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Guide on setting up dnsmasq for localhost development

Setup DNSMasq for Localhost Development

Local development requires you to edit your /etc/hosts file constantly to add custom local domains. Maintaining this file across machines and projects can become taxing. Let's use a service like dnsmasq to dynamically set any .localhost domain to point to

# Install dnsmasq
brew install dnsmasq
sudo brew services start dnsmasq

# Configure
emacs /usr/local/etc/dnsmasq.conf
# Add something like `address=/localhost/` to the file

# Restart the service
sudo launchctl stop homebrew.mxcl.dnsmasq
sudo launchctl start homebrew.mxcl.dnsmasq

# Setup the resolver
sudo mkdir -p /etc/resolver

sudo tee /etc/resolver/localhost >/dev/null <<EOF

Now you can make new DNS names under the .localhost domain at your leisure! Try ping lala.localhost now and you should get valid responses.


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