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Last active August 8, 2023 14:08
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Curl bash script for getting a Google Oauth2 Access token
# Tutorial
# YouTube video
# Client id from Google Developer console
# Client Secret from Google Developer console
# Scope this is a space seprated list of the scopes of access you are requesting.
# Authorization link. Place this in a browser and copy the code that is returned after you accept the scopes.[Application Client Id]&redirect_uri=[Scopes]&response_type=code
# Exchange Authorization code for an access token and a refresh token.
curl \
--request POST \
--data "code=[Authentcation code from authorization link]&client_id=[Application Client Id]&client_secret=[Application Client Secret]&redirect_uri=" \
# Exchange a refresh token for a new access token.
curl \
--request POST \
--data 'client_id=[Application Client Id]&client_secret=[Application Client Secret]&refresh_token=[Refresh token granted by second step]&grant_type=refresh_token' \
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phlbnks commented Jan 31, 2023

Works perfectly - thanks!

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Why is there a consent screen for the first step to get the code? How would I possible click the Accept in a server environment? Could anyone please help me out if possible.

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@rohanmenon96 you wouldn't do this on a server you would do it on your local machine. A server doesn't have a browser window. Get a refresh token then store it and upload that to your server

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linhdv96 commented Jun 8, 2023

unrelated but it's worth the reference,
get access_token using google/apiclient library in Laravel(php8),
This access_token works with any project in 1 firebase

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aglines commented Jul 19, 2023

Found a good link, Goog OAUth2 Playground helped generate the refresh token with correct scope, etc. Doc here, link is in the doc:

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