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BTD6 are you better than the youtubers survey
quiz video:
solution video:
1. dies (WRONG)
lvl1 Sauda tends to leak on like... r4 or something, and that's a bad position for her
2. dies (WRONG)
I don't think they'll be able to take the ceramics at the end
3. wins (RIGHT)
quincy is good under alchemy, the cannon is good cleanup
4. wins (WRONG)
I think there's like... 6 rainbow camos or smth, the rest IDK, but
between the dart and the brambles, I think they can take the camos,
and between the three of them, they can prob take whatever else is on
that round
5. dies (RIGHT)
I don't the ice or AMD will be able to keep up with it, even if it gets
them all, once the boomer pops them, they'll slip out, and I think that
only 3 need to make it through and regrow in order to lose
6. dies (WRONG)
I maybe cheated here, I couldn't remember if the MOABs were reinforced
or not, so I looked at the round info. They are, so I think the wizard
will get overwhelmed
7. wins (WRONG)
Both of those boats are OP, esp in v33, and they are placed such that
they can shoot out of both sides... but, I'm a little worried by the early harpoon
8. wins (WRONG)
lvl20 Obyn gives great buffs to AoW, AoW is extremely strong, and r99 isn't *that* hard)
9. wins nnl (RIGHT)
IDK what's on r39 other than the regrows at the end, but I know it's
not purple, and I'm pretty sure one of them could take it down on a
single pass, so to have each of them only need to deal with half
the round... I think it'll be cake
10. dies (WRONG)
the angle of attack does look very favourable, but the alch won't be
able to reach the blacks, and I don't think the brew will help there,
either, and there's only 1 ability for 4 waves
11. outside the loop (RIGHT)
I didn't realize it until I thought "why would he even ask this?",
I think being under the track allows all of the tacks to be used,
due to the 3d perspective on a 2d map thing, and at that spot, the
path will loop above it twice
12. front setup (WRONG)
I think shooting straight down the path will be important
13. middle (RIGHT)
IDK what I think without knowing the full auto's targeting, though
14. lower (RIGHT)
has more straightaways to make use of pierce
15. 1 (WRONG, apparently, though no explanation was given)
it allows for more space in that corner where the paths diverge
16. 3 (WRONG, another with no explanation)
I think 2 can't hit the outer paths, and 1 is too close to the edge
17. back placement (WRONG, I don't undertand why it being Glaive Lord changes anything)
the glaives go against the path, allowing them to attack quicker, the turrets
are more likely to hit ceramics when they explode, and it allows the ZOMGs to
separate a bit from everything else, so that you can attack them more staggeredly
18. bunched together (WRONG)
I saw you do this on an LCC run, so I assume that's the answer, but I also
feel like you need to give targeting info, in each of those positions, I'd
target them differently.
19. you can afford it (RIGHT)
Sub commander is like ~$27k, you make ~$18k in the 50s, so only need $9k more,
r48 and r49 give a lot of money, and the early r60s aren't that bad.
20. before r90 (RIGHT)
IDK what a dark champion costs, I'm thinking like $65k, you'll get like 28k in
the r70s, something like $35k in the r80s, so just need a few thousand from the
end of the r60s
21. sticky bomb (RIGHT)
I think it'll do a better job of bunching them up so that the phoenix can
make better use of its pierce
22. super brittle (RIGHT)
There's not a great spot to put the glue, it needs to go in front, but you don't
want it stealing alchemy from the tack zone, so you put it back more, where it's
less effective, but it's still will probably have pierce issues and not be able
to glue all the ceramics... but then again, you have a 5xx village, so it doesn't
seem like ceramics should be a huge deal. But also, super brittle is very good,
esp paired with a tack zone, and this was recorded before they nerfed its pierce
23. ring of fire (RIGHT)
you need something for ceramic cleanup
24. round 60 (RIGHT)
I don't think it'll beat r63
25. Apache Prime (RIGHT)
Grand Master ninja is weak without shinobis (though you're not showing where
you're putting it, maybe if you steal the wizard's alchemy, then it'll be better,
but I still am skeptical)
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