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Officially supports winget: (Or i dont care if it doesnt)

  1. git;
  2. ytdlp;
  3. other supported apps;
  4. possibly not supported, dont care;

winget install -h -e --id=Git.Git; winget install -h -e --id=JesseDuffield.lazygit; winget install -h -e --id=GitHub.cli;

// ==UserScript==
// @name Hololive combo
// @namespace
// @version 0.1
// @description Spread the love of HOLLOW LIFE
// @author oralekin
// @match*
// @icon
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==

Copper Golem

  • Adds Copper buttons (more use for copper)
  • First craftable mob
  • Oxidizes and becomes cool statue
  • Is practically useless for practical redstone, even if you were able to prevent it from oxidizing each button takes up 2 blocks, then you have to untangle each output using RSNorlatch, and it can't be controlled anymore than chickens/bats can be controlled


  • Give it an item, it will collect that item and then drop it at a noteblock when you play said noteblock
  • Radius uncertain (Max radius or free roam?)
  • Amount it can/will carry uncertain (Fixed amount or RNG?)
  1. Open Discord
  2. Press ctrl + shift + i to open dev tools
  3. Click on Console at the top bar
  4. Paste the following into it
const DI = window.DiscordInternals;
const hasLib = !!(DI && DI.versionCompare && DI.versionCompare(DI.version || "", "1.9") >= 0);
    const WebpackModules = hasLib && DI.WebpackModules || (() => {
        const req = typeof(webpackJsonp) == "function" ? webpackJsonp([], {

1.17.1 Client-Side Fabric Modlist

  • Ambient indicates the mod adds audio ambience.
  • Optimization simply optimizes the game so it runs better. Just throw all of these mods into the mod folder without thinking about it
  • Visual means that it's purely a visual change, usually some form of tweak.
  • Tweak without the Visual tag means that it modifies existing behavior/functionality. Feature means it adds new functionality/other.
  • OF-Alt means that it's an Optifine Alternate

APIs & Dependencies

For me all pre-existing tutorials didn't work/were outdated, and NVidia Control Panel seems to no longer open.

Ideally going to Graphics Settings should have "Universal App" option, but I did not have this option.


I only had Desktop app > Browse and Microsoft store app

image image