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Created Oct 18, 2018

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Information about the DSP-W115 Smart Plug


The deice creates an ad-hoc network that will be named DSP-W115-XXXX (where XXXX will be device dependent). When connecting to this network, my Smart Plug had the address, navigating to took me to a login page. The credentials for logging in were: username = Admin, password = pin code printed on device.

After logging in, the device presents a page with some current information about the device:

Firmware Version: 1.00-b11
Date: Nov 17, 2017
Checksum: 0x13A44B58
2.4GHz regulation domain: EU
2.4GHz SSID: DSP-W115-BE27 
LAN MAC: 18:0F:76:CC:BE:27
2.4GHz WLAN MAC: 18:0F:76:CC:BE:27

I haven't been able to get the device to connect to my network yet, nor have I been abel to turn the smart plug on or off.

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