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How to Get a Lab Test
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This guide is aimed at helping you get your own drugs tested. This is geared towards using Energy Control.

The first thing you'll want is a fake email address. I reccommend using sigaint, which will give you a address. My own email address is You can create an account for free, you don't need any other email addresses, and you'll be able to reach people at any clearnet address. The .onion address is http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion/.

Next you'll need to contact Energy Control. Their email address is They will give you some steps to follow, here is an approximation:

  • Send 50 euros worth of bitcoins to a specific Bitcoin address.
  • Mail your drugs in an envelope to a specific mailing address in Spain.
  • Mark your drugs with 2 random letters followed by three random numbers, such as EM692.
  • Send them an email letting them know which transaction sent them the bitcoins, and telling them what random charact
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Trusting Lab Reports

A list of lab reports:

Many people have brought up concerns with the idea of trusting lab results. Energy Control themselves say "our Drug Testing Service is specifically designed for final users. Our results shouldn't be used as a guarantee of quality of any drug vendor or product. Energy Control declines all responsibility in this sense." This is because other people could lie, and this is because vendors could sell 2 identical batches of drug, except 1 is pure and 1 is not. The person who sent in the test may have gotten pure drug, and you may have ordered the same thing but gotten impure drug.

The bottom line is that lab reports are not a golden bullet. They don't magically solve problems unless the drug you are taking is the same drug that you tested yourself. And even then you need to trust that Energy Control (or whomever) is doing the tests correctly.

So are we doomed? The answer is no. Havin

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Lab Reports

Here is a list of lab reports, organized by vendor and batch. The link to the original page is provided, along with related links. I have saved as much as possible in case the original links 404. As I get more reports, I will fill out this page further.

If you have any reports, please send them to /u/KamajiTheBoiler on reddit. If you are considering getting your stuff lab tested, please do and share the results. You are helping everybody.

On trusting lab reports:

The bottom line is that can mostly trust these lab reports, but the only way to be certain is to send in a test for every batch you buy and know for yourself what you bought. We have no idea if Energy Control is lying to us, we're forced to trust them for the time being.