.17
Vanilla Foods Enhanced [FABRIC] A simple Fabric 1.16.4 mod that enhances the vanilla food! 7,476 1.16.5
Vanillaful An extension to vanilla gameplay and features 454 1.16.1
Vanilla Hammers Adds a bunch of new hammers to the game! 772,402 1.17
Vanilla Ingredients Cooking Expanded More craftable foods using ingredients that are already in the vanilla game 973 1.16.2
Vanilla Music Extension Brings new music to the world! 1,121 1.16.1
Vanilla Parts Turn your ordinary blocks into multiparts! 16,371 1.16.4
Vanilla Plus Plus A Vanilla themed Minecraft mod 118 1.16.1
VanillaRecipes Brings back deleted crafting recipes / adds crafting recipes for ones that don't have one 164 1.16.5
Vanilla Scented Additions [Fabric] (AKA Grated Magma Blocks) A Fabric mod for adding a few vanilla-friendly additions! 128 1.16.3
Vanilla Toolsets Adds new armor & tools to the game. 38,242 1.16.2
Vanilla+ Weapon Excellent assortment of vanilla swords with beautiful designs from McR - Gear Overhaul 417 1.16.5
Vanish Vanish mod for Fabric servers 3,734 1.17.1
VariablePaxels The classic multitool, now on Fabric. 18,237 1.15.1
Variable Spawner Hardness (Forge & Fabric) Make Minecraft spawners harder to break depending on your difficulty. 1,205 1.16.5
Variants Adds new variants of already existing blocks/items. 17 1.16.5
Varied Mob Textures Allow resource packs to have more textures for mobs 3,460 1.16.4
VarLight Allows turning most Blocks into Light sources 1,365 1.16.1
Vectorientation Rotates falling blocks towards the direction they're heading 458 1.17.1
Vegan A Mod that makes Minecraft a bit more realistic. 9 1.17.1
Vegemite mod Adds a slice of Australia to your game. 0 1.16.5
VehicleFix A small mod that makes it so vehicles (boat, horse, minecart, etc) check if their passenger is going to collide with blocks when it moves. 1,230 1.17.1
Vein Excavator Mine veins of ore at once. Fabric 1.16.3 27,239 1.17
VeinMiner4Bukkit Client-sided integration with the VeinMiner Bukkit plugin 618 1.17
Vein Mining (Fabric) A lightweight, highly configurable Vein Mining enchantment for tools. 42,022 1.17.1
Veins of gunpowder[Fabric] Makes all entities explode when on fire 0 1.16.5
Veneficium A magic mod focused on customization 671 1.16.5
VersionChanger Change the displayed minecraft version 278 1.17
Vertical Hotbar A reimagining of the hotbar. 823 1.16.4
Vertical Redstone Adds blocks for moving redstone vertically 18,812 1.16.5
Vertical Repeaters Adds repeaters that can be placed vertically. 3,254 1.17
Vertigo [Fabric] Save your life from fall damage! 259 1.16.4
ViaBackwards Old Minecraft versions on a newer server. Allow 1.9-1.12 on your newer 1.10-1.16 server 1,290 1.17.1
ViaFabric Allow connecting to servers with different versions 19,249 1.17.1
ViaRewind Allow 1.8.x and 1.7.x on your newer server 956 1.17.1
Vibranium Ore New ore! 1,294 1.14.4
Vignot Removes the Vignette 152 1.14.4
VillagerFix Aims to nerf the villager mechanics introduced in the 1.14 Village and Pillage update! 7,461 1.17-Snapshot
Villager Hats Villager Hats adds the villager hats as craftable and wearable items 555,470 1.16.4
Villager Helper A fabric mod to show some information of a villager. 520 1.16.4
Villager Memory Tweaks (VMT) [FORGE/FABRIC] makes sure villagers find a job and where their meeting point is 65,207 1.15.2
Villager Names (Fabric) This mod will give your villagers randomly generated names, making villages more alive and immersive. 42,564 1.17
Villager See, Villager Do Control villagers' trades by throwing them items. 1,401 1.17.1
Villagers follow Emeralds [Fabric] Villagers will follow you if you're holding emerald blocks or emerald ore. 1,977 1.17
Villagers Leashed! Leash Villagers Mod. Built for Fabric and Forge 18,591 1.17
Visible Enchantments (Fabric) A client-side mod for Fabric displaying icons on items depending on their enchantments 280 1.16.5
Vision Ring Handy night vision ring 0 1.17.1
Visp a mod that highlights newly collected item stacks in the inventory 20,417 1.17
Vistas A library and tool for creating and customizing main menu panoramas and music for mods and modpacks on the fabric platform 1,693 1.17.1
Visual Overhaul Slight tweaks to revamp the visual aspect of vanilla. 22,445 1.17.1
Vivatech Classic technologies, rethought! 2,417 Unknown
Vlad's Food Mod Brings configurable realistic modular nutrition system to replace the existing one 98 1.16.5
VM Computers Build a computer that actually works as a Virtual Machine! 54,791 1.16.5
VMulti API for additional beacon bases, conduit activators, and enchantment boosters 742 1.15.1
Void Fog [Fabric] Adds the void fog that was originally removed in Minecraft 1.8 3,515 1.17
Void Totem (Fabric) A mod that adds a totem that prevents you from dying in the void. 385 1.17.1
VoidZ Boss addon for AdventureZ mod 7,707 1.17.1
Volatile Entity Cramming Makes entities explode when there are too many in one place 54 1.16.5
VoxelMap Minimap and Worldmap. Have an overview of your surroundings, or view the entire world. Create waypoints. 10,817,369 1.17
VoxelMap Patch A temporary fix for a frequent crash in VoxelMap 787 1.16.5
VTDownloader Pick and download Vanilla Tweaks resource packs directly from your Minecraft client! 680 1.17
Vulcan's Revenge Plus+ Adds in mythical weapons and a fun challenge to get them 12,320 1.16.1
Walaryne's Fly Mod Adds a simple command for flight. 7,534 1.16.4
Walled Garden Control access to your server based on users installed mods. 163 1.16.5
Wall-Jump! [FABRIC] Jump from wall to wall! Wall jump, double jump, speed jump, fence jump, etc. 91,380 1.16.5
Wandering Collector Wandering Traders trade lost items back to the player. 29,868 1.17.1
Wandering Trader Notification notify user when a wandering trader is spawned 42 1.16.4
Wandering Trader on a Stick When you want to control your llamas, use the Wandering Trader on a Stick 758 1.16.5
Wandering Tradesmen Adds customizable wandering traders using LibCD 440 1.15.2
WaoTweaks Spices up Minecraft 1.16 a bit 45 1.17.1
Ward Blocks [FABRIC] Provides various area-effect blocks as loot 147,987 1.17.1
Warp Mod Adds /warp /setwarp 2,189 1.16.4
Washing Machine Not a Tumble Dryer clone 1 1.16.2
Watered Down Adds waterlogging to many blocks. 1,107 1.14-Snapshot
Water Erosion Water erodes the land creating streams/waterfalls producing gravel, sand, and clay (Forge & Fabric) 43,976 1.16.5
Watson Updated Watson that displays LogBlock and CoreProtect query results in 3D. 2,764 1.17.1
WaveAway (Fabric) Wave at players, point at blocks without attacking. 277 1.16.4
WAYLA What Are You Looking At. A 1.14 replacement for WAILA. 2,467 1.14-Snapshot
WayMoreOres More ores added to minecraft! 3,733 1.16.5
What am I? Shows you as a random entity in your inventory 176 1.17
WhatsInTheBoxAPI Basic API for sharing loot table information from server to client 10 1.15-Snapshot
Where Is It Find items in nearby inventories. 169,522 1.17.1
While We Wait Just a little something while you wait 2,298 1.17.1
Whiplash: Magic Dungeons [FABRIC] A dungeon mod for fabric, with elemental damage 2,495 1.16.5
White Glowstone A simple mod that adds white glowstone to minecraft. 1,748 1.16.1
White Rabbit Food and drink that changes the size of the user 5,720 1.17
whoami Displays your name in second/third person. 853 1.16.4
Who's pet is this? Adds a command to figure out who owns a pet. 377 1.17.1
Why Am I on Fire? Hides the obstructive fire overlay when it's not needed 512 1.17
WiiDude's Custom Origins Mod An Origins mod addon mod that adds fox origin and an easy to use Pehkui integration. 50,479 1.16.5
Wildfire's Female Gender Mod (Fabric) A Female Gender Mod Created For Minecraft w/Custom Capes! 88,735 1.17
Wild World Adds decorative generation improving the look of nature and caves. 283,933 1.16.5
William Wythers' Overhauled Overworld In mod I seek to re-create the vanilla biomes in a way that makes a more realistic and atmospheric world. 7,270 1.17.1
Windchimes Gentle chimes that sway in the wind. 20,222 1.16.5
Window Title Changer Changes window title & icon 96,448 1.17.1
Window Title Changer (Fabric) A simple Fabric mod that allows you to customize the text that appears in the title window of Minecraft. 9,564 1.16.5
Window Wonders Persistent game window size and position 11,599 1.17.1
Winged Quit using Elytras! 657,402 1.17.1
Wireless Networks Transfer energy wirelessly from anywhere to anywhere! 111,232 1.17.1
Wires A server utilities mod for fabric 61,560 1.17
Wishing for Sunshine (Fabric) Adds a Wishing Well that allows you to change the weather or the time of day by throwing in items defined by tags! 109 1.16.2
Wishing Well Offer up a Gold Nugget to a Wishing Well and receive a blessing! 545 1.16.4
Witheran Origin Adds the WItheran Origin to the game 5,165 1.16.5
Wither Cage Fix Fixes vanilla bug where withers forget their targets. Also adds a gamerule: 'allowBlueWitherSkulls'. 2,186 1.17.1
Witherite Mod for Fabric that adds Wither-related items to the game. 45,470 1.17.1
Wither-Proof Block (Fabric/Forge) Simple wither-proof block (Fabric/Forge) 58,101 1.17.1
Wither Skeleton Totem Makes grinding for mob drops more interesting 431,660 1.17.1
WIT (What Is That) Displays information about things you are looking at. 386,803 1.14-Snapshot
WI Zoom The zoom from the Wurst Client as a standalone mod. 86,303 1.17.1
Wolves With Armor Wolves With Armor adds special armor items for wolves (and a few extra utilities) that keep them nice and safe. 880,690 1.17
Woodcutter stonecutter, meet woodcutter 2,265 1.16.4
Wooden Furnace [Fabric] A wooden furnace mod. 111 1.16.5
Wooden Hoppers Adds an early-game hopper alternative to Minecraft. 470,127 1.16.5
Wood Floor [FABRIC] Wood flooring (like carpet .. but its wood), and nothing else. 203 1.15.2
Wood In The Ocean Adds wood available for the ocean. Mainly meant to ease the process of getting wood for Merlings in the Origins mod made by Apace100. 0 1.16.5
Woods and Mires Adds some new biomes based on Nordic nature. 479,276 1.17.1
Woods Plus Adds new variants of existing woods! 1,342 1.16.2
Wool Useful features which enhance the default Minecraft experience. 1,588 1.14-Snapshot
Wool Plates Adds wool pressure plates. 556 1.16.1
Wool Temples Changes the terracotta in desert temples back to wool. 70 1.17.1
Workbench Factory A hopper-freindly workbench. 7,660 1.17.1
Working Scheduler Scheduler Library 8,177 1.15
Workstations Reborn Expands Upon Workstations in Minecraft 7 1.16.5
Work Units: Cotton Energy API capable, extensive energy for Fabric and Minecraft 1.14 1,061 1.14.4
World Blender (Fabric) A dimension with all the features, structures, surfaces, and natural spawns from vanilla and your mods shoved in! 50,327 1.17.1
WorldEdit In-game Minecraft map editor - build bigger things more quickly! 14,648,434 1.17.1
WorldEdit CUI (Fabric) A graphical user interface for WorldEdit. 5,552 1.16.5
World Gen Tweaker Customize your world's generation! 268 1.16-Snapshot
WorldHeightBooster A deeper underground and an expansive sky - unlock your creativity with 512 blocks of build height! 523 1.17
World Properties Per world control of many exclusive features 159 1.17
WorldPupa Dimension (world) conversion from Spigot to Vanilla (Fabric) 51 1.15.1
World Stripper Fabric [NSFW] Strips away blocks to reveal the underground world gen. A must have tool for all map-makers, pack-makers or developers. 1,433 1.16.5
WorldTime Show the current world time in the top left corner of the screen 12,404 1.17.1
World Tooltips Fabric adds item tooltips to inworld items 322 1.16.5
Wrenchable: Fabric A lightweight, JiJ-able wrench library which aims to make wrenches compatible between mods. 12,144 1.16.1
Wrench Anything: Fabric A small wrench mod that works with Wrenchable. 11,274 1.16-Snapshot
Wren Sharp's Entity Tracker Adds a tool that tracks the location of an entity 135 1.16.5
WTHIT What the hell is that? A fork of Hwyla which is a fork of Waila. 496,693 1.17.1
WynnTextReplacer Translate text of Wynncraft into your language! 2,355 1.14.4
WzGacha Gachapong in Minecraft 27 1.16.5
x2Craft A minecraft mod currently in development. 14 1.16.5
Xaero's Minimap Displays the nearby world terrain, players, mobs, entities in the corner of your screen. Lets you create waypoints which help you find the locations marked by you. 18,314,424 1.17.1
Xaero's Minimap (Fair-play Edition) Fair-play edition of the Xaero's Minimap mod, designed for fair PVP against players without a minimap. 554,867 1.17.1
Xaero's World Map Adds a fullscreen worldmap which shows you what you have explored in the world. Can work together with Xaero's Minimap. 9,285,129 1.17.1
x-enchant add a few enchantment 2,036 1.16.5
XEnchant A mod for 1.15.X that improves the /enchant command. 8,318 1.16.1
x-hp show HP 4,251 1.17.1
XL Packets Fabric Larger Packet Size Limit 5,164 1.17
XP Storage A mod that lets you store your experience in multiple ways! 228,374 1.17.1
X-radiation a mod that allows players to see through blocks (X-ray) 20,960 1.16.5
x-refill refill using mod 250 1.16.5
XYKey A mod that lets you easily share coordinates 719 1.17
XySlabs Makes a separate slabs for orientability purposes! 0 1.16.5
YABM What's wrong with one more Backpack mod? 12,872 1.16.3
Yet Another Gravestone Mod Adds simple player gravestones that hold your items. 19,493 1.16-Snapshot
Yet Another Liquid Milk Adds milk as a placeable fluid. (Fabric mod) 68 1.14.4
YJSNPI MOD (Fabric) Add yjsnpi related.Fabric API's required.野獣先輩関連を追加するゾ。FabricAPIが必要です。 75 1.15-Snapshot
YNet A Fabric mod based on XNet 13,417 1.16.1
You can't damage me! Simple mod adding few gamerules controlling taking damage by player 136 1.16.4
You're a fish now! You have to breathe underwater. 68 1.17
Your Options Shall Be Respected (YOSBR) Your options shall be respected. 591,770 1.17
Yttr A Fabric content mod about nothing in particular. 421 1.16.5
Yummy Foods Adds new food items to your game! 11,059 1.16.5
YUNG's API (Fabric) A library mod for some of YUNG's Minecraft mods (Fabric version) 529,470 1.17.1
YUNG's Better Caves (Fabric) Overhauled cave generation, underground lakes and rivers, lava oceans, and more! 730,752 1.16.5
YUNG's Better Mineshafts (Fabric) A long-awaited and much-needed abandoned mineshaft overhaul! 617,491 1.17.1
YUNG's Better Strongholds (Fabric) A complete redesign of Minecraft's strongholds 18,714 1.17.1
YWlib fabric library 8 1.16.2
ZapZap Mod Every received chat message plays the WhatsApp whistle sound. This is my magnum Opus. 217 1.17
Zax71's head adds zax71's head to Minecraft! 13 1.16.3
Zero's Selection Mod Client Side User Interface 7,610 1.16.1
Zeru's Origins More Origins for the origins mod. 4,594 1.16.5
Zeta's Mod A mod for 1.17 that does many things 403 1.17.1
ZiiM Hud A nice module HUD, with fully moveable components. 548 1.16.4
znepb's Food Mod A vanilla-style food mod for Minecraft. 212 1.16.5
Zombie Jerky [ Fabric ] Turn Rotten Flesh into Zombie Jerky with the Smoker 51 1.17
Zombie Rider Mod Simple mod that will spawn zombies on a pig around the world 412 1.17
ZOrigins Adds new origins created by me, Zadriot. 349 1.16.5
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@NatoBoram This list isn't being updated anymore (it's gotten quite big...). The list nowadays lives on fibermc, where Switcheroo should be correctly represented:


and that listing links out to the appropriate CurseForge and Modrinth pages:

The funny display in this older list isn't strictly wrong either. For whatever reason, the mod with the url-name autoswap-updated names itself as "Switcheroo" on CurseForge, which is the name that this list surfaces:


All of that said... Upon thinking about this more, I understand the misleading nature of that name on CurseForge, so I'll make an exception to my usual policy and rename the listing here, in this gist. Thanks for bringing to my attn!

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I-No-oNe commented Jun 5, 2024

can you add my mods to ur list?

Here you can see my mods that I published on modrinth (There are more projects on my github)

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