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This is a summary of my work on the robot-map-gui application for MRPT, which I undertook as part of GSoC 2017.

I integrated Qt and my project in MRPT's CMake. During this project I have developed from scratch a new GUI application based on Qt 5.8. This application allows:

  • Opening simplemap and visualize it in 5 view modes;
  • Displaying all observations in tree widget;
  • Navigations on the map;
  • Showing and hiding robot poses;
  • Showing raw observation for selected poses;
  • Widget for edit configurations;
  • Selecting, moving and deleting robot poses;
  • Undo and redo for the user actions;
  • Saving changes;
  • Сhanging poses orientation;
  • Short documentations.

My pull requests:

Video how to use this application

Future work: There is scope for extending this application further. Some of the features that could be added or enhanced are:

  • reflection-style dynamic information for all configurations structures;
  • graph-slam.
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