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Created July 30, 2012 21:03
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One-line bash http server
:;while [ $? -eq 0 ];do nc -vlp 8080 -c'(r=read;e=echo;$r a b c;z=$r;while [ ${#z} -gt 2 ];do $r z;done;f=`$e $b|sed 's/[^a-z0-9_.-]//gi'`;h="HTTP/1.0";o="$h 200 OK\r\n";c="Content";if [ -z $f ];then($e $o;ls|(while $r n;do if [ -f "$n" ]; then $e "<a href=\"/$n\">`ls -gh $n`</a><br>";fi;done););elif [ -f $f ];then $e "$o$c-Type: `file -ib $f`\n$c-Length: `stat -c%s $f`";$e;cat $f;else $e -e "$h 404 Not Found\n\n404\n";fi)';done
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monokrome commented Sep 6, 2016

This is surely not one line of code as this page suggests.

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Tak-MK commented Sep 7, 2016

Every ; is a new line, so that's not one line of code...

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Anaphase commented Sep 8, 2016

Yeah, wtf. Just because something is on one line doesn't mean it's "one line of code". If that were the case then any properly minified file would be "one line of code" lol

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