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# Atom Cheatsheet.
# Project Key Bindings.
- 'cmd-shift-p': open the command palette.
- 'cmd-p' or 'cmd-t': open the fuzzy finder to find a file.
- 'cmd-b': look for a file that is already open.
- 'cmd-shift-b': search the list of files modified and untracked in your project repository.
- 'ctrl-0': open and focus the the tree view.
- 'cmd-shift-f': find and replace in the entire project.
- 'cmd-,': open the settings view.
- 'cmd-ctrl-alt-l': reload Atom.
- 'a', 'm', 'delete (<-)': add, move or delete a file in the tree view. (use 'ctrl-0' to switch to the tree view)
# 'cmd-\': toggle the tree view.
# File Key Bindings.
- 'cmd-f': find and replace in the current file.
- 'cmd-r': jump to a symbol such as a method definition.
- 'cmd-k up', 'cmd-k right', 'cmd-k down', 'cmd-k left': split any editor pane horizontally or vertically.
- 'cmd-k cmd-up', 'cmd-k cmd-right', 'cmd-k cmd-down', 'cmd-k cmd-left': move focus between editor pane.
- 'cmd-w': close a pane.
- 'alt-cmd-[': fold a block of code.
- 'alt-cmd-]': unfold a block of code.
- 'alt-cmd-shift-{': fold every blocks of code.
- 'alt-cmd-shift-}': fold every blocks of code.
- 'cmd-k cmd-N': fold at a specific indentation level where N is the indentation depth.
- 'cmd-0': reset font size in window.
- 'cmd--': decrease font size in window.
- 'cmd-=': increase font size in window.
# Terminal Commands.
- '$ atom --dev --foreground --help --log-file --new-window --spec-directory --test --version --wait [file ...]': open the current project or directory in atom.
- '$ apm install [<package_name>]': install the given Atom package.
- '$ apm uninstall [<package_name>]...': delete the installed package(s).
- '$ apm search <package_name>': search for Atom packages/themes on the registry.
- '$ apm view <package_name>': view information about a package/theme in the registry.
# Other Useful Things.
- '$ git config --global core.editor "atom --wait"': configure Atom to be your Git commit editor.
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