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Last active Jan 11, 2019
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Global Game Jam PICO-8 Bumper
--to add this to your game, put
--this in your _init() function,
--like so:
function _init()
--the 3 parameters are how far
--down the screen to draw the
--bumper, how many seconds to
--leave it on the screen, and
--how fast to do the screen
--wipe. 1 will do 1 pixel at a
--time (slow), whereas 10 will
--do 10 at a time (fast).
--then add the following code
--somewhere else (maybe tucked
--away in a lonely tab):
function show_ggj_logo(ggjy,ggjw,ggjs)
for i=20-ggjw,110,ggjs do cls(1) clip(i,ggjy,ggjw,62) draw_ggj_logo(ggjy) flip() if (btnp()>0) then break end end cls()
function draw_ggj_logo(ggjy)
for i=1,#logo do if (sub(logo,i,i)!="0") pset(48+((i-1)%32),ggjy+16+flr((i-1)/32),tonum("0x"..sub(logo,i,i))) end
for i=-1,1 do for j=-1,1 do print("game born at",40+i,ggjy+1+j,0) print("global game jam",34+i,ggjy+47+j,0) end end print("game born at",40,ggjy+1,13) print("global game jam",34,ggjy+47,7) print("",22,ggjy+57,13)
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