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A list of (almost all) mods for Fabric

Mod List

This page contains a list of the currently supported Fabric mods. (As of 2019-07-29 11:21:15 Timezone: UTC-0500 (Eastern Standard Time))

Note: The "Source" links do not presently work, however, you can view the mod's source by following the link on its CurseForge page.

There are currently 385 mods in this list.

Mod Description CurseForge Source
AbnormaLib Library mod for all Team Abnormals fabric mods. Does not support Forge abnormalib Source
Accurate Block Placement Build at super speed with your bare hands! accurate-block-placement Source
Accurate Nether Portals Nether portals now always bring you back to the place you came from! accurate-nether-portals Source
Adorn Decorate your home! adorn Source
All The Creepers Here comes the BOOM! allthecreepers Source
Always Drop Loot Make mobs always drop exp and loot, regardless of cause of death. always-drop-loot Source
Amecs (Fabric) Improves your keys & controls setup by providing modifier keys and making multi-functional keys a... amecs Source
Amethyst Mod (Fabric) Adds another level of tools and armor. amethyst-mod-fabric Source
AnimalNet Catch mobs and animals with nets animalnet Source
Antique Atlas Antique map featuring infinite scrolling, zoom and custom labeled markers. antique-atlas Source
Anvil Fix AnvilFix: Vanilla Anvils - but better! It removes the level limit for combining Items anvil-fix Source
AppleSkin Adds some useful information about food/hunger to the HUD appleskin Source
Aquarius More water features! aquarius Source
ArcaneMagic A magic mod focused on immersion arcanemagic Source
ASH - Another Simple HUD ASH - Another Simple HUD with FPS count, coordinates and compass ash-another-simple-hud Source
Auto Config API Annotation based API for mod configs, with Cloth Config GUI integration. auto-config Source
AutoFarmer automate harvesting and planting autofarmer Source
Autofish Automatically reels in and recasts your fishing rod when you catch a fish. autofish Source
Bad Anvil A mod that add a stone anvil that is bad bad-anvil Source
Bamboo Ladders (Fabric) Adds ladders made from bamboo bamboo-ladders-fabric Source
Beach Slimes Bouncy prey for sticky piston lovers. beach-slimes Source
BeaconFlight Beacons can now allow survival flight! beaconflight Source
Beta+ Re-adds Beta and Alpha 1.1.2_01 Terrain! beta-plus Source
Better Compass Let's you set where your compass points! better-compass Source
Better Than Mending A small quality of life tweak to the Mending enchantment better-than-mending Source
Better Together Don't listen to the fish better-together Source
Better Utilities Mod that adds a bunch of stuff that may help you in your game better-utilities Source
BetterBamboo Some bamboo additions betterbamboo Source
BetterSleeping Adds sleep voting, sleep recovery buffs, and no-sleep debuffs. bettersleeping Source
BiomeInfo (Fabric) Shows the current biome, without F3 overlay enabled biomeinfo-fabric Source
Block Booster Adds a block which speeds up other blocks block-booster Source
Block Meter A simple mod to measure and count your blocks! block-meter Source
Blocktastic Adds Random Blocks blocktastic Source
Blockus A mod that mainly adds blocks! blockus Source
Bouncy Life (Fabric) This mod gives the player the ability to immerse it as slime. Highly inspired by... bouncy-life Source
Brighter Increases the maximum brightness configurable in the video settings from 100% to 1000% allowing pitch... brighter Source
Bucket Hat Put a bucket on your head. bucket-hat Source
Cake Chomps Adds sound and crumb particles when you eat cake. cake-chomps Source
Canvas Renderer Advanced Rendering Engine for Fabric canvas-renderer Source
Cardinal Components API for data-driven content cardinal-components Source
Cardinal Energy An energy api for 1.14 fabric cardinal-energy Source
carrots 🥕 multicolor carrot bundles to feed your friends & roasted carrots with special effects! carrots Source
Carved Melons Shh secretly it's a redstone feature! carved-melons Source
Cereal A delicious NBT serialization library! cereal Source
Chat Bomb This mod is the bomb! DID SOMEBODY SAY BOMB? chat-bomb Source
Chat Bubbles mmorpg style chat bubbles, shows what players say above their heads chat-bubbles Source
Chat Timestamps Shows timestamps in chat chat-timestamps Source
Chunk Activator Keep chunks loaded even when you're away chunk-activator Source
ChunkBorders Visualize chunk borders, locate chunk centers, and more. chunkborders Source
ClaimChunk Chunk claim system for Fabric claimchunk Source
Classy Creepers (Fabric) A mod that makes every creeper much more classy classy-creepers-fabric Source
Clear Despawn (Fabric) Port of ClearDespawn forge to fabric clear-despawn-fabric Source
Clear Skies Horizon and fog match the sky color clear-skies Source
Cloth Config API (Fabric) Client Sided Config Screen API for Fabric 1.14 cloth-config Source
Cloth Events API (Fabric) Client Sided Event API for Fabric 1.14 cloth Source
Clothesline (Fabric) A seamless laundry experience that is definitely not an item transport mod for Fabric clothesline-fabric Source
Coal Nugget Adds a single-operation fuel crafted with coal or charcoal. coal-nugget Source
Colored Inner Wool (Fabric) Sheared colored sheep keep their color instead of turning white! colored-inner-wool Source
Colormatic Now you can customize Minecraft's hardcoded colors with a resource pack. colormatic Source
Command Macros Create keybinds for commands! command-macros Source
Composable Automation Expand vanilla's capacity for automation without god blocks. composable-automation Source
Console HUD Fabric Fabric port of Console HUD console-hud-fabric Source
CookiesPlus (Fabric) Cookies for Fabric cookiesplus-fabric Source
Cosmetic Armor Slots Adds cosmetic armor slots. Get fashionable! cosmetic-armor-slots Source
Cotton Common materials for making Fabric mods cotton Source
Cotton Client Commands API for client-side commands cotton-client-commands Source
Cotton Resources Cotton Resources adds default, configurable ores to the world for mods to use. cotton-resources Source
Cotton Scripting API JSR-223 compliant scripting in Minecraft 1.14 cotton-scripting-api Source
Cotton Scripting: Python 2.7 Python 2.7 language support for Cotton Scripting cotton-scripting-python-2-7 Source
Couplings Coupled usage of doors, fence gates, and trapdoors couplings Source
CraftingPad (Fabric) Add an item which opens crafting menu craftingpad-fabric Source
CraftNugget A Fabric Server modding API craftnugget Source
CraftPresence Completely Customize the way others see you play in Discord! craftpresence Source
Crafty Make your own blocks and items with JSON crafty Source
Crafty Crashes Where knowledge meets carelessness crafty-crashes Source
Crawl Allows you to crawl crawl Source
Creatures Love Beacons Allows beacons to affect more creatures than just players, such as animals or mobs. creatures-love-beacons Source
Creeper Habitats Makes creepers blend in with the plant-life of the biome they spawned in. creeper-habitats Source
Creeper Spores (For Fabric) Griefless creepers with a few tricks creeper-spores Source
Crochet Entity Data & Networking tools for Fabric mods crochet Source
Crowmap Make maps update anywhere in your inventory. crowmap Source
Cursed Chests Adds Iron chests to minecraft with a twist. cursed-chests Source
Custom Selection Box Port Customize the selection box you normally have on Minecraft. custom-selection-box-port Source
CustomGamerules API An API for custom gamerules in mc 1.14 customgamerules-api Source
Customposter Let's players define what can be composted. customposter Source
CustomSkinLoader A Custom Skin Loader for Minecraft customskinloader Source
CutScene API Tools to help developers add CutScenes to their mods cutscene-api Source
Dark Elevators Adds a simple elevator block to the game. dark-elevators Source
Dark Utilities (Fabric) Adds random blocks that are sometimes useful. dark-utilities-fabric Source
Data Loader Load global data packs that apply to all worlds. data-loader Source
DatChat Discord chat integration for Fabric servers datchat Source
Death Bags for Fabric An alternate way of getting back your stuff, for Fabric Loader. death-bags-for-fabric Source
DeathMaps when you die, gives you a map with your death location on it deathmaps Source
Default World Type Lets you customize which world type is selected by default for new worlds. default-world-type Source
Demesne for Fabric A location based magic mod. demesne-for-fabric Source
Ding! Plays a ding noise when your Minecraft has loaded. For 1.14 Fabric! ding-fabric Source
Dirt to Path Flatten Dirt into Path dirt-to-path Source
Disenchanting This mod adds a disenchanting table where you can extract enchantments to books using experience. disenchanting Source
Dissolution Completely changes the vanilla death system by adding new mechanics such as player souls and... requiem Source
DiUI Changes a game hud diui Source
Don't stub your toe! Makes you auto-jump while sprinting dont-stub-your-toe Source
Draylar's Battle Towers 1.14 Battle Towers draylars-battle-towers Source
Dulce De Leche A minecraft mod that adds content that tries to follow vanilla balance. dulce-de-leche Source
Dumpster Efficiently void unwanted items and fluid into black hole. Essentially a trash can. dumpster Source
Dwarf Coal (Fabric) This mod add's single use coal forms from coal,charcoal,charcoal blocks, and dwarf torches(small torches with... dwarf-coal-fabric Source
DynaGear Gear for everyone and everything! dynagear Source
Earl Gray Entity property/trait API for the Fabric mod loader. earl-gray Source
EasierChests A Mod to easier move stuff between inventory and chests easierchests Source
EasierCrafting Crafting stuff is only one mouse click away! This mod knows recipes and tells you... easiercrafting Source
EasyExcavate A lightweight VeinMiner / OreExcavator alternative for Fabric easyexcavate Source
EasyMOTD Fabric mod for creating randomized server message of the day easymotd Source
Emerald Tools [Fabric] Yeah another one emerald-tools-fabric Source
Enchant Popoff (Fabric) Displays enchantment tooltips underneath the item name popup enchantpopoff-fabric Source
Enchanted ToolTips Enchantment info in tooltips! enchanted-tooltips Source
Ender Compass Follow an ender compass to find your way to a stronghold ender-compass Source
Energies Simple energy API for Fabric energies Source
Engination-Fabric Creative Cubes and Conventional Curiosities engination-fabric Source
Epicurean Gastronomy Food-related features for Fabric and 1.14 epicurean Source
Everything is a Hat Every block and item in the game can be worn as a hat. everything-is-a-hat Source
Experience Container For experience keeping experience-container Source
Extended Dispensers Extends the vanilla Dispenser with the ability to place blocks extended-dispensers Source
Extra Bows Adds new variants of bows, bow upgrades and other archery stuff to the game extra-bows Source
Extra Pieces All the Slabs, Stairs, Walls and more you could want! (Plus Vertical Slabs and stuff!) extra-pieces Source
Extra Pressure Plates Adds in more pressure plates to the game! extra-pressure-plates Source
ExtraDiscs Adds more music discs extradiscs Source
ExtraGamerules Adds a bunch of new gamerules extragamerules Source
ezWastelands A small mod to generate a mostly (but not completely) flat wasteland terrain. ezwastelands Source
FabriBlocks A mod adding building and decoration blocks fabriblocks Source
Fabric API Core API library for the Fabric toolchain fabric-api Source
Fabric Armor For showing off fabric. fabric-armor Source
Fabric Controlling Adds a search bar to the Key-Bindings menu fabric-controlling Source
Fabric Flux Simple energy API for Fabric mods fabric-flux Source
Fabric Furnaces Fabric Furnaces is a mod that adds more furnace versions to the game. fabric-furnaces Source
Fabric Language Kotlin Fabric language module for Kotlin fabric-language-kotlin Source
**Fabric MyCraft ** A vanilla overhaul mod which makes some changes to early-to-late game. fabric-mycraft Source
Fabric Pokeballs Simply adds Pokeballs via Fabric API fabric-pokeballs Source
Fabric-Discord Link A Fabric-Discord Chat Link fabric-discord-link Source
FabricMagnet A magnet built using the Fabric toolkit for MC 1.14 fabricmagnet Source
FabricProxy Fabric mod for support forward player data from proxy, support bungeecord and velocity fabricproxy Source
Faerie Fire Adds a configurable lighting block called Faerie Fire. faerie-fire Source
Fancy Fountain Passage Adds a teleporter / portal fancy-fountain-passage Source
FarLands Far Lands in 1.14 farlands Source
FastFlyBlockBreaking Allows to break blocks with normal speed when other mod enables flying in survival mode. fastflyblockbreaking Source
Fence Jumper Fence Jumping! fence-jumper Source
Fermion Common Library for Grondag's Minecraft Mods (Fabric toolchain) fermion Source
Fish Traps Forge or Fabric 1.14 - Auto-fishing block for auto-fishing... with blocks fish-traps Source
Flame Retardant Don't you hate it when all your items go up in smoke? flame-retardant Source
Flesh2Leather A simple mod used for turning flesh into leather flesh2leather Source
FlightHelper This mod helps you keep your pitch when Elytra-flying flighthelper Source
Fluid Interactions Allows you to customize the result of lava & water colliding. fluid-interactions Source
FoamFix for Minecraft Simple, targetted optimizations for 1.8+ Minecraft foamfix-for-minecraft Source
FREX Rendering Extension API for Fabric Mods frex Source
Furnace XP Drop (Fabric) Drops stored xp in a furnace when broken furnace-xp-drop-fabric Source
Game Start Provides a config for giving players items when they first load into a world. game-start Source
Gamemode Numbers (Fabric) Gamemode Numbers allows the player to use /gamemode with numbers again gamemode-numbers-fabric Source
GamemodeOverhaul Adds back many pre-1.13 command args like '/gamemode 1!' to 1.13/1.14 gamemodeoverhaul Source
Generators Adds some generators, machines, and other blocks generators Source
Ghost Buster stops phantoms from spawning | Who you gonna call? ghost-buster Source
Gift It! (Fabric) The replacement for all your ugly duct tape. Wrap your blocks and gift them to... gift-it Source
Giselbaer's Durability Viewer Item durability HUD giselbaers-durability-viewer Source
Glassential (Fabric) Various types of glass to aid in your building but for Fabric. glassential-fabric Source
Grid Show a grid overlay that helps counting when you're building, and optionally spawn locations depending... grid Source
Handy Structures A 1.14 mod adding a command to save and load structures handy-structures Source
Health Overlay Displays hearts in different colors health-overlay Source
HomewardBone It's a bone that takes you home. homewardbone Source
Hunger Remover (Fabric) Removes the hunger bar and makes food restore health hunger-remover Source
Hwyla Hwyla (Here's What You're Looking At) is a UI improvement mod aimed at providing block... hwyla Source
I Am Very Smart Disable tutorial hints and unlock all recipes. i-am-very-smart Source
I Need Keybinds Are you tired of having conflicting keybinds? i-need-keybinds Source
Idlefix Automatically press buttons, even when tabbed out idlefix Source
Illuminations | Fireflies and fairies Fireflies and other light orbs to make your world more enjoyable in darkness. ladysnake-illuminations Source
Immersive Underground Currently it adds Ore and Stone chunks... immersive-underground Source
Inca A mod about magic, building and mystery inca Source
Infested Adds more infested blocks with world gen integration infested Source
**Infinity Fix ** Fixes Infinity Enchant (Allows Infinity on Crossbow) infinity-fix Source
Informed Load Do you ever wonder what minecraft is up to during the long minutes while it's... informed-load-fabric Source
InfraRedstone (Fabric) A Step Beyond Redstone - Now for 1.14+ infraredstone-fabric Source
Inventory Pause Pause your single player game when Inventory is open inventory-pause Source
Inventory Sorting Quick, simple, and lightweight Inventory sorter inventory-sorting Source
InventoryHUD Adds your full inventory to your HUD. inventoryhud Source
Iron Barrels Iron Chests, but for Barrels! iron-barrels Source
Item Frame Skip Adds an ability to click through an item frame item-frame-skip Source
Item Got Shows a log of items gotten. item-got Source
Item Scroller Move items by mouse wheel scrolling, Shift + dragging, etc. item-scroller Source
Items Unified API - Unification system for everything you can put in a Registry; Items, Blocks, etc... items-unified-fabric Source
ItemTooltips Food / furnace fuel item tooltips mod for Fabric. itemtooltips Source
Jankson Jankson bindings for Fabric jankson Source
Japanese localization patch Fabric 1.14 MOD Japanese localization japanese-localization-patch Source
JMX JSON Model Extensions for Fabric jmx Source
Just Sleep Just sleep allows you to sleep in other beds without setting your spawn location. just-sleep Source
Knit A basic library mod for Lomeli's Fabric mods. knit Source
Ladder API Ladder API for fabric ladder-api Source
Lead Villagers Lead your villagers to work. lead-villagers Source
Leaf Decay 1.14 mod that adds quick leaf decay. leaf-decay Source
Leather Cows (Fabric) Cows that poop leather leather-cows-fabric Source
Legacy Combat Swing your weapons with pride no more cooldowns for you just like the times of... legacy-combat Source
Lettuce Not Crash Why crash when ticking when you can not? lettuce-not-crash Source
Level Up HP Gain hearts of health by killing mobs or consuming heart containers. level-up-hp Source
Lib Block Attributes (fabric) Pure library mod: used by other mods to allow for exchanging items and fluids between... libblockattributes Source
LibCapableData (LibCD) Improved data processing for Fabric and 1.14 libcd Source
LibGui Easier GUIs for Fabric and Minecraft 1.14 libgui Source
Light Overlay (Forge/Fabric) A simple mod to provide users with NEI-like light overlay. light-overlay Source
Light Overlay (Old Fabric) A simple mod to provide users with NEI-like light overlay. light-overlay-fabric Source
Lil Tater Lil Tater lil-tater Source
Lite Conversion Single-use Items that allow for Equivalent Exchange lite-conversion Source
Litematica A modern schematic mod written for LiteLoader / Rift / Fabric, with some extra helper... litematica Source
Loading Spice Spice up those bland loading screens! loading-spice Source
LocateBiome Locate biomes using a command locatebiome Source
Locky Lock things up, hassle-free locky Source
MaLiLib A library mod required for masa's LiteLoader, Rift and Fabric mods malilib Source
MAmbience Adding ambient sounds to Minecraft mambience Source
Mappy A map mod mappy Source
MaskOfLoki's Fabric Tweaks A collection of tweaks and additions to vanilla minecraft that don't require the client to... maskoflokis-fabric-tweaks Source
Material Tooltip A simple mod that adds tooltip if item can be used in recipes material-tooltip Source
Materialisation Customise your tools like Tinker's Construct for Fabric 1.14.x. materialisation Source
MatterLink Simple bridge between Minecraft, Mattermost, IRC, XMPP, Gitter, Slack, Discord, Telegram, Rocket.Chat, Hipchat(via xmpp), Matrix... matterlink Source
MC Plug-n-Play Adds auto port forwarding for LAN worlds mcpnp Source
Mend Trend - Make Mending available Allows the Mending Enchantment at enchantment tables. mend-trend Source
Metal recipe (RM Addon) Addon of Refined Machinery metal-recipe-rm-addon Source
MetaTips See what's up with your items metatips Source
MineAmp Minecraft mp3/ogg/wav/m4a/flac player mineamp Source
Miner's Horizon Miner's Horizon adds a new customizable mining dimension to the game. miners-horizon Source
Mineral Collector A passive resource generation mod. mineral-collector Source
MiniHUD A mini-hud Source
Mod Menu (Fabric) Adds a mod menu to view the list of mods you have installed. modmenu Source
Modded Items Modded Items is a mod for fabric that adds a creative tab that contains all... modded-items Source
Modded Tool Tips Simple mod to display the mod an item came from in it's tool tip modded-tool-tips Source
Modern Glass Doors Adds prettier glass doors modern-glass-doors Source
Mods of the World (Fabric) A mod to end all title screen rebrandings and resulting conflicts. Can also give quick... modsoftheworld Source
More Berries Adds berry bushes to fabric more-berries Source
More Enchantments Adds a few enchantment for tools fabric-more-enchantments Source
More Layers Adds a few decorative layers for landscaping more-layers Source
Mouse Wheelie (Fabric) A small clientside mod to enable various mouse wheel related actions. Features item scrolling and... mouse-wheelie Source
Mpcs's Backpacks Portable storage for all your minecraft needs! mpcs-backpacks Source
MultiBlock API A simple API for compatibility with MultiBlocks similar to Doors and Beds multiblock-api Source
Mumble Link (Fabric) Provides position data to the Mumble Link plugin mumble-link-fabric Source
MyBrightness Allows you to increase/decrease your in-game brightness ! mybrightness Source
MyCommands server and client Commands mycommands Source
NarratorBind Moves the narrator to a keybind. narratorbind Source
Nbt Crafting (Fabric) Gives you the ability to add recipes depending on items' nbt data. nbt-crafting Source
NBT Tooltip Show the item's NBT in its tooltip nbt-tooltip Source
Nether Things A mod that adds things related to the Nether nether-things Source
Nice To Have (Fabric) A bunch of features that are nice to have nice-to-have Source
Nifty (Fabric) Nifty is a mod by Panno. nifty-fabric Source
NoItemBurn A fabric 1.14.2 mod that stops items from burning when dropped in lava or fire. noitemburn Source
NoMoreGlowingPots Removes item glint from potions (the enchanted visual effect) nomoreglowingpots Source
Not Enough Wands Adds various very configurable utility wands to Minecraft not-enough-wands Source
NPC Variety Gives villagers and illagers 7 new skin tones, 4 new eye colors, and clothing variations. npc-variety Source
Okyanus Serverside Fabric API okyanus Source
Okyanus Optimizations Optimizing and Fixing the Fabric server. okyanus-optimizations Source
OptiFabric A mod that allows running optifine on fabric. optifabric Source
Over Head HP Display Health remaining over mob heads fabric-over-head-hp Source
Over Populated (NOW CONFIGURABLE!!!) Increases Village spawn rate to make them spawn as giant biome filling metropolises instead of... over-populated Source
Oysters Fabric 1.14 Aquatic Themed Resource Generation oysters Source
Painting Mod A mod that allow to paint some block painting-mod Source
Palette (Fabric) A library that allows adding paintings. palette-fabric Source
Paper Doll Y'know that vanity feature from Old Console Edition and Bedrock? paper-doll Source
pathsuggestion A mod that makes using namespaced identifiers command suggestions easier. pathsuggestion Source
Peachy Adds peaches. peachy Source
Permafrost Prevents light from affecting Ice and Snow Layers permafrost Source
Persistent Cake Allows cakes to be moved by pistons, and picked up as items when uneaten. persistent-cake Source
Pet 'Em Pet your Cats and Dogs pet-em Source
Pictocraft Minecraft multiplayer chat for adults and children who struggle to understand text pictocraft Source
Player Graves A gravestone mod for Fabric player-graves Source
Player Plates (Fabric) Adds Extra Pressure plates player-plates-fabric Source
PluginLoader A plugin loading system for Fabric pluginloader Source
Polyester A library mod. polyester Source
PotatoCore Library for my mods Currently no documentation :( potatocore Source
Press To Walk Adds in a keybind for auto-walking. press-to-walk Source
pride (fabric) server-side mod for creating & tracking waypoints (fabric 1.14) pride Source
Proletarian Automate crafting by putting villagers to work. proletarian Source
Protection Renewal Makes protection stack with other protection enchants again. protection-renewal Source
Protos A library for Fabric modding protos Source
Quick Crops Quick crops mod that makes crops grow in 1 stage to mature. quick-crops Source
railboost (fabric) use firework rockets to boost minecarts & other vehicles railboost-fabric Source
RandomConfigs A utility mod for setting default configurations, gamerules, difficulties and world borders. randomconfigs Source
Real Infinity Creates a new infinity enchant called Real Infinity and Real Infinity Crossbow real-infinity Source
Realistic Cobwebs make them cobwebs burn!!! realistic-cobwebs Source
Redstone Bits Adds a few new Redstone utilities to Minecraft redstone-bits Source
Redstone Tweaks Some simple but useful redstone additions. redstone-tweaks Source
RedstoneUtils Add some utilites to vanilla redstone redstoneutils Source
Refined Machinery A 1.14 tech mod refined-machinery Source
Refinements (Fabric) Adds small features and tweaks that fit along nicely with vanilla. refinements Source
REI Addons Random stuff to add to REI, I guess. rei-addons Source
Reinforced Storage Storage mod inspired for Fabric inspired by BetterStorage chests reinforced-storage Source
**ReloadAnnouncer (Fabric) ** Reload Messages in chat reloadannouncer Source
Remove Blocks Outlines This mod does what name suggest remove-blocks-outlines Source
Remove Recipe Book This mod does what name suggest remove-recipe-book Source
Resolution Control More Control Over the Resolution at Which Minecraft's 3D Portion is Rendered! resolution-control Source
Resource Melons Adds Melons that give you resources resource-melons Source
Rgb Blocks More colours than you'll ever need! rgb-blocks Source
Right Click Clear Use Right Click to Clear a text field. right-click-clear Source
Roughly Enough Items (REI) Roughly Enough Items is a mod to view Items and Recipes for Minecraft 1.13 -... roughly-enough-items Source
Roughly Enough Resources Worldgen support for Roughly Enough Items roughly-enough-resources Source
SekC Physics (Fabric) Physics mod with ragdoll physics and more coming soon sekc-physics-fabric Source
ServerAdditionsUtil (WIP) A utility/library to allow easy server-side-only block and item additions for fabric serveradditionsutil Source
SewingKit It's CraftTweaker for fabric! sewingkit Source
ShulkerBoxTooltip What's in my shulker box? shulkerboxtooltip Source
ShulkerSneakPeak Adds a preview for shulker boxes that is displayed when hovering over them. shulkersneakpeak Source
Silk API (Fabric) Adds general utils for making mods that don't quite belong in Fabric API silk Source
Silky Spawners Allows Silk Touch to pick up spawners. silky-spawners Source
Simple Crafting Frame Item Frames With Crafting Powers simple-crafting-frame Source
Simple Fireworks (Fabric) Simple Fireworks Fabric simple-fireworks-fabric Source
Simple Grinder Add machine-crasher. simple-grinder Source
Simple Pipes (fabric) A simple item and fluid transport mod to show the various features of LibBlockAttributes and... simplepipes Source
Simple Teleporters Simple Teleporters adds a craftable teleporter block to quickly travel your world! simple-teleporters Source
simplechat. Makes your server's chat simpler [Fabric] simplechat Source
SimpleHarvest Right click crop harvesting simpleharvest Source
SimpleZoom (Fabric) SimpleZoom simplezoom-fabric Source
Simply Enchanted Tired of the RNG based enchanting... then this may be for you. simply-enchanted Source
Sit (Fabric) Allows you to sit on slabs and stairs. sit-fabric Source
SkillCheck Tabletop-style skills for Minecraft 1.14 skillcheck Source
SmallerFPSIncrements Makes the max FPS slider go up in increments of 1 instead of 10. smallerfpsincrements Source
Smarter Mending Makes mending apply to whatever needs it the most, instead of something random smarter-mending Source
Smoke Extender Changes campfire smoke particles so they go higher! smoke-extender Source
Smooth Bedrock (Fabric) Fabric mod that makes bedrock generation completely flat blayykes-smooth-bedrock Source
Smooth Scrolling Everywhere (Fabric) Adds smooth scrolling to every list. smooth-scrolling-everywhere-fabric Source
Sneak Through Berries (Fabric) Lets you sneak through Sweet Berry Bushes without taking damage sneakthroughberries Source
Sodden Adds configurable, tiered watering cans to accelerate plant growth. sodden Source
Sonic Devices Sonic Screwdrivers of all types and styles sonic-devices Source
Soul Shards Respawn Powerful spawners for any mob! soul-shards-respawn Source
Soulbound (Fabric) An enchantment that retains items upon death soulbound-fabric Source
Souls Egg A mod that add an item usable for spawn eggs crafting souls-egg Source
Sound Reloader (Fabric) Press F8 to only reload sounds (instead of F3 + T to reload everything) sound-reloader-fabric Source
Speechcraft (Fabric) Speechcraft forces you to control Minecraft with your voice speechcraft-fabric Source
Spice of Fabric (Fabric) An iteration of Spice of Life built for Fabric spice-of-fabric Source
Spyglass A Fabric mod for getting and dumping all sorts of useful information spyglass Source
Stackable Damage Enchants Does what the name says. stackable-damage-enchants Source
StackDisenchantedBooks (Fabric) fix grindstone book stacking stackdisenchantedbooks Source
Stats Keeper (Fabric) Saves stats on death & modifies default health stats-keeper-fabric Source
Sticky Weeds walking through tall grass is hard sticky-weeds Source
Stockpile (Fabric) A storage mod for modern Minecraft versions stockpile Source
Stone Chests Adding a chest for each stone variant to Minecraft. stone-chests Source
Subnautic Redstone (Fabric) Subnautic Redstone allows the player to build with Redstone underwater! subnautic-redstone Source
Super Ores More Ores! super-ores Source
supercharge (fabric) remove cooldown bar from any minecraft tool supercharge-fabric Source
Suppress Unknown Item Suppress that log-spammy "Unknown item" error when loading recipes for items that don't exist. suppress-unknown-item Source
Survival Debug Stick Lets Survival Players Use The Debug Stick survival-debug-stick Source
Sweed rapidly growing sugar plant sweed Source
Syrup Sickly sweet additions syrup Source
Target Dummy Adds in a Target Dummy which shows how much damage you do on hit. target-dummy Source
Templates Template blocks for Fabric and Minecraft 1.14 templates Source
Terrestria (Fabric) A detailed and vibrant biomes mod for Minecraft 1.14.4 and above running on the Fabric... terrestria Source
ThaiFixes Makes Thai language vowels rendering in Minecraft readable. thaifixes Source
The Biome Overhaul A 1.14 fabric biomes mod the-biome-overhaul Source
The One Probe More immersive alternative for WAILA the-one-probe Source
This & That Random additions, mostly building blocks. this-that Source
This Is Fine This Is Fine thisisfine Source
Tiny Fuel Adds smaller variants of coal and charcoal tiny-fuel Source
ToggleWalk Makes it so that pressing the walk and sneak buttons toggles them instead! togglewalk Source
Tool Builder Like Tinkers Construct, but through normal crafting tool-builder Source
ToolTip AutoWrap Don't you hate it when ToolTips fly off the screen! tooltip-autowrap Source
TooManyCrashes Crash catching (keep playing after a crash), uploading, involved mod identification, and stack trace deobfuscation... toomanycrashes Source
Towelette Fabric mod that allows waterlogging with any fluid towelette Source
Trample Stopper (Fabric) Trample Stopper for Fabric trample-stopper-fabric Source
Trap Expansion Trap Expansion adds some polished, vanilla style utilities for trapping and killing! trap-expansion Source
Trapped Shulker Boxes A 1.14 mod adding shulker boxes that are trapped tsb Source
Traverse (Fabric) A biome expansion mod that embraces the simplistic nature of Minecraft biomes traverse Source
Tree Bark Adds bark, obtained by stripping logs tree-bark Source
Trees Do Not Float Trees and leaves break down when last supporting log is broken. trees-do-not-float Source
Trident Fixer Tridents can be repaired with prismarine shards trident-fixer Source
Trophy Slots Earn your inventory slots! trophy-slots Source
Trumpet Skeleton (Fabric) The sound of trumpets echoes through the night... trumpet-skeleton-fabric Source
Tumble Dryer When a clothes line is too slow tumble-dryer Source
Tweakeroo Various client-side tweaks, such as hand restock, hotbar swap/cycle, flexible/fast block placement etc. tweakeroo Source
Tweed (Fabric) Yet another fabric config attempt. tweed-api Source
Uncraft Me Break down Quartz Blocks and Netherwart Blocks uncraft-me Source
Uwufier Uwufies text uwufier Source
ValarLib Modding library for mods created by Team Valar valarlib Source
Vanilla Hammers Adds 13 new hammers to the game! vanilla-hammers Source
Vanilla Toolsets Adds new armor & tools to the game. vanilla-toolsets Source
VanillaDeathChest Places chests (or shulker boxes) where players die that contain all of their items. vanilladeathchest Source
VanillaEndervators Elevators (Endervators) for Minecraft that work with unmodded clients! vanillaendervators Source
VariablePaxels The classic multitool, now on Fabric. variablepaxels Source
Vivatech Classic technologies rethought vivatech Source
VoxelMap Minimap and Worldmap. Have an overview of your surroundings, or view the entire world.... voxelmap Source
Watered Down Adds waterlogging to many blocks. watered-down Source
WAYLA What Are You Looking At. A 1.14 replacement for WAILA. wayla Source
While We Wait Just a little something while you wait whilewewait Source
Wild World Adds decorative generation improving the look of nature and caves. wild-world Source
WIT (What Is That) Displays information about things you are looking at. wit-what-is-that Source
Woodmill (Fabric) The stonecutter, but for wood woodmill Source
Wool Useful features which enhance the default Minecraft experience. wool Source
Work Units: Cotton Energy API capable, extensive energy for Fabric and Minecraft 1.14 work-units Source
WorldEdit In-game Minecraft map editor - build bigger things more quickly! worldedit Source

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Chocohead commented Jul 26, 2019

when the concrete gets back to old versions is not actually a Fabric mod


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natanfudge commented Jul 27, 2019

Not much to do about that since it's labeled "fabric" lol
Edit: I guess you can filter by version since that one is 1.10

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