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1.17.1 Client-Side Fabric Modlist

  • Ambient indicates the mod adds audio ambience.
  • Optimization simply optimizes the game so it runs better. Just throw all of these mods into the mod folder without thinking about it
  • Visual means that it's purely a visual change, usually some form of tweak.
  • Tweak without the Visual tag means that it modifies existing behavior/functionality. Feature means it adds new functionality/other.
  • OF-Alt means that it's an Optifine Alternate

APIs & Dependencies


Mods I Use - Optimization, Ambient, and OF-Alt Edition

Mod (Link) Description Alternatives
Sodium OF-Alt/Optimization A replacement for what people used to expect of optifine optimization NOT NEEDED IF YOU INSTALL IRIS, IRIS HAS A CUSTOM VERSION OF SODIUM ALREADY BUNDLED WITH IT
Iris OF-Alt/Visual/Shaders Shaders that supports Optifine's format and is compatible with Sodium Canvas- Incompat w/ Sodium
Atmosfera Ambient
Audio Output Tweak Allows you to change audio output device without restarting minecraft
Cull Leaves OF-Alt/Optimization
Custom FoV OF-Alt/Visual Allows you to customize the FoV for normal, flying, aiming, underwater and sprinting/potion effects (note, NoDynamicFOV is already in Vanilla)
Dynamic FPS Optimization
Dynamic Sound Filters Ambient the original which isn't 1.17.1 yet can be found hereEntityCulling Optimization Still helps even if you already have Sodium
Falling Leaves Visual adds falling leaves
Fast Furnace Optimization does NOT increase smelting speed
FerriteCore Optimization reduce RAM usage
Hydrogen Optimization
Illuminations Visual/Shaders-ish cool
Krypton Optimization
LambDynamicLights OF-Alt/Visual dynamic lights
LazyDFU Optimization
Lithium Optimization
Memory Usage Screen Visual
Ok Zoomer OF-Alt/Visual/Feature May be considered a cheat Logical Zoom
Presence Footsteps Ambient
Smooth Boot Optimization loads game smoother
Starlight Optimization


Mods I Use that need special download instructions

Mods with special installation Instructions
OF-Alt / Visual LambdasBetterGrass (GH) Incompatible with Dashloader, I personally prefer better grass over launch game fast
Optimization Dashloader (GH) Incompatible with LambdasBetterGrass, I personally prefer better grass over launch game fast


Mods I don't use but still OF-Alt

Mods I don't use Description
Connected Block Textures OF-Alt/Visual Direct Optifine Alternative, compatible with Optifine format
Connected Textures Mod OF-Alt/Visual CTM is an optifine alternative but uses it's own format
Indium Needed for compatibility between CBT/CTM with Sodium



Inspiration from LambdAurora: Recommended Fabric OptiFine alternatives and AOF: Fabric 1.16.2 Client-side Mods

Full list of 1.17.1 client side fabric mods I use

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